Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 18.2 – Qi Cong turned off the microphone (R)

Zhao Zhenxun picked up Qi Cong’s mobile phone that had been vibrating and looked at the caller before saying to Qi Cong, “This unknown number should be Wu Heng, but it was quite fast. You just sent him private Weibo, and he came. Will you answer it? Or shall I answer it? “

Qi Cong looked up at Zhao Zhenxun and thought about it for a moment before he replied, “Agent Zhao please help me pick it up. I don’t want Wu Heng to hear my real voice.”

Zhao Zhenxun nodded, took his cell phone and sat on the sofa beside him, before he answered the phone and pressed the speakerphone.

Shen Jia immediately leaned over Qi Cong’s side, glancing at the rainbow bridge on the screen and Qi Cong. With a twisted expression he turned his attention to Zhao Zhenxun.

After the call was connected, a hoarse, thick male voice that obviously didn’t belong to Wu Heng came out, saying only two words: “5 million.”

Zhao Zhenxun used the stepfather tone he usually used to scare Shen Jia. “If Wu Heng white washes it this time, then my live broadcast would be a new wave of popularity for Wu Heng. You and Dongying Studios can take this opportunity to do early publicity for the second film of ‘Chivalrous Bones’.”

The other side stopped talking.

“You don’t need to offend Gu Xun by using me to white wash.”

“Six million, no more.”

Zhao Zhenxun continued to analyze. “If I don’t help Wu Heng wipe the slate, and destroy Wu Heng with plagiarism, I just need to reveal some pieces of evidence so others can’t tell the truth. Do you think anyone will still watch the second movie of “Chivalrous Bones” then? Not to mention the writers, actors and directors who spoke in support of you. If Wu Heng doesn’t clear this up this time, do you think he can still stay in the industry? “

After a long period of silence, the opposite side slightly gritted his teeth and said, “Eight million. Wu Heng is just an online writer and new screenwriter, you shouldn’t go too far.”

Zhao Zhenxun relaxed. “Let Wu Heng go to the live broadcast.”

“Why do you want Wu Heng to go to the live broadcast, you–“

Zhao Zhenxun interrupted: “Gu Xun is in the live broadcast, this is the best opportunity for Wu Heng and Gu Xun to fight and make money from it.”

“… Wait! “

“I recorded this conversation. In case you cheat me and let me work for nothing…”

“Give me your bank account!”

Zhao Zhenxun put on a magnanimous look again. “Forget it. We’ll talk about it after we’re done. The viewers in the live broadcast are impatient. Let Wu Heng come and I’ll cooperate with him.” With that, he hung up the phone directly.

Shen Jia applauded. “Brother Zhao, you are so ruthless!”

Qi Cong took the mobile phone handed over by Zhao Zhenxun and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Zhao Zhenxun sat beside Qi Cong and motioned to the live broadcast with his chin, “it’s getting late, so hurry up.”



After Gu Xun came, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room immediately became harmonious. No one sprayed dirt anymore and everyone became a polite and good child.

In the on-screen comment area, Gu Xun fans expressed their love, one after another, and Gu Xun responded from time to time. Every time he responded to the fans, he would send out a comment and ask, “Hasn’t Wu Heng come yet?”

The water army no longer dared to make a bold move and the rhythm of the stolen account and thief dog created by the water army dissipated easily. Everyone returned to their original plan and waited patiently for Wu Heng to come over, waiting for the confrontation between the two sides.

Maybe because Gu Xun asked too intensively but finally, Wu Heng’s figure appeared in  the on-screen comment area.

Water Without a Trace: I opened a YY room, blogger, if you see it, please come directly and give me a private chat account name. I will give you the right to speak, so we can cross-examine this matter. Mr. Gu can also come.

The male voice immediately appeared. “I’m coming.”

Gu Xun also responded in the comment section.

Looking Back on the Flowers: I am coming

Screaming instantly filled the screen.

——Ah ah ah, finally, come on! Give us information!!

