Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 54.1

# Qi Cong state of mind #.

# Qi Cong uses Gu Xun #.

# Qi Cong added scenes #



Whistleblower Base V: # Qi Cong steals the role # ‘Legend of Youth’ inner staff revealed, the drama originally gave the role of You Changqing to another good looking actor and not Qi Cong. Qi Cong stole the role!

Entertainment Information V: #Qi Cong added scenes# Inner staff revealed that Qi Cong not only asked Gu Xun for help in getting the You Changqing role, but also thought Gu Xun pressured the crew to add more scenes and re-do the costumes for the You Changqing role. He isn’t even the fourth or fifth main lead, just a cannon folder character but why is his clothing design better than the third male lead Qin Zhengji?

Old News Circle V: # Qi Cong state of mind # Since yesterday, the actors’ reveal promotions began circling on the “Legend of Youth” Weibo. Everyone seemed to like the sets of promotional pictures and look forward to the actor’s performance. But as a former medical student I have some concerns in my heart. This actor tried to commit suicide at the beginning of this month, was rescued and recovered his memory and temperament of the first 21 years of his life. He had forgotten the memories of the past three years, during which his temperament changed greatly (as evidenced by the actor’s interview and his mother’s account). Maybe this circle is just too much but I always felt that this type of memory loss and temperament change are very much in line with secondary personality disorder or schizophrenia…. It’s just an example and my personal guess. I still hope that the actor can start a new healthy and safe life but if this actor really has a mental problem…wouldn’t it be irresponsible to let him debut as a public figure and allow him to work with a lot of people in the industry? I hope that Manju Entertainment Company can explain this issue, which would also be good for everyone.

Hot comment one: Enlightened! Yes, is Qi Cong really fit to become an actor in his current mental state? He committed suicide at the beginning of the month and before that he had been mentally abused by Jiang Zhaoyan. He has now forgotten all about Jiang Zhaoyan but in case he suddenly remembers again can the Qi Cong we saw in front of Jiang Zhaoyan become a competent actor for work that would require emotional empathy?

Hot comment 2: I was terrified when I thought about it. I took part in “Legend of Youth” discussions in several groups and I began to panic.



#Qi Cong is schizophrenic #.

A Gu Xun Passerby Fan Big V: I saw some news…emmm, before everyone was silent, I didn’t speak, because I think Gu Xun can likes whoever he likes, this is his freedom, even if he likes a beggar, as long as he is happy I would support and bless him. But now…I have heard that many patients with schizophrenia tend to be violent, and this disease is also very difficult to treat. There is also another problem. Assuming that Gu Xun really likes Qi Cong, what Gu Xun likes is Qi Cong’s original personality, right? Well, if Qi Cong’s original personality disappears one day and his second personality that was willing to live and die for Jiang Zhaoyan returns- the coward without any dignity takes control of his body again…. I sincerely hope that Gu Xun is really acting just from the feelings of their friendship of the past and just wants to help Qi Cong. I have no other thoughts about Qi Cong.




New Dramas First Look V: Big news! The “Legend of Youth” seems to be ready to promote You Changqing as the third male lead! Yesterday when I saw the set of pictures of You Changqing , I was a bit confused. I couldn’t figure out why the crew of “Legend of Youth” had to make so many costumes for a cannon fodder character, and put him in the first wave of promotional pictures in one frame with the main character. But now I understand: this was all to help him make momentum! Stop promoting that set of pictures! The popularity of that set of pictures is providing an excuse for promoting Qi Cong! Then the crew will “follow the wishes of the drama fans to increase the role of You Changqing.” You’re stupid, okay! All TM is a set-up!

Hot comment one:  Really? Qi Cong wants to promote his name? What about the original third male lead Qin Zhengji? This is bullying too much.

Hot comment 2: As a fan of Qin Zhengji, who spent yesterday scrolling through the drama’s promotional pictures and those of You Changqing. I really…thought I was helping Qin Zhengji’s new drama become popular, but it turns out I was helping his opponent to take his position {manual good-bye} If this news is really true than I wish “Legend of Youth” and Qi Cong a life full of misery.

Hot comment 3: ?? You Changqing is having more scenes added and becoming the male lead no.3?! At the beginning, the crew clearly promised not to change the original plot of the novel ah ah ah! You Changqing might look good but his character is very unlikable. He’s a cripple who doesn’t know martial arts. How is he going to add to a martial arts drama?

