MAIR – Chapter 90 – “Travel with History” broadcast

When Shen Huai returned home, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. The room was dark, his brows were slightly knitted. He was about to turn on the light when he was hugged.

Shen Huai’s conditional reflex was to throw this person off, but he smelled a familiar scent.

Shen Huai relaxed his muscles and let Ye Cang rest his head on his shoulder. “What are you doing?” he asked

Ye Cang said vaguely, “I missed you.”

Shen Huai was silent for a moment, then he reached out and hugged him back.

After a long time, Ye Cang finally kissed the side of Shen Huai’s face and turned on the lights.

The sudden light made Shen Huai squint, then he was pulled to the living room by Ye Cang. There was still a suitcase in the living room that hadn’t been unpacked yet.

Ye Cang pulled him to lay carelessly on the sofa. “The domestic travels are basically over, in the upcoming days I can finally have some good rest at home.”

Shen Huai looked at the fatigue on his face and felt a heartache. “Thank you for your hard work. I’m so sorry. I was supposed to accompany you.”

Ye Cang was generous, “Haven’t you been busy lately? It is alright.”

Shen Huai paused.”When I’m done with the matters here, I can accompany you to the United States.”

“You can accompany me to America?” Ye Cang was shocked. He didn’t expect that Shen Huai had such a plan.

After Ye Cang was shortlisted for the Colin Award in April, the organizing committee immediately sent him a letter of invitation. According to Ye Cang’s analysis, he was just enlisted for an award, so he didn’t plan to let Shen Huai go with him, and he hadn’t expected Shen Huai who remained silent about this matter to already have made such preparations.

Shen Huai said with a smile, “No matter what the final result is, it is a very important moment for you. No matter if I am your agent or partner, I should be with you at that time.”

In the past, Ye Cang felt that Shen Huai always thought too much, and even if he liked something, he would never show it directly, so he was always a little aggrieved when chasing him. However, when they got together, his character became so frank and lovely that he felt that his whole heart would melt.

Ye Cang didn’t hold back and leaned over to kiss him again.

Shen Huai’s lashes trembled slightly when he closed his eyes.

The kiss continued for a long time, and the air around them seemed to have become hot and thick. Ye Cang went from kissing the corner of Shen Huai’s lips to kissing his neck. Just as he was kissing his neck the doorbell rang.

Ye Cang: “…”

He continued regardless of it, but the person who rang the doorbell didn’t spare him.

Finally, Shen Huai reluctantly pushed Ye Cang away. “Open the door.”

Ye Cang got up from Shen Huai with a black face and opened the door full of anger, just to see Chu Mei Bo standing at the door with Song Yimian who was carrying drinks and midnight snacks behind her, with a face full of “sorry for visiting late at night”.

Chu Mei Bo glanced behind him and said, “You didn’t open the door for a long time, what were you doing inside?”

Ye Cang: “…”

At this moment, Shen Huai had already finished arranging his clothes and came out. Seeing both Chu Mei Bo and Song Yimian, he was stupefied for a moment. “What’s wrong? What are you doing here so late?”

Chu Mei Bo motioned to Song Yimian to show the drinks and the midnight snacks. “Did you forget that ‘Travel with History’ premiered tonight?”

Ye Cang glanced at his watch and said, “At this point, it has already finished!”

Chu Mei Bo: “We can watch the replay.”

Ye Cang didn’t intend to back off. “Watching the replay, why don’t you just come back tomorrow?”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and looked at Ye Cang and Shen Huai. Then she said very clearly, “Oh, it seems that we came here accidentally disturbing you during the good things.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Shen Huai stopped Chu Mei Bo who was about to leave. “It’s nothing. Come on in.”

Chu Mei Bo smiled and deliberately looked at Ye Cang. “Cang, what do you think?”

What else could Ye Cang do? He could only grind his teeth and say, “I don’t have a problem with that. Please come in—-“

Chu Mei Bo: “Don’t be so reluctant.”

Ye Cang: “One, should, not, encourage, violence.”

Chu Mei Bo saw that the blue vein above his eyebrows looked like it was about to burst, so she stopped teasing him and went inside the house.

Song Yimian also walked in after her and greeted Shen Huai and Ye Cang, “Brother Shen, Brother Ye, excuse me.”

