MAIR – Chapter 167 – Ying Yuan Company

It was late at night, but the practice room of the “National Idol” program group was still brightly lit, and all four groups of contestants were seriously preparing for the final performance. After all, the success or failure of several months’ worth of efforts depended on this.

Xia Shiyu’s group finished perfectly and the dance teacher nodded with satisfaction. “All right, now you all have a rest.”

When several girls who were full of spirit heard this sentence, they immediately felt as if their spine had been removed “plop” and one by one, fell to the ground.

Xia Shiyu raised her arm, rubbed the sweat off her face, picked up the water bottle and took a small sip.

Over the past few months of intensive practice, with strict diet control, she has lost a lot of weight making her facial features even more delicate.

One of the members of the same group saw the face of Xia Shiyu, which was not a bit tired, and cried with envy: “Sister Xia, you are a fairy who can maintain such a good state of mind under such intense practice. Can you teach us a secret about how to do it?”

When she said this, everyone looked at the Xia Shiyu, and even their dance teacher was very curious.

Xia Shiyu chuckled. For her, in her last life, before she debuted this kind of life was normal. She is not Superman, but she knew very well that she wanted to change her own destiny, as this was the only way.

So even though she was in pain, and felt like dying every day she still clenched her teeth and sicked to it.

Even after her debut, when she became a popular queen of love songs, she still felt a sense of crisis, which made her unable to relax. Even if she didn’t need to dance on the stage, she still kept the habit of practicing and learning new skills. Even if she didn’t practice for one day, she would feel guilty. As time went by, her body adapted to this lifestyle and she even brought it to her new body.

Although these reasons can’t be explained to her companions,  Xia Shiyu still had some tips to conserve her energy, and she said all of them without reservation.

“In fact, it’s not very difficult. Just take advantage of all short moments to sleep. Even after a short sleep, your spirit will feel much better.” Xia Shiyu thought about it, and then added, “I’ve heard before that there seemed to be Leonardo da Vinci sleep method. He said it was enough to spend only two hours a day sleeping, and it will be normal after a short term.

When Xia Shiyu said it till the end, she seemed to feel some pity.

However, everyone was shocked. The member who asked before couldn’t believe it: “Are you joking”

Xia Shiyu said seriously, “No kidding, there is really a Leonardo da Vinci sleep method.”

“No, no, no, I know this sleep method. I mean, can you really sleep in all this time?”

Before Xia Shiyu spoke, someone in her team raised their hands weakly. “I testify that sister Xia can sleep in such noisy places at the rehearsal.”

Everyone: “….”

Excuse me. Good-bye.

Several members chatted directly along this topic, and the dance teacher didn’t stop them. After all, they should not be too tense.

When Xia Shiyu saw this. She planned to go back to the dormitory to get something. Unexpectedly, just after she came back to the dormitory, she bumped into Wang Can.

The relationship between the two has eased a lot since their previous cooperation. Although the competitive relationship was still there, their meeting was not as fierce as before. However, Wang Can still has a better relationship with her former team members, so even if their relationship is not bad, it can’t be called good.

When Xia Shiyu saw Wang Can, she raised her hand to say hello to her.

Wang Can, however, was a little dazed, she smiled reluctantly and went down the stairs on the other side.

Xia Shiyu looked at her back strangely. After all, the direction she was going was not that of the practice room.

However, Xia Shiyu didn’t pay attention to it, she took her things and went back to the practice room. At three o’clock in the morning, they finished their practice and helped each other go to their dormitory.

However, the members of the opposite training room also came out at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled. For the girls, although they were rivals, they were all girls in their twenties after all, after such a long time of eating and living together, they gradually developed feelings of mutual affection.

So, the two groups of girls chatted and walked to the dormitory together.

Who knows that only in the middle of the way, someone would realize and ask: “Where is Wang Can from your group”

Someone replied, “I don’t know. She has been gone since 11 o’clock. I don’t know, maybe she went back to sleep.”

“I remember that she is very diligent, maybe she is not feeling well”

“No, she looked fine. Alas, there is something wrong with her recently, she is easily distracted. She skipped such a long practice time tonight. I hope she won’t affect our whole group performance.”

Their words also attracted the attention of Xia Shiyu.

In the impression of Xia Shiyu, Wang Can is a very unyielding girl, especially when the rankings were released last time, she was behind Xia Shiyu so she worked even harder than before. But with the finals coming up, Wang Can didn’t practice, it was really abnormal.

Xia Shiyu couldn’t help having doubts in her heart.

The members of the competition were all fighting to catch up with each other, but the fighting outside the competition was also wonderful.

In addition to the top three rankings as stable as Mount Tai, the rankings of the latter contestants are very tight and change all the time. Many viewers also seemed to be obsessed with voting desperately for their favorite contestants.

