My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 42 – Audition

Ye Cang suing the marketing account online was covered for two days, and then it was overshadowed by fresh entertainment news. In addition to Shen Huai being in touch with the law firm to know the progress of the case, other netizens attention was attracted by the upcoming Jin Ying Award.

The Jinying Award is the highest award for domestic TV drama series, and this year’s competition is particularly fierce. On the side of Best Actress, each of the six finalists had the strength to win the award, and one of them was a popular flower who stormed to the top this year, Xu Anqi. 

Shen Huai just glanced at the information and left it there.

He has been too busy recently and as soon as he has solved Ye Cang’s problem, Chu Mei Bo’s audition began.

Because the assistant hasn’t been found yet, he can only follow Chu Mei Bo to audition for the time being. 

When they arrived at the scene, they found that a lot of people came to the audition, but most of them come for the roles of female lead number two and three. 

As for the role of Kwai Ji, there was even less people coming, but Shen Huai saw a familiar figure of Liu Qingqing, the actress who was very popular ten years ago.

Liu Qingqing sat on a chair with big sunglasses on her face in a very unhappy mood.

She has been very successful since her debut. When she was at the peak of her popularity, she retired from acting and got married. However, when she came back to act, she was only able to play such an unpleasant villain and compete with so many people.

The assistant handed her coffee: “Sister Qingqing, with your qualifications and acting skills, who can compare with you on scene. What is there to worry about?”

Liu Qingqing’s eyes swept over the others. Sure enough, many people saw her whispering, and even one or two expressions were dim, thinking that in front of her, they must not have a chance.

Liu Qingqing immediately became relieved.

When it was her turn to audition, Liu Qingqing performed very well. Although she did not like the role very well, but after all, the foundation of the performance was still there.

After Liu Qingqing performed, she was quite satisfied with her performance. Except the director nodded frequently.

When she left, the casting director asked Director Gao carefully, “Gao Di, is the role of Kwai Ji settled?”

Director Gao frowned: “She gave me the wrong feeling, Kwai Ji should not be such a beautiful and glamorous woman, her nature is cruel, the more pained others are, the happier she will be, even if she smiles softly, her eyes should be cold and hard …”

“Director Gao! Even if she smiles softly, her eyes should be cold and hard, and it’s so hateful. If there’s such an acting skill required as you said, who’s going to play it?” Although Liu Qingqing’s acting skills are mediocre, but she is not bad compared to others. Besides, if she really wants to participate in this drama, her identity can also be used for marketing, don’t you think? 

Gao Di sighed and said, “Yes.”

“We’ll have an audition for second and third female lead later. If we waste too much time here, we’ll be in a hurry there.” 

Although Gao Di understood that what he said was right, he always felt a little unwilling: “Look, if there will be no one better, it will be her.”

The casting director knows that although he has good-tempered, he will not allow others to disobey his will as long as he decides on something. He did not dare to say anything more. He turn over the personnel list on the table: “Next, Chu Mei Bo.”

Hearing her name inside, Chu Mei Bo stood up and pushed the door in. 

When she stood in the middle, the casting director frowned because the actress was really too young. In the original book, Kwai Ji was a wicked witch, can she play it when she is so young? 

Gao Di is also looking at Chu Mei Bo.

The girl in front of him has a palm-sized face, a pair of apricot eyes seemed to be full of laughter all the time, a slightly slanted eyes, laughing like a pair of crescent moon, under the small nose, although she have diamond lip, her lips are full, appropriate to be happy or angry. 

If she looked like this, if she went to audition for the role of little sister, it would be very appropriate, but she came to audition for the role of Kwai Ji, which was interesting. 

The casting director said: “Start perform form the part where the identity of Kwai Ji was discovered.” 

In the original book, Kwai Ji approached male lead Chang Yu as an orphan girl. She left a trail behind after committing an evil act and was seen through by Chang Yu. Chang Yu came to question her, at first, Kwai Ji was still pretending to be pitiful. However, when she learned that Chang Yu did not trust her at all, her sad expression faded away. While laughing at Chang Yu, she told him the truth about her murder of the master of Chang Yu, forcing Chang Yu under hid grief and indignation to suffer from a demon attack, almost killing him. Fortunately, the woman arrived in time to save Chang Yu. 

At the moment, Chu Mei Bo was going to play this part.

It was a very difficult part not only because of the subtle grasp of changing expression, but also for the large number of lines.

However, Chu Mei Bo did not seem to realize that. She nodded to the assistant and signalled that she was going to start, making her whole person’s look changed immediately.

