My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 35 – Two More

After the finals, all the players and staff went to the celebration banquet. 

From the knockout competition to the top ten competition, and from the top ten to deciding today’s champion, it has been full three months. Who would have thought the final winner would be Ye Cang.

Even the producer Zhang Li had to sigh that the dark horse is too dark.

She looked at Shen Huai and said, “Mr. Shen’s eyes are really admirable. He can train a newcomer who doesn’t know anything into what he is today. Mr. Shen not only knows the means, but also the resources behind him are not simple.”

Shen Huai was somewhat helpless, but he could not tell the truth, they were only acquiesce.

Zhang Li gently touched his glass: “I look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Shen in the future.”

“I’m looking forward to it, too.”

Shen Huai sipped his glass of wine, and nodded at her with a smile. Before he could say anything, Xue Chengge trotted all the way over and leaned in his ear and said, “Brother Shen, go and see Brother Ye. He seems to be drunk.”

Shen Huai frowned, apologized to Zhang Li, and hurried toward the direction of Ye Cang.

Shortly after entering the celebration banquet, Shen Huai and Ye Cang separated. At first, Ye Cang sat with Li Zihang and other contestants. Later, many people left their seats to toast and chat with others.

Tang Ruoyi, one of the judges, took the initiative to look for Ye Cang on her own initiative.

Before, Huayu Records wanted to sign Ye Cang, but such a big company had strict control over copyright. And refused Ye Cang’s request to own the copyright of his own songs, so Shen Huai and Ye Cang had no choice but to give up after weighing the pros and cons.

Tang Ruoyi was somewhat unwilling to do so. Especially today, after seeing the original songs of Ye Cang, she has a hunch that with Ye Cang’s talent, he would certainly occupy a place in the music industry in the upcoming decade. 

It is a pity that although she is the female singer of Huayu’s record, she still does not have enough power to speak, and Ye Cang is not the little newcomer who doesn’t know anything. He knows his value very well, and can’t be fooled by a few words.

After Ye Cang refused again, Tang Ruoyi showed a look of pity,  but still gracefully blessed him: “Although it’s a pity that we can’t work together, I still wish you a bright future.”

When Tang Ruoyi finished, she drank the wine in her hand.

Ye Cang could only finish drinking the wine in his glass. When Tang Ruoyi had just left, Xia Fei came over.

Ye Cang’s body was not particularly able to drink, just after a few glasses of champagne, he felt a little dizzy. In Xue Chengge’s opinion it was not good, which was why he left in a hurry to find Shen Huai.

When Shen Huai found Ye Cang, his face was flushed and he was fighting for wine with other people: “I’m not drunk! Don’t believe it. I drank all the wine in those days.”

Shen Huai covered his mouth, pulling people to his side, calmly apologizing to the other side, and then directly dragged Ye Cang away.

Ye Cang struggled for a long time, and then felt the familiar breath around him. He suddenly became quiet, and the whole person laid directly on Shen Huai’s body.

Shen Huai could not cope with it, and he almost stumbled with him.

Xue Chengge pulled the car up from the underground garage and helped Shen Huai to hold Ye Cang. They jointly pushed the drunkard into the car.

Shen Huai adjusted his glasses and said to Xue Chengge, “Junior Xue, I’ll drive him back. You go back to rest earlier. You’re tired these days. Take a vacation and have a good rest for a few days.”

Xue Chengge nodded. “OK, thank you, Brother Shen.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Cang, who had been lying down, suddenly sat up and shouted, “I’m alive again!”

Then he knocked his head on the window glass.

Shen Huai: “…”

Xue Chengge: “…”

Xue Chengge: “… Brother Shen, do you really not need me to help you?”

Shen Huai rubbed his aching forehead: “No, you go back to rest.”

He never thought that Ye Cang would be drunk with wine, and he was still so cranky, he should have looked at him at that time and would not have let him drink.

Fortunately, Ye Cang was finished after he knocked on the glass and lay on his back seat sleeping soundly.

Shen Huai drove back home and took a lot of trouble to send the man back to his room.

Recently, Shen Huai restricted Ye Cang’s online shopping, and threw away some useless things he bought before, so there was finally a passable road cleared in the bedroom.

Shen Huai put Ye Cang’s arm on his shoulder, buckled his waist, and half-supported and half-dragged him to bed. Unexpectedly, at this moment when he put him down, Ye Cang’s arm hooked, and Shen Huai failed to stand firm and fell into bed with him.

Before Shen Huai stood up, Ye Cang turned over and put one leg directly on his waist, holding him tightly in his arms like an octopus.

Shen Huai was caught off guard, and then Ye Cang’s furry head arched and a scorching breath sprayed on Shen Huai’s neck. Shen Huai, who was excited, scrambled away from him and got out of bed.

Ye Cang muttered twice. He seemed dissatisfied with his pillow and threw it away suddenly. He reached for it and took the quilt in his arms.

