MAIR – Chapter 86 – Signing a new artist

After Shen Huai once again declined Guo Wenyuan’s plan to dig him, Guo Wenyuan could only give up disappointed. 

Shen Huai was about to leave when he was stopped again.

“I wanted to ask, that child… How is he doing?”

Shen Huai was stunned, then he immediately realized that he was talking about Song Yimian.

Guo Wenyuan leaned on the head of the bed, with a complicated expression. Although this was the sin of the original body owner, since he took over this body, it means that he should take over all his mess with it.

He has the original Guo’s memory, so he naturally knew about Song Yimian and how much harm he had caused him.

He asked Shen Huai anxiously, “Hey, do you think that when the police come for questioning if I say we were discussing acting skills, the police would believe it?”

Shen Huai: “…”

Before he answered, Guo Wenyuan sighed, “Forget it, the police are not stupid, and the reporters are smart like foxes…”

Shen Huai put away his unreadable expression and said, “Don’t worry, your assistant and Guangrui’s public relations department are already suppressing this matter. As for the police, you can ask your lawyer to answer for you. The lawyer is most clear about it.”

“Yes!” Guo Wenyuan suddenly realized, “Why didn’t I think about lawyers?”

Shen Huai helplessly said, “Guo Wenyuan’s identity background is very complex. When you play him you need to be more careful.”

Guo Wenyuan played a dead duck. “I can’t adapt to this for a while. The way of life of these rich people is wasteful!”

Shen Huai shook his head and didn’t intend to argue with him.

Guo Wenyuan was relieved to think that this incident would not have a bad impact on him, but he still said to Shen Huai, “In fact, this child is very pitiful. It was because he wanted to act that he encountered this kind of thing… I’d like to help him, but I’m afraid he doesn’t want to see this face again. So I can only trouble you. If you need any resources just call me. I will pay back this child in place of this scum.”

Shen Huai shook his head, “In fact, even if you didn’t say it, I originally intended to contact Song Yimian. When I looked up his information, I saw his previous roles. He was slow and not popular, and he didn’t act well, but he was very good at thinking. I could see his progress in every role.”

“His biggest disadvantage is that he has too little experience, which makes his emotions surface while performing more complex roles, but this is also his greatest advantage. He is still a blank piece of paper, this kind of purity can make it easier for him to get into character. Although his early progress was slow, when he is enlightened, this progress would leap by bounds.”

Guo Wenyuan’s eyes widened. Naturally, he didn’t look as deep as Shen Huai. He just wanted to pay off his debts, and on the way was also touched by Song Yimian’s persistence. After Shen Huai said that, he thought about it again, and still thought that what he said was very reasonable.

“That’s alright!” he exclaimed. “Although his personal characteristics are not obvious now, it will show his plasticity. It’s a talent that can be met but cannot be sought!”

“That Hua Rong only thinks about digging people from everywhere all day long, but turns a blind eye to the real treasures. No wonder she has been working hard for so many years and is still just a small agent!”

Shen Huai didn’t comment on his words.

After this exchange Guo Wenyuan had a new understanding of Shen Huai’s talent and was even more reluctant to give him up. “Otherwise, you can also just take people to join you in the job-hopping. Although I used to speak ill about Guanrui, to be honest, the resources of such a large company are much more than what I have thought. You also have to compete with people in Morningstar. You might as well switch to Guanrui, and I’ll take care of you… “

Shen Huai sighed helplessly and decided to directly put an end to Guo Wenyuan’s ideas. Otherwise, with his understanding of Du Yuping, this matter would continue endlessly.

“Do you know which holding company Morningstar belongs to?”

Guo Wenyuan shook his head helplessly.

“Morningstar’s holding company is Shen Group,” Shen Huai said calmly. “That is my family’s property.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

Shen Huai settled the matter and gently nodded to Guo Wenyuan, “If that’s alright, I’ll leave first. Goodbye.”

With that, he left the ward in a relaxed manner, leaving Guo Wenyuan who was still frozen, regain his mind much later.

“He and Guo are the same rich generation, just look at him!”

When Guo Wenyuan woke up, the police quickly came to his door. His lawyer was familiar with this kind of thing and solved it quickly.

Song Yimian, cleared of all suspicion, walked out of the police station. The sky was gray, just like his mood at that moment. He walked absentmindedly to the house where he lived.

Just then, his cell phone rang. He trembled slightly when he saw the word “Mom” displayed on the screen. But he answered the phone call and tried to keep calm.

Mother Song rambled, “How are you doing, son? Did you eat well? Did you sleep well? Mom told you before, don’t work too hard. If you don’t want to act anymore, come back home and get a teacher qualification certificate. It’s good to be a teacher… “

Two streams of tears flowed from Song Yimian’s eyes, but his tone was not any different, when he replied happily, “I’m fine, mom, you don’t have to worry. I recently signed to a new crew. It’s a criminal investigation drama. I play the second male lead. I’m a forensic examiner. This role is very outstanding. Maybe soon you will be able to see me on TV.”

“Oh, a criminal investigation drama, that’s an online drama. Mom has learned to look for TV announcements on the Internet for some time. We’ve watched all your TV appearances. Recently, I’ve been learning how to edit. I’ll cut out all your roles to make a collection, and send it to you next time!”

Song Yimian shed tears, but he smiled with the corners of his mouth. After ending the call with his mother, he roughly wiped the tears off his face with his sleeve. Only then did he find out the sun had set down slowly, tearing open the gray sky and sprinkling a ray of sunshine.

