Chapter 1 – Hell!?

It was June, Morningstar Entertainment Company was surrounded by fans, looking forward to seeing the stars in the face of the sun.

Inside the company, the sunscreen glass blocked the blazing sunlight and turned into a soft color. The central air-conditioning ran along the pipeline with no scruples, so that the indoor temperature could be maintained at 20 degrees.

The door of the practice room was suddenly opened, and a man came in. He was tall, his hair combed to the back of his head, with deep eyes, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. With a high nose and slightly lifted lips that were making him inaccessible to approach. The suit is neat and tidy, even in such hot weather the top button is firmly buttoned, and the whole person reveals the indifference and self-control of a high-ranking elite.

Seeing him, the man laughing inside seems to have pressed the stop button.

“Shen… Brother Shen”

Several trainees uneasily looked at each other and sneak away from the practice room. Leaving only one teenager with a delicate face. He was called Bai Jiajia. Since debuting in Morningstar a year ago, his popularity skyrocketed. Now he is the company’s most promoted newcomer.

He licked his lips. “Brother Shen.”

Shen Huai glanced at the messy practice room and coldly said, “I heard from your dance teacher you haven’t practiced properly for three days?”

Upon hearing this question, Bai Jiajia guiltily bowed his head, but made an excuse, unconvinced, “I just won the Best Newcomer ……”

“The Best Newcomer.” Shen Huai didn’t care. “Now, practice.”

Bai Jiajia bit his lip, and under the urging of Shen Huai, he reluctantly turned on the music and jumped along with the music. At the end of the song, Bai Jiajia’s forehead was covered with sweat and he panted. He wanted to turn off the music but was stopped by Shen Huai.

“We are preparing for a new stage soon, but your breathing is still so bad. When you get on the stage, do you want the audience to listen to your gasping?” Shen Huai paused. “From today, before work practice for two hours a day.”

This word was like poking the boy’s most painful point, he finally couldn’t help but burst: “You’re crazy! Who the f*ck is on stage now! Practice! You only f*cking know how to let me practice! Other popular newcomers accept endorsements and variety shows. When it comes to me, I still only practice every day like before!”

He kicked the speaker hard, pointed at himself, and shouted to Shen Huai, “I am now on the roll! Do you understand?! As long as fans see me on the stage, and I smile and wave to them, they will pay obediently! Do you understand?”

Shen Huai looked at him with cold eyes. When he calmed down, he said, “I’ve invited a vocal music teacher. He’ll be here in a minute. I have a meeting this afternoon. I’ll go first.”

Bai Jiajia glared viciously at Shen Huai’s back. He only felt that the more than a year of hard work had turned into resentment and went straight to his head. “You save it,” he said. “I’m getting a new agent! Who the f*ck is patient with classes?”

Shen Huai’s fingers trembled and then stopped.

Bai Jiajia’s delicate and beautiful face seems to have been maliciously twisted. He looked at his back and quickly said, “What do you think I will do in the afternoon! Sister Cassie said that as long as I go over there, I can immediately sign the endorsement of MK, she will also help me enter the fashion circle, yet you? What did you do for me?! You said before that you would send me a Fang song, which is a lie!”

Fang Zhiqing is the gold level songwriter, although the output is not high, as long as it is from him it will be the popular style. Mainly, he cooperates with the heavenly level artist, the small transparent newcomer couldn’t even think about it. Besides, the man had a bad temper and was a bit of an artist. Bai Jiajia had no hope at all, but Shen Huai never talked big, so even if he had talked to Cassie a long time ago about changing his agent, he had been holding back. Now he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Shen Huai turned his head and Bai Jiajia who was originally scolding felt like he was being strangled. Shen Huai was not angry, he looked at Bai Jiajia and whispered, “So you think so?”

Bai Jiajia said impatiently, “Yes, in this era, who still looks at strength! The popularity is the king, this kind of antique like you should have been eliminated a long time ago!”

Shen Huai smiled softly, not knowing whether he was laughing at him or himself.

The quarrel between the two men soon alarmed senior management. Shen Huai signed off the contract with indifference, ignored the compensation of the company, and turned away. By that time, the matter had already spread, and the eyes and whispers came from all around him.

“Is it true that Bai Jiajia changed his agent?”

