MAIR – Chapter 176 – The Premiere of “Red Actress”

The premiere of the “Red Actress” was at the Golden Gate theater in Dongjiang, which has a special meaning for both the original works and the crew.

The crew arrived at the Golden Gate Theater early, and the door was covered with red carpet. Reporters on both sides almost blocked the door, and there were many fans outside, holding up the signs of Chu Mei Bo and Wei Siyong.

The crew members entered the theatre early. Pei Ran also came as a staff this time, but he stayed at the door for a long time.

When he went on the red carpet, his face immediately caused an uproar among the fans, and even the reporters were whispering, thinking that he was also an actor from the crew, asking about his identity.

However, some people remembered that when the news of Shen Huai’s love affair with Ye Cang was exposed. Pei Ran pictures were also taken by the way.

Compared with the blurred picture, Pei Ran beauty on the spot was obviously more critical.

A reporter asked excitedly, “It is that actor signed by Mr. Shen.” Then he took another look at Pei Ran. “He is so beautiful. Just this face and Mr. Shen’s vision, he will cause another potential stock.”

As he spoke, he secretly took a picture of Pei Ran.

The reporter turned over his cell phone for a long time, and then he said uncertainly, “It is said that he is Director.”

Journalists and other interested fans: “…”

Just at this time, Pei Ran, who had been standing waiting in place and suddenly looked up outside the crowd. Although reporters and fans were shocked by the previous news, they were still curious about who Pei Ran was waiting for.

Then they saw two people in Taoist robes coming toward Pei Ran.

The Taoist said hello to Pei Ran happily, and then introduced him to the man next to him: “This is my master, Mingjing in person.”

Pei Ran said with a smile, “I’m glad to see the real person, I’ve heard a lot about you for a long time.”

It’s obvious that Mingjing immortal has known Pei Ran’s identity from the Taoist priest’s mouth. He hasn’t seen this situation before so he did not take it seriously before. But when he heard his voice, his foot slipped causing him nearly to fall.

Taoist: “Master, what’s wrong with you”

Pei Ran said with a smile, “The immortal’s face doesn’t look very good.”

Mingjing immortal looked at the smile on his face and immediately felt that the hairs on his back were all standing up.

Good at Kung Fu, he has already figured out Pei Ran’s real identity. He thought he got to know Pei Ran when he went to Hong Kong in his early years. At that time, he was still young and didn’t know the dangers of the world. He didn’t know how many times he was cheated by this smiling tiger. Even after so many years, when Pei Ran was reborn, this painful memory was still kept in his body.

Seeing the vigilant appearance of Mingjing immortal, Pei Ran’s smile deepened more and more.

Mingjing immortal: “…”

At this time, fans who had been watching them began to whisper.

“The little brother is so handsome but still so feudal and superstitious.”

“But the younger Taoist priest is quite handsome.”

“It would be nice to stand with the little brother and the little Taoist, but the old Taoist next to them is a bit redundant.”

Immortal Mingjing, can’t you keep your voices down? I heard you!

Pei Ran chuckled, got out of the way, and walked toward the theater as he said, “Come on, let’s go in and talk.”

Although Mingjing immortal was wary of Pei Ran, he didn’t want to stay here as a conversation material, so he flicked his sleeve and followed Pei Ran inside. When passing Pei Ran, he whispered a warning to him, “Qing Yuan is still young, you can’t bully him.”

Pei Ran “Oh” and said clearly “I see, I can only bully you.”

Mingjing immortal: “…”

Pei Ran saw his fried hairy appearance and recalled the scene when he teased him many years ago. He couldn’t help laughing.

The Taoist priest looked at the two of them in bewilderment. Why did he suddenly feel that his friend and master had a story?

Soon after the three of them entered, Fu Cheng also arrived with a single-minded Taoist.

Dressed in a neatly fitted suit, he got out of the car confidently, and as soon as he got out of the car, he was surrounded by all kinds of flashes and cameras.

When Fu Cheng left the cast of “Red Actress” before, although both sides later clarified that it was a work conflict, the netizens were not idiots, so rumors of the conflict between the two sides have been buzzing all the time.

Now, at the “Red Actress” premiere, Fu Cheng unexpectedly appeared, and his expression looked very relaxed, but he seemed to be hitting his original statement in the face, which puzzled netizens.

The single-minded Taoist pulled his suit awkwardly and then followed Fu Cheng.

The reporter thought that he was Fu Cheng’s assistant, and no one paid any attention to him, but the Taoist felt sick all over, and there was always a feeling of being targeted. But now he was on the carpet, and he couldn’t go anywhere, so he had to follow Fu Cheng into the theater.

