Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 31 – Will Gu Xun meet with Jiang Zhaoyan?

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It was a late summer and early autumn weather. Everyone only wore a single layer of clothes. The feeling of being so close to someone at such a close distance was really . . . Qi Cong only felt that his shoulder, close to Gu Xun’s chest, seemed to be burning. He took a step away from Gu Xun and looked at both sides, confused and nervous.

“Why are you here? There are a lot of people in the airport and you—”

“Take it.” Gu Xun leaned over and took Qi Cong’s hand to give him the cone. Then he took Qi Cong’s suitcase when Qi Cong unconsciously loosened his grip on it and walked away while pulling it. Then he motioned to Zhao Zhenxun and the others in front of him, saying, “Don’t be left behind,” and took the first step forward.

Qi Cong couldn’t stop him. He hurriedly caught up, holding the sweet ice cream cone, and wanted to take back his suitcase. As he stretched out his hand, he asked again, “Why are you here?”

Gu Xun promptly switched the suitcase to his other hand. “My plane arrived here today too. I arrived half an hour earlier than you.”

Gu Xun switched places too quickly, and Qi Cong didn’t have time to retract his outstretched hand in time, so it bumped into Gu Xun’s torso, his fingers touching and grazing Gu Xun’s waist before it got caught in the hem of his T-shirt.

Gu Xun stopped and looked down at the white palm on his T-shirt; the corners of his mouth and eyes were raised. Looking up at Qi Cong’s stiff gaze, he motioned to his hand. “I hope you can grab this more.”

Qi Cong’s gaze uncontrollably followed where Gu Xun indicated with his words and hand. That hand was wide, the fingers long and thin—It is a good-looking hand, and if I were to hold it . . .

Qi Cong was startled by his own thoughts. He quickly opened his eyes while extricating his own hand and looked around again, his voice unconsciously lowered, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to. You . . . you can give me back my suitcase. I’ll just pull it myself.”

Gu Xun sighed lightly.

When Qi Cong heard it, he somehow felt that he had hurt Gu Xun’s feelings. His lips moved to say something more but then heard Gu Xun say, “If you finish eating the cone, I’ll return your suitcase to you.”

Qi Cong was stunned and looked at Gu Xun. Gu Xun looked down and locked eyes with Qi Cong, saying while looking a little helpless, “Is that OK? I went out of my way to buy it.”

His heart felt like it had been lightly poked by someone, and it was hard to refuse such a Gu Xun. Although the current Gu Xun’s behavior was a bit “impudent” and quite different from the past, his words were clearly the same as the Gu Xun he was familiar with.

Qi Cong took a look at the melting vanilla-flavored ice cream cone in his hand and nodded slowly. “. . . OK.” He then added quickly, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome. Eat quickly. It already started melting.” Gu Xun’s voice had that happy tone again.

Qi Cong fingers, holding the cone moved gently, suppressing the emotions that were stirring in his heart. He brought the cone to his mouth. It had melted a bit, but . . . it was sweet.

In the meantime, Qi Cong was very tense and alert, looking around as he ate the cone, his eyebrows unconsciously knitted.

Gu Xun took this opportunity to lean a little closer to Qi Cong and reassured him, “You don’t have to be too vigilant. All the paparazzi who came to find me ran after the crew car, not knowing that I stayed behind secretly.”

Qi Cong immediately looked sideways at Gu Xun and frowned. “You stayed behind secretly? Are you the only one? So how are you going to get to the studio? With a taxi?”

“I can’t take a taxi in this situation.” Gu Xun looked slightly embarrassed. “I might have to scrounge for a cab.”

Qi Cong was confused. Scrounging for a cab?

Five minutes later, Gu Xun grabbed the hand of the producer who was in charge of picking people for Legend of Youth and said, “Thank you very much. I didn’t expect that my assistant would not be able to make it. Thank you very much.”

The producer smiled so hard while holding Gu Xun’s hand that they could see his teeth. He shook Gu Xun’s hand vigorously while saying, “Whenever. We are all going to the studio anyway, and it is just taking people along the way. It is not a big deal. Mr. Gu doesn’t need to be so polite.”

Gu Xun pulled back his hand and smiled reservedly. “Still, thank you very much.”

Shen Jia, Zhao Zhenxun, and the others all looked towards Qi Cong.

