MAIR – Chapter 165 – The real road

When Ye Cang woke up the next day, Shen Heng had already left.

This man came and left suddenly. Ye Cang didn’t have any ideas, but he saw the sadness on Shen Huai’s face. Thinking that Shen Heng was, after all, the most important relative of Shen Huai. Shen Huai didn’t say it on the surface, but he still might be sad.

So Ye Cang changed his ways to make Shen Huai happy.

Shen Huai was amused by him, and Ye Cang became relieved. Then he thought of the important thing: “I was drunk yesterday, is everything all right?”

Shen Huai’s expression was a little strange.

Ye Cang’s heart suddenly tightened, “What happened”

As soon as his voice fell, Shen Huai cell phone rang, and it was Mr.Guo who sent him a video call.

Just after Shen Huai picked it up, Guo Wenyuan burst out laughing at the other end: “Ha ha ha ha, Mr. Shen, do you know what Ye Cang did yesterday? Did they tell you about it? Ha ha ha ha. It was so funny. Ye Cang, what are you doing here?”

Seeing Ye Cang who suddenly appeared in the camera, Guo Wenyuan almost bit his own tongue.

Ye Cang said, “If I’m not here, where should I be?”

Guo Wenyuan: “..”

Guo Wenyuan made a ha ha sound and then quickly changed the topic: “Well, I have something to tell Junior Shen, let’s get together in the afternoon.”

Ye Cang regretfully said that he needed to return to the program group of the “National Idol” in the afternoon. Originally, he would have gone back yesterday, but in order to welcome Guo Wenyuan and others, he stayed for an extra day.

Mr. Guo clapped his head and said, “I forgot, now that shooting is over, I can finally vote for my goddess wholeheartedly.”

Shen Huai, Ye Cang: “..”

Mr. Guo, is that all you want to do.

However, if Ye Cang doesn’t come, Guo Wenyuan doesn’t mind. He wanted to meet with Shen Huai. Ye Cang was just an extra.

So the two men talked for a while and then began to quarrel across the screen, despite the fact that these two men were justified and frequently quoted golden sentences against others, when it was their turn to quarrel, they were childish just like primary school students.

Shen Huai couldn’t help thinking of a video he has seen before, in which a cat and dog were on the other side of the fence, and threw at each other bones and fish bones, exactly like in the scene in front of him.

Shen Huai coughs and throws this strange imagination out of his mind.

Yesterday at the dinner table, Guo Wenyuan held on for a moment longer than Ye Cang, and saw with his own eyes the appearance of Ye Cang drunkenness, so today’s bickering was completely invincible.

Ye Cang sulked and went to one side to shut himself off.

Old Guo was so spirited that he said to Shen Huai, “That’s it. I’ll see you in the afternoon.” But then he thought of something, and his face changed. “By the way, your uncle shouldn’t come over.”

Shen Huai “He still has his own job, so he left by plane this morning”

Old Guo breathed a sigh of relief.

Before he could finish his sight, Shen Huai leisurely added, “but he asked me to tell you that he would like to invite you to drink together when he returns home.”

Guo Wenyuan; “…”

The smile on Guo Wenyuan’s face froze.

It took a long time for him to say, “little Shen, don’t try scaring people”

Shen Huai said calmly, “No way, I’ll protect you.”

Guo Wenyuan: “…”

In the afternoon, Shen Huai drove to the place booked by Guo Wenyuan. It has to be said that Mr. Guo was really scared of Shen Heng. Even though Shen Huai had told him that Shen Heng had left, he still booked the teahouse for safety.

The waiter led Shen Huai to the door of the room, and Guo Wenyuan came to meet him personally, and then looked behind him, convinced that Shen Heng was really not there, he finally felt relieved.

Shen Huai:”…”

Guo Wenyuan realized that he had overreacted and become embarrassed, trying to mend it by himself. “I’m not afraid of your uncle, but that drinking habit of his is a hindrance.”

Shen Huai was amused, but he didn’t expose him.