Song Yimian’s face went dark. He pursed his lips and cheered himself up secretly. He had already made up his mind. After the contract termination, he planned to go to a professional school for further studies and then submit his resume. Even if it was a dragon suit, it wouldn’t matter.

In recent years, he had saved some money, so he wouldn’t have a problem holding on for a year and a half.

Song Yimian calculated and then found out that an SUV had stopped in front of him. The window on the driver side slid down, revealing a handsome face.

Song Yimian opened his eyes wide, almost at a loss. “Shen… Brother Shen… “

Shen Huai was surprised. “You know me?”

Song Yimian nodded. Shen Huai was once Xu Anqi’s agent and was regarded as a lifelong enemy by Hua Rong. He has naturally seen many photos of Shen Huai, and later after Shen Huai’s hot searches, he became even more popular.

And he still vaguely remembered that it was Shen Huai who took the knife from his hand when he was in the hotel. And it was Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo who were comforting him all the time when he felt helpless.

Shen Huai didn’t ask further, but simply pointed to the cafe by the road, “Want to talk?”

Song Yimian hesitated, then nodded.

They went into the cafe and found a free booth.

Shen Huai didn’t exchange any pleasantries before saying straightforwardly, “I heard that you have already terminated your contract with Hua Rong?”

Although Shen Huai didn’t take Hua Rong seriously, Morningstar Company had their people in Menghe, so it was easy to ask for this kind of news.

Song Yimian thought that Hua Rong was so angry with him that she had already announced their contract termination in advance without waiting for him to come out of the police station.

He nodded, then stopped talking waiting for Shen Huai to speak.

Shen Huai’s daily work was to deal with all kinds of old foxes. He had never met such a simple white rabbit-like Song Yimian. He sighed in his heart, put on a calm face and controlled the rhythm of the whole conversation.

Song Yimian was not his opponent, it was immediately clear to him.

Shen Huai mused, “You mean that you plan to take a break for training and then submit your resume?? ——Have you found the right school yet?”

Song Yimian shook his head and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Shen, why on earth did you come looking for me?”

Shen Huai folded his hands and looked into Song Yimian’s eyes. “I am looking for you to ask if you are willing to sign a contract with me and become my artist?”

Song Yimian froze, almost stammering, “Me? You want to sign me?!” 

Shen Huai nodded.

Song Yimian was dazed by the pie that fell from the sky. It took him a long time to recover, his face bitter, “Thank you, Brother Shen, but I don’t need sympathy…”

Shen Huai smiled helplessly, “Do you think I’m sympathizing with you?”

“Aren’t you?”

Over the past two years, Song Yimian’s self-confidence has been crushed again and again. He has seen Chu Mei Bo’s performance, and it was simply amazing. He couldn’t believe that Shen Huai that had such a talented actress could still see him.

Seeing this, Shen Huai solemnly said, “If I wanted to sympathize with you, there would be other ways to help you. There is no need to use my professionalism to do it. I want to sign you up, because I see the potential in you, of course. I think you can become a good actor.”

When Song Yimian heard his words, his face slowly lit up.

For him now, there is nothing more inspiring than this sentence.

Shen Huai took out the contract and pushed it over. “Take a look at the contract first.”

Song Yimian held the contract and felt like he was dreaming. However, although he felt like he was going to fly at any moment, the lesson Hua Rong taught him before still made him cautious.

“Brother Shen, I… Can I take the contract back and take a look at it?” After Song Yimian finished speaking, afraid that Shen Huai would misunderstand, he hurriedly added, “It’s not that I don’t trust Brother Shen, it’s just …”

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Huai didn’t mind. “Even if you didn’t say it, I would have also suggested to you to go back and read the contract carefully. If you have any additional conditions, you’d better find a lawyer to check it for you.”

Song Yimian felt grateful and guilty at the same time. “I know, but still thank you, Brother Shen.”

“You’re welcome.” Shen Huai smiled and seeing that he was still a little uneasy, he added, “You don’t have to feel indebted to me. We are cooperative and equal. We have our own areas of expertise. I will find resources for you, but to some extent, your performance will also bring me new resources. We are mutually beneficial.”

Song Yimian seemed to be shocked by his words and whispered, “Before… nobody has ever told me that.”

Hua Rong always said in front of him that if it was not for her, he would have never had this opportunity, or just scolded him for wasting the resources she had worked hard to find for him. Song Yimian felt sorry for her every time, so at work, he constantly gave in to her, obediently listening to her words and never daring to have his own ideas.

But now listening to Shen Huai’s words, he felt suddenly enlightened. His originally slightly hunched back gradually straightened up.

He said to Shen Huai earnestly, “Thank you, Brother Shen.”

Song Yimian knew that there was no need for Shen Huai to say these things. If he didn’t say it, he would be grateful to him and listen to him more obediently in the future, just like he once did with Hua Rong.

But Shen Huai still enlightened him.

For Song Yimian, these words were as important to him as Shen Huai’s previous encouragement.

Although he had not yet found a lawyer, his heart gradually shifted to Shen Huai’s side.

Song Yimian stood up, bowed to Shen Huai, and then walked out of the cafe suppressing his excitement. When he got outside, he finally lost control over his joy. He jumped up with his fist pinching in the air. As a result, he almost hit the tree and ran away like a frightened bunny holding the contract.

Shen Huai was still sitting in the cafe. When he happened to see this scene he couldn’t help laughing.

He suddenly felt that it was much more interesting to sign a newcomer like Song Yimian than those old and sophisticated old bosses.

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