MAIR – Chapter 175 – New album, new movie

Although ‘Your father’ quickly deleted the Weibo, this kind of behavior could only appear more and more obvious.

As a result, the topic of Ye Cang revealing his secret account immediately triggered Weibo and other social platforms, also discussing this matter.

Entertainment Forum.

What do you think of Ye Cang’s mistake?

  1. Brag about yourself, brag about yourself. This operation was too coquettish. [subway old man look at the mobile phone.jpg]
  2. I don’t care. Cang Huai is real.
  3. Flipped through ‘your father’ Weibo, and re-made the timeline of Cang x Huai. I can only say it is too good making me want to bow, which leads me to be a little bit ahead now.

119 .I always thought there was no love in the entertainment industry. I was wrong. Cang x Huai made me believe in love again.

  1. I was only a bit curious. This tactic suggested by netizens before, Cang Cang really put it into practice, and unexpectedly caught Huai Huai.
  2. Watson you found out my blind spot. I also don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
  3. I used to think that my family’s idol was the number one in the entertainment circle. Now I find that he is actually such a character. But what can I do? If I am a fan of my Idol, I have to go down on my knees to laugh or cry.
  4. Facts have proved that you shouldn’t make alternative accounts casually. You don’t know when you will be exposed, and then you will be publicly executed. Good-bye.

Ye Cang “turned” off his cell phone and scratched his head in distress. When he found out that he had made a mistake, Shen Huai immediately called him to delete this Weibo. However, in a modern society where information spreads so quickly, the effect of this approach is very small.

Shen Huai could only let the public relations department come forward to guide the public opinion. Fortunately, most of the netizens found it funny and there was no bad reaction.

Fortunately, Ye Cang was really strong, whether it was his main account or his second account, he relied on his real ability to make a name for himself. Otherwise, this matter would have different results.

Shen Huai personally went to the Star Art Studio and looked at Ye Cang’s bloodshot eyes because he didn’t have enough sleep. He couldn’t say anything more about him, so he asked, “What are you going to do now?”

At first, Ye Cang was a little flustered, but now he has completely calmed down. He said, “What else can I do? Anyway, I have been hesitant about what to do with this account, this can be regarded as helping me make a decision in advance.”

Shen Huai looked at him angrily. The result of initiative and passivity is totally different. At least they could prepare more calmly, unlike now.

Ye Cang put his arm around his shoulder with a smile. “It’s OK, it already happened. I think netizens are very happy with this sugar, which is also a wave of clarification for our relationship.”

Shen Huai: “…”

Facing Ye Cang’s playful face, Shen Huai couldn’t get angry either and finally had no choice but to shake his head as if it had passed.

However, because of this incident, Ye Cang also made an exception by sending a small video, explaining that he was recording a new album recently, and that he was too busy to do anything else. Please forgive me.

Ye Cang in the video just showed his face, and his appearance was the same as what the paparazzi photographed before. But in the hearts of the majority of netizens, there was a big difference.

Look, I am making a new album.

So, this was marketing. I mean, this kind of marketing can be repeated several times and I eat it all. 

Has the release time of the new album been set yet?

What is the style of the new album? I’m looking forward to it

When the netizens’ attention was shifted to the new album, Shen Huai thought about it and let Ye Cang send a short tester first to test the audience’s acceptance.

Shen Huai was always worried about the great difference in the styles between two albums. Once released, many fans will buy the second album because of the first album. Their expectation and frustration may lead to a flood of bad reviews and will have a bad impact on the reputation of Ye Cang’s new album.

Ye Cang was strong and this album was also very good. He doesn’t need to rely on marketing to boost sales and influence of his reputation.

Releasing a short tester in advance can ease this mood and may even increase the fans sense of expectation.

In album promotion, Ye Cang always listened to Shen Huai opinions. He played and sang while recording a 30 second video, which he then posted on Weibo.

Originally, Ye Cang seldom posted on Weibo, and most of his posts were all kinds of commercial promotion, and the content related to himself was so pitiful, his fans felt almost abused. Who would have thought that these two days it would be almost like the Spring Festival.