She half knelt on the ground, a small face half looked up, eyebrows slightly frowning, eyes seeming to be covered with a layer of mist, and she said softly: “That’s not me, brother Yu, I have never done such a thing…”

The assistant actor coldly said, “You are still arguing, even when the evidence is clear, I can’t believe anything you say!”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyes, her eyebrows were still slightly frowning, but the corners of her lips were slightly bent up, and the mist in those eyes slowly dispersed, revealing a cruel smile hidden beneath them.

“Brother Yu, you really break my heart.” 

It was the same voice, but it changed from a weak woman to a slippery and terrible serpent. 

Gao Di felt his goose bumps rise up, so he excitedly leaned forward, wanting to see more clearly. 

The assistant picked up the knife and pointed it at her: “Monster! You kill innocent people, and I’m going to kill you today, for heaven’s sake!” 

Chu Mei Bo suddenly laughed. She slightly avoided the knife swung by her opponent and said with a grin, “If you want to kill me, you must state the reason. That’s the hypocrisy of you so-called dignitaries…”

Chang Yu was so angry that he rushed at her with his knife. However, Kwai Ji’s eyes grew brighter and brighter without any fear. She provoked Chang Yu sentence by sentence, just like a cat teasing a mouse. However, Chang Yu used all his power but he couldn’t even touch her clothes.

Kwai Ji smiled with the corner of her lips and said, “Is that all you can do?? I’m really disappointed.”

Hatred inspired Chang Yu’s strength, his knife method became more and more sharp, and he finally cut Kwai Ji. Kwai Ji saw blood, making her eyes suddenly cool down. It was not because she was hurt, but because she was hurt by a pawn whom she did not look up to, which made her very angry.

However, even if Kwai Ji’s eyes become cold her smile became sweeter and sweeter. She floated lightly and said, “That’s too bad. You’re just as useless as your waste master. You can be killed easily…”

Her voice was malicious. She watched Chang Yu become trapped by the devil and stabbed him with a sword.


The casting director called a halt, making Chu Mei Bo instantly break away from the role.

Gao Di’s eyes were bright, his goose bumps had not come down during the whole scene, because she showed a hint of killing intent caused by her injury, making even the onlookers feel fear, although her appearance was different from that described in the original work. But her acting made up for everything. 

Director Gao did not hesitate to confirm that this was the Kwai Ji he wanted.

When he saw Chu Mei Bo’s performance, he had already outlined in his mind the shooting of Kwai Ji’s several major scenes. He had not felt this kind of feeling for a long time. This kind of fighting spirit aroused by meeting good actors.

At this point, he felt a little sad. Compared with Kwai Ji’s role, the male and female leads were somewhat weak.

Fortunately, Kwai Ji was a villain. The more brilliant she is, the more hate the audience will feel towards her, and more understanding of the protagonist’s feelings they will be. Otherwise, if Chu Mei Bo was allowed to act as the second or third female lead, he was afraid that she would rob the female lead of all her glory.

When the casting director saw Gao Di’s expression, he knew that he had decided on the actor.

Sure enough, Gao Di clapped his hands: “We found Kwai Ji. Let the rest of the actors go back.”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows, showing she was not surprised by the result.

Chu Mei Bo walked out of the audition room and Shen Huai just hung up his phone to look at her.

Although he was confident in Chu Mei Bo acting skills, there were too many variables in the casting roles, especially that Chu Mei Bo is still a newcomer, and her opponent is Liu Qingqing.

Shen Huai, as an agent, wants to make sure that Chu Mei Bo doesn’t lose her role because of off-site factors. But now it seemed that Chu Mei Bo’s performance was unexpectedly good. Obviously, this insurance was not needed.

On the other hand, Liu Qingqing had no idea that such a role, which she thought was for sure hers, would be taken away by an unknown newcomer.

The casting director explained to her frantically that he had apparently not expected such a change to happen.

Liu Qingqing looked at Chu Mei Bo’s back with jealousy and hatred, and then left angrily with her assistant.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t care, but Shen Huai took a look at Liu Qingqing.

Shen Huai withdrew his eyes and said to Chu Mei Bo, “Congratulations on the success of your first audition.” 

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows: “Is there any reward?” 

Shen Huai showed a faint smile: “What do you want?”

“Is that a good question?” Chu Mei Bo deliberately said, “Aren’t you afraid of my unreasonable request?”

Shen Huai was very firm: “You won’t, you have a sense of measurement at this point.”

Chu Mei Bo wanted to tease him, but Shen Huai’s eyes were so sharp that she lost interest. 

“Forget it,” she said, “there’s nothing to reward for such a little thing.” 

Shen Huai said, “not to mention the reward, I really have one thing to discuss with you.” 

Chu Mei Bo: “?

Shen Huai: “I’ve transferred your student status from Donghai City to Zhongjing City. In a month, you’re going to report to the new school.”

The smile on Chu Mei Bo’s face froze.

“… Go to school???”

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