MAIR – Chapter 109 – Dad, is it too late to kneel now?

——818 the real identity of Ye Cang and Chu Mei Bo’s agent

LZ belongs neither to the HuaixChu party nor to the CangxHuai party but is an innocent man who likes to eat melon seeds. Because I accidentally saw the agent’s watch in a photo, I specially went to my little partner for a luxury appraisal. The brand of this watch is XX. Yes, it’s the XX you think of, but LZ has never seen XX have this kind of watch, so I guessed it should be a limited edition that is not for sale for the public.

As we all know, XX’s limited edition watches are all numbered, so LZ went through a lot of trouble to find this watch on the official website of XX and was shocked. It was privately customized!! This is the only one in the world !!

Some friends may not understand what this means, so let’s put it this way, the recently popular female star who just got married into the rich family under a lot of speculation, her husband is not qualified to order XX’s watches!

This is the low-key display of wealth!

Then LZ wondered how a mere agent could order a XX watch, so LZ found a small investment partner, who told LZ that this big boss was famous in the venture capital circle. They say he has never experienced failure since he entered the business world at the age of 16 and was a famous god of wealth in this circle!!

LZ is kneeling speechless after dropping the brick. 

This LZ was very famous in the entertainment forum. Because he had been fighting for a long time in the front line of eating melon seeds, and had a wide network of contacts, almost all the information he revealed proved to be true, so as soon as his post came out the whole forum was shocked.

1L: kneeling.

2L: kneeling +1

3L: kneeling +10086

15L: Isn’t it exaggerated? Is that true?



55L: People from this circle started proving that what LZ said was true. However, the big boss is very low-key and hardly accepts interviews. Before the big boss started studying abroad, he once participated in several high-end financial forums and talked and laughed with financial tycoons such as XX and XXX.

56L: Shit!!

57L: Awesome!!



92L: Brother LZ and 55L, didn’t you forget to mention the most important thing? The big boss is one of the heirs of Shen Group. He is worth about ten billion yuan and his name is still on the rich list!

93L:!!! Can’t the news fall off all at once! I just got up!! And now I’m kneeling again!!

94L: Brother LZ was in a hurry. For example, I have been kneeling since the main news, and had no intention of getting up.

99L: I’m really kneeling. Why do you want to be an agent when you have so much money! I can’t figure it out!

113L: I can’t understand for **** what the big boss is thinking

125L: Do rich people like to play like this these days?!!

137L: Doesn’t he need to take care of the family business? What are you doing working as an agent?!

138L: there is no need for LZ to answer. For this kind of tycoon, there is someone to take care of the funds for him, even if he does nothing, he earns more money every day than you do in a year. As for being an agent, maybe, maybe, maybe it’s just a hobby of the boss….

144L: ouch, ouch, I’m eating lemon!!

166L: as Huai Huai’s face powder, I always call him husband in my heart, but now….. Dad!! Dad, are you still missing your daughter-in-law?! This one went to college!!

203L: hum! You people are superficial. To be honest, the top 3 graduates like me just sent their resume to Morningstar Company. Do you still need an assistant, Dad?!!

204L: Shit! LZ is so despicable! Take me!

The post exploded in the entertainment forum, and this information was quickly spread to Weibo.

Weibo onlookers eating melon seeds: ???

[Dad, is it too late to kneel now? ]



Morningstar Entertainment.

Ming Wei, the director of the brokerage department, sat down in her chair, opened her Weibo and looked at it, while taking a sip of coffee, and almost sprayed this sip of coffee on her mobile phone.

She didn’t care about her cell phone, because she was so shocked by the news that she couldn’t even speak.

So! Is her subordinate, in fact, her boss or the boss on the top?!

So! She used to ask her boss to buy her coffee, dessert and a lunch box!? When the boss did something wrong, she scolded the boss?!

Have I died so many times before I even knew it?!

Ming Wei suddenly felt her legs turn somewhat soft. So she quickly held the table and tried to look at the words “Shen Huai” on  the recent phone call history without tears.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally made a phone call.

Fortunately, Shen Huai, as usual, even appeased her and let her work hard.

After hanging up the phone, Ming Wei breathed a sigh of relief and was glad that she didn’t have the habit of making difficulties for her subordinates. Otherwise, even if the boss didn’t mind, she might have to go out to look for a job again.

Ming Wei used to think that she was a strong-willed woman who would never flatter or bow to the power of money.

But now, after feeling the power of money, she silently opened Weibo, switched to her second account, and left a message under Shen Huai’s Weibo.

[Dad, please give me a raise]



After Shen Huai hung up the phone, he helplessly pressed his forehead.

Although Ming Wei tried to maintain her original attitude, he still heard some unfamiliarity and fear in the other party’s voice. If Ming Wei was like this, there was no need to mention other colleagues in the company.

He was afraid it would be difficult for him to go back to the company until this matter was over.

Shen Huai opened his Weibo, where the vast number of users have searched all his information.

In fact, Shen Huai did not deliberately hide. Some of the activities he participated in even had video information. Otherwise, netizens wouldn’t have found out his identity so easily.

It was just that he went abroad for a few years, and when he returned home, he kept a very low profile. Although he was in the entertainment industry, he worked behind the scenes as an agent, which he thought would not be discovered.

Shen Huai sighed secretly.

At this moment, Shen Huai’s cell phone rang again. He saw it was his good friend Chen Chiyu.

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment before taking the call.

Chen Chiyu: “Ha ha ha ha ha! You’ve lost your shit!”

Chen Chiyu’s wife was a Weibo programmer. Since Shen Huai’s artists started appearing in hot searches frequently, causing his wife to work over time, Chen Chiyu and Shen Huai had become enemies. So after the hot search on Shen Huai, Chen Chiyu didn’t start to flirt with his wife but called to gloat for the first time.