Building a Reply: Making up drama, such as letting You Changqing and You Changfeng grab the position of the king’s son, abusing You Changfeng and so on. Now the villain’s disabled, gloomy and powerful beauty persona is very popular, so Qi Cong will probably want to go that way. It will also feel good to feed us shit! I hope the screenwriters won’t change the “Legend of Youth” into something else just for the sake of You Changqing.




On some pink forum.

Red Theme Post: Oh, my God! It is said that in order to change the plot for Qi Cong, “Legend of Youth” will add some subplots such as the royal family seizing power, and abusing You Changfeng so he can make a way for You Changqing!

The Main Floor: Finished, finished, finished! After I finished reading my mentality has collapsed, my You Changfeng! Can an insider come out of the bubble and say if this news is really true? I really like the ‘Legend of Youth’ novel and You Changfeng has always been my white moonlight. I was also very happy when Lian Pengxing was casted as You Changfeng. Lian Pengxing’s temperament is really consistent with You Changfeng. But now they want to kill You Changfeng on a whim? I don’t want to see his dog-blooded brother seizing the throne.




10l:  Post owner, the news is true. Some inside information just came to me. It’s said that on the day it was decided that Qi Cong would play the role of You Changqing, the chief screenwriter of the “Legend of Youth” held a meeting to change the script. There were also some costumes that were remade which can be seen in the official pictures. Don’t you see that only Qi Cong’s background setting is different? Because he got his costume later, he didn’t have time to get the costume fitted along with everyone else.




1231: As an insider, I have come to secretly reveal that it’s true that they added more scenes and redid costumes. But nothing else is yet determined. The director is still discussing things, after all, “Legend of Youth” is a big IP and they wouldn’t make so many changes just because of one person. In addition, the rumor of Qi Cong getting the role due to Gu Xun is false, but Qi Cong using Gui Xun is true. This is the main point I felt very disgusted about. In fact Gu Xun simply didn’t want to intervene in the affairs of the crew, but Qi Cong deliberately chose to invite Gu Xun to make a way for Qi Cong to the heart of the drama director. He also let Gu Xun bring him food and had Shen Jia’s assistant deliberately shout loudly, so that the whole production crew and director knew Gu Xun was visiting the crew.

127l: Continuing from the above, at that time Gu Xun was covered up tightly, very obviously not wanting to be found out. But he was still deliberately pitted. Anyway, in the end it was the drama director who discovered that Gu Xun came. Gu Xun’s position required that after the drama director noticed him he must greet him. Then Qi Cong, who was glued to Gu Xun, followed after him to show his face to the drama director and chief screenwriter. Shen Jia was also there at that time, with a particularly wonderful expression. While Zhao Zhenxun, Shen Jia’s agent had a particularly dark expression. Anyway at that time I felt that Qi Cong was not an easy person to deal with.



389l: It’s me again. I saw everyone is asking, so let me say a little more. Qi Cong is really very scheming. In fact, the news of Gu Xun running off with him was also deliberately revealed by him. That day Qi Cong used the crew to give him an excuse of wearing too small shoes because of Yanhuang dropping their sponsorship of the drama and asked Gu Xun to help him. Gu Xun felt very nostalgic and  sympathized with Qi Cong, who had been bullied by Jiang Zhaoyan for three years, but because he helped Qi Cong he was once again pitted. That day, the biggest investor of “Legend of Youth” had visited the set and since Qi Cong was aware of this he deliberately let Gu Xun walk him over and let Gu Xun “meet” the investor. This created the false impression that Gu Xun came to the crew to help him stand out in front of the investors. Later, as a result, the main investor who wanted to fire Qi Cong because he had caused the crew to lose a sponsor was unable to kick him out but also instructed the crew to take care of Qi Cong in the future for the sake of Gu Xun.




505l: Believe it or not, what I said is true. There are a lot of people in the crew that have seen these things. As a matter of fact, at first it was said that Qi Cong was working as Shen Jia assistant, but he followed Shen Jia’s group for only two days and then didn’t show up at all. He was cooped up in his hotel room just eating and drinking everyday, and no one knew what he was doing. He isn’t an assistant but a young master. Also, Gu Xun and the crew of the “Legend of Youth” are staying in the same hotel and I heard that Qi Cong always knocks on Gu Xun’s door in the middle of night.




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