TOFUH – Chapter 41.1 – Jiang Zhen comes to take the wife by force

That day, the Li family came here with the idea of forcing a marriage. Li Zugen took his children to live in the house of the Zhao family. This way, even if Zhao Jinge didn’t want to marry him, he would have to! If the Zhao family beat someone up . . . or if the people of the Zhao family hurt someone, it would be the Zhao family’s fault. They could then catch them and ask for compensation. If the Zhao family couldn’t pay the compensation, wouldn’t they have to make Zhao Jinge compensate them?

It was an indisputable truth that evil thoughts originated from poverty. Because people were poor, they would do anything, even losing their collective face. This time, the Li family were going to lose their face.

Every family in Hexi had a fairly good life, so to them, the behavior of the Li family was a bit shameless. But although they were shameless, Zhao Jinge really couldn’t find a better match than this Li family. Moreover, the Li family came to them every day, so even if they didn’t have anything else, they were, at least, sincere. They thought that they really wanted Zhao Jinge to marry in. What’s more, the two families had been connected by an engagement in the past.

People in the countryside always believed in persuasion and refused to consider minor points. When they saw the four children without a mother, the people in Hexi tried to persuade Zhao Jinge to agree.

For a ger like Zhao Jinge, who was manly and was already so old, even if he got married at this point, it wasn’t certain that he could have children, so it was not a bad idea to pick up children that were already there . . .

Yes, just like what Matchmaker He once said, Zhao Jinge might not be able to have a baby. There were many people in Hexi who thought the same way.

Although digging out one’s cinnabar mole did not affect fertility, in regards to Zhao Jinge . . . it was more difficult for a ger to have a child than a woman. But he didn’t even look like a typical ger. At first glance, one would assume he was clearly a man . . . Could he really have a baby?

“Jinge, these children have been crying for such a long time. Take them in to wash their faces first.”

“I have something to say.”

“I think this Li Zugen is very sincere.”

 . . .

The people in the village all advised Zhao Jinge, and Li Zugen said, “Jinge, I used to be too stupid, I didn’t know your good points. I will change. I will treat you well in the future.”

With that said, when Li Zugen looked at Zhao Jinge, he still couldn’t hide his unhappiness, shifting his eyes evasively.

“Mother . . .” two of the four children called again, but only the two of them were sincere. Xue had been living in the landlord’s house for several years. They hadn’t seen their mother since they were young, so they didn’t have a deep impression of her. Recently, their grandmother said that they could have a good life after they called back their mother, so they were very enthusiastic in recognizing their new mother.

Before, Zhao Jinge would have definitely pulled the two children off him and clearly stated that he was not their mother, but now . . . watching Jiang Zhen approach, Zhao Jinge couldn’t recover in time.

Li Zugen, seeing that Jinge was not as unyielding as before, only thought he had finally softened up. He knew that someone like Zhao Jinge, who couldn’t get married and was so old and ugly, would like anyone who was nice to him and would definitely not refuse him . . .

“Jinge . . .” Li Zugen was going to grab Zhao Jinge’s hand again, but before he could do so, his hand suddenly started hurting, as if his bones had been broken. “Ah!” Li Zugen cradled his hand and screamed, wondering what happened.

As a result, before he could understand the situation, he was grabbed by the collar and picked up, and then faced a ferocious face.

Jiang Zhen had already figured out what was going on from the conversations of the people around him. Someone had tried to steal his lover while he was not at home! As soon as he picked up Li Zugen, he threw him out without thinking.

Speaking about it, Jiang Zhenwei’s body was actually a little shorter than Jiang Zhen’s original body. His original body was 1.87 meters tall, but this body was only 1.78 meters tall at most. But it was the ancient times and most men were shorter than 1.7 meters, so his figure stood out from the crowd.

As for the man in front of him . . . he estimated that he was shorter than 1.6 meters, maybe a little above 1.5 meters. He wasn’t tall, and in addition he was very thin. Therefore, even if Jiang Zhen had been through a long journey and was actually very tired at that moment, he could still easily throw him out.

Li Zugen was directly thrown down by Jiang Zhen to the grassy area nearby and couldn’t get up for a while. Right then, the people of Hexi saw Jiang Zhen clearly. No one knew where Eldest Jiang had gone the past few days but now . . . He is back! He hit people as soon as he came back! How lawless! But they . . . couldn’t do anything about it.

The villagers of Hexi originally surrounding Zhao Jinge scattered around, but they didn’t run too far. There was so little entertainment these days that they all wanted to stay and witness what was about to happen. As for the possibility of being beaten up, well, with so many people here, it was impossible for Eldest Jiang to beat them all. At worst, they could still run away when the time came.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Zhen.

At that moment, Jiang Zhen took two steps forward, picked up the child holding Zhao Jinge’s thigh in one hand and then directly threw him towards the other two children calling Zhao Jinge “mother”. The ground was all mud, so there were no stones at all. He was sure that he wouldn’t break anything or injure anyone, so he was at ease.

Li Zugen just screamed, and the two young boys were so frightened that they started crying bitterly. The smaller one even wetted his pants.

Li Zugen’s eldest son was already ten years old. He knew a lot of things. Before, he had just watched his second brother, unwilling to pester Zhao Jinge. After Jiang Zhen suddenly made a move, he even grabbed his younger brother to run away. However, Jiang Zhen didn’t give him a chance to run away at all. The two other children were also caught by Jiang Zhen and were dropped directly by their father’s side.

Seeing that Li Zugen was already getting up, Jiang Zhen quickly came forward and hit his chest with his pole.

Li Zugen was then forced by the pole on his shoulder to lie down again. “You . . . Who are you?”

Li Zugen didn’t understand why he was being beaten up.

The people of Hexi also didn’t understand why Jiang Zhen was beating up Li Zugen.  It was understandable for Jiang Zhen to beat the Jiang family before, but Li Zugen . . . It isn’t because he is in the way, is it?

“You don’t even know who I am, and you are making trouble at my doorstep? Are you tired of living?” Jiang Zhen once again hit Li Zugen’s shoulder with the pole. He deliberately chose a place that would not hurt permanently but would be very painful, so it made Li Zugen cry out again.

The people of Hexi looked at Jiang Zhen’s house, which was half a mile from here and then looked at Li Zugen. They couldn’t help but sympathize with him. People in the village knew who Jiang Zhen was, but Li Zugen didn’t know. The closest house to them was actually the house of the Zhao family.

“Are you from the Zhao family? You hit me!” Li Zugen looked at Jiang Zhen in disbelief. Although his mother told him to be careful not to be beaten up, he didn’t think it would happen at all. Zhao Jinge should cry and beg him to marry him.  How come he was beaten up instead?

Zhao Jinge didn’t agree before, was it probably because he wanted to raise his bride price?

“Zhao Jinge, I can’t believe you let someone beat me! I insist that you—” Li Zugen originally wanted to shout some cruel remarks, but fortunately, while he was in the middle of his speech, he remembered his plan. “Zhao Jinge, even if you don’t agree to get married and asked someone to beat me up, we from Lijia Village won’t give up!”

After being beaten up, they could ask the villagers to help them out and then ask the Zhao family to give them an explanation . . .

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