My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 52 – Two More

When Chu Mei Bo returned to school with the albums, she immediately became surrounded.

“Sister Mei!!! You are wonderful!”

“I love you, Sister Mei!”

“Ouououo, Cang Cang’s signed album, I will make it my family heirloom!”

Chu Mei Bo laughed and watched them excitedly distribute the albums, and thought it was particularly interesting. She had long passed the age where she was happy because of little things, but it did not prevent her from feeling the joy among these children.

However, Chu Mei Bo did not distribute all of these albums to her classmates, she still kept a few more. 

After class, Chu Mei Bo took the albums to the next class and stood in the classroom door smiling. “Cheng Mengjiao, you come out for a while.”

In the back of the classroom, a little girl with pink hair, chewing gum, and with her feet on the desk suddenly shook.

She looked at Chu Mei Bo at the door of the classroom in horror, as if she were a monster.

“I haven’t been bothering you lately!! Really!”

“I know.” Chu Mei Bo still smiled. “I also heard that you didn’t bother other girls, so I brought you a gift.”

Cheng Mengjiao: “…”

She regretted the moment when she thought of bullying Chu Mei Bo very much. After being beaten by Chu Mei Bo, why did she not learn her lesson but wanted to retaliate? As a result, when she caught the opportunity, she tried to beat her up several times, causing her to develop a conditioned reflex to feel pain whenever she saw Chu Mei Bo.

She didn’t come out, and Chu Mei Bo didn’t urge her, just standing in the doorway. 

Finally, Cheng Mengjiao couldn’t bear the psychological pressure and moved to the classroom door step by step. She looked at Chu Mei Bo warily. “What are you going to do?”

Chu Mei Bo looked at her vigilant appearance and found it very funny. 

She handed over the album. “Here, for you.”

Cheng Mengjiao stared at the album signed by Ye Cang in her hand. She did not expect Chu Mei Bo to actually gave her a gift, and it was such a thoughtful gift.

When Chu Mei Bo was done, she clapped her hands, ready to go back. 

She didn’t want to make friends with Mengjiao or anything, she simply felt that she had beaten her several times, making her feel a little embarrassed.

In fact, Cheng Mengjiao’s means were not enough to catch her attention. Chu Mei Bo knew that she was a newcomer, so she just killed a chicken to make an example for the monkey once and for all. Unexpectedly, Cheng Mengjiao was more frustrated and brave, so she had to beat her several times.

Now in retrospect, Chu Mei Bo still felt sorry for her. She happened to hear from other people that Cheng Mengjiao likes Ye Cang, so she left an album for her.

Chu Mei Bo walked away smartly, while Cheng Mengjiao held the album all morning in confusion. At noon, she firmly blocked the door of Chu Mei Bo’s classroom.

“Sister Mei! I will become your follower, and I will hang out with you in the future!” 

Chu Mei Bo: “???”

Cheng Mengjiao did what she said, and she really became Chu Mei Bo’s follower in school. 

If it wasn’t for her mobile screen being a picture of Ye Cang, Chu Mei Bo would have almost thought she was her own fan, but thanks to Cheng Mengjiao’s blessing, some fun was added to her peaceful school life.

Within a few days, Cheng Mengjiao ran to her classroom nervously and whispered, “Sister Mei, someone is asking around about you.”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrow. ”Who is it?”

Cheng Mengjiao: “I don’t know. Yue’s group skipped class and when leaving school, a woman invited them to drink milk tea, and then she kept asking about you.” 

“Skipping class?”

Cheng Mengjiao almost slapped herself in the back of her head. Why did she say it?

Seeing that Chu Mei Bo wanted to continue to question her, Cheng Mengjiao hurriedly said, “It doesn’t matter! What’s important is that someone is asking around about you. Is someone going against you?”

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

She said helplessly, “Don’t you think too much? This is a school. Who would be so stupid to go against me on campus?”

This brain circuit of Cheng Mengjiao’s was also caused by her. Why did she feel that it was Cheng Mengjiao who came from the war era and not her?

