MAIR – Chapter 131 – Two episodes? That’s enough

After Xia Shiyu’s condition stabilized, Shen Huai went through the discharge formalities for her. When he skillfully paid the bill for her, he realized that he had been very familiar with this routine for more than a year now.

He sighed silently, then led Xia Shiyu out of the hospital and quietly returned to Zhongjing.

Ye Cang specially prepared to come to the airport to meet them. When he saw the completely unfamiliar girl beside Shen Huai, he was stunned for a moment and didn’t dare to walk up to them for a while.

Xia Shiyu’s heart was not big, so she solemnly reached out her hand. “Hello, my name is Xia Shiyu. Please take care of me when we meet in the future.”

Ye Cang was confused.

Xia Shiyu “poof” laughed. This laughing appearance was very familiar to Ye Cang.

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai helplessly pressed his forehead. He felt that ever since Tang Wanjun untied her heart knot, her whole person had become a bit too lively.

They drove home.

The auntie had cleaned the house, while Chu Mei Bo and Guo Wenyuan, who were still filming far away, had deliberately squeezed some time out and personally selected gifts for Xia Shiyu.

Chu Mei Bo had sent a whole wardrobe full of clothes, while Mr. Guo had provided a large refrigerator and filled it with food.

As for Ye Cang, Xia Shiyu gaped at her brand new pink bedroom in front of her.

“This is my room?”

“Yes!” Ye Cang asked questioningly, “Don’t you like it? Don’t all girls like pink?”

Xia Shiyu withdrew her shocked gaze. “I like it. I am just surprised that your eyes can still see so straight.”

Ye Cang: “…I feel like you’re laughing at me.”

“Oh, is it so obvious?” Xia Shiyu said deliberately. Seeing Ye Cang’s depressed expression, she couldn’t help smiling and whispered, “But, thank you!”

Ye Cang: “…”

After getting used to the mutual banter with Tang Wanjun, she suddenly said thank you so sincerely, which really gave him a somewhat creepy feeling.

Ye Cang silently returned to Shen Huai, who was talking with Zhang Li.

Zhang Li originally wanted to have a good relationship with Shen Huai, especially after Shen Huai’s identity was exposed. Although he was known as the god of wealth in another circle, who knew if he wouldn’t become the god of wealth of this circle someday?

So after hearing Shen Huai’s intentions, she didn’t even ask any further questions, but directly agreed.

Shen Huai paused. “My artist’s name is Xia Shiyu.”

“Mm-hmm.” After Zhang Li had already agreed, she suddenly froze. “Who are you talking about?! Xia Shiyu???” 

After waiting for Shen Huai’s reply, Zhang Li suddenly felt her whole life had turned to the worse.

Zhang Li was a music producer, so she had a deep impression of Xia Shiyu. Even now, Xia Shiyu was still one of the people pulled out by various forums to whip her corpse.

It was not until this year, when Zhou Fengyang plagiarized things shamelessly, that citizens started digging into his past, which made many people talk about Xia Shiyu. But even so, Xia Shiyu’s reputation was still not good. Public opinion couldn’t be changed so easily.

If she really brought Xia Shiyu into the program, she could already imagine the bloodshed on the Internet after the program was broadcasted.

But she had already agreed. If she backed off now she would offend Shen Huai. Thinking of this, Zhang Li wanted to kill herself, but she only said, “No, it’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s an audience voting program. With Xia Shiyu’s reputation, I’m afraid she won’t even survive the first episode…”

Shen Huai said, “I understand that. It doesn’t matter If she is eliminated, this is a matter of her own strength. It has nothing to do with Producer Zhang.”

Zhang Li sighed in her heart, but she still had to struggle a bit more. “That’s what I meant…”

When Shen Huai heard this, he probably understood Zhang Li’s concerns. This was the variety show that Zhang Li had always wanted to do. She didn’t want a tainted artist like Xia Shiyu to appear on the show.

Shen Huai thought about it and said, “Producer Zhang, you might as well think about it from a different angle. Although Xia Shiyu’s reputation is controversial, doesn’t controversy enhance the degree of discussion? With her in the program group, the program will never be short of topics, and even publicity costs can be reduced by half, don’t you think?”

Zhang Li foze, but when she thought about it, she actually….. It made sense!

After all, she was doing a variety show. What was the most important thing about a variety show? Popularity! Think of other program groups desperately trying to gain popularity, she almost gave up such a hot topic!

Zhang Li immediately changed her attitude. “Mr. Shen is right!”

Thinking about it, the whole network that mocked Xia Shiyu would be attracted to the show, whether it was those who hated her, those who liked her, or those who were merely curious melon eaters.

No matter whether they were scolding or discussing, they were all going to increase the popularity and the influence of their program group.

Zhang Li’s thoughts turned more and more beautiful, her eyes shining. She immediately thought of something. For Shen Huai to be so dedicated, Xia Shiyu’s strength must still be very good. She thought he wanted to wash her white through her program and remodel her for her debut.

Zhang Li thought for a moment and decided to return the favour. “Mr. Shen, there is nothing our program group can do in the first and in the second episode, but from the third episode on the program team can cooperate with you to slowly wash white Xia Shiyu. As for how to do it, we will slowly figure it out at that time.”

Shen Huai did have this idea but did not expect that Zhang Li would take the initiative to propose it. He said with a smile, “Then I’ll thank Producer Zhang for it first.”

After thinking about it again, Zhang Li decided that since she was doing a favor, she could do it all the way, so she added, “I can guarantee that Xia Shiyu will not be eliminated in the first two episodes, but after the third episode, our program group will treat her equally. Elimination will be decided upon in accordance with the voting results of the audience.”

However, Shen Huai refused directly. “Thank you, but that’s not necessary. It’s more appropriate for the program group to keep it fair.”

Shen Huai knew very well how amazing Xia Shiyu’s charm on stage was. Cheating was simply an insult to her.

Zhang Li was shocked. “But… What if she is eliminated? Mr. Shen, you may not understand that there are a lot of trainees participating in this program. At the beginning, they only perform basic gigs and after two episodes, they will enter the elimination stage… “

However Shen Huai just smiled.

“Two episodes? That’s enough.”

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