MAIR – Chapter 100 – Sister Mei is mighty!

At lunch time, Cheng Mengjiao went to ask Chu Mei Bo to eat out. “Sister Mei, that shop near the school gate, let’s go there to do our homework after dinner.”

Chu Mei Bo rubbed her aching wrist. Recently, Song Yimian, for some reason was very enthusiastic about making up lessons for her, and even arranged several additional homework assignments. Chu Mei Bo couldn’t finish the homework at home, so she simply took it to school and took advantage of the recess to finish.

She was tired of writing, and really wanted to go out to distract herself, so she agreed to go with Cheng Mengjiao.

Their group walked towards the school gate side by side, but the usual flow of people was blocked.

Cheng Mengjiao felt it was a bit strange, so she rushed forward to see what was going on. Someone in the crowd said, “Chu Mei Bo is here!”

Then the crowd in front of her suddenly stirred up. Before they could react, they saw a group of reporters with cameras and microphones rushing over and pointing the microphones at Chu Mei Bo, who was wearing a school uniform.

“Miss Chu Mei Bo, I heard that you have successfully gotten the role of Cheng Yanxin. Is it true?”

“Miss Chu defeated a number of powerful actresses and won the much-anticipated ‘Red Actress’ heroine role as a newcomer. How are you feeling now?”

“Miss Chu, there are rumors that you are very close to a director of Guanrui. Is it true?”

“Miss Chu, it’s said that you could get this role because you have something to do with this director. It’s said that you have an improper relationship with him. Can you answer this question?”

The originally noisy crowd suddenly quieted down, and Chu Mei Bo’s face also sank.

Cheng Mengjiao was surrounded by reporters, and was a bit at a loss, but when she heard these questions, she immediately got angry. “What the f*ck are you talking about! Dare to say it again and I will rip your mouths off!”

Chu Mei Bo’s classmates were also in the crowd, and their angry expressions were also revealed. “What nonsense! Slander is prosecutable. Didn’t you know that?”

“Is the threshold for journalists so low these days?! A man with a mouth full of feces can also be a journalist?”

“This is the worst day when a journalist is blackmailing people. What kind of reporter is this? He is just some kind of paparazzi full of obscene thoughts!”

“I can also say that your mother had an improper relationship with Mr. Wang from next door! Can you answer this question first?”

Before Chu Mei Bo could speak, all these students could hardly stand the group of reporter, speaking to each other.

This school was originally an art high school, and many students would be engaged in the entertainment industry after graduation, so they naturally had a disliking for paparazzi.

In addition, Chu Mei Bo starred in “Honey” as Wen Nan, which almost swept the whole school, making her the idol of many boys and girls at school.

As for Chu Mei Bo’s classmates, Chu Mei Bo was usually cold-tempered, but if someone asked her for help, she would never refuse them, even though she has already signed a contract and embarked on the road of a star, she would not dictate from above, but rather take care of them well as their senior. 

On weekdays, Chu Mei Bo was busy, and even at school, she was occupied by Cheng Mengjiao. Although the students liked her, they didn’t have much of a chance to get close to her. But now they heard that someone even slandered their class pet. These students couldn’t hold it anymore.

The face of the questioning male reporter had become colorful, and he got angry in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Otherwise, these students could drown him with their saliva.

“I just want to know the truth on behalf of the public. It’s a reporter’s duty. Let’s ask Miss Chu for an answer,” he said doggedly. 

Seeing that Cheng Mengjiao was going to stand up for her, Chu Mei Bo stopped her and looked faintly at the reporter. “From which media are you?”

The reporter was stared at by her cold eyes. Inexplicably, he felt a chill at the back of his neck. Calming down he said, “I’m an associate and entertainment reporter, but …

Chu Mei Bo nodded. “If I have any news to release in the future, you and all the media of your company will not be invited.”

The reporter froze for a moment, before he reacted. “Miss Chu, this…”

Chu Mei Bo interrupted him directly, “First, I did participate in the audition of ‘Red Actress’, but whether I can get the role of the heroine is the joint decision of Director Xie and the whole crew, and I have no right to interfere. Second, you said that I was very close to a director of Guanrui. Please state the other person’s name in detail and produce additional evidence. Otherwise, I will infringe on my right of reputation and reserve the right to resort to the law.”

The reporters were stunned. When it came to this kind of thing, which female star would not cover up or falter, or use other topics to cover up the past? Who would say it as directly as she did? Besides, if they really dared to give Mr. Guo’s name, Mr. Guo’s private lawyer would be able to sue them to bankruptcy tomorrow!

Moreover, the act of using legal weapons at any time reminded them of someone who had the same agent as her.

The artists of this company are poisonous!!!

Reporters were used to facing the stars when they had the upper hand, but at this moment Chu Mei Bo firmly suppressed them, making them unable to speak and their arrogance also decreased a lot.

But Chu Mei Bo didn’t let them off, and continued, “Third, it’s school time. You are blocking the school gate, which seriously interferes with the flow of students and teachers and the normal order of the school. Please apologize.”

The reporters looked at her in disbelief. “Ha???”

