TOFUH – Chapter 84.1 – Rescuing a group of people

There were not so many opportunities to acquire a black business, so it was better to get down to business than to pin your hopes on it.

Jiang Zhen only thought about it for a moment then let go of the idea and began to deal with the follow-up of the attack on the pirate village.

He arranged for some people to open the pirates’ storehouse and arranged for someone to clean up all the pirates in the village and gather the people who surrendered together. Jiang Zhen also wanted to see how many wounded there were.

In Jiang Zhen’s view, the battle against the pirates was not fierce at all.

Most of them had no will to fight, and the rest ran away when they saw them while many more surrendered and didn’t even dare to run away.

Of course, they have been through several smaller battles. But because Jiang Zhen didn’t divide his troops and everyone gathered together to take care of each other, not only did everyone gather together to take care of each other but they also had their turn to practice, so no one was seriously injured.

However, in the eyes of Jiang Zhen, those were only minor wounds, but in the eyes of people at this time, it was definitely a serious injury.

Before, these injured people might have cried out, but ever since they knew that Jiang Zhen could heal their wounds, their emotions became stronger and some of them were even in the mood to joke around with people.

“I will let Boss Jiang stitch me. It feels weirdly good.”

“When we come back to the boat, I will let a lot of people see my wound, and some of them might even be envious.”

“It’s just a little painful . . . and the scar in the future will probably look good.”


. . .


After Jiang Zhen helped a wounded man stitch up his chest wound, he heard these words and became speechless.

Speaking of which, most of these people were slightly injured rather than seriously injured, which has a lot to do with the fact that the weapons these days were not very sharp. At this time, it took a lot of work to make a sharp knife, and how could everyone have such a sharp knife?

Most of the weapons held by the pirates were kitchen knives and hoes. For example, the one who was injured in the chest stabbed the pirate with a bamboo pole, and the pirate threw the wood-chopping axe at him before he died thereby cutting him.

“The wound has been stitched up. You should be careful these days to keep the dirt out of the wound,” Jiang Zhen said.

If he told these people about bacteria, they would probably not understand, so he changed it to “dirty stuff.”

If only there was something like alcohol that could be used for sterilizing.

“Yes! Boss!” the man said. Although he was injured, he seemed to be in good condition because of the timely treatment.

After taking care of the wounded, Jiang Zhen walked towards the warehouse. Along the way, he saw many people who were driven out by his own men. Among them were the pirates and those who were kidnapped by the pirates.

The pirate village has been around for some years, so there was a very solid warehouse. When Jiang Zhen passed by, his men were still struggling with the door of the warehouse, but they could not open it.

This was normal; it was not so easy to split a big wooden door with axes and knives.

“Chop it in one place, and after chopping out a hole, use a saw.”

When Jiang Zhen went over, Lu Da was instructing the others on how to get the door open. Obviously, he had some experience.

As Jiang Zhen approached, he immediately saw the large brass lock hanging from the door, which made a banging sound as the people hit the door.

“Why didn’t you unlock it?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“We don’t have the key.” Lu Da looked at Jiang Zhen with a look that seemed like he was looking at an idiot.

If he had a key, would he need to break down the door?

Jiang Zhen walked up to him and directly kicked him over, then he searched through the cloth belt he had tied around his waist.

The experience of the previous life made Jiang Zhen become used to carrying some small things on his body, and this time, he took out a pair of iron chopsticks from his waist.

The iron chopsticks were sharpened at both ends and not only could it be used as chopsticks, but also for barbecue, for holding hair, and acted as a secret weapon . . .

Jiang Zhen took it and stabbed it into the keyhole.

This ancient lock was different from the modern ones and was very easy to open.

Jiang Zhen never learned any profound skills of lock-picking, but it was still very easy to open such a lock.

The huge copper lock opened with a click, and the people around Jiang Zhen looked at him with admiration more and more.

As for Lu Da, who just got up from the ground . . . he suddenly realized that he was an idiot. He had underestimated Jiang Zhen again.

