Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 19.1 – Do you want to kill Wu Heng

——Big reversal!

——So Wu Heng really copied it? Is this a real hammer? Is it a real hammer?

——I think it is through beating. Isn’t the Water without a Trace reaction obvious enough?

——Who can tell the truth about this document and the screenshots? This document can’t be a fake.

——What NM. You don’t even know what to expect to reach out and chew on the ready-made ones. You better get out.

——If you can’t tell NM and melon, you can’t eat melon. You’d better go out.

——Blogger, why didn’t you just give evidence to prove that you are Murmuring Water? No one would scold you like that!


. . .


The dense barrage of comments quickly filled the screen line by line. After a period of suffocating silence, the public screen of the YY room number was also jammed with messages filled with exclamation marks.

Qi Cong just happened to see the bullet screen full of swears and replied, “No. As long as I turn on the live broadcast, I will definitely be scolded because someone wants you to think that I am a fake and induce you to question every word I say.”

As soon as this remark came out, smarter audiences recalled it one after another.

——It seems to be true. As soon as I came in, I saw someone calling the blogger a stealing dog.

——Me too. There were also people who have been talking about the live broadcast and about self-directing and self-acting and so on.

——Whoohoo, I finally dare to speak. The atmosphere in the live broadcast room was too terrible. Isn’t the blogger the victim? Why people have to be so mean and harsh to him.

——And blackmail! I saw a marketing account outside issuing a confrontation summary, saying that the Water without a Trace was blackmailed by the hacker to come in!

——Huh? We already have to counter the summary of the marketing account? But hasn’t confrontation just begun?

——Fuck! So those bloggers who shout to everyone not to be taken by the rhythm are actually the ones who made the rhythm? I feel like a fool.

The direction of the wind began to change, and the comment section became denser and denser as the popularity of the broadcast room soared. Everyone was very excited, and only Wu Heng, who was in the center of the event, was quiet.

Qi Cong looked at Wu Heng’s YY account and asked, “Wu Heng, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

No answer.

The air seemed to be frozen, as the sound of breathing from Wu Heng could be heard in the broadcast room.

Qi Cong’s expectation of what was left in his heart slowly weakened. He asked again, “Wu Heng, if you don’t answer the previous questions, you can do it. I just want you to answer my one question. Was it your idea to issue a statement against splashing dirty water and saying that I plagiarized you or was it what your PR team asked you to do?”

There was still no response, and the sound of Wu Heng’s breathing became louder.

Qi Cong’s mobile phone on the table suddenly rang. He already had a premonition as he reached for his cell phone and saw that it was a call from Wu Heng’s side. He closed his eyes tightly and hung up directly, pulling the number into the blacklist.

“I see what you mean.” Qi Cong put down his mobile phone and held the mouse. “If you don’t speak, I will. When you open your mouth, I will stop.”

The comment section became even more lively, but Qi Cong didn’t look at it. He moved the mouse to close the first document.

“As I said before, when Wu Heng will come, I will bring out the evidence. Now that he is here, the confrontation will begin. In order to prevent anyone from questioning that these are all P pictures, after today’s live broadcast, I will upload all the evidence into Weibo. You are all welcome to verify its authenticity. And in order to avoid being asked later, I like to say in advance that the social account I used to communicate with Wu Heng has been cancelled, so I don’t have a complete chat record. I can only take some screenshots left from when I took notes.”

He then moved the mouse to open the second document.

“The first lie Wu Heng told was the day when the incident was revealed and he faced questioning, saying that he just borrowed the title of my book and protagonist’s name and didn’t continue to write from my beginning.

“This is the discussion between Wu Heng and me about the beginning of Chivalrous Bone on June 27, the third day of my post. Wu Heng thought that my opening was too concise and I stuffed too much information, which would make it difficult for online readers to read. He enthusiastically helped me to change the beginning of the first chapter. With a learning attitude, I saved the screenshot of this beginning.”

 On the opened document, a long screenshot was pasted on the top, and the content was really the beginning of Teacher Water without a Trace. At the bottom of the screenshot, the person who organized the document made a plain text version of the beginning and made detailed analytical notes for this opening in red font.

Qi Cong gave a conclusion: “Wu Heng really didn’t continue to write from my beginning, nor was he just expanding it. But instead of just borrowing the title of my book and the protagonist’s name, he copied my entire plot framework.”

With laser-like eyes, the audience quickly found the main point after seeing this new document.

——Oh, my God! Isn’t this opening to Water without a Trace’s Chivalrous Bones? Except for the differences in individual writing styles, the content is almost identical!

——Hiss, that is the hammer! My hair stood up.

——Those who are still talking about blogger P-doc is mentally ill! Didn’t the blogger say he would tweet the evidence afterwards, so he couldn’t use them for this?

Qi Cong stopped talking after finishing this point. Seeing that Wu Heng still had no intention of opening his mouth, he tightened his hand and closed the second document to opened the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth at once. Then the seventh one . . .

