Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 18.1 – Qi Cong turned off the microphone

Unsatisfied with the bribe price? What does it mean? Will you be satisfied if Wu Heng offers a high price? Why don’t you come out and confront each other?

This remark was very subtle, sounding like sarcasm and implying something that made other people confused. The comment section was full of question marks and inquiries. Suddenly, several long angry comments appeared in the comments section, attracting everyone’s attention.

——Don’t be taken by his rhythm! The thief dog deliberately threw out such an uncertain screenshot in order to turn our attention to 2 million and give us a hint that the water without a trace is willing to spend money to buy a reconciliation with murmuring water. In this way we will take for granted that this stealing dog is murmuring water. Don’t be cheated!

——Eat melons rationally! Rationally eat melons! This kind of screenshot I can Photoshop ten in a minute. It doesn’t count!

——Fuck! It ticks me off! Now I think it is stealing dog too. Wu Heng does have a secondary account called Hengwu, but after opened the new website, both his main and second account moved to the new website, and the account of the old website had been abandoned! Two days ago, after the old website of was reopened, many old accounts were stolen by hackers, and the old account of Water without a Trace was also stolen! All fans in the audience know about this!

——Yes! The reason for the opening of Jiangwang’s old website is that has launched an annual feedback activity, which allows the authors who have published works on the old website to sign a contract with directly without a series of examination procedures on the premise that the collection of works reaches a certain number, the rewards can be obtained! Many hackers are interested in this business opportunity and have stolen many old accounts of published works and wanted to sell them to those who have been unable to sign up with!

——Now I am very suspicious that murmur and water traceless are stolen by the studio in the old station. This confrontation is actually a play produced by the studio itself after finding that murmur’s published works are similar to water traceless works. The purpose is to cheat water traceless by this way.

——I now strongly suspect that the accounts of both Murmuring Water and Water without a trace have been stolen by the hackers from the old station, and this confrontation is actually a self-directed play by the hackers to blackmail Water without a trace after discovering the similarities between Murmuring Water and Water without a trace published work.

——Don’t get distracted, everyone! Ask the blogger to confirm that you are murmuring weather, and until you do, everything you say will be dealt with according to this rhythm! Stop fooling us with the 10,000 screenshots that can be casually faked, and show something real!

As soon as these comments came out, the people who sent question marks in the live broadcast room immediately stopped. Many people were convinced by these statements and began to ask the bloggers to identify themselves again.


. . .


Qi Cong turned off the microphone. Shen Jia, who was instructed to keep quiet, immediately put down his mobile phone and came over, a little excited, a little worried, and a little surprised.

“The water army actually started to guide the wind direction in the live broadcast room according to what you asked me to say, ‘Self-directed acting,’ and they really had a way to wash white the reconciliation. Brother Cong, you are so smart. But can you really trick Wu Heng with this rhythm? What if he never comes out?”

“He will come out.” Qi Cong took a sip of water and his eyes fell on the nonstop uploading in the comment section, his eyes sullen. “I have known him for nearly a year before I logged off from the social accounts. You don’t know whether without a trace or his temperament, but in fact, he is actually a little timid.”

“Timid?” Shen Jia frowned. “He dared to copy your plot outline. Is this timid?”

Zhao Zhenxun turned his attention away from the broadcast and looked sideways at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong nodded. “He is very timid, which is especially obvious in his material selection and plot construction. He does not dare to try new themes or too novel or even controversial characters and plots. He didn’t dare to use the tragic ending . . . Such a person must have had a long period of psychological struggle before he decided to use my outline.”

Shen Jia didn’t understand and couldn’t resist urging Qi Cong, “Brother Cong, please explain.”

Qi Cong put down his water glass and explained further, “Such a timid, hesitant person ended up deciding to copy my outline and even using the book title together with the main character name. He was so bold all of a sudden. I thought again and again about it. I think it should be because of two points: One, when the old website of closed, my Chivalrous Bones disappeared from the public’s sight. Two, he should have determined from some channel that Murmuring Water will never appear again. To put it simply, he probably thought I was dead.”

Shen Jia froze and then hurriedly tilted his head and said, “What’s dead or not. Childish is childish.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked up and down at Qi Cong strangely, then he inserted into the topic, “So you just asked JiaJia to talk like that to give Wu Heng the illusion that you are not Murmuring Water himself?”

Qi Cong looked toward Zhao Zhenxun and nodded. “Yes. Only by thinking I am not Murmuring Water will he come out.”

Zhao Zhenxun asked, “Why do you need him to come out? You can only show the evidence, and he will still be ruined.”

“It will not be the same.” Qi Cong withdrew his gaze and looked back at the computer screen. “Although the results will be the same, I will never be able to hear what he really thought again.”


. . .


The viewers in the live broadcast soon found that the Murmuring Water had disappeared again. They posted a barrage of comments for a long time but were unable to get a response. Their restless emotions gradually accumulated, and under the crazy rhythm of the water army, many people couldn’t help but burst out,

——Stealing dog, get out, get out, get out!

——Is that all the evidence you have? No wonder Wu Heng didn’t come. Presumably he knew this blogger was an imposter!

——Where are you? Where are you? Don’t hide and be quiet, get out!

“I’m still there.”

The unique male-voice changer sounded again while the mouse on the screen moved to open the setting of the live broadcast to change it a bit. Then the screen of the live broadcast became only a short screenshot of a website and no longer that of a computer screen.

Then the sound of typing and the sound of Weibo’s private chat notification came one after another while the male voice continued, “Again, I am Murmuring Water and not an imposter. As for the evidence . . . When Water without a Trace comes, I will show you the rest of the evidence.”

With this response, the barrage became more and more intense.

——You thief dog! How dare you ask Wu Heng to come to accompany you in this waste of time. Hurry up and prove your identity! Show the evidence quickly!

——What were you doing behind our back? What did you do?

——What do you want Wu Heng to do? Come here so it will become more convenient for you to blackmail him? Fuck off!

——I don’t see any evidence in TM hands! Let’s go. Don’t give this broadcast popularity. This tonight broadcast if full of ****!

When the comment section became nastier and nastier, the male voice ignored it and, after a while, changed the live screen back to a computer screen view, continuing to say in that bland, airy tone, “I am not a hacker. I’ll upload a short screenshot of the website to Weibo later. Whether it’s a P-shot or not, you can decide for yourselves. You can’t be sure that Wu Heng’s second account has been stolen. It’s just a one-sided statement. I’ve logged into and given you a screenshot here, but you believe him and question me. What is the reason?”

——That’s because none of the evidence you’ve given can prove that you’re not a thief!

——Ah ah, I’m in a hurry! I’m so angry!

The audience was enraged by Murmuring Water, which seemed to use the general excuse of scoundrels. More and more people became furious. Suddenly, a cell phone ringtone could be heard from the live room. At the same time, a rainbow bridge appeared in the live broadcast room, and colorful candy fell down; it was a special effect of the gift given in Weibo’s live room, and it was the special effect for the most expensive gift.

The system prompt immediately appeared at the top of the broadcast room: [Review the flowers send a rainbow bridge to the host. Let’s collect rainbow candy together!]

The comment section froze instantly, and everyone became stunned. Who? Who sent this blogger a rainbow bridge?

The male voice who had just started another conversation disappeared. It seemed that the pause button was pressed on the broadcast. There was only a mobile phone ringing in the live room, as new comments appeared in the stagnant comment screen area.

Looking back on the flowers: Who was spitting just now? By the way, hasn’t Wu Heng come yet?

No response.


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