MAIR – Chapter 156 – Heavyweight News

The love affair between Shen Huai and Ye Cang almost paralyzed the whole Weibo.

[Shit! Ye Cang was a gay?!! ]

[Fairy love!!! ]

[I thought there was something wrong with them before. The financial giant actually worked as a small agent. Who would believe it was not for the sake of love? ]

[According to LS, Shen Huai’s true love should be Xu Anqi ]

[I cry every time I pick up sugar and say I’ve got it! I never thought that one day I could really get it!! ]

t0ng’x-in’l-ia:n**!! Disgusting! ]

[I don’t believe it!! I won’t believe it till my male god admits it! Sound of crying]

[These days, handsome guys only like handsome guys. Alas… ]

[ There is no evidence, just a few unclear pictures and the paparazzi who made up a story. I can’t believe people who don’t use their brain. Ah! ]

[You don’t have a brain. Isn’t that clear enough?! If it’s not a lover, how good is their relationship to interwine their fingers?? That’s even scarier! ]

The Internet was so noisy that the CP fans felt like they had won the five million grand prize, so happy, they were overwhelmed.

Cherry excitedly took out all her inventory, but looking at the comments on the Internet, she got a little worried. She had Shen Huai and Ye Cang’s WeChats, but she believed in the self-made rules of the CP circle and seldom bothered them. So she took a look at the two names on WeChat and hesitated for a moment.

Just then, her QQ suddenly started ringing like crazy. This was her QQ account used mostly by CP fans just like her. Now everyone was frantically sending her messages. Was there something wrong with Shen Huai and Ye Cang?

Cherry’s heart sank. She quickly opened the dialog box and found that something really had happened, and it was a big deal!

Shen Huai and Ye Cang unexpectedly admitted it on Weibo, revealing that they were now in a relationship.

@Shen Huai V: No matter if it is work or life, please give more advice in the future. @ Ye Cang

@Ye Cang V: The eternal protagonist in my love songs  @ Shen Huai

Cherry was stunned. As a TV practitioner, she knew that in this type of case, the best thing for the company was to cover it up or simply not respond. After all, even if everyone had a clear understanding, as long as both parties did not admit it, there would always be room for maneuvers, but as long as they responded, no matter what they said, they would face some obstacles… 

Shen Huai should know better than her. He was a rational and calm man who shouldn’t do such impulsive things.

Cherry “woo”-ed and started typing in the dialog box. 

——I believe in love again!!



Although supported by CP fans like Cherry, t0ng’x-in’l-ia: n was still not accepted by the public.

Shortly after their Weibo was posted, Morningstar’s stock price, which had been soaring at great speed, suddenly fell down and so did some brands that originally wanted to cooperate with Ye Cang. In addition, all kinds of ugly rumors were thrown at them. 

Fortunately, Shen Huai had been prepared for this for a long time. Although the Internet was still noisy, at least it had not affected Morningstar too much.

Chu Mei Bo and the others all knew about it, so they called and sent messages to them one after another.

Shen Huai just hung up Chu Mei Bo’s phone call and saw a familiar name on a WeChat voice call. He felt helpless, but he still answered it.

Chen Chiyu was still in a state of shock at this moment. “Boss, did you just admit it?”

Shen Huai said, “Yes,” and even joked with him, “Sorry, I have to leave you alone tonight.” 

Chen Chiyu listened to his relaxed tone and felt relieved. “It’s not the first time, anyway. I’m used to it…”

When he finished sharing his troubles, he still couldn’t help saying, “You’re too rigid. I feel like I’ve been busy for a few days, and as soon as I come out the sky has changed.” 

Shen Huai said lightly, “It’s only a matter of time. Now was just the right time.”

“You can take it easy.” Chen Chiyu lowered his voice, “Just…. Is it really settled?” 

Without hesitation, Shen Huai said earnestly, “Yes.” 

“Alas…” Chen Chiyu didn’t know what to say. “Alright then, I can only give you my Blessing. Come out for dinner some time.”

Shen Huai laughed. “Of course, when the storm is over, we will invite you together.” 

Chen Chiyu: “….Hey, don’t keep feeding me dog food just because my wife is not around….. ” 

The smile on Shen Huai’s face fell into Ye Cang’s eyes, which made him smile unconsciously.

Li Zihang on the other side of the video call said quietly, “My friend, isn’t it just throwing away your single status? Can you stop laughing like that? I’m getting a little scared.” 

Ye Cang replied with one white eye, “You just say this from envy and hatred , just say it directly. I won’t laugh at you for not being able to find someone.”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang felt that he was asking for trouble by video calling Ye Cang. Ye Cang was so optimistic that he wanted to teach him a lesson. No matter how many people on the Internet slandered him, he probably wouldn’t even spare them a glance. There was no need to worry about him at all.

Li Zihang looked at Ye Cang’s face and couldn’t help asking, “To be honest, my friend, did you send the paparazzi yourself?”

Ye Cang: “What nonsense are you talking about? Get lost!”

Dizzy with success, Li Zihang couldn’t help but complaint about it, “Look for a mirror to see yourself! I didn’t see you act so smug even when you won the Colleen Awards.” 

Ye Cang touched his cheek, and indeed the  corner of his mouth was upturned. He could not tell Li Zihang that after his rebirth, winning the Collen Awards was reasonable for him. It made him happy, but it did not make him lose his calm. However, Shen Huai was an unexpected joy, a unique gift from heaven.

He didn’t have to speak, his suddenly soft eyes had already told Li Zihang the answer.

