My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 56 – Second Shift

Bai Jiajia looked with jealousy at Ye Cang’s album sales, his eyes bloodshot. Finally, when Cassie came back, he quickly asked, “How did it go?”

Cassie nodded. “Don’t worry, the other party promised that there will be no problem and that it will never be detected.”

Bai Jiajia breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “What about Ye Cang? How did it go?”

Cassie: “According to what you wanted, the data we changed for him is very distorted. I’ve also found a water army, in a day or two, we’ll raise this topic. With this wave we will discredit Ye Cang’s reputation. I’m afraid that the Golden Melody Award won’t promote this kind of tainted artist. When our numbers climb up, we will get the award for sure.”

Hearing that Cassie had arranged everything, Bai Jiajia also felt relieved.

He stared viciously at Ye Cang’s name on the music charts. “Just wait, the higher you climb now, the worse your fall later will be.”

Two days later, at eight o’clock in the evening, Weibo exploded directly.

@Nosy gossip elder brother: Recently, a very popular singer, claimed to be “the strongest newcomer in history”, but his diamond record I’m afraid has some dirt on it. When gossip brother was bored, he went through the playback volume of various platforms and found a very interesting thing. The singer’s click volume grew rapidly in the early hours of the morning, and this continued for several consecutive days. What does this mean? Netizens are free to check it. This can’t help but make the gossip brother a little sad. This newcomer’s songs are good and he sings well. If he developed slowly, he would definitely have a place in the music world. Why did he need to do such a thing, destroying his own reputation?”

Below are two screenshots of Ye Cang’s playback volume on this music platform.

At the beginning, thanks to the influence of the water army, many netizens were deceived and directly scolded Ye Cang on this Weibo.

However, with the gradual expansion of the popularity of this Weibo, a different voice showed underneath.

@Where is the Angel: It’s so fake that you can see at a glance which stupid company did it. What does this mean? Netizens are free to check it.

@Blogger is an Idiot: Did they think all netizens are fools? Even if he wanted to tamper with it, it would not be so fake. It’s just plain planting, right?

The two parties quarreled fiercely at the bottom of the Weibo, but then the Music Association sent a Weibo message, which directly made the people who accused Ye Cang of faking his results speechless.

@Music Association V: Three days ago, a singer reported to the association that there was a problem with his replaying volume on a certain music platform. After receiving the report, the association immediately set up a special investigation team that found out loopholes in this music platform, and ordered rectification. In addition, the play volume on this music platform has been temporarily canceled. The netizens are requested to supervise and report.

When this Weibo came out, many people clicked into the album sales list and found that all the singers had a smaller number of views.

Ye Cang’s playing volume also dropped down from diamond album, but soon climbed up again. With this scary speed, by tomorrow it should reach diamond again.

But when they looked down, they found something interesting.

[Shit! Why did Bai Jiajia lose so much of his playback?]

[Public execution!]

[Fortunately, I screenshotted this picture when I saw this Weibo for the first time. Then I found out a very interesting thing. This singer’s play volume is not as good as Ye Cang’s on other platforms, but he is far ahead on this platform. What does this mean? Netizens are free to check it. [picture] [picture]

[What’s more, did you find out that his added counts are inserted very subtly? Oh, what does this mean? Netizens are free to check it.]

[It suddenly occurred to me that stolen chicken can’t eat rice, isn’t it vivid? What does this mean? Netizens are free to check it.]

[WOW! A singer not only raised his volume of play by himself, but also raised it for his opponent. This operation is really good! Who is the singer? Netizens are free to check it.]

[I can’t describe how coquettish they are. How to describe them? Netizens are free to check it.]

Netizens played freely. Because of the interference of the Music Association, this matter was basically settled and Nosy gossip elder brother suddenly became as quiet as a chicken, not daring to speak again.

Bai Jiajia was so angry that he destroyed his whole room, but before he could figure out a way to reverse this defeat, he received a subpoena from the court of law.

Shen Huai promptly reported to the police, then the police cooperated with Chen Chiyu to catch the gang that manipulated the data. The other side gave out Cassie, and Cassie pulled with her Bai Jiajia.

As a result, Shen Huai took out the unfair competition and sued them in court.

Also, no one knew which gossip media exposed this matter, but netizens loved it and scolded and cursed Bai Jiajia.

The Morningstar company also lost no time to announce the termination of the partnership with Bai Jiajia and Cassie’s dismissal. 