“There is still a fake? Brother Shen, the name of this new man’s curse, who does not know! Before, didn’t Xu Anqi leave Morningstar and caught fire?”

“But if brother Shen hadn’t dug him up and set him on fire all the way. It would have been too ungrateful for him to kick him out as soon as he started getting popular!”

“You’re not ungrateful. Don’t you change when you get a chance to become popular?”


Shen Huai pretended not to hear anything and got into the elevator.

Shen Huai went down to the garage and sat in his car. His eyes were filled with deep exhaustion. He took off his glasses and pinched his eyebrows, but his eyes inadvertently glanced at a document in the passenger seat.

This is a letter of authorization for the copyright of the song. The name of Fang Zhiqing is written in the column of Party A.

Shen Huai fixed a look at the contract, and on the same time, WeChat sounded, the message is Shen Huai’s immediate boss, artist brokerage director Ming Wei.

“This is the case in the entertainment industry. Don’t think too much. You’ve worked hard this year. I’ll give you a week off, go out for a break.” Shen Huai smiled and responded softly, “Thank you,” then threw his cell phone aside, started the car and left.

He drove the car to the airport, bought the nearest flight, and then landed in Xinghe City.

Shen Huai arrived in Xinghe City and saw the noise at the airport. Only then did he know that Lu Yang’s former residence had recently opened, attracting rock fans and media from all over the world.

Lu Yang is a legendary rock star in Chinese history. Although he died early because of an accident, his name is an inescapable monument in the history of Chinese music.

In the era when rock-and-roll was a minority, Lu Yang’s three rock records were all platinum, which not only set a record but also set off a Chinese rock craze with his own power, which still has flourished so far. They inducted Lu Yang into the Rock-and-roll Hall of Fame at the 2017 US Colony Awards, as the first Asian face to enter the Rock-and-roll Hall of Fame.

Although Shen Huai is not a fan of Lu Yang, but still couldn’t stop his curiosity and bought a ticket to visit.

As soon as he entered, he regretted it. He still underestimated the nature of the Chinese people to watch the hustle and bustle.

In the house is a collection of Lu Yang’s poster collection, followed by the songs he released in his life, as well as his handwriting and relics. There is also a 3D projection concert in the small theater next to it.

The people on the stage were tall, bronzed-skinned, with three-dimensional and deep features, and looked very masculine. He hugged the guitar roaring. The music seemed to tremble with the hearts of people. He completely seized the people’s breath under the stage. It was impossible to look away. They could only succumb to his singing.

With such stage dominance, it is no wonder that the magazines of the time called him a “Rock Tyrant.”

Shen Huai stood in the crowd, infected by the atmosphere, feeling agitated, and the gloom seemed to have been swept away during this period.

After learning about Lu Yang’s life, Shen Huai could not help but admire such a person. He originally wanted to visit it carefully, but there were so many people that he was carried forward by the flow of them.

The staff stood high and hissed, “… This is the guitar Lu Yang used in his last concert…. Don’t squeeze!… Everybody back! Don’t touch it!”

Shen Huai did not know who pushed him, he couldn’t stop, and went straight in the guitar’s direction. In the screams of the staff, he firmly controlled his body and turned around and slammed into the side of the post.

Then a sharp pain struck, and he lost consciousness.

The scene immediately fell into chaos, and after a while, Shen Huai woke up from the strong dizziness, the noise poured into his ears like a flood, and the anxious face of the staff gradually became clear. “How are you, sir? Are you all right?”

Shen Huai straightened his glasses, then waved his hand, refusing the suggestion that they should take him to the hospital, and found a secluded corner to rest for a while.

He had been hit hard, and now, though he had sobered up, his head was still dizzy. He closed his eyes and heard a soft snort coming from next to him.

“That guitar is not a baby. Isn’t it stupid to hit yourself like this for a dead object?”

Shen Huai felt some helplessness and replied, “That guitar is not a baby, but its significance is very precious. I didn’t want to break it.”

As he finished, there was a sudden silence in his ear. Shen Huai felt a little strange, opened his eyes, and saw a shocked man standing in front of him.

“You can hear me?”

It also shocked Shen Huai.

After all, he just reviewed the other’s life in a flat and three-dimensional form.

“Lu… Lu Yang?” 


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