MAIR – Chapter 123 – Dealing with Huayue

Recently, the Internet was boiling and netizens were having a lot of fun eating melons.

First, Zhuo Feiyang’s fans targeted some small newcomers, then Morningstar Company supported the small newcomers. In the afternoon, Zhuo Feiyang himself posted another subtle Weibo pointing the spearhead at Ye Cang.

Soon, many of Huayue’s singers forwarded this Weibo, but what was interesting was that Lu Hazel, Qiu Jie, Tang Ruoyi and several others didn’t say a word.

Xue Chengge insisted on returning to the competition. Although he had been blackened by Zhou Feiyang’s fans, he didn’t give up but worked hard to keep up.

Originally, Xue Chengge’s ranking was not outstanding, because even though he had a good foundation and was good at creating original music, his personality was much quieter than those contestants with a strong sense of variety, so he was naturally not very popular.

However, after this incident, many people saw his hard work and talent. Coupled with his miserable situation, he aroused the sympathy of the fans, so his ranking was slowly rising.

This almost made An Yuanjie and co angry to death.

On the other hand, although they pushed Ye Cang into the water just like they wanted, Ye Cang’s fans didn’t buy it at all. As soon as they started making signs “take cub Cang away” the other side would use “rich, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, free, equal, just, rule of law, patriotic, dedicated, honest, friendly” signs to make Zhuo Feiyang’s fans lose their temper.

When they used a water army, before they could even start the fight Ye Cang’s fans had already started checking the IPs, and then they would expose the water army clearly for everyone to see.

Moreover, the average age of Ye Cang’s fans was higher than that of other fans. Many of them were already middle-aged people who were over 40 years old. These people had their own businesses so they couldn’t rush to fight online for him all the time, but they used their own ways to support Ye Cang.

As a result, after the Colleen Awards, the originally declining sales of the “Rebirth” album were increasing again, making many singers who were going to release a new album this year furious and secretly scold Huayue for causing trouble. If their new album couldn’t match the sales volume of the other person’s album from the previous year, where could they put their face?!

Of course, Shen Huai was not idle either. He was more familiar with the routine of capital than anyone else. He even revealed some news, which made many investors cautious, resulting in frequent fluctuations of Huayue’s stock price recently and causing high-level anxiety.

In addition, many friends also called them and asked if they needed help.

Li Zihang was the first one to call Ye Cang. He seemed to be filled with righteous indignation. “Old Ye! You don’t treat me as a brother! You didn’t tell me such an important thing!”

Ye Cang’s heart warmed, but he still didn’t seem to care. “Can’t I handle it myself?” With that, he told Li Zihang his and Shen Huai’s thoughts.

As soon as Li Zihang heard this, he immediately got angry. “Wait! I’ll buy a bunch of water armies and spread this plagiarism of his all over the network!”

Ye Cang: “…No need.”

Li Zihang: “Just use it! You don’t have to worry about me spending money. I’ll tell my grandfather, don’t worry, the old man is definitely angrier than I am!”

Ye Cang: “…”

On the other hand, Shen Huai received a call from Guo Wenyuan.

Recently, Mr. Guo was busy preparing to join the cast of “Red Actress” while entering the crew of “East Side City Fog”. He was very tired, and it was not easy for him to find a moment to rest. So when he saw the news on the Internet, he immediately called Shen Huai.

Guo Wenyuan was not wordy and directly asked, “Do you need my help?”

Shen Huai was grateful, but he still rejected Guo Wenyuan’s kindness.

Knowing that Shen Huai was considerate of him, Guo Wenyuan said, “Don’t be polite to me. We are all brothers. Bullying you is the same as bullying me!”

Shen Huai brought up many reasons before Mr. Guo finally believed that they could deal with it themselves, so he gave up and said somehow uneasily, “If you ever need help, feel free to say so!”

Shen Huai answered, “I will. Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for! I didn’t help much,” Mr. Guo said. “I will tell you what, I’ll buy some secondary accounts later and scold him under his Weibo. I’ll scold him until it becomes a hot search!”

Shen Huai: “…”

After finishing his business, Old Guo coughed softly, as if he was somewhat embarrassed, and asked Shen Huai in a low voice, “Well, what has Miss Tang been up to lately? How is she doing?”

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment, “She is alright.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Old Guo said shyly. “I just ordered cherries and flowers for Miss Tang. They should be delivered to you soon. The flowers are orchids, specially selected by me. They are quiet and elegant, so they are very suitable for Miss Tang’s temperament. Do you know if she likes them?”

Shen Huai paused and turned to look at Tang Wanjun, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with spicy crackers, potato chips and cola, watching a variety show.

Disobeying his heart, he finally replied, “She should…. like them.”



Feng Yankai, the chief executive of Huayue, walked around the office angrily, pointed at An Yuanjie and said, “At the beginning, you clapped your chest and assured me that you would solve this problem. Is this the perfect solution you were talking about?”

An Yuanjie trembled and was afraid to speak.

Feng Yankai threw a stack of materials to him. “Look! Have a look how much the stock price of the company has fallen recently! I f*cking suspect now you’re a spy of the rival company!”

