TOFUH – Chapter 83.2 – Robbing the pirates

“Then you should quickly go eat something.” The man was a little lost again, “Why was I hurt? If I hadn’t been hurt, I could have gone to fight those pirates too!”

Zhao Jinge nodded and went to the kitchen in a daze while the other went to where the wounded people were.

When Jiang Zhen went out this time, he left five of his own men behind—one was the one who was seriously injured, the other four were slightly injured but had issues with mobility. At the moment, those slightly injured people were responsible for taking care of the seriously injured.

But in fact. . . those seriously injured patients didn’t need their care at all.

Zheng Yi paid great attention to these people who were seriously injured and had their wounds stitched up by Jiang Zhen. It was to the extent that he actually sent his own two maids over to take care of the people!

Jiang Zhen’s request was a bit too detailed and tedious for those grown men on the ship, but for these two maids, it was what they expected it to be.

They served Zheng Yi to wash up, and not only did they use water that had been boiled and then cooled, but this water also had to settle for days before boiling!

They took care of the wounded with great care, and in addition, the friends and companions of the wounded also came to help. As a result, Jiang Zhen’s slightly injured subordinates didn’t need to do anything at all. At most, they only needed to watch over a little bit of the severely wounded man in Hoshimura, whose leg had been amputated.

The man had woken up, and he was full of fear when he first woke up, thinking he was going to die. But after the other patients talked to him, he felt that he would be able to live and was full of confidence in Jiang Zhen.

That man was still fine after having a hole in his stomach, and he had just a cut on his leg, so what was he afraid of?

Most of the seriously injured people who woke up were optimistic, but not all of them could survive in the end; some of them contracted fever.

It was much harder to survive an injury with a fever, but compared to the other side, there were more people with slight injuries treated by Dr. Hu.

A fever after an injury was a very common thing, but compared to Jiang Zhen’s side, it seemed that Dr. Hu’s medical skills seemed much poorer.

Dr. Hu, who was previously determined to think that Jiang Zhen was being foolish, was getting more and more tangled up the past two days.

When Zhao Jinge went to the kitchen, he smelled meat and felt nauseous again. Fortunately, someone helped him get the simplest porridge and pickles, and he was allowed to take it back to his cabin and eat it. He finally felt much better.

But this porridge, after all, was very unpalatable.

Jiang Zhen didn’t bring him along this time, probably because he felt like vomiting at every turn.

Why was he so useless? Other people would throw up one day and be better on the next, but what about him? He couldn’t stop throwing up . . .

If he didn’t throw up, surely he could follow Jiang Zhen and not stay here and worry about him . . .

After dinner, Zhao Jinge left the cabin, wanting to find Dr. Hu to take a look at him and preferably get some medicine to stop his vomiting.

He did not know if it was a coincidence or not, but as soon as Zhao Jinge went out, he met Dr. Hu, but before he could go up to talk to him, Dr. Hu looked at him fiercely . . . Zhao Jinge stiffened and gave up on his original plan.

He also remembered that Dr. Hu had questioned Jiang Zhen before. . . This Doctor Hu didn’t seem to like him.

Zhao Jinge gave up on his plan to Dr. Hu, who looked at him before turning around and leaving.

Life on the ship was something that Zhao Jinge originally enjoyed, and although he was unfamiliar with this life, Jiang Zhen had always been there for him. But right now, Jiang Zhen wasn’t here.

Without Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge only felt that something was wrong and couldn’t lift his body.

He was not talkative or sociable, and because he was a ger, he did not have much contact with people, but now, he actually felt that there was nothing to do, and he did not even consciously think about it.

What would Jiang Zhen do if he was in danger?

Zhao Jinge was so worried, he became restless. As a result, his nausea became even more severe . . .

Even though he felt nauseated, he did not vomit what he had eaten, and it also affected his action, so later on . . . could he really accompany Jiang Zhen to go for training?

It was just that he was originally ugly, but now, he would not even be able to fight with Jiang Zhen . . . If he continued like this . . .

The more Zhao Jinge thought about it, the more uneasy he became. At last, he gritted his teeth and went to find Zheng Yi.

Zhao Jinge had always been a little afraid of Zheng Yi. He felt that he wasn’t on the same page as a young master like Zheng Yi, and in the past, when he went to see Zheng Yi with Jiang Zhen, he didn’t even dare to speak to Zheng Yi.

But this day . . .

Zhao Jinge became courageous and went to find Zheng Yi.

“Zheng, Master Zheng. . .”

“What can I do for you?” Zhao Jinge’s temperament was something Zheng Yi could see through at a glance, so he was a bit surprised when Zhao Jinge took the initiative to look for him.

