TOFUH – Chapter 68.1 – Business in the county town

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While Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge were trying to figure out how to arrange their subordinates, their subordinates were paying attention to Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge.

The former boss Liu Heitou was quite different from Jiang Zhen. Liu Heitou asked them to do things and let them make money for themselves, but it was not good for them and if it was good, he would only give it to his cousins and not to them. He was always acting superior.

Jiang Zhen was different. These days, Jiang Zhen ate the same food as them and was training with them. Even Zhao Jinge was training with them. That made them feel valued and felt less and less reluctant to train.

“At first, I didn’t realize that Zhao Jinge was a ger. In the beginning, I wanted to invite him to drink flower wine . . . ” a thug of the gambling house couldn’t help saying.

As a matter of fact, Hongxing Gambling House usually didn’t need that many thugs, as long as someone was there to maintain order. After Jiang Zhen asked those people to follow him, he left five thugs who he didn’t want to follow him to watch over the gambling house and then put the rest of them under his command.

The man who once wanted to invite Zhao Jinge to drink flower wine was Ding Lian, one of the people he had gotten under his command. It was only after two days of training with Jiang Zhen that he learned from Liu Heitou that Zhao Jinge was Jiang Zhen’s ger. When he first heard about it, he thought that Liu Heitou was trying to deceive him and didn’t believe it at all. After all, Zhao Jinge really did not look like a ger at all. However, the people in Qiaotou Village all knew that Zhao Jinge was Jiang Zhen’s ger. Some of them had gone to the Zhao family house to make trouble on the day Jiang Zhen got married, and some had even seen them wed with their own eyes.

“Not only you didn’t see it, I didn’t expect it either,” someone said with humility.

“Who could have thought he was a ger? He is taller than me!”

“By the way, he is a ger. Why did Jiang Zhen let him train with us?”

“Boss Jiang . . . is all about treating him as a man . . .”

The people were all somewhat speechless, and they were even more sympathetic towards Zhao Jinge. He was obviously a ger, but he was brought to train every day by his husband. This was not a normal life for a ger at all. Jiang Zhen was so rich. Shouldn’t his ger, just like Liu Heitou’s wife, only look after the children at home every day and oversee the women hired by their family to do the work?

Zhao Jinge didn’t find it hard. This kind of training was nothing to him. It even made him feel closer to Jiang Zhen. He wanted to learn more, so that he could help Jiang Zhen in the future.

After the meal, Jiang Zhen called those people to gather and began his brainwashing education. He used to take a lot of political classes, and although he hadn’t listened carefully, it was still enough to instill some ideas into these people.

Jiang Zhen had no patience for long speeches, so he only spoke for a bit, encouraging these people, and then asked them to have a lunch break. After an hour, it was time for the physical training. It was only after fighting these people that Jiang Zhen realized that their physical strength and endurance were really average.

Near the forest of Qiaotou, more than thirty people had bamboo poles in their hands, and they were swinging them, repeating the movements of their hands over and over again, swinging the poles without stopping.

Jiang Zhen didn’t teach these people too many skills; he only wanted to improve their coordination and physical fitness, but it was different for Zhao Jinge. He let Wang Haisheng take these people to do some repetitive training while Jiang Zhen taught Zhao Jinge his fighting skills.

Zhao Jinge’s body was softer than Jiang Zhen’s. In Jiang Zhen’s opinion, it would be very suitable for Zhao Jinge to learn combat skills, so he taught him very attentively. He hoped that Zhao Jinge would have the ability to protect himself.

Fighting skills, of course, couldn’t be just learned by talking about it. Actual combat was required. Jiang Zhen tried to hold back his strength, but in other people’s eyes . . . Jiang Zhen was beating his own ger!

Their boss liked to train people, even his own wife couldn’t be let go. If one thought about it carefully, only a ger like Zhao Jinge could bear it

. . .


When Jiang Zhen’s men saw this scene, they sighed one after another. During their break, Ding Lian went to Zhao Jinge and whispered, “Hey, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry,” Zhao Jinge said. Although Jiang Zhen’s strikes fell on his shoulders several times, he held back his strength. It didn’t hurt at all and he didn’t fall to the ground. It was just . . . Jiang Zhen would unexpectedly pinch his ass whenever he fell on him. He didn’t know if the others had seen it . . . As soon as Zhao Jinge thought that someone might have seen such a scene, his face felt very hot.

“I’m glad you are alright.” Ding Lian looked at Zhao Jinge sympathetically.

Jiang Zhen did not know that his men felt sympathy for his wife. He was currently revising the punishment and reward measures. Those who did not do well would be punished, and those who did well would be rewarded. This was stipulated at the beginning of the training by Jiang Zhen. But these days, the punishment was basically just running and frog jumping and similar things, and the reward was money or food. However, the content of each stage of training was different, so naturally, these measures had to be slightly changed too . . .

When he saw Jiang Zhen writing, Zhao Jinge took a branch and also wrote on the ground. He didn’t write anything else except for Jiang Zhen’s name, and then he wrote his own name. Looking at their names next to each other, he felt satisfied.

That evening, Jiang Zhen disbanded these people very early. Before they left, he gave each of them a bunch of copper coins and clothes according to their performance.

The clothes were made from the most common coarse fabric, but the style was slightly different from common clothes. These clothes were provided by Jiang Zhen, who had asked Zhao Liu to find a woman from Hexi to make them these days.

“Are these clothes?” Ding Lian looked at the clothes with surprise.

In fact, they were not short of clothes, but even so, Jiang Zhen giving them clothes made them somewhat excited, especially those like Ding Lian.

Ding Lian became a thug because there was no one in his family. Although in the past he earned a lot of silver every month, no one advised him, so he always spent his money carelessly. His clothes and other things, because no one cared, were always dirty and worn till they turned into rags . . . When he suddenly got a new set of clothes with fine stitches, Ding Lian felt somewhat homesick.

Of course, there were also those who were not satisfied with these clothes, such as Liu Heitou. But being beaten by Jiang Zhen for such a long time, even if he was not happy about it and dissatisfied, he did not dare to protest.

“You should all wear these clothes tomorrow and come here early.” Jiang Zhen handed out the clothes before going home.

The next day, he was taking these people to the county town.

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