Li Zihang was happy for him, but he deliberately said, “Hey, did you have any ideas about your agent when you were competing? That’s why you were always so busy and didn’t even go to dinner with me.”

The more he thought about it, the more sure he become. How many times had Ye Cang refused him under the pretext that he wanted to join Shen Huai for dinner? Who would believe that he wasn’t already in love at that time?

Who would have known that Ye Cang would just look at him and say lightly, “No, it was just my pure dislike for you.”

Li Zihang: “…”

Li Zihang hung up the video call angrily.

Ye Cang couldn’t help laughing. He put away his cell phone, walked to Shen Huai, held his hand in the palm of his hand and asked, “Are all the calls done?” 

Shen Huai confirmed it and advised, “Don’t bully Li Zihang all the time. You don’t have many friends, so don’t make the few you have angry.” 

The smile on Ye Cang’s face widened a little. “Well, it’s up to you.”

Seeing the appearance of a good baby on his face, he knew that this man was an example of actively admitting his mistakes without any repentance, but now he could only shake his head helplessly.

Ye Cang arched to Shen Huai’s neck like a big dog. “Huai, I’m really happy.”

Shen Huai’s heart softened and his hand tightened.

Neither of them spoke, but both of them felt the flowing warmth and tacit understanding. They both knew that this kind of peace was short-lived. Tomorrow, what they had to face was a flood of doubts and malice, but even so, they had no regrets. 

Just then, Ye Cang thought of something. He opened his mobile phone and his second account of “Your Father” and sent out a Weibo. 

He wrote proudly, “At this kind of critical time, as the number one CP fan, how can I not express it?”

Shen Huai looked at the content of the Weibo and pressed his forehead helplessly.

[@Your Father: Today is a good day to come out.]

The netizens in the comment section. 

[??? ]

[!!!! ]

[… ]

[dad, don’t rub this heat]



Two days later, Morningstar announced a press conference. All reporters who received the news had their eyes lit up.

In the past two days, Shen Huai and Ye Cang’s affair made the whole internet quarrel, but both of them seemed to have disappeared. They were so well protected, that reporters couldn’t even find people to interview, let alone them.

Now two days had passed, but the heat wasn’t going down. As a reporter, it would be the peak of their career to be able to interview any of these two people, and the sales volume would explode.

At this time, Shen Huai announced a press conference, which was like putting a piece of fresh meat in front of a group of hungry wolves.

It wasn’t just information released by Morningstar Company. Who didn’t know who was behind Morningstar Company? The scale of this conference was not small and Shen Huai would definitely attend.

As a result, countless reporters wanted to squeeze into the press conference. Although Morningstar was very strict avout the invitation qualifications, on the day of the press conference the whole venue was nevertheless full. 

At the beginning of the conference, Shen Huai came to the stage in a suit, and Ye Cang followed him closely. 

The whole press conference was in a state of uproar. This was the first time that these two people were seen together since their announcement of coming out of the closet. For a while, the whole scene was full of the sound of camera shutters “clicking”.

But no one would have thought that Shen Huai and Ye Cang wouldn’t be sitting in the middle, and the people who followed them, made everyone stare with wide eyes. 

——Fang Zhilan, executive vice president of the Music Association and dean of Zhongjing Conservatory of Music, Li Luan, head of Mahayana Real Estate, Jian Hui, CEO of, and Yi Mian, former chairman of Yihang Film Company, who once influenced generations.

The appearance of these four people made the reporters present smell big news. 

After a series of shooting, they stopped and stared eagerly at the stage, waiting for Shen Huai to release the heavy bomb.

Shen Huai did live up to their expectations and said slowly, “Morningstar has cooperated with the Music Association and Mahayana Real Estate to increase the support for original singers and niche music, including but not limited to rock, jazz and so on, not only in regards to the production of records, but also through variety shows, social publicity and other methods to improve the spread of niche music.”

As soon as he spoke, there was a lot of discussion at the scene. This was a really big move. After the fall of Huayue Records, everyone thought that Morningstar would take over the large market left by Huayue. They didn’t expect that Morningstar would give up this gold pot they got and would instead find a new way to support niche music. Obviously, they were not going to take the monopoly route of Huayue.

When the news were published, the whole music industry and the record market would be shocked. 

Shen Huai didn’t wait for them to digest the news, but released a second bomb.

“Starting from today, Yihang Studio will be independent from Morningstar Entertainment and will not only participate in film and television investment, but will also start making their own productions. We also agreed upon a strategic cooperation with the tomato network to develop new and old Yihang movies and make them appear on the screen again.”

It had been rumored in the industry that the Yihang copyright library was given to Shen Huai by Yi Mian. At that time, no one knew how many people laughed at this as a fantasy. How valuable was the Yihang copyright library? How could you give it away? It was too generous.

After all, at the beginning Guanrui spent so much energy and money to get this library in their hands.

But at this moment, the one who confirmed the news was Yi Mian on the stage. The reporters looked at Yi Mian, who was in a wheelchair, but still in good spirits. They only felt that their faces became more and more swollen.

At this moment, nobody paid much attention to the relationship between the two. After all, these were two heavyweight announcements. No matter which one it was, it would cause a big shock to the entertainment circle, which was obviously more valuable.

The reporters on spot were happy and pained. They couldn’t help but complain about Shen Huai always engaging in this kind of sweet troubles.

At this time, Shen Huai moved the microphone closer to his mouth.

“One last thing, when reporting on Ye Cang and me, please add a word: ‘married’ .”


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