An Yuanjie hurriedly shouted, “I am not! Boss Feng, the price of the company shares….. It’s all Shen Huai’s fault, he is behind it!”

“We don’t know that yet!” Feng Yankai glared at him angrily.

Huayue had sailed smoothly all these years and Feng Yankai had more or less gone with the flow. It was not that he hadn’t heard of Shen Huai’s reputation in his early years, but Shen Huai rarely did anything in recent years, so he naturally looked down upon Shen Huai.

He prevented Shen Huai from pulling the Shen family out as a backer, but he never expected that Shen Huai did not need the Shen family in the first place.

In the end of the day, capital was about people and money.

Shen Huai was well-connected, and had both vision and means. At the beginning of his career, he was regarded as “the god of wealth” by many people in this circle. What came from his mouth, no matter what it was, had be to be taken into consideration.

Feng Yankai now repented, but he had started it and couldn’t turn back. Now he had no choice but to act brave.

Fortunately, Huayue was rich in funds. Even after experiencing a small storm, it didn’t have much of an impact. If they really started playing, Shen Huai wouldn’t be better off than them.

Feng Yankai thought of this and said to An Yuanjie, “Let’s put Shen Huai aside for now, call Zhuo Feiyang here…”

Before he could finish speaking, An Yuanjie’s phone rang. It was a call from his secretary. His secretary was a very considerate person. She knew that he was in the president’s office at this moment. If it wasn’t important, she wouldn’t call him at this time.

Bearing this in mind, An Yuanjie had to face Feng Yankai’s murderous gaze and answer the call, but after listening to it, his face changed.

Seeing this, Feng Yankai could not help getting even angrier. “What happened?”

An Yuanjie was somewhat scared. ” ’Your Father’ posted a Weibo…”

Feng Yankai: “What?!”

An Yuanjie took a breath and hurriedly explained, “It’s a music blogger, whose username is ‘Your Father’. He’s very professional and famous on Weibo. He just posted a Weibo and made a case of plagiarism, and…”

Feng Yankai: “What else?”

An Yuanjie: “Also, he contacted the original author of  Trista Hall’s song, who threatened to sue Zhuo Feiyang and us on Twitter…”

Feng Yankai’s face was livid.

If this was true, it was a big international case. He was afraid it would cause a big sensation on the Internet. Let alone Zhuo Feiyang, the whole Huayue would need to face the lawsuit.

Huayue, as the leader in the industry, had other rivals in addition to Morningstar. At that time, these people would try to tear them off like a piece of meat.

Feng Yankai gnawed his teeth and said, “What is going on? Didn’t you say that foreigners don’t pay attention to Chinese music, and no one would know?!”

An Yuanjie was sweating and mumbled, “I… I don’t know… “

Feng Yankai was so angry that he wanted to kick him. He endured and endured, and finally asked, “This ‘Your Father’, what is the background of this man?”

An Yuanjie hurriedly answered, “This man appeared on the Internet last year. He knows a lot about music, but his identity is unknown. Many people speculate that he is a professor of a music conservatory or a music critic, but they are not sure…”

“I don’t care who he is!” Feng Yankai suddenly stood up. “Now the most important thing is to shut him up and to not let him talk anymore nonsense!”

An Yuanjie quickly shut up.

“Go! Find him, no matter what method you use, make him remove this Weibo!”

An Yuanjie nodded hurriedly.

Feng Yankai walked around the room, gritting his teeth and said, “As for that foreigner, they just want money! Find a middleman, contact the other person’s company, and solve this matter in private. Don’t make a fuss!”

An Yuanjie: “Yes…”

Before Feng Yankai could finish speaking his orders, An Yuanjie’s cell phone rang once again. This time, Feng Yankai was so angry that he walked out from behind his desk and grabbed An Yuanjie’s cell phone. He said in a cold voice, “Talk! What else is wrong?”

The secretary was startled. Unexpectedly it was the president who answered the phone. She hurriedly said, “When Zhou Feiyang went to participate in the Colleen Awards, there was a video taken when his plagiarism was exposed and he was thrown out of a restaurant. This video was posted on YTB and then reposted on Weibo by netizens…”

Feng Yankai abruptly hung up the phone, his fingers tightly holding it, his chest heaving violently.

He didn’t even need to check it to know what was going on online right now.

After a long time, he barely managed to calm down and gritted his teeth in anger before saying, “How are you going to explain this?”

With a bitter taste in his mouth  An Yuanjie said in a low voice, “At that time, I did send people to look for the people in the restaurant and watch them delete it, but there were too many people after all, and Shen Huai was there too at that time. Maybe they took this video…”


Feng Yankai was so angry that his fingers were shaking. He couldn’t figure out how his people would do such a bunch of stupid things like pigs?

An Yuanjie didn’t dare to defend himself, so he bowed his head obediently as he was scolded.

After scolding, Feng Yankai felt a bit more comfortable. He looked at An Yuanjie fiercely. “What are you still doing here? Call the marketing department and the public relations department for a meeting!”

An Yuanjie answered hurriedly and ran out of the door in panic.

Feng Yankai sat heavily on the chair and gritted his teeth.

“Shen Huai! Ye Cang! I’m not done with you!”

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