MAIR – Chapter 71 – Agent, please face me in a fight

When the troublemakers were taken away by the police, Shen Huai and Ye Cang also said goodbye to Nick and the others and returned to the hotel. 

Because of this incident, they had to stay in the United States for a few more days. Shen Huai had to call their agency about their next travel stop and give a brief account of what happened.

When he hung up his phone, he saw Ye Cang staring at him silently.

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai rubbed his forehead. “I did participate in underground boxing, but it was four or five years ago,” Shen Huai said, and couldn’t help recalling these memories.

At that time, he was still studying in the United States. After his parents died in a plane crash, he returned home for the funeral. During the funeral he found out that he had psychological problems.

Shen Huai realized it himself, so he visited a psychiatrist. His character was calm and rational. After discovering his own psychological problems, he also found a lot of related books to read. He was well aware of what the psychiatrist said.

He seemed to be very cooperative with the psychiatrist, but he didn’t trust the other person.

The psychiatrist treated him for half a year, without any effect, so in the end he had no choice but to give up. 

Shen Huai knew that this was not only caused by the blow of his parents’ death that hit him, but also because he had lost the joy of living, he had no passion, no pressure for life, and his empty life held no attraction to him.

He knew that he should try to save himself, but he allowed himself to indulge in the thrill of wandering on the edge of danger by participating in underground boxing or racing. He had done it all at that time. 

Ye Cang was shocked. He didn’t expect that Shen Huai would have such a past. However, after the shock, he felt distressed.

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, this was just a decease-free decease, but Ye Cang understood very clearly that no matter how rich the material life, it couldn’t fill the spiritual void.

Shen Huai had lived a rich life since childhood, and he was very talented in finance. The challenges brought by his work could no longer tempt him, the increase in wealth could not give him a sense of achievement, and the envy and slander of others couldn’t touch his heartstrings. 

This feeling was like those days after his death. He didn’t need to eat or drink, and he became immortal. However, he was imprisoned in one place and couldn’t do anything.

He lived in this world, but at the same time he seemed to be outside the world.

So he was willing to live a new life, even if it was only for a few decades.

Maybe it was precisely because Shen Huai understood that that he could see him.

When Shen Huai saw that Ye Cang didn’t speak, he thought that he was sympathizing with him, so he said, “In fact, it’s not a big deal. I see a psychiatrist regularly now. I’m alright now, and I won’t do those things again.”

Ye Cang answered in a low voice, but turned around and suddenly hugged Shen Huai.

Shen Huai was stunned and subconsciously wanted to break away, only to find that Ye Cang’s arms were not tight, he was just gently hugging him. 

It was just a comforting hug.

Shen Huai hesitated for a moment, but he did not try moving away after all. He quietly leaned on Ye Cang’s shoulder, feeling the peacefulness of this moment.

For him, these things had passed a long time ago, so he had no special feelings when mentioning them. But at this moment when Ye Cang held him, he felt as if he had taken off his armor, and felt tired for the first time.

Ye Cang felt a weight on his shoulder, only to find that Shen Huai had fallen asleep.

Ye Cang got a bit confused, but he didn’t wake up Shen Huai. He just laid him down carefully on the sofa. However, Shen Huai, who was always alert, frowned a bit, his lips moving, but didn’t wake up.

Ye Cang took off his glasses and put a blanket over him. 

Later, he sat aside and stared at Shen Huai’s sleeping face in a daze.

This was the first time that Shen Huai told him about his past. Ye Cang could feel that his heart seemed to open up a little bit. The discovery made him both happy and distressed.

Shen Huai was not a withdrawn person. In fact, although he looked cold, he was actually just cold on the outside and very warm on the inside. He was gentle and meticulous to his friends. His popularity was not bad, which made his friends ask him for help or even talk to him about anything, but no one could really reach his heart.

At some point in the past, Shen Huai had cooled emotionally, intentionally or unintentionally, and Ye Cang could only feel angry and frustrated. But now after listening to him talk about the past, Ye Cang suddenly understood. 

Shen Huai’s tenderness was buried too deep. If one was careless, they wouldn’t be able to find it.

He was used to bearing everything on his own, so he always considered others thoroughly and suppressed his own mood.

Nowadays, when Information got more and more developed, the means of the paparazzi were not comparable to those from before. If their relationship was exposed, Shen Huai would not be hurt. He had many means to escape and only Ye Cang, who lived in the spotlight, would bear the majority of the consequences.

Shen Huai knew that Ye Cang’s career in this life had just started, and once he encountered a major blow, it would most likely be destroyed.

Unfortunately, he was talented enough to make all singers and record companies feel scared. They would spare no effort to attack him or smear him, which can be seen from the water army and the sunspots that constantly emerged in the past half a year. If they found out about this, they would never let Ye Cang go.

Shen Huai’s worries were not unreasonable.

Although this idea seemed a bit silly to Ye Cang, it was silly but lovely, and it was distressing to him. 

Shen Huai had closed his eyes, but Ye Cang knew how beautiful his eyes were. He knelt on one knee at the edge of the sofa, clenched his hands into fists, almost holding his breath as he let his lips touch Shen Huai’s eyes gently.

Shen Huai’s eyelashes moved as they were gently brushed by Ye Cang’s lips, but it seemed like he suddenly shrank back as if he had been electrocuted. 

Fortunately, Shen Huai didn’t wake up. He just frowned and went back to sleep.

Ye Cang breathed a sigh of relief. Only then did he feel that his palms and back were sweaty. He touched his lips gently with his fingers, and then left the sofa.

Shen Huai slept for two hours. When he woke up, it was already dark.