“Oh!” Chu Mei Bo raised her wrist, looked at her watch, and continued, “Parking is not allowed at the school gate, you have violated traffic regulations, I have already called the traffic police, now… They seem to have arrived.”

Cheng Mengjiao immediately showed them the call record proudly. This was what Chu Mei Bo ordered her to do when the students besieged the reporters before.

The reporters turned around and found that three or four traffic policemen in uniforms and one police motorcycle had arrived and were putting tickets on their cars.

There was a burst of applause at the scene.

“Sister Mei is mighty!!!”

“Well done!”

“Hot chicken reporter, get out of our school!”

These reporters couldn’t stay here any longer. They could only run away with their microphones and cameras in their arms.

While the students next to her were still immersed in the joy and excitement of their victory, they said to Chu Mei Bo, “Don’t worry, Sister Mei. I just filmed the whole process with my mobile phone. If these reporters dare to talk, we will buy the hot search to promote this video!”

“Many of our school senior brothers and sisters are in the entertainment industry. They are from all kinds of industries. I’ll ask them to help me forward it.”

“Yes! If they dare to bully our classmates, we will make it difficult for them to get away with it!”

“My aunt is the editor in chief of a magazine. I asked her to help me find out where these rumors came from!”

Chu Mei Bo looked at their indignant faces and had the feeling of being protected. The warmth almost melted her whole chest.

Once again, she sincerely realized how happy it was to be able to return to this world, not only because she could act again, but also because the warmth in this place was not fake.



At the same time, in Guo Wenyuan’s villa, Guo Wenyuan jumped on his feet angrily. “Check it out! Who on earth spread this rumor?”

The assistant quickly put down his cell phone. “Mr. Guo, I’m already looking into it. There will be news soon!”

Guo Wenyuan crossed his hands and walked anxiously around the room.

Seeing this, the assistant hurriedly said, “Boss Guo, you can rest assured that these reporters are measured and will never point the spear at you. When ‘Red Actress’ holds a press conference, it will be naturally clarified.”

“It’s not what I’m worried about!” Guo Wenyuan said angrily. “I’m worried that these reporters don’t have the brains to make up something like this… But who does?!”

The assistant nodded his head, but he wondered, what does this have to do with you?

Was it possible that…

He had an idea. Did Mr. Guo really like Miss Chu? That’s why he was so nervous!

The more the assistant thought about it, the more likely it felt. He even found a reasonable explanation for his boss’s recent whim to act. It seemed that this one was totally different from those gorgeous and cheap people who he had used to pass the time.

This is the boss’s true love! Maybe it was the future boss’s wife!

The assistant immediately had a sense of urgency, and his expression became as worried as Guo Wenyuan’s.

He thought about it for a moment, and then solemnly said, “Boss, the most important thing now is not to let Miss Chu know about the rumors!”

“Hmm? Yes! Yes!”

Seeing that his assistant finally understood the key point of the matter, Guo Wenyuan almost wept with joy.

Encouraged, the assistant continued, “So now there is only one appropriate solution!”

Guo Wenyuan: “Mm-hmm!”

Assistant: “You need to send a Weibo to show that the rumors are completely false, and that you have great respect for Miss Chu…”

Guo Wenyuan: “Mm-hmm!”

Assistant: “You’ll say that you really like each other and want to pursue each other seriously…”

Guo Wenyuan: “Mmm… Uh huh??? What did you say?”

The assistant looked at the cannibalistic expression on Guo Wenyuan’s face and got a bit confused. “It’s… It’s the pursuit of romance that will defeat the rumor … “

Guo Wenyuan was so angry with him that he knew that this assistant was really not reliable!!

It was better to fire him!!

The assistant was also very aggrieved. He was wholeheartedly trying to find a way for the boss. If the boss was not moved, he always threatened him with resignation. It was getting more and more annoying!!

Guo Wenyuan ignored his assistant’s glass heart.  When he thought of Chu Mei Bo’s smiling face, he felt that his whole heart was trembling. “No, no, absolutely not!”

He grabbed his hair and immediately ordered his assistant, “Let’s have a press conference! Prove my and her innocence!”

Assistant: “…”

Before waiting for the assistant to complain, Guo Wenyuan himself vetoed this proposal. “No, no, it will be too late. I wouldn’t even have time to wash myself clean before I jump in the Yellow River!” 

Just then, his assistant suddenly received a phone call, and his whole expression suddenly changed.

Guo Wenyuan’s heart made a thump and he suddenly had an ominous premonition.

“What’s the matter?”

The assistant hesitated. “Someone has already spread the news. It is said that … Reporters have already gone to Miss Chu’s school to block the gate… “

Guo Wenyuan: “!!!”

She is going to kill me!!

He quickly took out his mobile phone and called Shen Huai. Then he sat down on his chair. “Well, the rest can only be left to fate.”

At this moment, the assistant also saw that his boss didn’t like Chu Mei Bo at all. He was afraid of her as if she was a monster.

He didn’t understand. “Boss, I have met Miss Chu. She looks very gentle and kind. Why are you so afraid of her?”

Guo Wenyuan sighed and reflected on the vicissitudes of life. “You don’t understand, evil spirits are all dressed in human skin…”

Assistant: “???” 

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