MAIR – Chapter 110 – the Yihang copyright library

Fu Cheng, after taking part in an advertisement shooting, was lying on a chair in the dressing room with his eyes closed, and casually asked, “How did it go?”

The agent hesitated and said, “Chu Mei Bo’s image is still good, and there is no substantial evidence. The effect of the water army…”

“Who cares about her!” Fu Cheng opened his eyes and said in a cold voice, “I mean Guo Wenyuan. I was oppressed by him before, but now at the scene of the press conference couldn’t these journalists see such a big tipping point?! No evidence? Since when do they need proof to create an affair?”

Fu Cheng was in a bad mood, especially when he thought of what Guo Wenyuan said to him in the corridor.

He hated Guo Wenyuan very much!

From the first audition on, he felt this clearly. He was obviously the leading actor, so why was he suppressed by a supporting role? Guo Wenyuan’s eyes seemed to laugh at him openly.

This reminded him of what Du Yuping used to say to him.

“When you play a role, you should treat yourself as this character completely, instead of relying on skills to cater to the script. The audience is not a fool, if you use a little bit of heart, they will all feel it!”

“You are gifted, but your present performance can only be called a skilled technician at best. Will just a few words of praise make you happy? If you want to be the best actor, you have to fuse yourself into the role!”

“Fu Cheng, you really let me down…”

Fu Cheng squeezed the handrail tightly and pulled himself back from the unpleasant memories of the past.

He hated Du Yuping, Guo Wenyuan, and even Chu Mei Bo, because they all had similar temperaments, a kind of desperate need to act, which Fu Cheng didn’t have, and which he envied, but sneered at.

So when he found out that Weng Tian was secretly slandering Chu Mei Bo, he added fuel to the flames, drawing the netizen’s attention to Guo Wenyuan. He wanted to kill two birds with one stone and drive both of them out of the crew.

In fact, if things grew bigger, maybe they could really develop into what Fu Cheng expected.

It was a pity that this matter was not only discovered and stopped on time, but also that Fu Cheng, who was originally hidden behind the scenes, was discovered.

This surprised and angered him, but he could only endure. However, he was still  unwilling to give up, so when he saw the reporter, he encouraged Hou Zhang to bring him in.

However, this waste not only made things worse, but did not meet his expectations either.

Fu Cheng stared at the hesitant agent and said impatiently, “Tell me, what’s the result?”

The agent whispered, “This matter didn’t involve Boss Guo, instead they suspected that Chu Mei Bo had an affair with her own agent, and then her agent’s identity was found out…”

Fu Cheng had an ominous feeling. “What is the identity of her agent?”

With a sad face, the agent put forward Shen Huai’s family background, investment experience and ranking on the rich list, which was sorted out on Weibo, directly in front of Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng: “Damn it!”

The agent looked at his ever-changing face, thought of the news he had just received, and didn’t know what to say.

Fu Cheng noticed his expression and said grimly, “What’s the matter? Are there any worse news?”

The voice of the agent turned even lower, “Mr. Guo found out that the reporter was brought in by Mr. Hou. He directly went to find Chairman Sheng, and …. Boss Hou has already put all the blame on you, so the chairman made the decision to give the role of Zhou Hanchen to Wei Siyong.”

Wei Siyong was also an artist under Guanrui. He was two years older than Fu Cheng and was the same type as him. Before Fu Cheng joined Guanrui, they often competed for roles. After joining Guanrui, the competition between them was even more fierce. Wei Siyong had always wanted the role of Zhou Hanchen, but Fu Cheng took it away with Sheng Zhen’s support, the second son of the Sheng family.

Wei Siyong had been angry all this time and even posted a spooky Weibo satire about Fu Cheng. Now he was going to be proud of himself.

Fu Cheng’s expression suddenly looked like he wanted to kill people. He suddenly stood up and kicked the table over, gasping for a long time before he calmed down. He closed his eyes, almost gnashing his teeth. “Forget it. It’s just a role, and if I lose it, I lose it. Is there anything else? What does Zhen Shao say?”

The agent had long been used to his grumpy appearance in private, so he was not surprised. “Zhen Shao was very angry and even scolded Mr. Hou. Even his impression of you is no longer so good…”

Fu Cheng clenched his teeth tightly. This time, he lost both his wife and his soldiers. Instead of hurting Guo Wenyuan, he made himself suffer a heavy loss.

But he didn’t think he was wrong at all, just that he wasn’t careful enough, and Guo Wenyuan was too lucky.

“Next time! I will never leave you in peace!”



Shen Huai arranged someone to investigate the matter of the suppressed singers, and then took his lawyer to the sanatorium. Now that his identity had been exposed, there was no need to hide it.

It was just that Shen Huai didn’t expect that when he arrived at the sanatorium, he would see a round figure waiting for him.

Hou Zhang was followed by a tall and thin man.

Hou Zhang was saying something to Yi Mian. Yi Mian’s face looked angry and he was covering his chest with his hand.

Shen Huai frowned and walked quickly towards them.

Hou Zhang didn’t expect to see Shen Huai, so he immediately showed a shocked expression. “What are you doing here?”

Shen Huai didn’t pay any attention to him and went directly to Yi Mian.

“Mr. Yi, are you alright?”

Seeing him, Yi Mian’s expression gradually eased and he shook his head. “I’m alright.”

Shen Huai picked up the thermos cup from the side, unscrewed the lid skillfully, and handed it to Yi Mian. “You should drink some water first.”

