Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 16.2 – The end result is only a lose-lose situation

The next day, as soon as Qi Cong opened his eyes, he met Shen Jia’s curious gaze. His sleepiness disappeared, and he looked up at the alarm clock at the head of the bed—seven o’clock. Not too late.

He got up from the bed and asked in an extra husky morning voice, “Hungry?”

Shen Jia pounced directly at him, “What’s the deal with you and Gu Xun?”

Qi Cong was unprepared and fell back on the bed. After looking at the ceiling for two seconds, he raised his hand and tore Shen Jia off his body.

As he got up, he said, “First, get dressed and wait in the dining room. I’ll explain to you while making breakfast.”

When Qi Cong finished washing, he went to the dining room. Shen Jia had already changed his clothes and waited there for him honestly. Instead of suspending Shen Jia’s appetite, he went directly to the kitchen to make breakfast while blurring out details of Gu Xun’s deception by pretending to be poor. He simply explained the process of their getting to know each other and getting along with Gu Xun at the beginning. Because Gu Xun had made it too obvious yesterday, he did not hide the fact that his relationship with Gu Xun was a bit ambiguous during the course of his speech.

Shen Jia soon chased him back to the kitchen and stuck to Qi Cong’s back like a bug, gaping.

“You mean that you were originally a couple with Gu Xun, but because of your sudden memory loss, you guys—”

Qi Cong whipped the eggs and corrected, “Not yet a pair.”

“But it was almost there! You have already made an appointment to spend the Qixi Festival together . . . Fuck!”

Qi Cong frowned. “JiaJia.”

Shen Jia reacted after swearing by pouting, but in the end, he could not resist, holding his breath before saying, “So you could have been with Gu Xun with good family background, good-natured, capable, and good-looking whose character is guaranteed, but in fact, because of memory loss, the marriage was broken by Jiang Zhaoyan?”

Is that how Gu Xun looked like in Jia Jia’s eyes? Fierce but excellent everywhere?

“It was not broken by Jiang Zhaoyan.” Qi Cong came to his awareness and picked up another egg to crack open. “It was my own brain damage and blindness after amnesia.”

“. . .” Shen Jia glanced carefully at Qi Cong, no longer mentioning Jiang Zhaoyan and instead saying, “Well, since you already remember it now, and it seems that Gu Xun still likes your appearance. Do you want to make up with Gu Xun?”

Qi Cong looked at the two eggs in the bowl and stuffed them in the bowl with the chopsticks, shaking his head. “It is not so easy . . . Well, go outside. There’s a lot of grease here, don’t get your new clothes dirty.”


. . .


This day, Shen Jia’s job was to shoot a magazine cover. The task was not too heavy and it only took half a day to finish. When everyone returned to the neighborhood, it was only three in the afternoon.

When entering the neighborhood, Qi Cong asked Xiao Han to stop. He got off the car, went to the guard room, got the express delivery package, then he returned to the car.

Shen Jia asked curiously, “Brother Cong, have you bought something?”

“No. My mother sent me something.” Qi Cong put the box at his feet and said to Zhao Zhenxun, “Agent Zhao, can you stay for a while? I have something to tell you.”

Zhao Zhenxun, who was writing something on the itinerary, stopped his pen and glanced at Qi Cong before nodding. “OK.”

Zhao Zhenxun followed Shen Jia and Qi Cong upstairs. Qi Cong put the box on the table and gazed at Zhao Zhenxun before saying, “I’ve gotten in a bit of trouble. I’ll try to solve it tonight. Although I think that, as long as I don’t say it, this trouble will not affect my real life and JiaJia, I still think it is necessary for me to report it to you and JiaJia.”

Shen Jia became anxious when he heard these words. “Brother Cong, what kind of trouble are you in? Is it Jiang Zhaoyan?”

Zhao Zhenxun frowned and said solemnly, “Make it clear.”

“It’s not Jiang Zhaoyan. It’s something on the Internet.” Qi Cong appeased Shen Jia first and then looked at Zhao Zhenxun again. “Agent Zhao, I am Murmuring Water. Water without a Trace wrote Chivalrous Bones by applying my plot framework and later adapted it into TV.”

After several seconds of silence, Zhao Zhenxun lost his temper for the first time in front of Qi Cong.

“What did you say?”


. . .


Shen Jia brought the laptop and placed it in front of Qi Cong, who then turned on the computer and plugged in the hard drive.

The hard drive was old, so the reading was a little slow. Shen Jia scratched his cheek anxiously. Zhao Zhenxun, who saw that Shen Jia could not become as quiet as he was, could not stand it. He reached out and pulled him aside and sat down beside Qi Cong.

“Are you sure about hammering him to death?”

When the hard disk was finally read successfully, Qi Cong quickly opened one of the large folders, searched according to the date, dug out several documents and a photo album, and scanned them at a glance. The hold he had on his mouse slightly loosened as he nodded. “Absolutely.”


. . .


After sorting out all the evidence, Qi Cong logged into the old website of, and was ready to update the chapter and start today’s confrontation on Weibo.

As soon as the backstage page opened, several messages on the website appeared. Qi Cong’s hand on his mouse slipped.

As early as when he registered as an author, Qi Cong turned off the function of receiving messages from strangers in Now only the old website of could send short messages to him. Except for the official website, there were only two accounts of Water without a Trace that he agreed on becoming friends with.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Zhenxun asked.

Qi Cong didn’t speak and clicked on the messages.

Wu Heng: Stealing an account?

Wu Heng: Xiao Cong?

Wu Heng: I’m glad you didn’t have an accident.

Wu Heng: I hope you are not angry.

Wu Heng: I’m sorry.


. . .


Wu Heng: If we continue to fight, the final result will only be losses on both ends. Xiao Cong, I’ll give you two million yuan to settle it, shall we?

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