Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 17 – “Evidence? I don’t have”

Two million yuan would pay off his debts. He could buy a more comfortable house for his parents, and if he saved a little, he could even let his dad stop doing that hard work and immediately retire to enjoy himself.

The moment he saw the words, “two million,” Qi Cong thought about how to spend these two million. But he wavered only for a moment, and Qi Cong soon calmed down and showed a cold expression.

To use money for reconciliation, Wu Heng was trampling on his self-esteem. And if he were to choose reconciliation, what would Gu Xun, who had been trying to help him, do?

“Reconcile my ass!” Shen Jia, who had just gone around to the other side of Qi Cong, exploded after seeing his short messages and anxiously pressed Qi Cong’s shoulder. “Brother Cong, you will earn two million in the future. Don’t be fooled by him!”

Zhao Zhenxun also looked at Qi Cong.

“The money Wu Heng earned by relying on the IP of Chivalrous Bones is conservatively estimated to have exceeded ten million. Two million has no sincerity. Qi Cong, I won’t suggest you to settle. Continuation of the fight will only hurt Wu Heng. Your pen name has originally no foundation. From the current situation, you are already benefiting, and later, you will only benefit more. Unless . . . Wu Heng has something on you in his hand. Does he?”

“No.” Qi Cong clenched his fingers around his mouse again and took a screenshot of the short message from the website then chose to reply to the short message, typing as he said, “Don’t worry. I will never reconcile with Wu Heng.”

Thin white fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard and a few words appeared in the input box before he sent them out.

[Murmuring water replies to Wu Heng: Water without a Trace, see you on Weibo.]


. . .


This day was not destined to be calm. Starting at noon, the bloggers, screenwriters in the circle of novelists posted something, and even the film and television circles had become restless. At different times, Weibo posts of differing writing styles were sent out though the meaning was the same: “Why don’t you show up in the evening? I’m in a hurry!” Among them, the most urgent posts were from the fans of Wu Heng and Gu Xun. For others, this day’s confrontation was just a lively way to eat melon seeds, but for them, this day’s confrontation was the key battle related to their idol’s reputation!

Wu Heng’s fans wished that Murmuring Water would not appear or would just say some ridiculous things that were full of loopholes. Gu Xun’s fans were looking forward to Murmuring Water’s imminent appearance, and they would fight hard as soon as he appeared!

The two sides faced each other silently, and the air ignited as soon as they touched.

In addition to these fans, on the popular Weibo list, Wu Heng’s statement was still hanging high at the top of the hot search, as well as Gu Xun’s Weibo post yesterday with the link to the pirated text, as well as another one that reminded everyone that Murmuring Water had published a new chapter. Below them, several marketing accounts made a summary of the plagiarism event, and each one had a high numbers of comments.

At a glance, the hot list was almost full with contents about Water without a Trace’s plagiarism incident, and many people. who usually didn’t pay attention to the online literary circle and entertainment circle, were attracted to this situation.

On Weibo’s real-time hot search, the topic of #Murmuring Water confrontation# began to climb slowly till 5:00 p.m. then #Murmuring Water confrontation# has entered the top ten of the hot search list. In short, under the influence of various factors, this plagiarism war, which originally belonged to a small circle, had become a hot topic that the entire Weibo community was focusing on. Everyone was anxiously waiting for a result whether Water without a Trace plagiarized Murmuring Water or Murmuring Water plagiarized Water without a Trace.

The sun gradually set, and it finally became dark when news came from the old website of—Murmuring Water uploaded the chapter again, and the content was still only one sentence: [Water without a Trace, I’m waiting for you on Weibo. @Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones.]

This information was immediately spread on Weibo by countless bloggers who followed the movement of Murmuring Water. Like a drop of water splashing into a hot pot of oil, all the circles that paid attention to this matter were boiling. Countless people typed the words, “@Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones” into the Weibo search box and clicked search.

On the real-time hot search, the topic “Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones” suddenly appeared and then, with rocket-like speed, rushed to the top.

A large number of people flocked to the homepage of “Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones” and saw a piece of information just released on the homepage, which was huge enough to explode.

Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones: First, I am not Gouache. Second, Water without a Trace and I met at the author’s internal forum of’s old website. Third, Water without a Trace did not only borrow the title of my novel, protagonist’s name, or extended on my beginning but also stole the plot framework of my whole Chivalrous Bones and rewrote it based on my original plot. Fourth, I won’t accept the two million settlement fee. Water without a Trace, you are welcome to refute my words. I’ll wait for you in the live room. @Water without a Trace.

Weibo seemed to stand still for a second before it exploded.

He was not Gouache? Stole the whole plot framework? Two million settlement fee? What the f*ck! This amount of information had exploded! And it was the big ones!

Countless people filled with shock and the desire to eat melons poured into the just-opened live room of Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones


. . .


Zhao Zhenxun swiped his mobile phone and looked at Qi Cong, who was adjusting the microphone.

“The number of viewers has broken through five hundred thousand, and the popularity is rising faster than when someone small starts live streaming.”

“That’s it! Brother Cong is Brother Cong. He is good at anything.” Shen Jia proudly blew rainbow fart. He was not anxious at all, and after blowing it, he asked Qi Cong excitedly, “Brother Cong, when are you going to show the evidence?”

Qi Cong plugged the microphone with the voice changer into his laptop and replied, “When Wu Heng comes. I want him to see with his own eyes the complete collapse of the lies he has built.”

See for yourself?

Zhao Zhenxun’s eyes swept over Qi Cong’s calm expression. He tapped his finger on the back of his mobile phone then looked down at his mobile phone again.