Yi Mian’s hand was shaking and could hardly hold the cup, but Shen Huai was very patient and directly held the cup for him, feeding him water.

Hou Zhang who saw these two people getting along with natural familiarity, felt his heart suddenly burst.

Suppressing his unease, he sneered and said, “It seems that Mr. Shen is also here for the Yihang copyright library. You seem to be very open-minded to go out with such an identity to do this kind of service.”

Shen Huai ignored him and just looked at Yi Mian’s face anxiously. “I’ll call a doctor for you!”

Yi Mian shook his head, “No need.” Then he looked at the man behind Shen Huai. “Is this your lawyer? Let’s sign the contract today.”

Before Shen Huai could speak, Hou Zhang said anxiously, “Mr. Yi what are you talking about?! Why would you want to give him the copyright library?”

Yi Mian said coldly, “If I don’t give it to him, do I have to give it to you? Even if I die, I would never give you the copyright library!”

Hou Zhang was angry and anxious. He had spent so much effort, only to make a wedding dress for others. If the copyright library was not obtained by him, all his previous efforts would be wasted. During the next meeting of the board of directors, he would certainly be crushed to death by Sheng Qi’s people!

He calmed down and said, “Mr. Yi, you should know that no one in the industry could offer a higher price than our Guanrui. Besides, you have been fighting for many years on the frontline, so you are not this kind of a reckless brat. We’re doing business. Would you let the money go because of your personal feelings?”

He glanced at Shen Huai and then said, “Mr. Shen is really a man, but in the end of the day, Mr. Shen is still a businessman like us. Even if his means are more beautiful, there is no difference in what he does. Besides, Shen Group doesn’t have a film company and I’m afraid he would not know the real value of this copyright library.”

“Mr. Yi, we from Guanrui are sincere and have the power to make these good films reappear on screen once again. My method was indeed a bit extreme, but it is also because I love and care very much about the Yihang copyright library. If you think my approach is not good, it is alright to talk to someone else.”

The tall and thin man standing next to Hou Zhang also spoke for him, “Uncle, I always knew you wanted to make a remake of these old movies and let them appear on the movie screen again. Mr. Hou also agreed. Why are you still hesitating?”

Yi Mian didn’t speak, but he had to admit that this Hou Zhang was really good at talking. He completely grasped Yi Mian’s weakness, and his manoeuvre made Yi Mian unable to refuse.

If Yi Mian hadn’t known Shen Huai for many years and wasn’t familiar with his character and abilities, he was afraid that he really would have been persuaded.

Yi Mian said in a deep voice, “Needless to say, I have already made up my mind. Leave!”

The smile on Hou Zhang’s face froze. Unexpectedly, Yi Mian remained stubborn. He grinded his teeth and squeezed out a fake smile, “Mr. Yi, have you really considered it?”

Yi Mian: “I told you already, I’ve made up my mind. If you don’t leave, I’ll ask the security guard to drive you away.”

Hou Zhang was so angry that his fat body was shaking all over, but he also knew that he could not move this old man, so he stamped his feet and left with his people.

When Hou Zhang left, Yi Mian took a long breath.

Shen Huai looked at his expression and guessed what he was worried about. He whispered, “Don’t worry,” Shen Huai said softly. “I will take your hard work seriously.”

Yi Mian pursed his lips and patted Shen Huai on the back of his hand. “I understand.”

The lawyer standing behind Yi Mian came forth and took out the contract that had been drawn out for a long time, and handed it to Shen Huai’s lawyer.

Because it was not a purchase contract, but a gift contract, it was not very complicated.

Shen Huai signed the contract and handed it to Yi Mian.

Yi Mian looked at the contract and thought of the movies in the copyright library. He knew that after signing this contract, the copyright library would be completely handed over to Shen Huai. Even though he had made the decision a long time ago, in this moment he still felt reluctant to give it up.

Shen Huai understood Yi Mian’s mood and didn’t urge him, but just waited quietly.

After a long time, Yi Mian made up his mind, shook his hand, signed his name, and stamped his seal.

Perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, his approach of giving away all his valuable copyrights to others for free was somewhat silly, but in Yi Mian’s eyes, these copyrights were all his painstaking efforts and couldn’t be measured by price.

He believed that Shen Huai would treat his hard work well.

Shen Huai accepted the contract and then came up with a thick proposal, as well as an employment contract.

Yi Mian looked at him questioningly. “What is this…?”

Shen Huai smiled and said, “I want to keep using the name Yihang. It will be just a small studio, that won’t be investing in movies only. In the future, there will be TV dramas, online dramas, and big online movies. You have been in this industry for many years and have a lot of experience. I want to ask you to be a consultant. Would you like it?”

Yi Mian froze, and a stream of tears fell from his eyes. He quickly lowered his head and wiped it with his sleeve.

He looked at the logo on the proposal book for a long time before he slowly opened it. He could see that the proposal book was really written with heart, not just to fool people.

His mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts. He thought the original name would now only appear in these old movies and in film history. Unexpectedly, Shen Huai could still make it glow with new vitality. He never intended to rely on the copyright library to make money, but worked hard to come up with new ideas for the old films.

Trembling, he closed the proposal and murmured, “OK, alright…”

He took the employment contract, grabbed a pen, and vigorously signed his name. This time, his hand wasn’t shaking, he wrote stroke by stroke, just like when he had just started.

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