“Go in and have a look,” Jiang Zhen said as he pushed the door open.

There were many things in the warehouse, including grain, all kinds of goods, and boxes of silver.

When Jiang Zhen opened one of the boxes, he saw a lot of silver. He was quite calm with his knowledge, but his subordinates looked at him in envy.

“All those who took part in the operation this time, will take fifty silver first. When we got back from the capital, I will also reward you on merit,” Jiang Zhen took a look at those silvers and said directly.

“Thank you, boss!” the crowd shouted together! Fifty silver! They could marry a beautiful wife!

None of these people were dissatisfied. If it weren’t for Jiang Zhen, they wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing, so what was there to be dissatisfied about?

Even Lu Da had no complaints at this time; he still didn’t like Jiang Zhen, but he was still convinced by Jiang Zhen in the end.

However, Jiang Zhen was a bit torn. How could he take so many things with him?

Such entanglement only lasted a few seconds before Jiang Zhen focused on those squatting outside.

There were a lot of people in this village, and they were mixed. Most of them were pirates made up of refugees from nearby villages, but they also included some other people.

Most of the local refugees did not know how to swim, so after robbing a few ships, they would leave the crew on board to work for them. Of course, if the people on board have other skills, they would also be left behind.

Some of them were women and gers.

These pirates did not kill the women and gers, but had snatched from them their homes or escaped with them. There were about two hundred women and gers in this village, all of whom were regarded as playthings.

Now, these two hundred women and gers together with four or five hundred men, who had not even thought of escaping, had surrendered and were watched by dozens of his men.

Jiang Zhen closed the warehouse door again and began to deal with the people in front of him.

He asked these people to identify each other and found out that the pirates who had harmed others were all tied up.

These scared people didn’t dare to lie. The people they identified basically all had the same local accents, and they all looked like they have not been hungry for a long time. From a glance, you would know that they were definitely pirates.

Then Jiang Zhen let these people, especially the women and gers, decide whether to stay or not. If they wanted to leave, he would give them some money and grain.

Hearing Jiang Zhen’s words, those whose families were nearby and those who came here with the help of the pirates suddenly moved.

Jiang Zhen could kill them, so naturally he doesn’t need to lie to them, so . . . they could really go back?

However, even if the local people wanted to go home, those who were kidnapped did not want to leave at the moment.

Even if they could get out of this village . . . who could guarantee that they would be safe? Maybe if they leave this pirate village, they would be robbed again.

“Your Excellency, are you from the government?” a middle-aged man sitting on the ground next to him suddenly asked.

This middle-aged man was presumably a big, fat man before. But now, after going hungry for a long time, he became thin and his skin drooped down from his frame, making him look a little funny.

“No, I’m from the Jinzhen Escort Agency,” Jiang Zhen said.

The fat man had never heard of Jinzhen and glanced at Jiang Zhen a few times before he said, “My lord, if we don’t leave, can you take us away with you? Your Excellency, if you are willing to take me home, I can pay you a lot of money.

The fat man looked at Jiang Zhen expectantly, hoping that Jiang Zhen would agree. God only knew how much he wanted to go home!

“Yes,” Jiang Zhen agreed without hesitation, “but I may not be able to send you home right away. We are going to the capital.”

“My lord, my lord, I’m from the capital, my lord!” The fat man jumped beside Jiang Zhen in surprise and hugged Jiang Zhen’s thigh.

Jiang Zhen hurriedly pulled his leg away and then he heard the man ask again, “My lord, can you give me something to eat? I’m hungry! “

Jiang Zhen: “. . .” He could see that.

There were a lot of people planning to leave with Jiang Zhen. There are about two hundred men and a hundred women, and they all have one thing in common, that is, they were all kidnapped by the pirates.

Besides following Jiang Zhen, they had no other way.

“I’ll take you with me, but you have to work,” Jiang Zhen said directly, and then pointed to the other side of the warehouse. “Wait and have a meal first then move everything outside to the ship.”

The ships of those pirates were now his.


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