MAIR – Chapter 124 – Group pet

The Weibo hot search, #Zhuo Feiyang’s plagiarism# occupied a spot at the top of the list.

[Didn’t his fans swear that Zhuo Feiyang didn’t copy it! Does your face hurt now? ]

[ I don’t care whether it was plagiarized or not, as long as it sounds good. Not everyone can copy a song and make it good. You can copy it if you want! See if anyone will listen to your song]

[brain-impaired fans get out! ]

[No court has sentenced it yet, how come you say Zhou Feiyang plagiarized?! Cyber violence wants to kill people, doesn’t it? ]

[Zhuo Feiyang’s fans even talk about other people’s cyber violence?! [I’ve never seen such a cheeky person. JPG]

[Feiyang just copied this one song. People can make a mistake, can’t you be kind and forgive him? ]

[Why should we be kind to plagiarist dogs? Forgiving them is only causing harm to the original author again! ]

[Your Father, can’t we solve our own affairs behind closed doors? If you want to lose face and go abroad with it, you are deliberately being disgraceful to our country to please your American father.]

[Speechless, before Zhuo Feiyang plagiarized, why couldn’t he consider losing face and losing our face abroad? ]

There was a lot of noise on the Internet, but in private, An Yuanjie sent someone to look for “Your Father” while letting the water army suppress the plagiarism talk.

However, no matter how intimidating or luring he was, the other party didn’t reply to him even in half a word. After that, they tried to find out the identity of the other party through Weibo, but they were unexpectedly rejected by Weibo.

This was just extraordinary!

An Yuanjie had no other way. If it was someone else, he would give them up. But Zhuo Feiyang was a true money tree so Huayue was still reluctant to give him up. So he simply ruthlessly found several professors from big V music schools and some music college professors, to whitewash Zhuo Feiyang  while smearing “Your Father” on the Internet.

But who would have thought that Dean Fang would stand up. Although he didn’t explicitly say that Zhuo Feiyang plagiarized, he praised “Your Father” ‘s professional qualities and denounced the impetuosity and plagiarism in today’s music market.

What this represented was self-evident.

Feng Yankai was so angry that he started scolding, but there was nothing he could do. Dean Fang was highly respected and ate state grain so he was not afraid of them at all.

Over the years, Feng Yankai was bent on integrating China’s music market. 

If it wasn’t for Dean Fang and others like him who had been interfering, they would have already succeeded. However, although Dean Fang and others protected some independent music production companies, there was still no way to prevent Huayue’s expansion. Now both sides maintained a delicate balance.

However, Ye Cang’s appearance disturbed this balance.

If, in the past, someone had asked Feng Yankai if he believed that anyone could change China’s music pattern on their own, Feng Yankai would certainly have laughed at the other person’s whimsical imagination.

Now, however, Ye Cang had slapped him hard.

From his debut, to the sales myth of “Rebirth” and to his winning the Colleen Awards.

This pawn, who was originally just an entertainer they didn’t need to pay attention to, had become their number one worry.

Feng Yankai believed in capital. In his opinion there was not a thing that money couldn’t do in this world. In the past, there were not many talented musicians who could reach the top, before they could suppress them, so they despised Ye Cang from the beginning.

But now, when they wanted to deal with Ye Cang, they found out the other side already stood just as high as them.

Huayue was a giant in the industry, and Ye Cang was a new star who had created a legend. Behind Huayue, there was abundant capital. Behind Ye Cang was Shen Huai, a capital tycoon. There were many singers under Huayue but Morningstar Company now relied on good contract conditions and Ye Cang managed to attract many talented musicians. In time, they may be able to grow to the same level as Huayue.

Not to mention, over the years, Huayue’s style was overbearing and domineering. They didn’t even know how many complaints this had caused in the industry. Many small companies that had been suppressed by them before were full of grievances. They just didn’t dare to be angry before, but once they were pulled by Morningstar, they would never let go of the opportunity to beat them.

Feng Yankai was really anxious this time. “An Yuanjie! How are things going?”

An Yuanjie was full of bitterness. He didn’t know how many private messages he sent to “Your Father” but the other side didn’t even read them.

In fact, An Yuanjie regretted this meeting. He wanted to deal with Ye Cang through this incident, but he didn’t expect to lose a chicken while stealing rice. Now he was in a dilemma.

He wanted to wait for the uproar to pass, and let netizens naturally forget about it. Who would have thought that since “Your Father” posted his Weibo, there would be other people on the Internet who would take advantage of this opportunity to expose Zhuo Feiyang’s previous cases of plagiarism. In addition, there were also songs embezzled from their original creators within the company. Huayue not only failed to uphold justice, but even protected him.

Little by little, this caused a public uproar.

If you didn’t know you didn’t know. But it was shocking once you learned about it.

Zhuo Feiyang had made seven albums since his debut, and almost every one of them and every song in them had been picked out. The songs he supposedly created by himself were all caught in a whirlpool of plagiarism, but some of them were not as obvious after changing some of the arrangements while others even completely copied several songs together.