Everyone had red eyes and must support their favorite little sister to stand at the podium.

But in this scuffle, the Yingyuan company appeared very calm, but under this calm, the ranking of their contestants was steadily rising.

Ying Yuan company was well versed in the operation of idols and has done research on the voting rules early. All members’ support groups were managed by their company’s people and all fans’ votes were strictly managed. Showing the result of today.

It can be said that Ying yuan Company has done its best for “National Idol” this time, of course, not only for this one-year limited group, but also to take advantage of this opportunity to win the popularity for its own members, and then rely on them to make their original group.

In the vision of Ying yuan, with Wang Can strength she should be able to win the final C position, while other contestants will be able to get on the podium under their control.

It all went well and everything was going according to their plan.

But they did not expect that the program would unexpectedly produce a bug like Xia Shiyu.

In terms of strength, Xia Shiyu was equal to Wang Can, Xia Shiyu has a sweet appearance and talented and diligent image, that is even more vivid than Wang Can. Not to mention that behind Xia Shiyu were the giants like Sheng Huai and Morning Star.

However, the company has been planning it for such a long time, and was reluctant to let this most important link fall apart like this. If Wang Can, can’t get position C and become the most noticeable person, it was useless to put the whole group on the podium.

However, the company was very calm, as if it didn’t care about it.

Morning Star has been alerted by Shen Huai for several days, but there was no stir. Even when Yao Xuetong re-entered the top ten thanks to Morning Star resource investment, there was no response from Ying Yuan company.

If it wasn’t Shen Huai who made this the request, Morning Star’s employees would have scolded him. But with the finals getting closer and closer, more and more people in the company began to doubt it. Even Ming Wei thought that her boss was too nervous this time. Maybe Ying Yuan didn’t dare to offend Morning Star, so they gave up.

However, despite these objections, Shen Huai was very firm.

Sure enough, the dark news of Xia Shiyu voting broke the day before the finals in places such as the Entertainment Forum and Weibo.

The other side also made several reasonable points.

First, Shen Huai and Zhang Li, the producer of the “National Idol” knew each other. In order to win the position of Xia Shiyu, they gave her a good shot, and even the program team cooperated to whitewash Xia Shiyu.

Second, Ye Cang positioned himself as a mentor in talent shows like “National Idol”. If you think about it, you know what deal the program team must have made with Shen Huai.

Third, in order to support her, the Xia Shiyu team even created the blessing superstition for marketing.

This kind of half-true and half-false rumors brainwashed many people as soon as they appeared, and spread rapidly on the Internet with viral marketing.

People who had suspected Shen Huai were all slapping themselves on the mouth. Ming Wei looked at the news on the Internet and even became suspicious that Shen Huai was coming back from the future.

Today Morning Star company already knew the test questions before the exam, and even got the standard answers.

So one by one instructions were sent out and finally gathered into one message in the network.

Whitewash, rhythmic with rhythm, play with the stem, easily take the wind away.

Before the Ying Yuan company’s reacted, Weibo posts almost hit rock bottom.

Some fans shouldn’t fuss about it. It’s not only Xia Shiyu who gets the position. Just check how many people have entered the podium form Ying Yuan company, as well those who got burst votes. Haven’t you ever thought that, according to the current trend, when the group comes out, it will not be limited to group of “National Idol” but also Ying Yuan own group

One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Many people didn’t think about it before.

No wonder they thought it was strange before. These people didn’t rank too high in the previous episodes. How did their votes increase so fast at the end?

I stayed up all night to vote for these hard-working little sisters, not to show disdain for some garbage group.

Ying Yuan Cancer rolls out of the entertainment circle

At first, the rhythm of Ying Yuan company was flying, almost covering the dark voting on Xia Shiyu. Unexpectedly, in a few hours, the situation reversed, and the pot hit them.

In fact, although the Ying Yuan methods were despicable, they are within the scope of the rules, but in most cases, these rules were different from the public perspective.

Compared with Xia Shiyu at the top of the list, for most of the Ying Yuan members were struggling on the debut line, even for those who have entered the stage. They also worried if Ying Yuan members would occupy half of the seats and will affect their resources of “National Idol” especially those members of Ying Yuan company who were famous in the program and held it together.

So all of a sudden, the topic of how to squeeze the members of the Ying Yuan company out of the podium has become hot search.

Fans who had fought like black-eyed chickens before shook hands and made peace one after another. You vote for me and I vote for you and several contestants who had already fallen out of the podium unexpectedly rush back up again.

The Ying Yuan company panicked , but no matter how they operate, they no longer had any impact on the general situation.

Ming Wei looked at the futile struggle of Ying Yuan company and breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Tring to spread rumors and play tricks on our president Shen, didn’t you know how Huayu ended?


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