He was so polite that Ye Cang could not express his anger, and could only sigh helplessly in his heart.

He thought that since old Du was gone, the main obstacle was gone, but now he found out that he had been too naive.

The person he was thinking of had a pile of scripts in front of him when he suddenly sneezed three times in a row, and the housekeeper hurriedly approached him concerned, “Young master, do you have a cold?”

Guo Wenyuan scratched his head and muttered to himself.

He hadn’t had a cold recently, could his bad kidney lead to a cold?!

Guo Wenyuan made a quick decision, “Tomorrow for lunch make me some lily soup with pork and add a leek!”

Housekeeper: “…..Yes.”

After the airing of the first episode of “Travel with History,” the social networks exploded.

The program was well produced, with exquisite details and interesting forms. Each episode was like a highly interactive movie and the audience seemed to follow the guests to that period of history.

Although the program focused on understanding and perceiving history, and its cultural core was serious, the form of the show was not rigid, but rather relaxed and lively. With the stars’ modern way of thinking, understanding major events in history caused many fun moments.

When the star guests were talking nonsense, the co-performers were still able to maintain their serious roles and were praised by the audience.

In recent years, the audience’s aesthetics began to shift, and they started to pay close attention to the acting skills of the actors. Several supporting actors from “Travel with History” were all from the National Theatre. This kind of recorded real-time performance was exactly what they were good at. Although this time the form was a little different, these actors still used their superb acting skills to show the audience a wonderful performance.

Almost at the end of the program, Douban already showed a rating above 9 points, generated by more than thousands of people, making it the highest-rated variety show in nearly a year.

Originally, many audience members who weren’t usually interested in this kind of cultural program watched the episode with curiosity and then cried themselves into the pit.

Therefore, by the time of the airing of the second episode – “Li Yuan” (eng. Pear Garden) – the attention on the show was already very high.

“Li Yuan” had a special starting point. Instead of choosing a more famous master of Beijing opera, they chose Yun Chui Yi, a female master who was not well-known by the public.

In fact, this direction was very risky. After all, Yun Chui Yi’s past was not as well known to many people as other masters of Beijing opera, so they needed to pay more attention to the performance of the actors. If the actors were not strong enough to hold the attention of the audience, the whole program would be tarnished.

Because of this, the episode about Li Yuan attracted many fans to watch it.

Many senior fans had heard that the actor who played Yun Chui Yi in the show was a little girl who was not yet 20 years old, making them all worried.

However, when the camera followed the guests in the theater and Yun Chui Yi’s voice sounded on stage, many fans couldn’t help shouting, “Yes!”

“So steady!”

The ordinary audience who didn’t understand opera were at first worried that the content of this episode would be too dull and boring. But then Qiu Jie seriously said, he wanted to integrate elements of the chinese style into his singing and dancing, and ask several masters of Beijing opera for advice.

Professor Yan replied slowly, “If the masters know that you want to dance and sing Beijing opera, they may beat you up first.”

The audience in front of the TV roared with laughter.

In the comment section was a lot of “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”.

[hhhhh, Professor Yan had some insight and hit the nail on the head]

[Qiu Jie has always been playing cards out of order. If he really runs to the stage now and sings rap, do you think he will be thrown out directly or will we laugh ourselves to death? ]

[He may be killed by Director Yu first….. ]

[ha ha ha ha, it’s so interesting, I am looking forward to it]

When Yun Chui Yi came onstage, she not only shocked the four guests present at the scene, but also the audience in front of the TV.

[Shit! This sound is simply refreshing! ]

[I’ve never heard Beijing opera before. I always thought it was old-fashioned, but now it sounded a bit interesting. Is there anyone who can tell me what this passage is about? ]

[This is an excerpt from the Beijing opera “Beating the Drum to Curse Cao”. If you want to hear it, you can search the XX version or the XX teacher version that is also very good. But who is the master on this stage? This voice, this aura, it’s absolutely amazing]

However, when the guests entered the backstage, the woman who had just finished removing her makeup looked back lazily, stunning the audience.