Shen Huai’s image at the moment was extremely awkward, his clothes were messy, his cheeks were flushed, even his glasses were crooked. It was no longer the usual image of cold abstinence. If he had not confirmed that Ye Cang was really drunk, Shen Huai would thought that it was intentional.

He awkwardly ran away from Ye Cang’s room, pressing his beating heart.

On the next morning, Ye Cang woke up in a daze, and for a moment he could not tell the difference between reality and dream, until he smelled the familiar aftershave water in the air.

He sat up suddenly and then felt a sharp pain in his forehead. He touched it lightly and immediately retracted his hand. But he vaguely felt a big bump on the spot.

Ye Cang frowned for a moment, to no avail, so he simply got up and wobbled out of the room.

The noise upstairs alarmed Shen Huai, who was having breakfast in the kitchen, and he looked up at Ye Cang.

Today, Shen Huai is still as usual, wearing an ironed shirt buttoned to the top, his black hair neatly combed to the back of his head, golden glasses covering his amber eyes tightly.

The more abstinent he was, the more people can’t help wanting to rip off the buttons of his shirt, take off his glasses, mess up his black hair and fill his amber eyes with passion. Couldn’t help wanting to make the corners of his eyes turn red, and listen to his restrained breathing.

Ye Cang unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but suddenly a memory appeared in his mind.

In his memory, he pressed Shen Huai under his body. Shen Huai’s clothes were dishevelled, his cheeks were flushed, and even his glasses were crooked. Just when he wanted to start, Shen Huai escaped.

Ye Cang shook his head, somewhat confused, whether it was a memory or his own dream.

When Shen Huai saw him standing there without moving by the door. He thought he was not awake. He said, “What are you doing standing? Come and eat.”

When he finished, he bowed his head and went on to eat breakfast, without showing anything unusual.

Ye Cang looked back and saw Shen Huai’s calm appearance. He thought with regret that it was probably just a dream.

However, this dream was too real.

He did not know that after Shen Huai returned last night, he did not fall asleep for most of the night and did a long period of psychological building, which suppressed those surging emotions in his heart.

Shen Huai never thought that Ye Cang had that kind of thought about himself. After all, the former Lu Yang never came out as gay, and he had professional ethics as an agent. He would never fall in love with his own artist.

Shen Huai kept calm and asked, “Now that the competition is over, what are your plans for the future?”

Ye Cang’s eyes fell on the “Star of Tomorrow” championship trophy on the coffee table. He was drunk last night. Shen Huai just got it back from the car this morning.

Shen Huai saw that he did not speak, but also saw him looking at the trophy. Although Ye Cang was full of cheats after his rebirth, after competing with children he was are more or less victorious, but this way is not without twists and turns.

Ye Cang said with emotion, “This is just the starting point.”

Even if he had climbed to the peak of music before, now he has to start everything from scratch, he did not lose his courage to climb again.

This finals champion is just the beginning of his journey.

Ye Cang’s was full of lofty sentiments and ambition, but then he accidentally touched his forehead injury, immediately baring his teeth in pain, he asked Shen Huai: “What is wrong with my forehead? Was I beaten?”

Shen Huai looked at the obvious big bump on his forehead and sighed, telling Ye Cang what had happened last night.

Ye Cang’s face was dull, and he was obviously unwilling to believe that the silly X who hit the window head-on was himself.

After a long time, Ye Cang accepted the reality, and then he fell down on the dining table dejectedly.

Shen Huai saw it and said, “The two original songs you sang in the finals have been very popular since last night. A lot of music companies have come to me and want to buy the copyrights to these two songs.”

Ye Cang grunted and sat up again. “They know how to see great goods.”

However, he will not sell these two songs, he intends to put them on his new album, which is the most important reason why he refused Huayu entertainment. Otherwise, the copyright of the song will not be in his own hands. If he wanted to sing his own song, he would need to ask the company first.

Shen Huai did not say that in fact, this morning, Ming Wei also made a phone call. She could hardly speak out when she thought that she had let go of such huge treasure for 1% of the advertising profit. However, she still told Shen Huai to advise Ye Cang not to waste the current popularity and release the album early, and that the company’s studio is open to him at any time.

Shen Huai had already booked Star Art recording studio. Yan Xiangming also promised Ye Cang to help him with a new album. Depending on when Ye Cang will finish his new songs, they could start recording at any time.

But before that, they have to shoot a commercial.

This is an advertisement they signed before. It’s a beverage advertisement. The other side is an old brand in China. Besides the classical old flavor, it constantly invented new flavors. This time, Ye Cang was going to shoot an advertisement for the new flavors.

When the other party signed Ye Cang, he had not been so popular, but now it is totally an unexpected pleasant surprise. As soon as the other party waved, they upgraded the cost of advertising production directly and changed the shooting location to Dongjiang City.

Dongjiang was a famous port city during the period of the Republic of China. There were many old buildings in this area. It is also said that the address of this advertisement is the landmark building in Dongjiang.

—— Golden Gate Theater.

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