Guo Wenyuan breathed a sigh of relief, asked him to sit down and personally poured him tea.

When Shen Huai put down his teacup, Guo Wenyuan said, “Did you hear about the plan of the film association to cultivate new people?”

Shen Huai nodded. He not only heard about it, it was because of this plan, Yang Yizhou became Pei Ran screenwriter.

Guo Wenyuan’s face became slightly condensed: “I heard that Sheng second had some ideas about this plan.”

Sheng second was Sheng Zhen, the second son of the Sheng family. At the beginning, they poached Fu Cheng and suppressed Yihang, trying to obtain Yihang copyright library. Unfortunately, Yi Mian saw through it, which prompted him to give Yihang copyright library to Shen Huai.

Sheng second and other thus formed a grudge against Shen Huai.

Over the past six months, Shen Huai has dodged many open and hidden arrows and shadows of Sheng er and others could be seen behind this. For Shen Huai they were just clown tricks, and he didn’t take them to heart, but what Guo Wenyuan mentioned was worth pondering.

Guo Wenyuan sneered coldly, “if he really wanted to make a good movie and cultivate new people, I won’t say anything, but as you know, he and Hou Zhang are eager for quick success and quick profit. I don’t believe they have heart for it at all. This morning, the insider from Hou Zhang told me that the reason why Sheng second wanted to get involved in this plan was actually to solve the film and Television City Project from Tancheng from a few years ago. “

As soon as he said this, Shen Huai understood.

Film investment has always been a matter of luck. The films with high expectations and big investors may fail while many unpopular projects break out by virtue of word-of-mouth becoming dark horses.

This unstable characteristic has led to a stable stock price of many companies, even if they produced blockbuster their stock price would not rise or fall.

Veteran film and television companies like Guanrui can’t escape this fate. In recent years, Guanrui has indeed invested in several blockbuster films, but at the same time, the achievements of this several main investment movies haven’t reached their expectations.  Guanrui has not been able to hand over a qualified answer paper, and even their next year plans, except for blockbuster like “Red Actress” Guanrui list was very bleak.

This was the bottleneck that many old film and television companies would encounter. Many companies will choose to seek breakthroughs from other places, such as building a film and television city.

However building a film and television city was so such a simple thing, involving all aspects and huge investment. If you don’t take care of it, you’ll lose it. For example, Guantui suffered great losses in the film and Television City Project in Tancheng.

Guanrui suffered for a long time from this gold sucking black hole.

A few years ago, chairman Sheng told his friends that if any of his two sons could solve the Tancheng Film City project, he would give him Guanrui.

However, compared with Sheng Qi, Sheng Zhen was obviously much more impatient.

At the beginning, they took a fancy to the Yihang copyright library, just to set off a wave of nostalgia fever and take this opportunity to launch the project of Tancheng film and television city. It was a pity that this plan was interrupted by Yi Mian and Shen Huai, so they could only retreat and seek the second option, and wanted to become involved in the plan of cultivating new talents.

Shen Huai face suddenly became solemn.

Guo Wenyuan sighed, “Most of the shareholders of the company have been attracted by this idea, and Sheng Jiang has also been persuaded by them. In this matter, Sheng Qi has no position to speak, so I could only come to you. I don’t want to see the future of Chinese films destroyed by villains like Sheng Zhen. “

Shen Huai understood Guo Wenyuan’s concern and nodded. “I see.”

Guo Wenyuan trusted Shen Huai very much. Knowing that Shen Huai said this, he would never sit idly by. He breathed a sigh of relief and became much more relaxed.

After talking about business, Guo Wenyuan took the opportunity to turn the topic to Xia Shiyu.

As the number one fan of the goddess, Guo Wenyuan had to vote for the goddess every day even when the crew was busy. Now after the shooting completion, he has made great efforts to send his goddess to take C position.

Shen Huai chatted with him for a while and found that he knew more about the ecology of the fan circle than he did as an agent.