MD! Don’t post, I can’t see the YY room number. Can some kind-hearted person post the room number for me?

——Ah ah ah, I’ve been waiting all night, and he is finally here, he finally came!

Qi Cong turned off the microphone and searched for the web page to download YY. Then he poured himself a glass of water and stared in daze at the screen while drinking, without the slightest bit of excitement that he would finally confront Wu Heng.

Shen Jia called out worriedly, “Brother Cong?”

Qi Cong returned to his senses and reluctantly pulled up the corner of his mouth to smile at Shen Jia.  He put down the water glass and adjusted his expression, then downloaded and installed YY.

After the install, he casually applied for an account and entered the YY room sent by Water Without a Trace’s private post, before sending his account name to Shen Jia.

He was soon allowed to enter.

Wu Heng’s voice sounded. “Don’t worry, everyone. He’s here. I’ll explain everything clearly. It’s all a mistake….”

Qi Cong, who listened to Wu Heng’s warm voice, reached out to open his own microphone. His throat moved as he asked, “Water Without a Trace, why did you copy my plot framework? Why in the hell did you change the ending of Liu Fengyue? Why pick up the plot branch line that I abolished and continue to write the remaining four books with them?”

Wu Heng suddenly became silent.

Qi Cong clenched the microphone and continued, “On June 24, 2016, I published “Chivalrous Bones”. That afternoon, I wrote a post asking for advice. You were the third person to reply to my post and the only one who showed me, a newcomer, any kindness in this post.”

“We didn’t have a deep conversation about the plot when we added each other as friends on the first day. But you taught me a lot of rules on the forum of “

“At the beginning of the third day, we had a discussion about the plot. You sent me the outline and protagonist setting of your own two works, and asked me if I had made an outline for my “Chivalrous Bones.”

“When I knew you for half a month, I gave you Liu Fengyue’s complete character information.”

“When I knew you for a month, for the first time, I disclosed my personal information and told you that I lived in Haicheng.”

The YY room was unusually quiet, and those who came in couldn’t wait to tell Water Without a Trace to ignore Murmuring Water . But those who wanted to say that this man was a fake were all mute.

The barrage area of the live broadcast was also eerily quiet.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Everyone could hear that Murmuring Water spoke in a different tone. His voice was no longer so flat, his tone full of seriousness…and solemn repression.

Qi Cong didn’t look at the comment area. He moved his mouse and clicked on the third small folder within his main folder.

Shhhaaa, a large row of documents with their creation date popped up.

“Water Without a Trace, the penguin account I used to contact you has indeed been canceled, but that doesn’t mean I have no record of communicating with you here.” Qi Cong clicked on the top and earliest document to open it. “Didn’t I tell you? I have the habit of summarizing and organizing my thoughts regularly. Out of gratitude, I have taken a screenshot of every important suggestion you put forward, then wrote down my own understanding according to your suggestions and saved it. “

A document appeared on the screen, at the top of the document, a chat record with an obvious screenshot of a penguin chat box lay quietly, bringing the past mercilessly to the present.

In the screenshot, the person who was noted as “Teacher Water Without a Trace” said: Isn’t Liu Fengyue too extreme? He is the hidden hermit, but he kills people like a beast and even bears the crime of killing his own father, which may not be acceptable to readers.

ID of Murmuring Water: You have a point, but if you lay out the details well, this person may be very brilliant.

Under the screenshot, a line of words was written like this.

[“Teacher Water Without a Trace” suggests that when writing a novel for the first time, you should make the protagonist more pleasing to the public. I think this suggestion is very practical, but unfortunately it can’t be applied to Liu Fengyue. I will try Teacher’s advice in the next book. ]

Qi Cong looked at the hungry horse that clearly appeared to be after a free meal, but still made no sound. His fingers unconsciously curled up as he asked, “Water Without a Trace, Wu Heng, I need an explanation.”

The barrage area was quiet for a long time, then suddenly exploded.

——Shit! An unexpected hammer! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! My whole family is shocked, so this blogger is really Murmuring Water???


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