Ye Cang unexpectedly posted two Weibo posts on the same day, both of which were videos, one of which was even a singing video. 

What did this mean?

That means they don’t have to feel sour anymore. 

However, when they clicked on it, they found that the song in this video was totally different from Ye Cang’s previous style, but it was over before they heard any flavor, so they could only replay it again.

And after listening several times, they found that…

Hey, it sounds good.

After hearing it a few more times….

Oh, brother, when are you going to release your new album? It’s too short to listen to.

Although there were still many people showing disappointment, most of them were looking forward to Ye Cang’s new album.

Shen Huai who has been monitoring public opinion on the Internet, felt relieved.

He has no way to guarantee that everyone will like Ye Cang’s new album. After all, aesthetics is a very personal thing, and such a situation was the best situation they could imagine.

After all, most netizens don’t have any obsession with rock and roll. At the beginning, they bought “Rebirth” because the songs were good. Now that Ye Cang has changed his style, it still retained his personal characteristics and showed even more novelty.

Just as the original production of this album was coming to an end, Shen Huai took advantage of this opportunity to promote it.

For the first day before the album was even released, the sales volume directly exceeded 50,000, and then slowly decreased, but still maintained a very amazing sales volume.

Shen Huai and Ye Cang both know that it would be hard to achieve the sales volume of “Rebirth”. After all, “Rebirth” was the accumulation of 30 years after Lu Yang’s death. It was really advantageous in time, place, as well as the blessing of the Colleen award and various other factors. These two albums couldn’t be compared with each other.

But Ye Cang was still peaceful. He knows what he is doing and that he was on the right path. He will not lose himself because of ‘fans’ comments or album sales.

That’s why he wrote this album.

This album was the same as the previous one, with a total of ten songs, plus one special hidden song.

When the Rebirth went on sale, the relationship between Ye Cang and Shen Huai was not clear, so fans didn’t know what this special song represented. Now that they come out in public. This kind of public show of affection could only attract the majority of single dogs to raise their torches in silence.

However, to the surprise of these two, they didn’t find anyone to promote it, but many of their friends in the circle took the initiative to promote Ye Cang’s new album.

Li Zihang’s V: Ye Cang, Is sending your brother your new album going to kill you? Although the songs are very nice, they can’t cover up the fact that you are a cheapskate. The sour smell of love is about to spill over the screen, so rein it!!

Fang Ziqing V: Album is very pleasant to listen to. There are more changes in style and amazing arrangement which will surprise many people. It’s not because there is a bet.

Qiu Jie V: Ye Cang doesn’t talk much. Order photos for the purchase of 100 albums.

Even veteran gods like Fang Jing and Ye Hazel have posted Weibo. Xia FEI, who had already changed from Lu Yang’s biggest fan to Ye Cang’s biggest fan, wrote a long Weibo directly.

When Ye Cang’s album was released in a frenzy, Pei Ran’s new movie was launched quietly.

Pei Ran’s movie “Sheng” took place in Hong Kong from the last century and told the story of a martial arts student named Zhao Sheng.

Although Zhao Sheng has the word “win” in his name, his whole life has been a great failure. He entered the martial arts patch because he was desperate. He happened to meet the recruitment of martial arts students that took fancy to his tendon flesh and brought him in. But even if he entered the martial arts, he was still useless. He was also making some attempts, but was thrown out during the shooting of the movie and important parts of the stunts were never his.

However, Zhao Sheng was very satisfied. He quietly worked in martial arts and earned a small salary. He lived in a small room and fantasized that he could become a martial arts star in a movie and be able to spend a lot of money to buy things for the girl he liked and get her love. Until one day, when the financial crisis came, the whole economy of Hong Kong collapsed rapidly, and Zhao Sheng lost his job.

The whole story exudes this kind of black humor, telling the story of such a small person in a pungent tone, but it suddenly softens when it touches people’s hearts, as if it was going to completely crush people’s hearts.

After reading the script before, Shen Huai was not able to calm down for a long time.

