Chapter 7 – The boss’s mind is too difficult to understand.

After the competition, the program group organized a short meeting for contestants to determine the shooting schedule for the next few days. Then they recorded a video for each group during rehearsal as the clipping material for the program. By the time these trivial matters were settled, it was two o’clock in the morning.

Shen Huai drove Ye Cang home and somehow talked about “Summer Bug” on the way.

In the past, Lu Yang did not like to be interviewed, so most of the creative background of “Summer Bug” came from the imagination and fabrication of later generations. Shen Huai thought there was something inside, so he was considerate and did not want to ask other people about it.

Ye Cang opened his mouth on his own initiative: “What is the inside story? The former record company forbade me to say it.”

Shen Huai suddenly became a little curious.

Ye Cang coughed. “I was poor. I lived in the small and dark attic, leaking rain and wind. Especially in the summer, a lot of bugs came in and swung the light bulb. I was very upset, so I just put some glue on the light bulb, and the bugs were foolish enough to bump into it. Sticked…”

Although Shen Huai’s had a bit understanding of Ye Cang, and stories of persistent pursuit of dreams and positive progress. But Ye Cang’s words still let his eyelids jump a bit, he thought that only primary school students would do such childish things.

He interrupted Ye Cang: “What happened later?”

“Well,” Ye Cang opened his hand. “Later the light bulb exploded, the whole building went out of power, and it was repaired in the middle of the night.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He thought the record company’s approach is correct. Otherwise, it would be useless to set up such a thick fan filter.

Shen Huai did not speak, but Ye Cang’s story was not finished: “That night I was lying on the roof, writing songs in the moonlight and writing all night. When I realized it, my legs were numb. I couldn’t move, I leaned against the railing, and the moment I saw the sunrise, I suddenly felt that I was no different from those stupid bugs, but what could I do? The light is right there.”

He spoke as a matter of course, but Shen Huai was stunned and did not speak for a long time.

Ye Cang finished, and did not hear Shen Huai’s response, but he did not care and looked down to play with his mobile phone.

Shen Huai listened to the sound of the game behind him and tightened his lips, but the eyes beneath the lenses seemed to have a bright light.

Back home, Shen Huai changed his suit, washed it, changed into his home clothes and came out. His hair was hanging softly in front of his forehead, with light linen in the light. When he returned home, his look became softer. Compared with the elites outside, Shen Huai seemed to be several years younger at the moment, just like a college student out of school.

Instead of sleeping, he turned on his computer and searched for all the random tracks since the start of the “Star of Tomorrow” game. Rows of song names passed in front of him and the relevant content of the songs also appeared in his mind. This is the homework he did as soon as he took over Ye Cang, and now he just confirmed it.

Everyone felt that Ye Cang had bad luck when he picked up “Summer Bug.” Only Shen Huai noticed that something was wrong, but he did not have any problem at the time. Now that he has read all the songs, it was confirmed that none of them were as difficult as “Summer Bug.”

There are many songs of the same difficulty as “Summer Bug” but since the beginning of the game, there was a total of 136 songs. It is impossible that Ye Cang “just” drew it.

Shen Huai eyes gradually cooled down, he did not want to interfere in the game, but if someone secretly tampered with the matter… 

Shen Huai thought about it and wrote an email to send it out.

Although the live broadcast of the top 10 competition of “Star of Tomorrow” is over, the topic about the program has only just begun. Netizens have been very busy this evening, they first send to a circle of friends to express their feelings, then go to Weibo to ridicule Xia Fei’s face, and watch the major marketing jokes. Finally, they are enthusiastic to invest in the pink battle of the major platforms.

Entertainment Forum is the largest entertainment gossip forum in China, with a great flow of traffic. As the most popular entertainment talent show recently, “Star of Tomorrow” occupies half of the front page, so when a related post came out it immediately aroused public concern.

–Shit, I’m going to turn into powder today!

I’m not a fan of anyone, that is, I hate Ye Cang. I wanted to see how he was eliminated by watching live broadcast today, but I never thought of it! I f*cking listened to him sing, and I turned into powder! ..

1 |: Ye Cang didn’t perform a tragic opera today?

2 |: Shit I am like lz, after I watched today’s live broadcast, I seen him go to Zheng Zhao’s section! Too handsome for me to close my legs!

3 |: Stir-fry yourself!


35 |: Curious to see, I just want to say shit!

36 |: Shit 1.

37 |: Shit 2.


123 |: Suicide and then a rebirth! It’s like a transmigration!

188 |: In fact, his voice was not bad in the first place. Now he has the confidence to find the right way to sing. It’s quite normal that he’s different from before.

189 |: LS fans are boasting that they can take a snack? Praising your singing skills with this kind of audio video? [vomiting].

200 |: I was at the scene. I testify that he sings better on the spot than in the video. The whole row of us was crying…


Ye Cang’s heat rose almost instantly, and it occupied the first place in the hot search.