“Boss, have you seen Weibo?! They are all calling you Dad, and praying for a divination. Ouch, ouch, I’m so happy… “

Shen Huai hung up the phone with an expressionless face and blacklisted the number.

After a while, Chen Chiyu relentlessly gave him another call. 

After Shen Huai hung up, and was about to drag him in the blacklist again. Chen Chiyu seemed to have guessed what he was doing. So his survival instinct  broke out together with the speed of his hand, and quickly sent a series of messages.

[Dad, I was wrong! ]

[Don’t block me, I really have something important to report! ]

[It’s about your precious artists! ]

Shen Huai stared at the last sentence and finally mercifully answered Chen Chiyu’s call.

Chen Chiyu breathed a sigh of relief and complained, “What was that for? I only laughed at you for once… “

Shen Huai: “If it is this kind of nonsense, I’ll end this call.”

Chen Chiyu: “Don’t! Don’t! I’ll say it.”

Chen Chiyu stopped joking and his voice became serious, “Before, you asked me to make a software that would pay attention to abnormal data. I had already completed it a while ago, so I was debugging it. I entered Ye Cang’s name and yesterday some data came out. Guess what the result was?”

Shen Huai: “If you try to sell it again, I will block you.”

Chen Chiyu: “…”

This baby was aggrieved, but in the face of the financier’s father, he couldn’t speak angrily, and could only continue with his grievance, “Since the end of ‘Star of Tomorrow’ there has been a water army in HuaixCang, as well as black powder, using various means to hack him. It’s just that the other side was well hidden, so we couldn’t find them.  Do you remember the last time you fought in the United States and ended up in prison?”

Shen Huai frowned and said, “Didn’t you find out that it was the marketing number that deliberately speculated the news?”

Chen Chiyu: “I’m afraid not. Why don’t you think about it. How long has it been since you vigorously sued all marketing accounts? The marketing accounts are all scared like quails and don’t dare to provoke you. It’s just that at that time, the incident happened all of a sudden, and the other party was also unprepared. You handed the situation in time, and the other party was afraid of being exposed, so we simply identified them as a marketing account, so that the matter would come to an end.”

“What is even more interesting is that I input the names of those short-lived singers who have appeared in recent years, and found the same problem. It seems that someone is deliberately suppressing these new singers. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Ye Cang’s strength and the album’s direct popularity, he would have suffered the same fate as these people.”

Shen Huai: “He won’t”

Chen Chiyu: “I know he won’t. Didn’t I just put forward a possibility?”

“There is no such possibility.” Shen Huai’s voice was quiet, but he was determined, “I won’t agree to it.”

Chen Chiyu: “…”

He seemed to have eaten a mouthful of dog food.

Chen Chiyu shook his head and dispersed the Illusion, “In other words, this matter is a bit suspicious. I’ll send you these materials later, so you should be more careful.”

“I will.” Shen Huai’s voice Was much more gentle. “Thank you.”

Chen Chiyu was very magnanimous, “Between friends, why did you say that?!! Anyway, Dad Shen, are you really not going to reply to your followers on Weibo?”

Shen Huai: “…”

He hung up on Chen Chiyu’s call mercilessly.

Fortunately, Chen Chiyu was used to bearing the brunt of humiliation in front of the king’s father. After being hung up, he obediently sent all the materials to Shen Huai.

Shen Huai scanned all the information. These were all new singers who had just emerged in the past few years. Some of them had good potential, but because of some small things, they were turned black to the point of no recovery. Even Bai Jiajia’s name was  among them, but Bai Jiajia was exposed by Shen Huai at that time. Once there was any sign, it was found immediately, so there was no later development.

Just as Shen Huai was pondering over it, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and Ye Cang came in.

He looked at Shen Huai and vaguely raised up his eyebrows. “Dad?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang laughed. He had known Shen Huai’s identity for a long time, so he was not surprised to read about it. He just thought that Shen Huai who had never experienced things like that before would come to him.

Ye Cang sat next to Shen Huai affectionately, and hugged him by the shoulder. “Alright, I won’t tease you anymore, don’t be depressed. Netizens are just looking for a sense of novelty. In a few days, when something else happens, they won’t mention it anymore.”

Shen Huai did not expect to be comforted by Ye Cang, and said helplessly, “I am not depressed…”

“Liar!” Ye Cang pressed his eyebrow, “When I just came in, your eyebrows were all wrinkled.”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment. In the past, he might have kept Ye Cang in the dark. However, they had been together for a long time and he also understood Ye Cang’s character, so he told Ye Cang what Chen Chiyu had told him before.

Ye Cang was stunned, and then an angry look appeared on his face. “Who did this! Why do such a thing?!”

Shen Huai shook his head, “It’s not clear yet, but I guess you’re probably in someone’s way. I’ll have someone check it out.”

Ye Cang tightened his lips and looked a bit cold.

“There haven’t been any good singers in recent years, and there have been even fewer good songs. I have always thought it was caused by the shrinking music market, but I didn’t expect this…”

Shen Huai held his hand. “Don’t think too much, I will find them.”

Ye Cang nodded. He never doubted Shen Huai’s abilities. Although there was nothing he could do to help Shen Huai in this aspect, there was something he could do, such as what Your Father had been doing all the time. He suddenly felt a sense of responsibility.

So Ye Cang opened his Weibo and was ready to send a Weibo message to show his determination. As a result, he accidentally clicked on the hot searches and saw the hot search # Chu Mei Bo fell in love with her agent #.

Ye Cang: “!!!”

He immediately forgot his original intention, pressed the screen hard and sent out a Weibo.

@Your Father: “CangxHuai is real!!!” 

Netizens: “???” 

[Dad, you’re eating melon seeds a little late]

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