My Artist Is Reborn – Chapter 37 – Love Me, So Kill Me?!

Chu Mei Bo’s thought life must be lived to be unrestrained. Even if she died, she did not feel regret.

But she did not expect that after her death, to find out that the world was neither like the earth as the Chinese thought, nor as the heaven Westerners thought it was. Her soul stayed in this world, but no one could see her, and her soul was bound to the Golden Gate Theater. 

She watched the country she loved come out of the war, witnessed when the Golden Gate Theater reopened, seen the young girls standing on the stage, but she was like an outsider, this troubled world, no longer had anything to do with her.

This feeling is deeper than the fear of death.

After seeing Ye Cang, hope like a ray of light shined into Chu Mei Bo’s soul, making her whole person seem to become alive.

What’s more, she didn’t expect him to come to the Golden Gate Theater.

Chu Mei Bo clenched her fist and took another half step forward. She tilted her face slightly, her voice was full of eager longing and an imperceptible tremor: “You’ve been dead too, you can understand this feeling, right? I just want to go back to the world, I want to leave this place, like you, to be back again…”

She said only a few words, but Shen Huai’s heart already ached slightly.

Chu Mei Bo died earlier than Ye Cang. This kind of life that ordinary people can’t bear to live, she has gone through it for many years. It’s no wonder that she took Ye Cang as a life saving straw and wanted to grasp this opportunity.

Ye Cang shook his head. “I want to help you too, but I don’t know how I was reborn.”

The lights in Chu Mei Bo’s eyes were suddenly extinguished. She stood in place, trembling slightly, as if all her will had disappeared. She did not plead or threaten them.

Even after all these years, what was in her bones had not been lost, and no matter how eager she was, she would not hurt innocent people. 

She just slowly stepped back, from the light to the dark, those colors like hope, gradually draining from her body.

“I’m sorry to bother you.”

Seeing that Chu Mei Bo was about to disappear into the darkness, Shen Huai suddenly stopped her: “Wait a minute.”

Chu Mei Bo looked up at him.

Shen Huai said slowly, “I don’t know how to revive you, but I think maybe I can get you out of this place.”

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes suddenly brightened.

When Shen Huai and Ye Cang hurried back to the shooting location, Xue Chengge was about to cry.

“Brother Shen, where have you been?The director is freaking out…”

Shen Huai quickly found the director to apologize.

The director also lost his temper at this moment. He has just found the heroine, to find out that the male lead has disappeared in turn.

Over there, the actress named Xiaoyu said excitedly, “Director! I really encountered a ghost, you can ask the makeup artist, we walked for a long time before we could get out…”

Shen Huai and Ye Cang looked at each other, then turned to original Chu Mei Bo.

Chu Mei Bo: “I was in a hurry. Sorry.”

The director repeatedly appeased Xiaoyu and urged the staff at the scene: “Don’t go to the theatre, is everyone ready?” 

The crew moved immediately.

Although Xiaoyu was a little emotional at the beginning, but after all, she still had the professional qualities of an actor, and soon returned to normal in front of the camera.

Although the plot of the advertisement is ridiculous, the director’s shooting ability is not bad.

In the long corridor, the western wallpaper, stained glass windows and dim light, women wearing colorful cheongsams came, just like in old movies of the Republic of China.

Ye Cang had never shot an advertisement, but Lu Yang has done it before. Originally, the director thought that he would need a long time for him, but did not expect to have an unexpected surprise.

The advertising was progressing so fast that it was almost finished in the afternoon.

The director was so excited that he wanted to shots few more scenes, but suddenly he heard a few screams coming from the side. They turned their heads and saw several men and women looking excitedly at them. One of them was yelling Ye Cang’s name.

The director frowned and scolded the audience: “What’s going on? I thought it was clear!” 

The crew hurried over and persuaded people to leave.

The audience who backed out knew that Ye Cang was photographed on the plane, and somebody revealed on the Internet that he would be shooting an advertisement in the Golden Gate Theater, which attracted these fans.

Fortunately, this was only a small episode, people went back to work, and the rest of the shots were smoothly completed.

When the shooting was over, the director patted Ye Cang’s shoulder with satisfaction: “Junior Ye is very talented. Next time, if we have the right opportunity, let work again together!”

Ye Cang bit the corner of his mouth and declined the director’s appreciation.

When they left the theatre, Ye Cang and Shen Huai stood at the door, waiting for Xue Chengge to drive over.

Chu Mei Bo stood at the entrance of the theatre with a novel and joyful expression on her face. Although she was disappointed that she has not been able to come back to life, she was very happy to be able to get out of the place that had been shackling her.

Her eyes swept through the tall buildings in front of her, as well as the rolling traffic, and the whole person was in a trance. So, is this what the new era looks like? 

Shen Huai introduced these things for her. Chu Mei Bo blinked her eyes and suddenly asked, “These people who have been watching you over there. Are they fans?”

Shen Huai and Ye Cang turned around and saw the fans who had disturbed the shooting location running excitedly.

“Ye Cang, are you shooting an advertisement?”

“We are your fans, did not expect to meet you here. It was fate!”

“We like you so much! Can you sign this for us?”

“I want a picture!”

Before Ye Cang reacted, he was surrounded by them in an instant. Not only that, but one of them has been recording a video on their mobile phone.

Shen Huai frowned and separated them. “Sorry, it’s private time…”

Several people were reluctant to let them go, and even wanted to pull Shen Huai’s clothes.

Ye Cang frowned slightly. He stepped forward and silently blocked Shen Huai behind him. “Signature and photograph are OK. Will you leave after taking photos?”

