Chapter 2 – Lu Yang

As a young man of a new era, who has been taught by scientific materialism for more than 20 years, Shen Huai’s world outlook has been shattered. 

He stretched out his hand and walked through the other’s body without hindrance. He saw the man clearly in front of his eyes, but his hand felt nothing. Shen Huai’s brain felt like it was being trampled by a group of elephants, blank. He even scratched it unconsciously. 

Lu Yang hugged his arm and chuckled out, “Have you touched enough?” 

Shen Huai withdrew his hand like he’d got an electric shock, “I’m sorry.” 

Lu Yang looked at him curiously, “Are you a fan of mine?” 

Shen Huai: “… No.”

Lu Yang: “…” 

It was so fast but there seems to be a crack in his handsome face. He could not tell whether it was dismay or embarrassment. 

Shen Huai also realized that something was wrong, and his brain finally recovered a trace of clarity from the ghost shock, restored his usual ability, and somewhat uncomfortably lifted his glasses. “Sorry, I have been offensive, I’m leaving.” 

“Hey, wait a minute.” 

After so many years of death, Lu Yang finally met someone who could see him, who was willing to let that person go so easily? However, when Shen Huai stopped, he did not know what to say. After all, the other party was not his fan, and it was not easy to get in touch with others. Finally, he could only point to Shen Huai’s forehead and say, “Bleeding, remember to apply medicine.”

Shen Huai: “Thank you.” 

Lu Yang: “You’re welcome.” He thought of something and became enthusiastic again. “Oh, by the way, let me take you to the staff lounge. I remember there was medicine…” 

Before he had finished, the staff had brought the medicine. 

Lu Yang: “…” 

Shen Huai could not help laughing, but looking at Lu Yang’s blackened face and the puzzled look of the staff, he restrained his smile. He suddenly felt that the images in the video literature suddenly had a temper and became the living figure in front of him. 

Shen Huai took the medicine and stood up to leave.

Lu Yang seemed to hesitate for a while before asking, “Are you leaving?” 

Shen Huai nodded, Lu Yang seemed to have a moment of disappointment, but after he saw it, he pretended as if nothing had happened: “Oh.” 

Seeing the unsatisfactory look on his face, Shen Huai put his fist on his lips to hide his smile, and then went over to meet Lu Yang’s surprised eyes and said with a smile, “You… Would you like to come outside with me?” 


Zhongjing City, MorningStar Entertainment Co., Ltd. 

Bai Jiajia listened carelessly to the new agent talking about the work arrangement, unexpectedly he was bumped into, immediately he angrily said, “You don’t have f*cking eyes ah!” 

The man ignored it and ran past in silence.

“Hey, you!” Bai Jiajia was trying to swear, but after seeing the man’s face, he froze for a moment. “Isn’t that Ye Cang? Why is he here?” 

Cassie glanced up and said faintly, “His agent just quit. I think he’s going to meet a new agent.” 

Bai Jiajia sneered, “No one can help this wall of temperament, which agent is willing to take this trouble?” 

Cassie: “Someone already took him, and you know him.” 

Bai Jiajia froze and immediately his face sank, “Shen Huai?”

Cassie nodded, “Although Ye Cang is not good at singing and dancing, you have to admit that the child has a good-looking face and is well packed and adjusted. If he is taught, you may have no chance of counterattack.” 

Bai Jiajia ridiculously mocked, “If Sister Cassie is optimistic about him, you can snatch him over, and it’s not like you’ve never done such a thing!” 

Cassie just smiled indulgently, “Well, I just said it casually. Do you still eat this kind of vinegar with a young newcomer who hasn’t made a name for himself?” 

Bai Weijia snorted coldly. 

Cassie, who is well aware of his character, said, “I have an appointment with the president of Asia MK tonight. Don’t forget, I’ll have someone pick you up then.”

Bai Jiajia’s eyes lit up, finally not entangled in this matter, turning his mind to ask about the endorsement. 

Ye Cang, who had been left behind by the two, returned to his rental house dejectedly. The soundproof effect of the room was not good. He clearly heard the husband and wife next door quarreling, and all kinds of obscene language greeted each other’s parents. Downstairs, the aunt roared at the son who stayed up late to play games and didn’t know where to watch TV. The TV hero’s neurotic confession roared so that the whole building could hear it. 

This was Ye Cang’s most familiar living environment, where he has lived since he came to the city, working in the morning and night, fantasizing about having a place in the city. He also envied the bright stars who appeared on TV but never thought he would have the same chance one day. 

Until that day he sent takeout to the “Star of Tomorrow” program group and was discovered by the director, persuade to become a contestant. Then he signed on to the agency, listening to the future that the agent had planned for him, and feeling the enthusiastic pursuit of his fans. To the 20-year-old boy, this was like a dream.

However, the reality is far less beautiful than he thought. All Ye Cang has is a pretty face. He can’t sing, he can’t dance, and he can’t even speak proper Mandarin. Even if he starts to work hard now, it’s not as good as years of practice at the same time.