Qi Cong squeezed the handle of the suitcase and explained, “I was walking at the back . . . and bumped into Gu Xun.”

Zhao Zhenxun answered without expression, “That’s really a coincidence.”

Qi Cong silently bowed his head.

After exchanging pleasantries, Gu Xun managed to sit in the commercial van that the crew had arranged for Shen Jia, and at the generous invitation of the producer, sat next to Shen Jia, separating Shen Jia and Qi Cong.

Gu Xun was very satisfied with this arrangement, and his legs rubbed against Qi Cong legs.

Qi Cong froze and moved closer to the door.

“Qi Cong, change places with me.” Zhao Zhenxun, who was sitting in the back row, suddenly opened his mouth.

Qi Cong hurriedly answered, trying not to look at Gu Xun, who had a huge aura surrounding him, and got up, preparing to bypass Gu Xun to change seats with Zhao Zhenxun in the back.

The car suddenly started, and Qi Cong fell sideways uncontrollably. He wanted to reach out and hold the back of the seat beside him to stabilize his body, but Gu Xun’s legs suddenly stretched out, touching his legs and forcing him to move, so his center of gravity became completely unstable that he leaned against Gu Xun.

Gu Xun held Qi Cong’s waist in time, allowing Qi Cong to sit on his lap, then he intimately said, “Be careful.”

Arms against his chest, buttocks next to his thighs, Gu Xun’s high body temperature seeped through the fabric, his breath even blew directly behind his ears as he spoke, making Qi Cong jump up immediately.

Shen Jia’s eyes widened. Zhao Zhenxun, who had already gotten up, frowned hard while the producer in the copilot seat hurriedly said to the driver, “Drive more steadily. Haven’t you seen that people haven’t been seated yet?”

The driver quickly responded and slowed down the speed he had just raised.

Qi Cong took the opportunity to stand up firmly and changed positions with Zhao Zhenxun.

Until he sat down safely, Qi Cong’s heartbeat still couldn’t be suppressed. He looked at Gu Xun, who was exchanging pleasantries with the producer and sounded as usual, then he couldn’t help but tilt his head to rub the position behind his ear.

Was it an illusion? When he sat down crookedly just now, Gu Xun’s nose seemed to have rubbed against . . . He couldn’t help but raise his hand to scratch behind his ear again and wipe the sweat from his forehead.

It was hot.

His back stiffened. Gu Xun’s palm on his waist was too hot.


. . .


Throughout the rest of the journey, Qi Cong kept his head down, concentrating on holding his cell phone and talking with Editor Cold Wind like a knife about his contract.

According to the contract, will transfer all his novel data from the old website to the new one today. After the transfer was completed, all the money rewarded by those netizens could be withdrawn through the cash withdrawal system.

The popularity of the plagiarism issue had passed in recently, and the reward-giving habit of netizens had lessened. According to Qi Cong’s estimation, at most, in three days, this kind of habit of giving rewards would stop completely. When he uploaded the chapters yesterday, he checked the total amount of rewards he received; it had exceeded 650,000.

According to the sharing algorithm of, after deducting the share and personal income tax from this 650,00 yuan, he would get a little over 300,000 yuan in total.

Soon his mobile phone shook and Editor Cold wind like a knife sent a new message.

Editor Cold wind like a knife: After the novel will be moved to the new website, the data will be recalculated. The collection now of Chivalrous Bones has no over 500,000 people. After getting rid of the collections from visitors and users who are not registered on the new website, the Chivalrous Bones’ data will drop sharply. Prepare yourself.

Qi Cong had known these things in advance, and he replied that he understood.

Editor Cold wind like a knife: After Chivalrous Bones data is moved to the new website, the article information will be loaded in the newly signed activity section of the old novel on Jiangwang app. With the popularity and data of Chivalrous Bones, it will be probably on the top of the list. Now is the era of mobile phone traffic, the data will soon rise back, You will definitely be able to get the 100,000 reward, so write well.

This was the sixth time that Editor Cold wind like a knife told him to write well ever since they established contact. Qi Cong felt the kindness of the Editor Cold wind like a knife, and soon replied again.