As the most anticipated movie of fans in recent years, the premiere of the movie was very low-key.

Director Xie said a few words on behalf of the whole crew, then sat down and left everything to the movie.

The lights dimmed, dragon signs and titles of familiar film and television companies appeared on the screen, and the scene became quiet, leaving only the sound of the machine turning.

As the word “Red Actress” gradually disappeared into the darkness, the sound of “jingling” streetcars and the cry of the newsboy came from the background, accompanied by a gradually clear background sound. Camera pulled back from the sign of “Golden Gate theater”, revealing the most prosperous street of Dongjiang in the period of the Republic of China.

The newspaper boy held up the newspaper and said loudly, “Nickname Cheng Yanxin in a new movie about a modern girl with the nickname Wai”. 

As the camera zoomed in showing him running down the street and then landed on the half-photo newspaper. The scene turned into a luxurious office.

Several men in suits were discussing something around the newspaper. From their conversation, you could learn that they were staff of the movie company. Cheng Yanxin’s new film has been a great success, and they were discussing where to hold a victory party.

The film critics nodded one after another, all first shots of the movie were skillfully made and stable, which was consistent with Director Xie style.

However, there were still a few older critics who only shook their heads secretly, no matter how good camera work looked, it was the heroine Cheng Yanxin, who will decide the success or failure of a movie. The Xu Hanzhang original author based “Red Actress” on Gu Mei, the legendary movie queen, and she was the prototype of Cheng Yanxin, whose appearance and temperament was unique in the world.

Even after so many years, Gu Mei’s old photos could still make people feel the beauty coming from her face, and this transcending beauty could make people believe that she can turn even the neon country commander-around.

However, they heard that Director Xie had found a young girl who only acted in an online drama and variety show to play Cheng Yanxin. They disdained watching online dramas and variety shows, so they didn’t know Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills. Simply with just this information, they decided that the movie was destroyed.

A film critic sighed and tapped his fingers on his thigh, and began to think regretfully about how to write this movie review.

Just at this time, there was a sound of high heels coming from nearby.

The camera only captured a pair of exquisite ankles, the white calves showed in the dark red cheongsam, and the corners of the robe swung gently as if with a certain rhythm, making people’s heart beat.

The reviewer stopped tapping his thigh with a finger and looked back at the screen.

Everyone in the office quieted down and looked at the door and several of them had a look of surprise in their eyes.

At this time, the audience’s expectations had been pulled to the extreme and they were looking forward to seeing the girl’s appearance.

But the camera still followed the girl back unhurriedly.

A dark red cheongsam wrapped her beautiful figure, her back was straight and beautiful, a long white neck slightly showed from her neckline, but was covered by wavy curly hair.

Just looking at her back has made people think about the beauty of this girl, but also made the audience very curious, they wanted to see her face.

The camera gradually turned from behind to the side of her body, as the audience at the scene thought the camera turned too slowly, they wanted to extend their necks and turn their faces, to finally see her face.

The first thing to enter the camera was her long and thin eyebrows and slightly raised corners of the eyes. Under the small and delicate bridge of the nose, was naturally smiling diamond lip

The film critic frowned slightly, it was pretty face, but it was not good enough to interpret a peerless beauty, it was little lacking.

And just when he thought about it, the girl’s eyes looked casually over, with her long eyelashes directly into the camera, just like two pools of black mercury in the clear water, clear and cool, and brought out two points of idleness.

The only sound that could be heard was “bang” when the pen in the hand of the movie critic fell to the ground, but he didn’t care about it, and stared at the screen with his eyes wide open.

At that moment, he felt a cold wind blowing over his arm, making his arms break in goose bumps.

There was only one voice in his head.

This was Cheng Yanxin. 

Although other people’s reaction was not as big as this movie critic, Cheng Yanxin’s introduction was still amazing.

When filming the scene of Cheng Yanxin’s appearance, even Director Xie did not know how many times he changed the shooting methods, but each time he was dissatisfied. In the end, he gritted his teeth and spent a full five minutes to pave out the appearance of Cheng Yanxin.

He was also very worried at that time. After all, this method was very risky and raised so many expectations. If Cheng Yanxin’s appearance was not amazing enough, it would become a failure instead.

Director Xie also watched it many times, before finally deciding to do so.

At this moment, when Cheng Yanxin’s face finally appeared on the big screen, he heard the sighs coming from behind him one after another, and a satisfied smile finally appeared on his face.

He knew that his movie was stable. 


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