“Pay attention. There are many people involved in Chivalrous IP, so there will definitely be a water army to dictate the rhythm. You have to be careful when you show how many things you have in your hand.”

Qi Cong, who was talking with Shen Jia, withdrew his gaze and looked at the live broadcast room, which was displayed on the computer screen and was muted. Then he pulled the microphone to his mouth.

“Waiting for the water army to come.”


. . .


The live room was already crowded with hundreds of thousands of viewers as well as comment section.

——Ahhh, why is it always a computer screen? What about Murmuring Water? Isn’t it a confrontation? Why is he so quiet?

——It has already been twenty minutes, 20 minutes of only these pictures, ahhhhh! I want to eat melons seeds!

——Wu Heng hasn’t come yet? Wu Heng hasn’t come yet? Wu Heng hasn’t come yet?

—— If Wu Heng comes here he would have a brain problem! What Murmuring Water. I suspect this is some stealing dog doing these to gain popularity! Look at the Weibo he just posted, it looks full of information, but there is no evidence. He is just faking it. Let’s just go.

——By the way, I think it’s a little fake. The Murmuring Water has disappeared for three years. During this period, Chivalrous Bone was so popular. If Water without a Trace really copied him, why didn’t he come out before? Why come out now? I think this is a stolen account. Jiangwang’s old website is so broken that stealing account would also be very easy.

——Get the hell out of here! Report this thief!

——What? Is this a hacker? He isn’t Murmuring Water?

The first rhythm finally appeared, and till then, the quiet live room finally made some noise.

Ka. The sound of something being put on the table echoed then a deep male voice that clearly used voice changer said, “I’m Murmuring Water. I didn’t steal this account.”

The comment section was quiet for a while, and then it became even more densely packed with comments.

——Ah ah, this voice!

——Wait. This a voice changer, uh . . .

——Actually using voice changer to hide himself. He really stole this account! Let report him together!

A lot of insults and accusations appeared, and the wind was about to be led astray.

The male voice continued to speak: “Nearly four years ago, Wu Heng left a Penguin account under my post and I added him. At that time, his screen name was Hengwu Emperor. He used the high school ID picture of Youyi, the protagonist of the anime, April. The first thing he said after adding me as a friend was, “Your post format is wrong. It will be deleted soon. Are you a pure newcomer?”

As soon as his words came out, the old fans from the novel circle couldn’t help bubbling.

——Shit! The avatar of Water without a Trace four years ago was indeed Youyi. At that time, I was one of his readers, so I still have some impression of it.

——I have the impression too. At that time, I complained that this unmarked penguin had a good screen name.

Several comments appeared, confirming Qi Cong’s statement before a rebuttal statement from Wu Heng’s fan appeared.

——This can only prove that you knew Water without a Trace four years ago. Not that you are Murmuring Water! Wu Heng is so approachable, and there were a lot of people who added his Penguin account at that time. This can’t prove your identity.

——Take out the evidence. Take out the evidence! One side of the story cannot be trusted!

“Evidence? I can’t.” The tone of male voice was stable, the speed of his speech was slow and the Mandarin pronunciation was standard, which was clearly a common way of speaking, but the words were inexplicable, “But you can ask Water without a Trace if the first sentence he said to me was this or not. Or you guys will call him to the live room, and I’ll ask him personally.”

The comment section was clearly choked for a moment, and the fans and the water army of Wu Heng stopped for a moment before they made a comeback.

——Want Water without a Trace to accompany this lying dog is just the waste of time. Thinking so beautifully! Either give the evidence and prove you identify or get out!

——Stealing dog, stealing dog, stealing dog, stealing dog!

In the midst of the dense stream of “stealing dog” insults, the male voice seemed to compromise. He said, “Okay, I’ll bring out a piece of evidence.”

As his voice fell, the mouse cursor, which always stayed in the corner, moved on the live room screen that had only shown a computer screen. It moved to a folder on the screen and clicked it open. Then is selected one of the small folders that appeared. Inside there was only one image.

In this picture, Wu Heng used his second account to send a plea for reconciliation and lying quietly to Qi Cong. The comment section became quiet for a moment before it became livelier.

——Ah, ah, here comes the hammer at last!

——God, this account name is Wu Heng?

——Is Wu Heng an account of Water without a Trace? Is that right? Is that right?

“This was sent to me by Water without a Trace.”

As the man spoke, he clicked the mouse to open the browser, entered the address of the old Jiangwang website, and logged into his account, opened the blacklist, and poked at the account, showing that it had been cancelled.

“He used this account to send a request. After I refused his request, he turned around and cancelled this account. There should be a lot of old fans of Water without a Trace here, and some of you should know that he has such a trumpet. What’s more, do you want to know why he took the risk of sending me this short messages with this trumpet so that I could get this evidence of reconciliation?”

The comment section was full of melon-eating people saying, “Hurry up,” and there was no sign of the water army and Wu Heng’s fans.

The male voice sounded calm. Clearly, it was a mechanical voice tuned by a voice changer, but it inexplicably had a dangerous taste of temptation and depravity.

“Because there was nothing else he could do about it. Apart from this, he had no other way to contact me. He also knows that what he said before is all lies and the Chivalrous Bones he wrote was all from my ideas. Once I stand out, his reputation will never be recovered. He panicked, so he didn’t care about leaving evidence. He just wanted to buy me off as soon as possible.

“His trick is very practical. But unfortunately, he offered a price that I was very dissatisfied with.”


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