At first, there was a gimmick like a counterattack from the bottom, and the audience was a little more tolerant of him, but when he entered the top 10 with popularity and competition and eliminated the real strong players, the anger of netizens finally broke out.

Of course, this has never been a big problem for the entertainment industry. After all, black and red is also red, but this young man who has just arrived in the city has collapsed. He probably never thought that human malice would be so great, they will scold a stranger who they never even met in the worst language.

The agent’s resignation was like the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Ye Cang was laying in bed, staring blankly at the dirty ceiling. His cell phone kept ringing, but he didn’t even dare to open it. He was afraid to see the red topic on Weibo.

# Ye Cang rolling out of the entertainment industry #

After a long time, he got out of bed, staggered to the kitchen to get a knife, went to the bathroom, closed the door, turning the faucet on, and the sound of running water covered all other sounds.


“Beep beep -” 

The phone was still not connecting. Shen Huai put down his cell phone and stopped a car to go to Ye Cang’s residence. He just got off the plane. He should have gone back to wash and rest before meeting his new artist. But Ye Cang never answered the phone and WeChat friends did not agree with him. He could not help but worry. 

Lu Yang followed him, and couldn’t understand: “You know this child is not suitable for the stage, why did you agree to take over?”

Shen Huai pressed the bridge of his nose, and pretended to be talking on the phone, and replied, “I don’t think anyone can decide what is suitable for the other party so hastily. If he does not want to stay, I will terminate the contract with him.” 

When he arrived at the place, Shen Huai went upstairs following the address on the data. However, as soon as he got to the place, he saw a circle of people around the door. He was very nervous and hurried over to ask what had happened.

A middle-aged woman crossed her waist and said angrily, “The people here don’t know what they’re doing, and the faucet is not turned off so that we’re all leaking downstairs!” 

Shen Huai wanted to ask what else, but the landlord had come over with the key. As soon as the door opened, Shen Huai felt something was wrong. When he hurried in, he saw Ye Cang lying in the bathtub with a long cut on his wrist. The blood dyed the water in the bathtub red. 

The young man’s face was pale, his eyes closed, and under the surging waves, he was as beautiful as a painting. He was like a sleeping prince, isolating himself from the troublesome world.

But then there was a scream of high decibels in his ear, and the scene suddenly became chaotic.

Shen Huai clenched his teeth, immediately went over and pulled Ye Cang out of the bathtub, and snapped to the people behind him, “Come over and help!” 

The landlord quickly helped him to bring Ye Cang to the bed, Shen Huai tried to hear Ye Cang’s breath and felt the pulse. His heart immediately sank. 

“Make an emergency call!”

As Shen Huai said, he took off his coat and carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Ye Cang. Fortunately, the ambulance arrived soon, and the emergency doctor and nurse took over the work from Shen Huai’s hands and put Ye Cang on an ambulance. 

Shen Huai pulled down his rolled-up sleeves and stepped aside in silence. At this moment, he looked extremely embarrassing, his clothes were wrinkled, and his meticulous hair, which he had always taken care of, was in a mess, but he did not intend to pay attention to himself. Instead, he called Ming Wei and told her about it. 

However, when the phone was not yet dialed, he heard someone talking next to him. 

“… Yeah, that’s Ye Cang! He really killed himself. What am I lying to you for? I sent the video to the circle of friends, you can go and see, hey, remember to give me a like after watching…… ” 

The man was showing off excitedly to his friends when suddenly his cell phone was taken away. Shen Huai opened the circle of friends from the other party. It was Ye Cang lying in the bathtub. There was a long list of likes and messages at the bottom. Shen Huai clenched his teeth tightly, enduring the anger in his heart, erased the circle of friends, and deleted this video.

The man finally reacted and grabbed back the phone. He was furious. “Shit, you’re crazy!” 

Shen Huai looked at him coldly. “Haven’t you learned the law? Do you know the right to infringe on citizenship and portrait rights? Wait for the lawyer’s letter.”

The man was stunned by him, his momentum weakened, scolded “psychopath” and left in a hurry. 

However, this matter has not been concealed, after all, soon the topic of # Ye Cang suicide # rushed to the hot search, when Shen Huai received Ming Wei’s phone call, he was making a statement at the police station. 

Worried about the accident, Shen Huai rushed to the hospital after making a statement. 

Ye Cang was awake and was leaning against the hospital bed for infusion. Several nurses seemed to be talking to him. When they saw Shen Huai come in, they blushed and hurried away.

Ye Cang turned his face, and the setting sun projected on the window, reflected his face in the half-light and half-dark, and added a bit of fortitude, which was completely different from what it used to be. 

Shen Huai was stupefied for a moment before he remembered to introduce himself to the other party, but the other side had already called out his name. 

“Shen Huai!” 

Then he smiled and set off a bomb. 

“I’m Lu Yang.” 

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