MAIR – Chapter 155 – Going Public

Guo Wenyuan woke up the next morning free of the shadow from the previous day. Yesterday, he just couldn’t accept it for a while, and he drank a lot of wine, for he was too excited. But today he was back to normal.

Guo Wenyuan’s assistant looked at him sadly with a pair of eyes with dark circles under them. Yesterday, he took care of his boss for half of the night, and he was worried for the rest of the night because of what Mr. Shen said. Eventually, when his boss woke up, he had no intention to explain anything to him.

Guo Wenyuan felt the gaze of his assistant as if he was looking at a heartless man, as if he had been stabbed in the back, and rubbed his arms uneasily.

Guo Wenyuan had completely forgotten his drunken madness from last night, and now he was full of thoughts on how to make his goddess happy. There was nothing to say about Pei Ran’s ability or character, but the most important thing was whether he would be good to Xia Shiyu.

Guo Wenyuan was now like a worried father who became very anxious about his daughter’s upcoming marriage.

After breakfast and having his makeup done, Guo Wenyuan sat in his chair thinking while waiting for his scene. Because today most of the scenes were with the male and the female lead, he had a lot of time.

Seeing him frowning, as if he was troubled by something, the assistant thought of Shen Huai’s words the day before, and could not help asking in a low voice, “Boss Guo, what are you worried about? Why don’t you tell me and let me take care of it for you?”

Guo Wenyuan was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he said what was in his mind, “I wonder what Pei Ran is like. Do you think he would be a good marriage partner?”

Assistant: “!!!”

He knew it! After holding back for such a long time, Boss Guo finally exposed himself!

However, he didn’t blame Boss Guo. That young man named Pei Ran was so good-looking that even a straight man like him became almost bent, let alone Boss Guo, who was originally like this.

But….. That teenager was one of the artists brought by Mr. Shen! Although he did not know his identity, judging by Mr. Shen’s attitude towards him, this status was certainly not low, he might even be some relative of the Shen family.

No wonder Mr. Shen told him that yesterday, he had probably directly rejected Mr. Guo.

Unexpectedly, beneath the facade of a playboy, Mr. Guo was actually a deeply affectionate person.

The assistant instantly made up a hundred thousand words of dog blood abuse drama, a surge of sympathy welling up in his heart.

Guo Wenyuan reacted only when he finished speaking, then he saw his assistant looking at him pitifully. “Boss Guo, you don’t have to explain. I understand!”

Guo Wenyuan: “???”

No, you don’t understanding what I’m saying. What’s wrong with your brain?!

Guo Wenyuan: For the 10086th time I want to dismiss this assistant! 




Pei Ran did not know that he was involved in a rumor, but he was acutely aware of Guo Wenyuan’s strange attitude towards him.

Shen Huai was a little embarrassed and could only pretend that he didn’t know anything. He discussed the shooting of the film with Pei Ran very honestly.

In fact, with the current scale of Morningstar, coupled with these special artists, it was just a matter of time for Morningstar to become the number one brokerage company in the industry.  But obviously Shen Huai’s ambition was much more than that.

Shen Huai had always had a dream. He didn’t just want Yihang to participate in the investment. The reason he had re-established Yihang Studio at that time was to make the icon of Yihang reappear in the movie titles.

Now that Yihang Studio had been established for more than half a year, relying on Yi Mian’s vision and Shen Huai’s sound development strategy of the studio, Yihang’s achievements were pretty good.

In this half a year, Shen Huai had also learned a lot about film production and distribution, but no matter how much he had learned, it only counted as theoretical knowledge. Moreover, it was time for his small boat to enter the sea and face the wind and the waves.

In fact, there were already several candidates in Shen Huai’s mind. Shao Ning and Wan Shan were both talented and clever directors, but Shen Huai still wanted to give this first shot to Pei Ran.

After hearing this, Pei Ran showed an interested expression.

In the past, most films were “director-centered”, meaning the director was the core of the film, and most creative decisions were made by the director, and the whole crew was dependant on the director’s will. This way, the films often carried the director’s own unique temperament. For example, the crew of “Red Actress” was the standardized “director-centered system”. 

Now, under the impact of foreign film and television, China had gradually started changing into a “producer-centered system”. Compared with the former method, which depended entirely on the director’s own vision and was full of gambling uncertainty, the latter was obviously less risky and more advantageous for film and television companies.

Pei Ran naturally had an understanding of this background and did not expect that Shen Huai would do the opposite.

“This is not the way to do it as a businessman.” He laughed. 

Shen Huai said indifferently, “If I just wanted to make money, I wouldn’t need to enter this industry at all.”

Pei Ran raised his eyebrows and said, “Then you have so much confidence in me?”

Shen Huai asked, “Shouldn’t I have?”

Pei Ran could not help laughing, and beneath that excessively handsome face, Pei Ran finally revealed the sharpness and ambition that belonged to this soul. This was the same Pei Ran who had burned his own wealth to save Hong Kong.

His eyes fell on Shen Huai and he said in a careless tone, with unspeakable arrogance, “Yes, you have always had good eyes.”




Shen Huai did not stay with the crew for long. After making a deal with Pei Ran, he and Ye Cang returned to Zhongjing City.

For Shen Huai, this meant that his busy work would begin again, but Shen Huai didn’t feel tired. For him, this was the battlefield he should stay in.