Guo Wenyuan was very proud. After all, there were too few things that he could actually defeat Shen Huai in. But in this matter, old Guo was not so good so his little assistant Jia Mingming has made some great achievements.

Looking at Shen Huai’s slightly distressed appearance, Guo Wenyuan secretly decided that his little assistant will not be fired for the time being.

Jia Mingming, who was voting for Xia Shiyu in his apartment, suddenly sneezed. He rubbed his nose and grunted twice. But he immediately forgot about it and went back to voting.

Shen Huai and Guo Wenyuan talked for a short time, but She Huai had to go back to the company so Old Guo immediately sent him out.

This tea house was designed to imitate the ancient garden with the leisurely paths hidden in the rockery, flowers and trees, which was very charming but it is not very interesting if you turn around a rockery and see people you don’t want to see.

If you look at it from the sky, you could see that Guo Wenyuan and Shen Huai meet each other in the middle of the path, led by Sheng Zhen and Hou Zhang.

Sheng Zhen especially came to this teahouse to entertain his friends. Who knew that he would run into Guo Wenyuan? Not only Guo Wenyuan, but also Shen Huai.

Sheng Zhen looked gloomily at Guo Wenyuan and Shen Huai. Guo Wenyuan was not willing to show weakness, so neither of them was willing to give the way to the other.

The ancient path was suddenly filled with the smell of hu0ya0, and the teahouse manager who led Sheng Zhen and his party into the teahouse almost slapped himself in the face. How could he choose this path and let these two meet each other?

Both sides didn’t speak, but Hou Zhang, who was originally behind Sheng Zhen, couldn’t help it. “I thought it was our director Guo, who thought that being a good boss was inappropriate and instead he decided to become an actor and made the whole circle laugh.”

Guo Wenyuan said with a smile, “that’s impossible. The capital given to me by my parents makes me so handsome, unlike some people. Even if others had the same idea, they wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Hou Zhang’s face suddenly turned blue. “You.”

Sheng Zhen, who had not spoken for a long time, couldn’t help saying “Uncle” in a cold voice

Although Hou Zhang was Sheng Zhen’s uncle, he had no position in front of his nephew. So even if he wanted to gnaw Guo Wenyuan, he could only shut up his mouth.

Guo Wenyuan seemed to finally notice Sheng Zhen. “Oh, isn’t this Sheng second? I’m sorry, Mr. Hou is so big. I didn’t even notice you for a moment.”

Sheng Zhen hated being called the second. When he heard Guo Wenyuan’s words, his face became even worse: “Guo Wenyuan, don’t be complacent. Sooner or later, I will let you know who is in charge of the future of the Sheng family.”

Guo Wenyuan sneered, “Who can’t say a few cruel words? I’ll wait”

Sheng Zhen’s face became even more ugly, and he turned to look at Shen Huai. “President Shen, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Shen Huai nodded slightly, “Manager Sheng.”

Sheng Zhen’s face didn’t improve because of his title, but he still kept a cold face: “Before Yihang we didn’t fight nor knew each other. I admire Mr. Shen very much. The thing with Yihang should be written off. I hope we can cooperate in the future.”

Shen Huai was amused. He didn’t know where Sheng Zhen inexplicable self-confidence came from, but he didn’t want to get back like Guo Wenyuan, so he just smiled and said, “All right, I also hope to cooperate with Guanrui in the future.”

Sheng Zhen received a nail that was neither soft nor hard, but he became even angrier in his heart, but he couldn’t show his anger. He secretly scolded Shen Huai in his heart, but still pretended to be friendly: “For the sake of President Shen, I hope we can be friend”

Shen Huai smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Manager Sheng.”

Sheng Zhen also reluctantly smiled, and then coldly turned to the teahouse manager to “Show another way.”

The manager of the tea-house did not expect Sheng Zhen to give in and wipe the sweat from his forehead “ Then, this way please”

They changed their way in a mighty way, and Guo Wenyuan proudly waved “Go that way.”

However, Shen Huai looked at their backs and frowned slowly.



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