Chapter 3 – Happy Cooperation!

Shen Huai suddenly lost his mind, and only then did he find that Lu Yang’s ghost had disappeared. When Shen Huai was about to ask him what had happened, the ward door opened again, and a group of people carrying microphones broke in. 

“Ye Cang, may I ask why you committed suicide? It’s rumored online that you have depression, is that true?” 

“Do you think you’re a victim of cyber violence?” 

“Do you want to say something to the netizens who abused you and wanted you to get out of the entertainment industry?” 

Before either of them knew it, they become surrounded by a group of paparazzi, and the flash flashes crazily. 

Shen Huai’s face sank and came forward to stop. “Ye Cang now needs to rest, please leave the ward, thank you.”

At this time, the nurses of the hospital rushed over with the security guard and drove these people out. However, it was too late, and by evening, the topic:  # Ye Cang suicide # was already on the top of the search list. 

Shen Huai’s cell phone kept ringing, but he had no time to pay attention to it. Instead, he stares at the person in front of him closely.

Although the other party’s face was pale, he did not hide his face. He pillowed his head with one hand and bent his leg. This action was not elegant, but it showed a sense of elegance on him. “Are you mad at me?” he said, looking at Shen Huai.

Shen Huai did not speak but looked at the person in front of him with mixed feelings. Although he had the same face as Ye Cang, he did not give the feeling of Ye Cang’s fear and inferiority, just like a diamond brushed away from the dust. He finally exuded the luster he should have.

Lu Yang sat up straight and said seriously, “I won’t lie to you. I don’t know what happened. I used to be with you all the time. Who knows that I would be sucked suddenly into this person’s body by a force. By the time I woke up, it was already like this.” 

Those eyes were like obsidian, and when the owner is looking at someone intently, they are like a whirlpool that sucks people in. Shen Huai was looking at him, but he looked away in awkwardness.

At this time, the mobile phone which had been quiet for some time rang again. Shen Huai breathed a sigh of relief and dodged the suffocating atmosphere by answering the phone. 

The “Star of Tomorrow” program group made the call. After all, the reason Ye Cang became exposed to cyber violence was related to the show, and they also became worried about his accident. When he confirmed that Ye Cang was fine, they asked if he would return to take part in the program.

Shen Huai paused and looked at Lu Yang, who curiously fumbled with Ye Cang’s mobile phone. Before agreeing, he told them he would consult with the artist before giving a reply.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Huai told the story of “Star of Tomorrow” once before asking Lu Yang, “What are you going to do? Are you going to the show again?”

Lu Yang put down his cell phone and said lightly, “Go ahead.” 

It surprised Shen Huai. He thought with his status, Lu Yang should be reluctant to take part in this kind of talent show, but since the other side agreed, he did not think much about it. “If you agree, I will be your agent in the future’’ he said. “I will be responsible for the planning of your work schedule, of course, if you have any ideas you can communicate with me at any time, I hope we can respect each other, and trust each other.“

Shen Huai extended his hand, his serious expression infected Lu Yang, and also stretched out his hand, but the moment their hands touched, Lu Yang’s body shook slightly. 

Shen Huai looked at him somewhat strangely, but Lu Yang had already withdrawn his hand as if nothing had happened. 

“Happy cooperation, agent.” 

The phone rang again, and Shen Huai had to hurry, he said a few words and hurried out of the ward to deal with those worrisome things. 

After Shen Huai left, Lu Yang’s superb mask in disguise fell. He looked down at his finger with a sad and happy expression, as if there was still the temperature of that moment remaining. 

That’s the temperature of the living. 

He finally felt that he was alive again, and no one could understand his trembling mood at the moment. After a long time, Lu Yang gradually calmed down. 

There was a memory in his mind that did not belong to him. It was the life of the teenager he had seen as a bystander when he was sucked into Ye Cang’s body, and his last wish—to stand bravely on the stage and return the love of his fans. 

Lu Yang slowly tightened his fingers and whispered to the air.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fulfill your wish for you.” 

“Star of Tomorrow” is a talent show co-sponsored by Tomato Network and Zhongjing TV Station. It aims to discover the stars with the most potential. The competition is divided into two stages. In the early stage, they conduct the audition elimination competition in the form of video. After entering the top ten, it will present each stage of the competition in the form of live broadcasting, which is quite exciting.

Although the list of the top 10 has been uploaded for a long time on the Internet, in fact, the final top 10 will not they will not broadcast the final top 10 until this week, and fans are very eager to put the rising star in the first place in the Chaohua community. 