Shen Huai coming back this time, on the one hand was to collect the huge cake left behind after the fall of Huayue Records, and on the other hand, to select suitable crew members for Pei Ran. After all, even if it was a “director-centered system”, the crew was still very important, and no crew could be built overnight, not to mention that they had to learn how to work together after building the team.

Since the president of Huayue Records was taken away, there had been many scandals. In recent years, Huayue, as the leader in the music industry, had occupied the largest market share, suffocating the other record companies. Now that Huayue had been torn down by Shen Huai, the others would naturally rush to kill the opponent as soon as they saw their weakened state.

This period of time was probably the darkest period since Huayue Records was founded, but Shen Huai wasn’t soft-hearted either. He took it as an opportunity to develop Ye Cang’s studio and Morningstar.

Shen Huai worked hard and Ye Cang was not idle either. Shen Huai gave him the task of auditing artists, the two of them cooperated happily, adding several capable generals to Morningstar.

Ming Wei was both happy and in pain recently. She was working overtime day and night, but at the same time, the company performance was booming. As the director of the brokerage department, her performance resume this year was simply dazzling, the end of year bonus would certainly not be any worse.

The only disadvantage was that she always ran into Ye Cang when she went in and out of Shen Huai’s office.

When Shen Huai and Ye Cang were in public, they usually didn’t show their close relationship. However, if you observed them carefully, they occasionally looked at each other tacitly, smiled warmly at each other, and even occasionally showed some intimacy in their words which was obviously not on the same scale as the typical artist-and-agent relationship.

Not to mention, the two of them probably already knew they had exposed themselves in front of her, so they became more relaxed in her presence.

Ming Wei sighed from the bottom of her heart. The feeling that she was the only one who knew the secret was so miserable that she almost wanted to find a tree hole to talk to.

Of course, what she was most worried about was that the relationship between the two would be seen by someone with keen eyesight, and when the rumors spread all over the place, she would no longer be able to speak about it.

However, maybe the more you worried about something, the more likely it would happen.

That day, Ming Wei finished her paperwork and was finally able to take a break.

She took out the cake from her mini-fridge, bit a fork and opened the hot searches on Weibo. Then, only a “crunch” sound could be heard. She had bitten off a corner of the fork.

Ming Wei spat out the small piece of plastic while she opened the hot searches.

# Ye Cang’s romance exposed #

# Ye Cang and Shen Huai are in love #

# Ye Cang t0ng’x-in’l-ia:n#

These three hot searches were neatly arranged, with the red word “Explosive” hanging behind them, showing the netizens’ shock at the news.

Ming Wei opened a hot search with her trembling hands and saw a couple of photos taken by a paparazzi.

The photo was taken at night, in it Shen Huai and Ye Cang walked out of a restaurant with several other people. Although the photo was a little blurry, their faces were still recognizable: Chu Mei Bo, Guo Wenyuan and Pei Ran, who had just signed his contract.

Ming Wei thought about it carefully and estimated that it was taken when Shen Huai went to visit the crew of “Red Actress”.

The first few photos were normal, but in the latter, Ye Cang took the initiative to hold Shen Huai’s hand, and this photo was partially zoomed, so that their interlocked fingers could be seen.

After that, although there was no photo of them kissing, all kinds of intimacy could be seen even from just a picture, that showed some sweetness.

The published gallery of photos was almost irrefutable proof.

Although it had not been long since Ye Cang’s debut, he kept breaking records and even won the Colleen Award, which had become the signboard of Morningstar.

After this incident broke out, Ye Cang’s image would certainly be damaged. If it was someone else, Ming Wei would have already made a phone call to scold them. But it was her own boss. Ming Wei quickly chickened out and immediately went to Shen Huai’s office to report.

It was only when she went over that she found out that the director of the company publicity department had also arrived.

Shen Huai clasped his hands and stared at the computer, while Ye Cang sat nonchalantly on the sofa, but judging from the way he kept turning his phone, he was obviously not as easy as he seemed.

The director of the publicity department held his IPAD and exchanged a helpless look with Ming Wei. Obviously because the target was his own boss, he also chickened out.

The director of the publicity department reported the subsequent impact of this incident. It was almost impossible to make it disappear. He could only consider how to reduce the losses and maintain Shen Huai and Ye Cang’s image.

Shen Huai listened quietly and did not speak.

Ye Cang held the phone in his hand, he stood up and said, “Huai, let’s make it public!”

They had talked about this before. Ye Cang was no longer a newcomer who had just made his debut and was already strong enough to bear the consequences of this incident, and Shen Huai had also seriously considered this matter. It was just that he didn’t expect this day to come so unexpectedly.

Shen Huai had not yet spoken when Ming Wei couldn’t help herself, “Mr. Shen, let’s take a long-term point of view.”

Shen Huai looked up and his eyes fell on Ye Cang through his glasses.

In this moment, all the things they had experienced crossed his mind.

Whether they were being chased by illegitimate fans at the beginning, or when Ye Cang expressed his love vaguely through the song at the release of the new album, the two fought side by side and experienced ups and downs. 

This man was warm and straightforward and never hid his love. Every time he saw him, the joy in his eyes seemed to overflow.

Ye Cang said, “Thank you for seeing me!” , but in Shen Huai’s heart, who had once completely lost the desire to live, he should be the one to thank Ye Cang for letting him understand the meaning of living.

Just like Ye Cang once told him the story behind the “Summer Bug” song.

This man, to him was his light.

Shen Huai stood up and walked to Ye Cang. He held his hand and slowly showed a firm and gentle smile.

“Yes, we’ll go public.” 


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