He sat up in a daze. Unexpectedly, he had slept on the sofa for such a long time. He raised his hand and combed the fallen hair back. Then he looked at Ye Cang, who was sitting at the desk and writing songs with his headphones on.

Shen Huai remembered that he almost spilled off his black history in front of Ye Cang, so he couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. But before Ye Cang had a chance to notice it, he had already suppressed it.

Ye Cang took off the headphones and asked, “Awake?”

Shen Huai answered, only to find his voice was a bit hoarse.

Ye Cang went to pour him a glass of water, before saying, “Drink some water first to moisten your throat.” 

“Thank you.”

The warm water slid down his dry throat, making Shen Huai feel much more comfortable.

He said hesitantly, “I’m sorry, I just fell asleep.”

Ye Cang leaned on the side of the sofa with his arms on his knees and smiled “It doesn’t matter, but your story wasn’t finished yet, and I’m still waiting for you to tell me, who was the friend that influenced you to become an agent?”

“He…” Shen Huai wanted to say the other person’s name, but he paused before saying, “Ok. I’ll take you to meet him when we return home.”

As Shen Huai spoke he took out his mobile phone, only to find out that it was turned off. 

Ye Cang hurriedly said, “I saw that you fell asleep, so I turned off your cell phone in order to not disturb you.”

Shen Huai turned on his mobile phone, but as soon as it was turned on, a lot of messages poured out like a flood, and his mobile phone almost got stuck.

Shen Huai frowned slightly, and directly clicked on Ming Wei’s call.

As soon as he got through, Ming Wei’s anxious voice was heard.

“Shen Huai, are you alright? Where are you and Ye Cang right now?” 

Shen Huai suddenly had a bad premonition, “We are at the hotel, what happened?”

Ming Wei breathed a sigh of relief and said quickly, “Your fight in the bar was filmed and posted online.” 

“It was fine at first, but an hour ago, there was a marketing account who caused a stir on the Internet, saying that you were involved in a fight in the United States and were sent to the police station. I sent you a message but you didn’t reply and I couldn’t get through to you. Junior Xue was not in the United States with you so I was almost worried to death.” 

Because there was an issue with the overseas agency regarding their next stop, Xue Chengge finished his promotional trip in the United States and flew to their next stop ahead of schedule. Only Shen Huai and Ye Cang were left with several bodyguards and this is what happened. 

In the middle of his conversation with Ming Wei, Shen Huai had already opened Weibo, which was already very lively. 

#Ye Cang fights# , #Ye Cang fights in the U.S.A and was sent to the police station# and #Ye Cang lost contact with reality # rushed directly to the hot searches. Many fans even rushed to Ye Cang’s Weibo to pray for blessings.

Shen Huai did a quick scan on Weibo and straightened out the process.

The cause for this incident was someone who posted the story on the entertainment forum. The other party should be the foreign student who was in the bar at that time. He was probably just excited at the beginning and wanted to share it with others, but some people in the comment section didn’t believe him and thought he was a liar.

The owner must have been embarrassed, so he directly sent the video. 

At that time, because the light was dim the video was not very clear, but Ye Cang’s face could still be seen. There were no traces of editing in this video and the scene did not seem to be like a movie shooting. Shen Huai and Ye Cang were both filmed holding real weapons.

As a result, this post became hot in an instant.

The owner also seemed to become aware of the problem and quickly deleted the video and his post, but it was already too late. The video had been spread directly from the entertainment forum to Weibo. 

Originally, the fans knew that Ye Cang had gone overseas for publicity. They were looking forward to something new and waited for the official promotion to save some beautiful photos of Ye Cang to lick later. Unexpectedly, they directly found the hot search.

They didn’t think too much about it either. They just cried “my brother is so handsome” and “my brother is so beautiful, I didn’t expect him to be such a masculine man”. Although some people wondered why the background was clearly a foreign country, few cared whether something was really wrong. 

But an hour ago, a marketing account suddenly posted a Weibo, vaguely indicating that Ye Cang had been detained abroad by the police for fighting.

After that, a lot of marketing numbers forwarded it, and rumors grew more and more fierce. Some people even said that Ye Cang was taking drugs abroad. 

This caused panic on Weibo. 

When the people from Morningstar Entertainment found out about it, it was already too late. Coupled with the fact that Ming Wei had been unable to contact Shen Huai, they panicked. 

Fortunately, Ming Wei had also experienced all kinds of battles, and immediately stabilized the publicity department, without making any random noise. Now that she had contacted Shen Huai, and knew what happened, she was relieved. 

Shen Huai also breathed a sigh of relief and confirmed that this was not a premeditated end for the publicity company. As long as the fake news that the marketing account wanted to spread were clarified, it would be fine. 

So Morningstar Entertainment’s official Weibo and Ye Cang’s Weibo simultaneously sent a message explaining the course of the incident, and released a group photo of Ye Cang and Nick to appease the fans. The bar owner also confirmed that Ye Cang and Shen Huai were only doing passive defense, and the other side was the first to provoke.

Ye Cang’s attitude towards marketing accounts has always been very firm. It hasn’t been long since those marketing numbers that slandered him before were fined and apologized. Therefore, these gossiping marketing numbers apologized voluntarily before Ye Cang investigated and sued them.

The authorities quickly dissolved the rumor, leaving many companies wanting to make trouble with no chance to interfere, and they could only back off angrily.

Although there were still some people who didn’t believe it, most of them did. 

The attention of netizens was skewed and at first it was aimed at Ye Cang, but gradually their eyes were attracted by Shen Huai, from him slowly untying the cufflinks to his crisp movements. Even if the video was not clear it could not cover up his male hormones.

So half an hour later, a new hot search shot up. 

——#Agent, please face me in a fight#

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