He had no idea that Pei Ran would shoot such a story. He thought Pei Ran would focus on the development of the whole Hong Kong martial arts, or intercept the adaptation of scenes from his previous movies. However, he never thought that he would start from such an ordinary martial arts student, and the style of the whole story did not match his temperament at all.

This kind of sad background and ironic style can only be shot by the cynical director who has been at the bottom of the society for a long time. The self ridicule and self pollution in it were not the things that Pei Ran, such a proud man of nature, could understand.

“If you hadn’t been sitting in front of me, I wouldn’t believe you really wanted to shoot such a story.” Shen Huai said.

Pei Ran smiled and said, “You don’t have to look at me like that. This Zhao Sheng is not me. He is just a fictional character, but all kinds of things here have happened in the martial arts. Others only see the brilliance. Only those of us who are in it can see the difficulties underneath. Although I haven’t experienced these things, I saw more allowing me to understand them gradually.”

Pei Ran stood up, and looked at the building being built not far away, and said softly, “At that time, Hong Kong was able to survive the crisis not only by the help of one or two stars, but also thanks to these ordinary people who were unknown underneath…. Their stories should be known, not just become the statistical numbers for history.”

Shen Huai was silent for a long time before saying: “You should know that such a movie is actually thankless, and it tests the skills of the director. The handling needs to be very precise. If it is not handled well, it will easily fall into the trap of the director’s self-interest.”

Pei Ran nodded, “I know.”

He didn’t continue, but Shen Huai knew that he understood, but even so, he still wanted to do so. Shen Huai saw the situation and didn’t say anything more.

He has always been like this. Since he chose to believe in Pei Ran, he let him do anything he wanted.

Instead of talking about the theme of the film, the two talked about other things like crew, which was also the main purpose of Shen Huai’s visit. After all, as a producer, he still had to control the progress of the movie.

Making a movie is a job of burning money. Most directors just burn it and don’t know how to save money at all. Making the producers need to control it well.

However, Pei Ran does not have such a bad habit. He comes from the most difficult period in Hong Kong film and television industry history. When spending money he had a habit of looking at it two times, so saving money in making movies has been engraved in his bones.

Shen Huai was very pleased with Pei Ran and wanted to praise Pei Ran before letting him carry on. But Pei Ran seemed to say casually: “Sister Mei hasn’t been filming recently. Why don’t you invite her to play a guest role? Pay is not much, but you are both producer and a manager, so you can negotiate it, right?

Shen Huai: “..”

In the end, he saved all the money he could.

Shen Huai also lost his temper.

When he finally left, he thought of something. He took out the invitation for the premiere of the “Red Actress” from his bag and handed it to Pei Ran. “I almost forgot. Director Xie asked me to bring it to you.”

Pei Ran took the invitation, it was black with something like rouge rubbed on it, and two words written on it.

It looked simple and elegant.

Shen Huai was afraid that he didn’t know so he added, “This kind of invitation allows you to bring people. If you have friends, you can also invite them to go to the premiere together.”

Pei Ran raised his eyebrow, after his rebirth he had no friends, just Tang Wanjun and others. However, Shen Huai must have arranged seats for these people, so he would need to worry about them. As for the people in the cast, Yang Yizhou was the chief screenwriter of “Red Actress” so he must have this invitation, too. Tang Sugar was learning from him now, and he doesn’t need to worry about her.

Pei Ran searched his memory for a moment and thought of Fenghua temple, so he sent a message to another person.

The Taoist replied quickly, and after a while, he sheepishly asked if he could bring one more person. Pei Ran thought it was his martial brother so he readily agreed.

Two sides agreed to meet in Zhongjing, and Pei Ran put the invitation away.

At the same time, the same invitation also appeared on Fu Cheng’s desk. He looked at the Taoist who was uneasy after putting on plain clothes on the opposite side and said excitedly, “Taoist, we have finally waited until this day. You have a good rest these days, I will come to pick you up for the premiere.”

The single-minded Taoist responded absent-mindedly. He always had a bad premonition, but the divinatory image showed nothing, which made him very concerned.

Fu Cheng didn’t pay attention to these details, finished talking and left in a hurry because of his work.


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