But Cheng Mengjiao’s expression was serious. “That’s not what I wanted to say! They are so sneaky, it is definitely not a good thing, shall we go to catch them or beat them up first?”

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

She felt that she had always been peaceful and never advocated violence. But why does Cheng Mengjiao always beat people up? What’s wrong with children nowadays?

Chu Mei Bo shook her hand. “No, the school is still very safe. Don’t think about it.”

Although Cheng Mengjiao was still a little worried, since Chu Mei Bo said so, she would also be obedient.

But unexpectedly, they were stopped when they left school.

They were stopped by a chubby girl who said to Chu Mei Bo, “Are you Chu Mei Bo? Someone wants to see you. They’re in the car over there.”

Chu Mei Bo was just about to walk.

Cheng Mengjiao rushed forward and stopped in front of her. “What do you want to do! If you want to harm Sister Mei, you need to pass through me first!”

The girl was startled and quickly explained, “I don’t, I just want to talk to Miss Chu.”

Cheng Mengjiao snorted coldly. “It’s OK to talk at the school gate, or go to the milk tea shop over there, why go to the car? Who knows if you are trying to kidnap our Sister Mei!”

Girl: “…”

Are students’ imaginations so rich nowadays?

Chu Mei Bo pressed her forehead and appeased Cheng Mengjiao. “It’s all right. You wait for me here.” 

The girl was scared by Cheng Mengjiao. Unexpectedly, Chu Mei Bo was so understanding, she was ready to express her gratitude.

Chu Mei Bo suddenly took out her mobile phone, took a picture of her and then took a picture of the car back and front and sent it to Cheng Mengjiao.

“Later, if they try to do something, you will take this to the police.”

Girl: “…”

Damn understanding, it was clearly a group of weirdos. 

She was half dead from anger, and Xu Anqi, who was waiting in the car, was not much better. She came here to see what kind of actress Shen Huai signed, and give her a little warning.

But she didn’t expect that before she saw her, she and her little friend would make so much trouble.

What hasn’t she done yet? What are they really trying to do? Are they causing such a scene and taking these photos to set her up with a bunch of charges?

Thinking of this, Xu Anqi also sobered up. 

It was really too reckless of her to come here. This girl has already stepped into the entertainment circle. She knew all the tricks, regardless of her acting skills.

Thinking of this, Xu Anqi became even angrier. 

At that time, although Shen Huai refused her, he never signed another actress. Xu Anqi always thought that even if he didn’t like her, she was still special in his mind.

She thought Shen Huai would regret it one day. Unexpectedly, Shen Huai not only didn’t regret it, but also signed one after the other. Now he even signed a female actress?!!

She also saw the clip of Kwai Ji on the Internet and felt threatened, which made her brain turn.

Who would have known that this woman was even more annoying than Ye Cang!!

This revenge is on!!

Xu Anqi no longer cared about exposing her identity and directly opened the car window. “Ping Ping, stop talking, let’s go!”

The assistant named Ping Ping, as if granted amnesty rushed back to the car and as soon as the door closed, the car drove away.

Cheng Mengjiao clapped her hands. “I told you! There must be something wrong! Why else would they run?” 

Chu Mei Bo noded noncommittal.

A little sister on one side raised her hand before saying carefully, “The woman just now looked like… Xu Anqi?

“Who? Xu Anqi!”


“Really, my ex-boyfriend likes her very much. His mobile screen has always been of her. I can recognize this face even if she turned to dust.”

Chu Mei Bo listened to them and asked curiously, “Who is Xu Anqi?”

“Shit! Sister Mei, don’t you even know about Xu Anqi?”

“Sister Mei, are you a high school student or not! You don’t even know Xu Anqi, who is so popular?”

“It’s the one who played Princess Xuanping. Oh, and not long ago, she was nominated for the best female actress in the Golden Ying Award, which is the most important award in this group!”

“Yes, and claimed to be ‘the dream lover of all Chinese men’. Blah!”

Hearing them say that, Chu Mei Bo really had some impression of her as the former artist of her agent?

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and smiled. “That’s interesting.”

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