And in Chaohua, the most popular post is:

# Tomorrow star # # Tomorrow star top ten # Anyway, the top ten shouldn’t be Ye Cang! [dog head]

At the bottom, only a few fans of Ye Cang protested with a few likes and comments. 

In the eyes of the industry, the only way out for Ye Cang at the moment is to sell miserably through suicide, taking advantage of the popularity of the top ten games to pick up a small network drama or network. In short, no one thinks Ye Cang can still go on in this competition. 

Ming Wei thought the same way, but she froze when she heard that Shen Huai had applied for a recording studio, a practice studio and a dance teacher for Ye Cang. 

She looked at the application form, with her understanding of Shen Huai, where is to give up Ye Cang, and was to fight against the rhythm of the battle. 

Before Bai Jiajia’s matter, although this is the artist’s own decision, Shen Huai is the old worker who has worked in Morningstar for many years, Ming Wei has always appreciated him and felt somewhat sorry for him. So although she felt that Shen Huai’s approach was in vain, she signed the application form.

When Shen Huai received the schedule of the recording studio and practice room, he was picking up Lu Yang in the hospital. No, now it is time to call him Ye Cang.

Shen Huai went through the discharge procedures. When he came back, he saw that he was focused on playing mobile phone games. These days, Ye Cang explored the function of the mobile phone, and then he becomes fascinated with pleasure and amusement.

Shen Huai was speechless and called him. “Let’s go.”

Ye Cang eliminated the last three chickens, and then satisfactorily pressed the mobile phone screen, put the phone in his pocket, and walked out of the ward with Shen Huai.

Shen Huai came in his car, a low-key black SUV. Ye Cang got in the car, and his eyes glowed and looked curiously at the interior of the car. After a while, he remembered to ask Shen Huai, “Where are we going?”

Shen Huai paused. “My house.”

Shen Huai has no other way, after all, Ye Cang’s suicide has exposed his residence, and he can only temporarily let him live in his own house before he can find a new house.

Ye Cang didn’t care about this kind of thing. He stopped talking after he said, “Oh.”

Shen Huai’s residence is a small villa, and the decoration style is very simple. Shen Huai brought Lu Yang to put things away and show him around. Then the two people sat down to discuss the competition.

The schedule and rules of the top ten have been sent to Shen Huai. Previous elimination tournaments were almost all forms of cooperation. Ye Cang had good luck. He met excellent teammates every time. Even when he reached the edge of elimination, he relied on his high popularity to avoid elimination, otherwise, he would not cause so much criticism.

Starting from the top ten competitions, the players are all individual fighters. Even on the stage of cooperation, it bases them on their performance. If it was the former Ye Cang, it was estimated that he would be eliminated in the first game. But now, with him being replaced by Lu Yang’s soul, it was hard to say.

Shen Huai explained the rules again and said to Ye Cang, “The first match is very important. I went to inquire about it. The judges have a bad impression of you. They have the right to directly promote players. If they do not choose you, you must take part in the PK competition. So you have to prepare at least two songs.” He asked Ye Cang, “Do you have any idea what you want to sing?”

Ye Cang touched his chin and thought about it before asking, “Have you ever heard of ‘No Old Song?’”

Shen Huai shook his head blankly, then took out his mobile phone and searched for it. He found that it was the theme song of an old film. The singer was Fan Jing, now a famous national treasure singer. When he looked at the composer, it was Lu Yang. However, both of them had just made their debuts and the film’s achievements were mediocre, so it was not a well-known song at the time.

Ye Cang ignored his shock and just asked, “Do you have a guitar?”

Shen Huai had a guitar at home, and he would play with it on weekdays, but it was not a professional one. Ye Cang didn’t dislike it. After trying the sound, he began to play.

Shen Huai is not a professional, but as soon as Ye Cang opened his mouth to sing, he realized the great difference between the other party and the original singer. If he said that the original song was the excitement of youth, then the song sung from Ye Cang’s mouth was a vicissitude of life. Ye Cang’s original voice was not excellent, but under his control, the treble was clear, while the bass was slightly hoarse. On the contrary, it was more and more in line with the song. Ye Cang’s original weakness transformed into an advantage by him. That trace of imperfection was even more touching.

Shen Huai listened quietly and waited until the other party had finished singing for a long time before he slowly regained his mind. With a calm look, he could not hide his appreciation. “Very good to listen.”

Ye Cang’s face did not show color. He caressed the guitar with a nostalgic smile and said, “The second song will not be prepared. If this song can’t give me a promotion, it’s a shame but I’ll be eliminated.”

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