“Jiang Zhen . . . when will he be back?” Zhao Jinge asked, looking up at Zheng Yi, his eyes filled with concern.

So it was because he was worried about Jiang Zhen that he came over . . . Zheng Yi had a good impression of Zhao Jinge, so naturally, he didn’t hide anything at this time. “The specific day is not clear, but it’ll be about two or three days.”

“Two or three days . . .” Zhao Jinge eyebrows furrowed tightly.

“Don’t worry. Jiang Zhen said he’s confident.” Zheng Yi said. Seeing Zhao Jinge’s worried look he added, “Right, he was thinking of you before he left and asked me to send you some eggs to eat.”

“Hmm,” Zhao Jinge echoed, feeling even worse.

Jiang Zhen has so many things to do, so he should not bother Jiang Zhen to think about him. It was really too wrong . . . But . . . Jiang Zhen specially asked Zheng Yi to let him eat eggs because he couldn’t eat meat at the moment, right? It’s really not good for him to do this . . .

Zheng Yi noticed that Zhao Jinge was not in high spirits and soon guessed that it was mostly because Jiang Zhen did not take him with him.

“Jiang Zhen said he will take people out for two days this time,” he said with a smile. “He probably didn’t want you to live with those rough guys, so he didn’t take you with him.”

“if I was me, I would never want my ger or son to live with a bunch of stinky men.”

Zheng Yi said and looked at Zhao Jinge with a mocking expression.

Zhao Jing quickly bowed his head, but there was no denying that he was much more relaxed after hearing what Zheng Yi said.

While Zhao Jinge was feeling apprehensive on the ship, Jiang Zhen, with his men, had come to the vicinity of the lair of the pirates.

These people were freebooters, but they obviously didn’t like water very much . . . So they actually lived in the mountains.

In Jiang Zhen’s opinion, the management of the pirate village was lax, and in his view, there were flaws everywhere.

He felt that even if he swaggered up the mountain, no one would stop him.

Fighting such a stronghold really wasn’t an accomplishment at all, but it was good to use it to train his people.

Two days later.

Jiang Zhen with his men was able to steadily attack this stronghold that gathered thousands of pirates.

It was reasonable to say that there were thousands of people here, and even one of them could have killed Jiang Zhen and his men, but these people . . . they had no fighting spirit at all!

Thinking of everything that had happened before, Jiang Zhen’s mouth twitched.

He still had a lot of good tricks to use, but those pirates even ran away . . .

“Boss, I went to ask people. When those pirates tried to rob us that day, after they escaped from the battle, things became chaotic here. The second leader and the third leader of the village are all gone, and the rest of the people began to fight for power. As a result, we came at the beginning of the struggle that has yet to give a result . . . ,” He Chunsheng said to Jiang Zhen.

“The second and third person in charge are gone?” Jiang Zhen asked, a bit surprised. When he killed that pirate leader, he didn’t hear that there were any second and third leaders on that ship . . .

“Boss, the second and third leaders were all brothers of the big boss. At that time, didn’t we kill a few who were in close pursuit?” Wang Haisheng said.

They were the ones who killed several people that night, but also killing the second and third leader was really unexpected.

After asking for information, Jiang Zhen finally got to know the specific situation of the pirate stronghold.

On this side of the river, there were originally many pirates, and they were scattered very widely. Each group of people were in the hundreds or even dozens. Due to the fact that there were also some of the old and young who were not strong, they generally only robbed some small boats.

But not long ago, the leader of this group of pirates, who was killed by him, stood out and actually unified all the surrounding pirate groups.

They have made several big robberies in succession, and their self-confidence has grown, so they wanted to rob bigger ships and do bigger business. They had never thought that, as soon as they did so, they would run into a hard stubble, and the big boss as well as the second and third leader disappeared altogether.

The leaders of the previous gang of small pirates had basically been killed by the previous leader, and because of this, the pirate stronghold was leaderless and messed up.

In the past two days, there had been a lot of people secretly running away from the stronghold—that is to say, they were all small soldiers, so they didn’t take anything with them. If Jiang Zhen had come here later . . . maybe even the whole stronghold would be already empty.

He was lucky . . . After discovering that the warehouse of the stronghold was intact because no one held the key, Jiang Zhen’s mood immediately became much better.

This time, it could be called a big harvest.

With this extra money, he could give bonuses to his men, give more pensions to the dead, and maybe even buy some big ships, and then he would not have to charter a boat when he didn’t have to act as a bodyguard.

And the family. . . When I get back, I’ll build a big house for Zhao Fugui and his wife, and I’ll also make Zhao Jinge get whatever he wants.

The more Jiang Zhen thought about it, the happier he became, but in the end, he also became a little tangled.

Speaking of which, why did he feel that he earned more from this black business than from his serious business?


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