Several people saw that he had said yes, and immediately got excited, regardless of what he said after that.

Ye Cang signed for them and held their arms to take photographs. He felt a little uncomfortable, but he did his best to take the pictures. After taking the pictures, he broke away immediately. “Okay, that’s all, you guys go back early.”

Several people looked at the photos excitedly and saw that Ye Cang was leaving. They didn’t like it, one of the girls shouted, “Brother, in the future do more business ah!”

Ye Cang is a senior netizen now. Naturally, he knows what business means. He used to think that as a singer, he only needs to take out his works to communicate with the audience. But nowadays, the duties of stars seem to be more than that.

They struggled to get on the car, blocking the screams out of the window.

Ye Cang showed a tired look, Shen Huai saw the situation, and exchanged positions with Xue Chengge.

He drove steadily, so that Ye Cang could rest a little more in the car.

But before long, Xue Chengge suddenly cried: “Brother Shen, there is a car following us!” 

In fact, Shen Huai actually found out a long time ago. In the rearview mirror, a van had been chasing them, and now that it was close, that little girl who had pulled Ye Cang earlier leaned out of the car window, screamed at the top of her voice Ye Cang’s name, making a lot of pedestrians look at it. 

Xue Chengge opened his eyes wide: “This… Is this an illegitimate rice?”

Chu Mei Bo also frowned. She was usually in the theatre, listening to staff and actors gossip, she also knew the reputation of illegitimate rice.

The illegitimate rice is a very extreme style of fans among star fans. In order to satisfy their own selfish desires, they peep and stalk stars, most of the most popular stars have been harassed by the illegitimate rice, making them very troubled. And the behavior of chasing cars like this is a great traffic hazard. 

Chu Mei Bo disagreed: “Even if they like you so much, they shouldn’t do it. It will cause trouble to other people.”

Ye Cang didn’t know when he woke up. His face was pale and his lips hung tightly.

Shen Huai saw his look in the rearview mirror. In a daze, he suddenly remembered the cause of Lu Yang’s death. After his last concert, he drove back to his hotel and his car was hit by his own fanatical fans. His car hit the roadside safety island, which resulted in his death.

After his resurrection, although his appearance did not seem abnormal, but this painful memory was buried in the depths of his memory, like a nightmare.

Shen Huai’s heart suddenly seemed to have been stabbed by a needle, and his face suddenly became cold. 

His finger grabbed the steering wheel and said, “Sit tight.”

Suddenly the car accelerated, Xue Chengge started with wide eyes and held the car handle tightly, watching their car go through traffic, its speed made his heart almost jump out.

Ye Cang was shocked at first, but he quickly accepted the speed. He turned his eyes to Shen Huai in the driver’s seat. From his point of view, he could only see his side face and sharp chin, but he could still feel his suppressed anger.

Ye Cang suddenly forgot the illegitimate rice chasing behind him in the car and also forgot the memories of those fears. 

However, Shen Huai suddenly tightened his eyebrows, cursed in a low voice, and suddenly turned the car around a big bend.

Only then did Ye Cang regain his senses.

Although Shen Huai is very good at driving, the driver of the other side is a local person. Every time they throw people off, the car will come out from another corner. The other side is a fanatical fan. He catches up every time, Shen Huai is not familiar with the road condition, and they almost bumped into something several times.

Shen Huai directly let Xue Chengge call the police, then turned on the navigation and headed for the traffic police brigade.

The other side saw his intention and was anxious. She wanted to use her car body to stop them but she didn’t think that the operation was dangerous. If Shen Huai had not stepped on the brakes on time, the two cars would have collided directly, but even so, the two cars still stumbled.

Xue Chengge got off the car angrily: “Are you crazy? It’s gonna kill people, you know!” 

After the collision, the driver of the other side was still in a state of shock and shouted, “What’s the matter? Nothing happened!”

Xue Chengge trembled with anger and quarreled with her directly. 

Inside the car, Ye Cang trembled slightly. At the moment when the two cars rubbed each other, the repressed painful memories of his death immediately attacked his whole brain. He will never forget that memory.

After the concert that day, the assistant drove him back to the hotel. Unexpectedly, just after leaving the venue, two cars followed him. The other side shouted his name loudly and expressed love to him excitedly.

However, the two cars tightly wrapped him in the middle, and the traffic police, who were already responsible for maintaining road traffic, kept persuading that such behavior was very dangerous, but those people did not care at all. 

And the accident happened in an instant.

A car suddenly got out of control and crashed into their car.

Lu Yang could only feel the violent impact, and then a sharp pain hit, his whole body seemed to be shattered, and his eyes were full of red blood.

The last image he remembered was the fan’s twisted face and his broken voice screaming.

“Lu Yang, I love you!”

Lu Yang was always very good to his fans, but at that moment, he could not restrain his resentment.

Love me, so kill me?!!

Shen Huai looked anxiously at Ye Cang, who looked pale and miserable. Taking into account his safety, he could only suppress his anger and softly advised: “Let’s get out of the car first. I’ve already called the police and they will be handled by them.”

Ye Cang returned to his mind and responded in a low voice.

Just then, the window was knocked hard by several palms, Ye Cang’s body trembled violently.

As if they didn’t know what serious consequences they had caused, they knocked on the window laughing: “Cang Cang, come out and meet us…”

One of them, still on his cell phone taking a video, said proudly, “I just filmed it all. Wait a minute…”

Before he had finished, the door of the car was suddenly opened and Ye Cang looked at them coldly.

“Get out of here!”

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