TOFUH – Chapter 83.1 – Robbing the pirates

Zheng Yi had no choice but to stop his ship here; it was also a helpless move.

In the previous battle with the pirates because of the large number of people and guards on the main ship. Even though the casualties on the main ship were not great, the other ships were different.

At that time, many pirates climbed onto those ships and fought hard. The crews of the four ships, except for the main ship, were reduced by at least a third, and many people were frightened and wounded

Zheng Yi wanted to leave immediately after the battle, but to do that, he had to at last abandon one of the big ships. However, many people died in this encounter with the pirates, so how could he lose even more goods when he had already lost so many people?

He was a merchant after all; he’s out to make money.

But Zheng Yi could only repair the ship for a day and rearrange the manpower. He also allowed his men to bury the dead on the shore and let the wounded have a good rest.

Zheng Yi had already made some arrangements and had some guards temporarily act as sailors and planned to continue the journey that afternoon. But unexpectedly, at this moment, Jiang Zhen had made such a request.

“Are you sure about this?” Zheng Yi asked. The number of pirates was large. It was a good thing to be confident, but if Jiang Zhen, who was unsure, where to go . . .

If something happened to Jiang Zhen, the rest of his trip might not be easy.

“Yes.” Jiang Zhen was very sure that those pirates were all displaced people after the drought. Although there were a few more powerful characters among them, they were just brave men. As long as they were well prepared, it was not difficult for him to capture such a group of freebooters.

Jiang Zhen had thought before that he must not put himself, or Zhao Jinge, in danger in the future, and to do that, he could not only think about avoiding all the dangers, but should also think of ways to become stronger.

Only when he became strong and the men he had on his hands became strong, can he not fear danger.

And if I wanted to become strong, I must go out and practice.

Those pirates just lost the battle, and the pirate leader was also killed, so now they were probably still in chaos . . . Was there a better situation for them to practice in this world?

Jiang Zhen did not hide his plans from Zheng Yi.

“Jiang Zhen, if you go to join the army, you will certainly become a fierce general who defeats more with less,” Zheng Yi said, admiring.

“Master Zheng, if, if I join the army, I may be just a soldier until I die,” Jiang Zhen said. How easy was a promotion these days?

Moreover, what he relied on now was his military experience in modern times, and while he was in modern times . . . at most, he led about a hundred men.

It’s okay for him to train a group of soldiers, but if you want him to bring tens of thousands of troops . . . He may not be able to take care of it.

Zheng Yi also knew that it was hard to get promoted in the army without power and connection, so he smiled and said, “I can wait for you here for a few days, but I will have one request for you.”

“Master Zheng, feel free to say it,” Jiang Zhen said.

“You take Lu Da with you and choose some of his men to go with you to help me train them,” Zheng Yi said.

Zheng Yi used to think that Lu Da and his men were good enough, but now, compared with Jiang Zhen and his men, he felt they were full of shortcomings.

When he paid for Jiang Zhen to join his group, although he attached great importance to Jiang Zhen, to him, Jiang Zhen was actually similar to Lu Da. He even felt that he could have turned Jiang Zhen and his men into guards of the Zheng family like Lu Da. But now, he no longer had these thoughts. Jiang Zhen was much stranger than he thought. It would be impossible for him to be a manager under him, and he estimated that his escort agency will also develop very well.

He would give Jiang Zhen enough respect and would no longer regard Jiang Zhen as his own subordinate. As such, he hoped that Jiang Zhen could train his subordinates.

Jiang Zhen couldn’t wait for Zheng Yi’s request. Although most of his men had started as thugs, they were just common thugs who went around bullying others in the countryside. They were really not too powerful, but the men under Lu Da and Lu Da himself were different.

Those people had seen blood.

“Master Zheng, of course, I’d like to take a few more people, but I still want them to volunteer,” Jiang Zhen said.

He went out this time and took the odd route, but he still didn’t want any disobedient people in his team.

Leaving Zheng Yi’s cabin, Jiang Zhen went to make preparations

“There are thousands of those pirates, and this operation is dangerous, so it’s up to you to decide whether to go or not.” Jiang Zhen called all of his uninjured men and told them that he was going to fight the pirates.

“I’m going!” Wang Haisheng and a few of the people who had gone into the water with Jiang Zhen to kill the pirate leader immediately answered.

After following Jiang Zhen to kill the pirate leader and save their fleet, they had experienced being worshipped and had people sending them thank-you gifts, which made them excited and delighted.

They loved the feeling of being admired, so now, they were just dying to have another battle for them to take part in.

“Boss, we’re going too!” the rest of them also shouted. They hated those freebooters, and they also wanted to be the object of envy.

Wasn’t it just killing pirates? Didn’t they kill some just yesterday?

They were men, and there were very few who did not want to build up their own careers. Jiang Zhen hadn’t even used prizes to encourage these men, and they had already agreed.

Together with Lu Da’s group, Jiang Zhen finally selected a total of sixty people and spent some time preparing all kinds of useful equipment before leaving.

Before leaving, he made a special trip to see Zhao Jinge, but he was still asleep . . .

“Jinge.” Jiang Zhen rubbed Zhao Jinge’s head.

Zhao Jinge opened his eyes in a daze, only to find that it was already dawn. “Is it very late? I’ll get up in a minute.”

“No, you rest a bit more,” Jiang Zhen said and kissed Zhao Jinge again. “I’m going out. Wait for me to come back.”

At first, Jiang Zhen thought of asking Zhao Jinge about going with him, but in the end, he gave up.

Zhao Jinge felt guilty after killing someone and reacted badly. He was not suited to going with him to kill people again . . .

Jiang Zhen left after saying that, and Zhao Jinge was busy getting up, cleaning himself up before going out the door. Only then did he know that Jiang Zhen was actually taking people to hunt for pirates.

Jiang Zhen was going to fight pirates!

Although Zhao Jinge felt that Jiang Zhen was the most powerful person he knew, and so he was full of confidence in him, he was still worried about Jiang Zhen after hearing about what he is going to do. It made him suddenly anxious.

Those pirates were vicious, and there were so many of them, what if something happened to Jiang Zhen and the others?

Zhao Jinge was getting worried and didn’t know if it was because of the memory of the previous battle scene, but his stomach shrank, and he couldn’t help feeling nauseous again.

“Zhao Jinge, are you okay?” one of Jiang Zhen’s men with an injured arm asked.

This man was also one of the wounded Jiang Zhen had helped stitch up.

He originally didn’t want Jiang Zhen to stitch him up because his injury wasn’t fatal, but after being looked at by Jiang Zhen, he subconsciously agreed to it . . .

Jiang Zhen took everyone he could with him this time, but those injured like him were the ones who stayed behind.

“I’m fine, just hungry,” Zhao Jinge said.


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