Ming Wei woke up in the morning to see the hot search and was stunned. She didn’t realize that Shen Huai had actually revitalized the discarded son. She rushed to make a phone call and Shen Huai’s response was calm.

This morning, his phone had almost blown up. No one was optimistic about Ye Cang before, so he fell into the hands of Shen Huai. Now, of course, many people regretted it, but they can only say a few sour words in the name of congratulations.

Shen Huai did not care about this painless jealousy. He glanced at his watch. It was 10:30, but the door upstairs was still closed.

Just when Shen Huai decided to call Ye Cang, the door of the upstairs room was finally opened. Ye Cang staggered from the stairs with hair like a bird’s nest.

Shen Huai looked at the person’s sleepy eyes, and even his slippers were reversed. Even if he saw this scene many times, Shen Huai was still worried that the other side would slip and roll down the stairs.

Ye Cang finished washing like a wandering soul. Then he sat at the dining table with a piece of toast in his mouth and had breakfast while playing with his mobile phone.

Shen Huai turned off the iPad, and stood up: “I will go out for a while, Auntie will come to cook at noon, remember to eat.”

Ye Cang answered vaguely.

Shen Huai was somewhat helpless. He could only give a few hasty instructions and left home.


Shen Huai went to a private restaurant. After a while, a man in a cap walked into the box and saw Shen Huai. He took off his hat and revealed the handsome face underneath it.

“You busy man, finally have free time to get together with your old friends?” The other party smiled and punched Shen Huai. “I couldn’t believe the mail you sent yesterday.”

Shen Huai also smiled, but not the usual restrained social smile, but the relaxed expression when he met with his friends.

The man’s name is Chen Chiyu. Two years ago, he graduated from a famous foreign school and returned home. He founded Chiyu Science and Technology and became an Internet upstart.

He and Shen Huai knew each other since young and had a good relationship with each other. However, they were busy in recent years, so they had contact less frequently than before. However, Chen Chiyu, after receiving Shen Huai’s email, attached great importance to it and came out to meet him on business.

Shen Huai didn’t realize that he was killing chickens with a bull knife at all. He asked, “Did you see the video I gave you before? Is it possible to use this software for random song selection?”

Chen Chiyu cried and laughed: “Is this stupid thing worth paying so much attention to? And calling me out.” Nevertheless, he responded earnestly, “This random process is easily interfered with, and it’s not difficult to specify a song, as you said. But even if you get evidence of the other party’s modification of the procedure, the source of the evidence is illegal and without legal effect.”

Shen Huai also knew it, but said: “I just need to confirm if anyone has done it.”

“That would be very simple.” Chen Chiyu took out a small USB: “there is a Mini Program in this USB. You will need to find a way to insert this USB into the target computer. As long as someone changes the program, it will start recording it and send it to your email.”

Shen Huai took the USB and put it in his pocket: “Thank you.”

“You’re still polite to me about this little thing.”

After talking about business, the food came up. As they ate and talked, Chen Chiyu said, “I said, are you really addicted to being an agent? You’re not coming back?”

The corner of Shen Huai’s lips slightly hooked, and he asked: “What’s wrong with being an agent?”

“It’s not bad. I think it’s you who is too overqualified, but it’s a pity that you have that skill.” Chen Chiyu smacked his tongue with regret.

Shen Huai smiled lightly: “There is nothing to regret. I think what I am doing now is much more interesting than a pure money game.”

When he said this, Chen Chiyu remembered something and asked, “Did that little artist you brought with you break it off with you? I think he is attending brand activities and variety shows these days. I heard that he’s going to participate in online drama. It’s very lively.”

Shen Huai smiled and didn’t seem to be interested.

Chen Chiyu supported his chin: “You really don’t care?”

Shen Huai: “He is not my artist, why should I care?”

Chen Chiyu: “It’s not like that. After all, you put so much effort into him. He had no sense. He didn’t know that the vocal and dance teachers you hired for him were the top masters in the industry, but he betrayed you because of a little thing. Aren’t you angry? Aren’t you sad?”

Shen Huai lightly said: “It’s hard to be angry or sad, but it’s just a failed investment and I’m a little disappointed.”

Chen Chiyu said with a strange smile, “You are too unkind. I have some sympathy for him now.”

Shen Huai ignored him.

Chen Chiyu added, “Oh, I’m really curious. Why exactly do you want to be an agent for this little artist?”

Shen Huai had never thought about this question. Now he was asked by Chen Chiyu. He frowned and thought about it. For the first time, he showed an uncertain expression: “I don’t know. I probably want to see it… the meaning of living?”

Chen Chiyu: “…”

If it were someone else, Chen Chiyu would probably ridicule the other side in the matter of the second. But looking at Shen Huai, who turned his eyebrow seriously, he could only sigh silently.

The boss’s mind is really difficult to understand. 

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