“Oh, I remember now, surnamed Jiang! Yes, right, now the owner of the sponsorship brand of Legend of the Youth is a native of Haicheng. If you ask me, today’s young people are really powerful. I heard that Jiang Zhaoyan is the owner of—”

Qi Cong stopped tapping on his mobile phone and looked up at the producer.

“Who are you saying is going to sponsor Legend of Youth? Jiang Zhaoyin?” Shen Jia’s reaction was faster than Qi Cong’s, and the tone of his voice rose. “Why is he sponsoring an ancient costume drama when he works in smart homes?”

The producer didn’t notice that Shen Jia’s tone was wrong, he only thought that he was purely confused, so he replied, “Hey, why else would it be? Because it’s easy to draw traffic to the ancient costume drama. Legend of Youth is a novel adaptation that already has its own popularity, and you are the leading actor, Shen Jia. You don’t know how many people are staring at it now, and we need to hurry and will start shooting the drama ahead of time. If the sponsorship will be decided one day later, it will be one day less of exposure, which will be a loss.”

Qi Cong frowned deeply. Jiang Zhaoyan was coming to sponsor the Legend of Youth? Want to open a branch in Beishi? There’s no way Jiang Zhaoyin didn’t know that Legend of Youth starred Shen Jia, so why would he pick Legend of Youth to sponsor when there were so many other dramas? What does he want?

“This Jiang Zhaoyin,” Gu Xun suddenly spoke, speaking slowly, and it was a really very slow, “I’ve heard that he has recently cooperated with Amber’s interior design company?”

Qi Cong returned to his senses and looked towards Gu Xun, but because of his position, he couldn’t see Gu Xun’s expression. Then he realized something in hindsight.

If Jiang Zhaoyin really sponsored Legend of Youth, then he was bound to cross paths with Jiang Zhaoyin again, and now there was even Gu Xun who was going to shoot in this film and television city . . . He clenched his fists tightly, his nails biting into his flesh.

Will Gu Xun meet with Jiang Zhaoyin? Will he . . . know about all the crazy things I’ve done in the last three years?

The producer and Shen Jia both look towards Gu Xun. The producer seemed to realize that it was not a good idea to discuss sponsorship like this and spoke vaguely, “It seems like so, but I don’t know the details. Ah, we are almost at Film and Television City. Which hotel are you staying at, Mr. Gu? We’ll take you there first.”

Gu Xun paused for two seconds before he replied, “I’m staying in Dingli.”

The producer was stupefied and then smiled, “What a coincidence. We’re also staying in Dingli.”

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of Dingli Hotel, and a group of people got off one after the other.

Kevin, Gu Xun’s assistant, and Yang Zeling, his agent, were at the door of the hotel. and when they saw them come out of the car, they hurried to greet them.

Yang Zeling, Gu Xun’s agent, was a tall man of about thirty-five, with a somewhat ruffian-like appearance and a bald head. He didn’t look like an agent at all but rather like a gang leader. He looked at Gu Xun first and then went to exchange pleasantries with the producer, Zhao Zhenxun, and Shen Jia, intentionally or unintentionally not bringing Gu Xun with him.

Kevin took this opportunity to walk up to Gu Xun, his face full of disapproval. “Brother Gu, you—”

“Wait a minute.” Gu Xun interrupted Kevin words and walked to the trunk of the car and reached out to help Qi Cong take down the luggage and then took a look at Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia, who were held up by Yang Zeling, and leaned close to Qi Cong, whispering, “You promised to have a meal with me. WeChat contact?”

Qi Cong looked at the smiling Gu Xun, and his mind flashed back to the day of their first reunion. Gu Xun asked him if he was OK with Jiang Zhaoyin. Looking down, he squeezed the luggage’s handle and nodded. “OK. We’ll be in touch. I’ll . . . wait for you to contact me.”

This was the first time that Qi Cong offered to wait for Gu Xun to contact him after their reunion.

Gu Xun’s eyes opened wide slightly while he looked at Qi Cong, then his smile deepened conspicuously. Then he looked towards Zhao Zhenxun’s side and suddenly took out a piece of chocolate from his pocket and put it into Qi Cong’s hand. His voice, when he spoke, was even lower. “I secretly brought it for you. II hope Zhao Zhenxun doesn’t control you and has forbidden you from eating snacks. You . . . I’ll get in touch with you when you finish eating this chocolate.”


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