[Shit! This is a woman!! ]

[I thought it was a big man with a beard?! I didn’t expect it to be such a pretty girl! ]

[Nowadays, when a woman is pretty, there is nothing left for a man….. ]

[shit shit shit shit shit!! Mom, I’m going to bend! ]

[Did she really sing this?! It’s too f*cking hardcore! ]

[Now I understand why the king didn’t go to court early! If I watch such beautiful girls sing for me every day, I would not go early either!! ]

Yu Qianqian was a die-hard fan of Chu Mei Bo. It started when she landed in the pit of Kwai Ji. Later, after watching “Honey” she was fascinated by Wen Nan.

But “Tianji” hadn’t been broadcast yet, and “Honey” had only four episodes a week, which couldn’t quench her thirst, so she could only look forward to “Li Yuan”, and check the time nearly a hundred times before “Li Yuan” was finally broadcasted.

She just took her annual leave and went home for a few days. Counting the days, she stood in front of the TV on time.

Yu Qianqian’s grandfather complained to her mother, “She said she came back to see us, but didn’t even talk to me, just watched TV, stayed up late and didn’t sleep well…”

Yu Qianqian hurriedly played coquettish and sold meng and finally managed to make grandpa happy. However, when the advertisement was over and the program began, she immediately sat upright and stared at the TV without blinking.

Grandpa was so angry that he blew his beard and started, “Stinky girl!”

At this moment Yu Qian’s attention was focused on the TV and she said perfunctorily, “Well, I know everything about it, grandpa.”

Grandfather looked at her back and sighed softly, “When you were little, you loved to listen to my stories…”

The rest of his words could no longer be heard by Yu Qianqian.

At that moment, the four guests had already appeared on camera.

Then Meng Honghe said, “If we open this door, we will enter the Rong Xi Theater during the period of the Republic of China to witness the life of Yun Chao Yi, the most famous female singer at that time, as well as witness the rise and fall of Li Yuan for nearly a century.”

Grandpa froze. “They are actually talking about Beijing opera?”

Yu Qianqian nodded again and again, adding in a fanatical tone, “Yes, the artist I like is playing Yun Chui Yi!”

Grandpa said with disdain, “I don’t know the height of heaven and earth. How could nowadays a female star think she could play the style of Yun Chui Yi?! It’s like a dog trying to play a tiger!”

Yu Qianqian knew that her grandfather liked Beijing opera, but when she heard him say that, she couldn’t help choking, “What did you say? It’s like you have seen that Yun Chui Yi with your own eyes?”

“Little girl, I have really seen Miss. Yun before,” her grandfather said proudly. “When I was young, I went to the theatre with your great grandfather. At that time Miss. Yun was already in her prime. What a momentum she had onstage…”

Yu Qianqian was already immersed in the program and didn’t pay any attention to what her grandfather said. When the people onstage went down and the camera turned to several background actors, she finally regained her mind. “What did you just say, grandpa?”

The grandfather’s expression was a bit shocked, “This! This was her singing?!”

Yu Qianqian nodded. Afraid that her grandfather wouldn’t believe her, she went online to find the video of Chu Mei Bo singing under Mr. Xue’s guidance, then her grandfather immediately stopped talking.

Yu Qianqian didn’t care and continued to watch TV. But when her mother came over to tell her grandfather to go to bed, he just stared at her. “I will go to sleep after watching TV!”

Mother Yu: “…”

After watching “Li Yuan” attentively, Yu Qianqian blew her nose and wiped her tears with a paper towel. “Wuwuwuwu, it was really hard for me to watch the last scene. It was clearly the quintessence of our country, but not many people know about it now. Miss. Yun stood on the stage and looked at the empty theater. How sad she was…”

Grandpa’s expression was also a bit complicated. “Yes, since ancient times beauties depart soon, and heroes are not allowed to see their white hair…”

For the first time, Yu Qianqian didn’t complain about grandpa’s bragging, but whispered, “Grandpa, next time I’ll go to the theater with you, I also want to listen to Beijing opera.”

Grandpa was stunned, but soon he became happy again. “Good, very good!”

“Grandpa, please tell me Yun Chui Yi’s story again. I want to hear it…”

“Well, grandpa will tell you…”

Such scenes appeared in many other families too. Although ancient art had grown old, it had renewed its luster in the modern era.

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