With this event, “Rebirth” also gained momentum again. The physical sales volume of the album had broken through the 500,000th copy, and it rushed towards the one million mark at a very high speed.

While Ye Cang’s album was selling in full swing, Chu Mei Bo also smoothly won her second role, a female sophomore in the campus drama “Honey.”

This drama was not complicated, it told a sweet love story on campus.

Although it wasn’t an IP play, the screenwriter was not unknown either. Her previous campus love drama became a small hit on the website and directly made the unknown actress and actor at the time popular.

Therefore, as the second series of the same type, not only were the audience’s expectations very high, but also the investment had increased a lot. They were even able to invite the popular star Wen Hanyi as the male lead.

Chu Mei Bo was going to play the role of Wen Nan, the female lead’s best friend. Although she was secretly in love with the male lead, because of their friendship she buried this secret love in the bottom of her heart. 

This kind of role had not the slightest resemblance to Chu Mei Bo’s image, but Shen Huai took the role for her with consideration.

Chu Mei Bo had rich experience and talent, but her appearance was still limited. Compared with the charming atmosphere from the past, she was now purer and young, making her appearance immature, which can not be made up for by acting skills. 

The previous Kwai Ji was relatively special, the separation of image and temperament reflects better the characteristics of the character, but this kind of role wasn’t common. In the later stages, it would become a factor affecting her acting skills. 

Chu Mei Bo didn’t think so far ahead. In fact, she was very interested in the script before her eyes now.

In addition, after the audition, she talked with the director for a while, and the other side was very satisfied with her, and she was also satisfied with the director.

It was just that this satisfaction lasted only until the script reading. 

On that day, Chu Mei Bo set out early. Shen Huai was busy with Ye Cang’s business, so he arranged for Tong Yun to follow her.

Chu Mei Bo possessed the previous experience of “Tianji”, and she was very clear about these processes, so she was not worried.

But she didn’t expect to find that there were only a few people on set when she arrived. In addition to several staff members and screenwriters, there were several supporting actors, but the director and the male and female leads still unexpectedly didn’t appear at this point.

Chu Mei Bo waited patiently for a long time. Finally the director arrived late only to make several phone calls to urge the male and female leads to come to the set.

The actress named Tao Xuan Xuan, who played the female lead, was inserted by investors. Dressed in a famous brand, she said with an impatient face, “Isn’t there still someone who hasn’t come? Why rush me?” 

The director soothed her with a good temper, asking people at the same time about Hanyi. The assistant of the other side apologized, saying that he had temporarily taken part in an activity yesterday. Unexpectedly, the event ended late so he had no choice but to catch the plane this morning. As a result, he was stuck in traffic jam all the way from the airport, and it would take another hour or two for him to arrive.

As soon as Tao Xuan Xuan heard this, her face immediately pulled down. “Director, since the male lead has not come, I will go back first. Let’s start again when he arrives tomorrow.”

The director doesn’t have it easy either. Although he is a director, he can be changed at any time by the investors. He couldn’t afford to offend Tao Xuan Xuan or Wen Hanyi.

So they had to temporarily disband and postpone the script reading until tomorrow.

The staff continued to scatter one after another, leaving only a little girl sitting in the corner. After being reminded by Tong Yun, Chu Mei Bo knew this was Tang Sugar, the screenwriter.

She was supposed to be the second most important person in the whole drama crew, but no one asked for her advice in this whole process, as if she was just an unimportant prop.

From her point of view, Chu Mei Bo can see her drooping head and her white fist on the table.

She walked over and handed her a tissue.

Tang Sugar looked up in surprise, there were still tears left on her cheeks. She took the tissue, lowered her head again, and said “Thank you very much” in a heavy nasal tone. 

Chu Mei Bo did not leave, but sat directly opposite her.

Tang Sugar sniffed, her voice still a little stuffy, “Thank you, but I don’t need comfort.”

“I’m not going to comfort you.” Chu Mei Bo opened her script and said calmly, “I’m here to read the script. Even if the others are gone, I have to finish my work.” 

Tang Sugar looked at her in shock. “You… You alone?”

Chu Mei Bo smiled. “Why, can’t I?”

She directly read the first scene, not only reading her own lines, but also the male and female leads, and every time she read a different role, she would switch to a different character’s voice.

Tang Sugar’s eyes widened until she completely forgot her own grievance, leaving only excitement.

That night, she posted a message on Weibo to express her feelings.

[Mommy, what kind of fairy acting is this?!!! I must write a good script to be worthy of my sister!!]

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