“Wu Heng’s second lie, he issued a statement in which he denied plagiarizing, of continuing to write from other people’s beginning, borrowing the plot, or borrowing the character setting.

“This is part of my chat records with Wu Heng on July 13, August 26, October 30, December 1, and February 3, 2017. In those past few days, Wu Heng and I have discussed Liu Fengyue’s personal character, the world background of Chivalrous Bones, the division of Chivalrous Bones’ forces, the main supporting roles, character relations, and the rough outline of Chivalrous Bones.

“Wu Heng, when you made a statement at that time, how did you type that line of denial so peacefully?”

Five documents packed with content were lined up on the computer screen, and all the viewers who saw the contents of the document were dumbfounded before they exploded.

——My God.

——I thought before that the worst thing Water without a Trace could do was to steal the beginning and settings of the newcomer. But as it turned out . . .

——Protagonists, supporting roles, world background, power division, plot outline, and character relationship map. With this, anyone with a little writing skill and know-how of writing a novel can write Chivalrous Bones, right? My faith has collapsed. Water without a Trace, because of Chivalrous Bones, I liked you. As a result, your TM is such an “original” work?

——I believe it. I believe it. It’s impossible to forge so many unknown details. I liked you for two years, Water without a Trace . . . You have no heart!

——I also believe it. I can’t help but put myself in the blogger’s position and was instantly suffocated with heartache. It has been discussed for more than half a year. It shows how much you like it, how much you love it, and how much you prepared for it. And in the end, it has been all stolen by Water without a Trace.

——The blogger’s notes were made so carefully that even the wrong words and questionable sentences were specially made with different colors. I . . . I suddenly don’t know what to say.

The comment section was lively, but Wu Heng was still silent.

Qi Cong heart was completely cold, so after a pause, he continued, “The third lie Wu Heng told was giving chat records and identifying the person with ID of Gouache as me in this records—”


There was a sound of something smashing on the table. Meanwhile, Wu Heng’s ID light flashed.

Qi Cong paused and looked at Wu Heng’s YY.

Viewers in the live broadcast were also aware of something, and the number of comments in the barrage had skyrocketed after a slight pause.

——Water without a Trace, apologize!!!

——Water without a Trace, you ***. Why did you do this!

—— Water without a Trace, quickly refute it! You say these are all fake. Wuwu, come on!

At last, Wu Heng’s voice sounded as a mixed variety of content showed up in the comment section.

“I . . .”—his voice was still warm, but his tone dried a lot—“You . . . Are you really Murmuring Water? I’m just . . . a little uncomfortable with you having your voice changer on.”

The barrage froze briefly and then was full of question marks.

—— ? ? Is that what you should say?

—— After all of this, you are still asking the blogger whether he is Murmuring Water or not?? Have you been hit in the head?

——What the hell are you talking about? I used to think you were honest, but now I just think you’re playing dumb! If you stole something from some newcomer or not, say it clearly. Hurry up!

Qi Cong didn’t expect Wu Heng to say this after he opened his mouth. Not facing the problem directly, still trying to struggle. Qi Cong felt very disappointed, that kind of numb disappointment. As soon as he came in, he specifically mentioned the details of his past relationship with Wu Heng and gave the first evidence without first putting on an act. He just wanted to tell Wu Heng, “I am the Murmuring Water, and I have evidence to prove that you are lying.”

He thought that if he told Wu Heng this way, Wu Heng would confess, he would stop continuing to lie, he would give him an explanation or . . . give him an apology.

He pulled his iMac away to adjust his breathing for a moment then held him back and asked, “Is that all you have to say?”

“No, it’s more than that. I’ve been worried about you all these years. I . . .”

Wu Heng’s icon suddenly turned grey, as Qi Cong’s mobile phone vibrated again. This time, it was a text message.

Qi Cong picked up his mobile phone and clicked on the new text message.

Unknown number: “Murmuring Water, everything can be talked out. More than two years ago, Wu Heng’s father was seriously ill, and he was in urgent need of money. However, for his money-making skill, Wu Heng could only write novels. Because he was worried about his father’s condition, he really didn’t have the energy to think about what to write in his new novel, so . . . You know Wu Heng, he is not that kind of scumbag who would intentionally hurt his friends.”

Qi Cong chuckled, a short laugh that was dulled by the voice changer spread through the live room, and then Qi Cong voice sounded even colder than before.

“By the way, I will explain to everyone why Wu Heng was finally willing to come to the studio for confrontation because, before he came, he let the water army take rhythm and made all of you think I stole this account. Then I gave Wu Heng my contact information in a private message on Weibo, misleading him into thinking I am not Murmuring Water himself and that I would be willing to help him clear his name as long as he paid me. He offered a very high price. I agreed. Only then did he come.”

The viewers were bombarded with this sudden news, and then someone soon remembered a detail.


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