It was just that, in the past, it was well hidden, and although he was suspected of plagiarism at that time, it all came to nothing in the end. In the long run, he became more and more daring. Relying on the fact that no one had caught him until now, he directly copied “Darkness”.

Now when all of this was revealed, it was simply shocking.

Zhuo Feiyang made his debut as an original singer in his early years, and had always been regarded as a talented person, but now he had been exposed, so they didn’t know how much weight he still held.

Zhuo Feiyang’s fandom collapsed overnight and even Huayue was implicated.

Not only that, when the American company made the announcement that Huayue Records and Zhuo Feiyang would be sued in court, it directly poured another spoonful of hot oil on the already hot pan of the status quo.

Feng Yankai didn’t know how many connections he pulled before he finally found a middleman. He wanted to settle this matter in private, but didn’t expect the other side would directly refuse him.

Huayue Records could cover the sky with one hand in China. However, no one knew them abroad.

Recently, the whole of Huayue was in a state of anxiety. They didn’t have time to deal with Ye Cang and Morningstar.

But Shen Huai didn’t plan to let them off so easily. In this war with Huayue, Shen Huai accidentally learned some news about Huayue’s suppression of new singers.

Huayue did a lot of such things in those days, and not every case was hidden. The people who helped them do these things took care of themselves and saved some evidence.

Now that Huayue fell from the throne and the wall fell under the pressure and wails of the people, naturally some people had other thoughts.

Shen Huai had been sending people to check these recently.

And just at the time when the online drama was unfolding, the annual college entrance examination came along with the hot June sun. 

As the only college entrance examinee in the family, Chu Mei Bo recently enjoyed the treatment of a national treasure.

The cooking auntie made her delicious food every day. Song Yimian directly resorted to the experience of his own preparation for the college entrance examination and corrected the wrong questions for Chu Mei Bo. Mr. Guo from god knows where, bought a bunch of brain-tonifying health products and forced Shen Huai to bring them to Chu Mei Bo.

Even Shen Huai and Ye Cang came back earlier recently.

Shen Huai comforted Chu Mei Bo for the first time, “Your professional score is high. In fact, the school will probably relax the scoring line of the subjects accordingly. Don’t be too nervous.”

Chu Mei Bo felt both warm and helpless. “Originally, I wasn’t nervous. But you made me nervous, in case I fail the exam…”

Ye Cang: “Bah, bah, bah. Children say whatever they like. I am sure you will pass the examination.”

Shen Huai: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Song Yimian: “Sister Mei, you have made a lot of progress in mathematics recently.  You will certainly be able to pass the exam!”

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes swept through the determined expressions on these faces and saw the table full of health care products and delicacies. From the previous life to this life, it was probably the first time she was spoiled and protected like this.

She couldn’t let go of her full momentum, so she finally had no choice but to surrender. “Alright, I won’t say it. I’ll go back to my room and read.”

The cooking aunt quickly brought a cup of walnut milk over. “Drink the milk first, this is my own peeled walnut, boiled out and made into brain tonic …”.

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

Tang Wanjun looked at all this from a distance and saw that the powerful legendary movie queen was surrounded, all her spikes turning into soft fluff. Her face was clearly helpless, but there was a soft smile in her eyes.

Tang Wanjun couldn’t look away, and her eyes were filled with envy she didn’t even know about.

When she was a child, her family was poor and she had many brothers and sisters. She was sandwiched in the middle and was not spoiled by her parents. Her brothers and sisters went out to work early, and their relationship was not particularly good.

Later, she entered the entertainment circle and the competition within the company was so fierce that everyone had to step on others in order to stand out. She never had any close friends in the company. It was hard for her colleagues not to fall out when something went wrong, let alone help each other like Shen Huai and get along like one big family.

Tang Wanjun’s eyes fell on Shen Huai. She knew that all of this was inseparably connected to him.

Shen Huai seemed to notice her gaze. Tang Wanjun quickly moved her eyes away, but seemed to notice a piece of clothing passing by the window.

Before Tang Wanjun could see it clearly, Shen Huai walked towards her.

There was so much noise around Chu Mei Bo that no one paid attention to this corner. So Shen Huai didn’t try covering it up as he directly said to Tang Wanjun, “Mr. Guo brought you cherries and flowers. I put them in your house.”

Although Tang Wanjun usually followed Shen Huai around, Shen Huai still arranged a house for her, so that she wouldn’t be an inconvenience during the night.

Tang Wanjun pursed her lips, covered her depressed mood and smiled again. “Eat the cherries. Next time, tell Mr. Guo not to send me cherries. Say that I actually like to eat fat intestines.”

For a moment Shen Huai was stunned that Tang Wanjun took off her mask on her own initiative.

However, Tang Wanjun just looked at Chu Mei Bo surrounded by the others and said with a smile, “Someone once told me that if they really like me, they will also like the real me. I used to be too afraid to try, but now, I want to try.”

Her words reached the window.

Under the warm yellow street lamp, a handsome man sighed gently. He looked up at the street lamp above his head.

Moths and insects keep flying around the light bulb, chasing after the only light in the dark night.

Yet strangely, there was only the shadow of a moth on the ground, but no shadow of him.

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