MAIR – Chapter 76 – Golden supporting role

Some good people put the action picture of Kwai Ji and the action picture of Wen Nan together and posted them under the comments of the trailer. Soon, the popularity of the comment went up, beating Hanyi’s crowd of rainbow farts.

The contrast between both roles was too great.

The same smile, Kwai Ji’s eyes are filled with a bit of contempt and disdain, her red lips almost  forming a smile. With just her momentum, people wanted to kneel down and call her queen. But when it came to Wen Nan, her eyes are warm and little bent, her smile when she shook her head, even when she didn’t speak her doting and tolerance could be seen.

If they said this was the same person, who would believe it!

After all, the hot search on Kwai Ji took place only two months ago and many netizens still had an impression of her. After being attracted, they picked up the topic one after another.

As a result, # Kwai Ji x Wen Nan # quickly rushed to the hot searches.

Even the official Weibo of “Honey” didn’t expect that the first hot search on the drama would be not about the scandal of the leading actors, or about the plot or the actors’ acting skills, but about a comparative action picture.

However, the publicity reaction from the drama’s side was very fast. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the drama crew immediately publicized a promotional wave of “Honey”. The characters who should have been released slowly were also put on the Weibo in one go.

With the help of the drama crew, the popularity of the hot search did not fall but rose instead.

Therefore, Chu Mei Bo was caught off guard and became popular again, even before “Honey” started broadcasting.

When Shen Huai heard the alarm sound of the computer, he was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect that with just a “trailer”, Sister Mei would land in a hot search again.

Shen Huai never doubted that Chu Mei Bo would become popular, but the momentum of a hot search at any time and any place was amazing.

Moreover, this was not a good thing for the present Chu Mei Bo. After all, she has only acted in two shows, and none of them has been broadcasted yet. Once was still okey, but if she appeared on a hot Weibo search often, it would easily trigger the rebellious psychology of netizens that would put on a marketing label on that.

Chu Mei Bo has acting skills. If she is given the chance, she will become popular, just like Kwai Ji and Wen Nan before, so she doesn’t need to walk the popular road at all.

In addition, she now has such opportunities such  as “Travel with History” and “Red Actress”. At present, good reputation is more important than flashy popularity.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that there’s no need for marketing. Only highly popular actors can have more choices. Shen Huai understands this, but it is just not the time yet.

He and Chu Mei Bo are both very patient, so they take the long term point of view into account.

With this in mind, the urgent task now was to remove this hot search, but Shen Huai knows that this is related to the promotion of the crew, and it is still necessary to find a way to make the best of both worlds.

So, in the afternoon, a new topic suddenly appeared on Weibo.

# shit, this is the same person #.

At the beginning, some bloggers added several additional pictures of different characters with great contrast to Chu Mei Bo’s original dynamic picture, which attracted a lot of netizens to click in.

[Is this really the same person?! ]

[shit! I didn’t know until today that xx and xx were performed by the same actor. ]

[teacher XX! My childhood memories, I didn’t expect that XX was also performed by the teacher! ]

[the acting skills of the teacher are really good]

[My mother asked me why I was on my knees watching Weibo. ]

This topic aroused the interest of many netizens, and many people participated in it, comparing the roles with the greatest contrast of the same actors and many people would exclaim, “xx and xx are the same person!”

Among them, Du Yuping, who is called “the golden supporting role”, is mentioned every time.

Du Yuping was the winner of the lifetime achievement award of the Golden Ying Award. He played more than 100 roles in his life, won three Golden Ying Awards for best supporting actor, and was also the most famous “act with a smile”. There are also his role clips from station B. Although all of them were supporting roles, each supporting role was very outstanding.

When he won the lifetime achievement award of the Golden Ying Award the presenter once said that he was “an unsurpassed golden supporting role in movie history”, and his acting skills were enough to match this praise.

It was a pity that he died of illness three years ago, which became the great regret of all his fans.

Therefore, as long as anyone brought up Du Yuping, this discussion would basically end.

Shen Huai, on the other hand, took the opportunity to inform the side of “Honey” and released funny action pictures of Wen Hanyi from variety shows and the acting pictures from “Honey”.

Compared with the performance of the actors, this contrast picture was obviously more fun.

In addition, “Honey” ‘s and Wen Hanyi’s intentional guidance really attracted a lot of popularity, and also triggered a new trap for netizens. They put together the black history and the pictures of the cold handsome male lead and almost cried. Although the topic was biased, it became hotter and hotter.

Of course, the biggest profiters were “Honey” and Wen Hanyi, especially “Honey” which saved a lot of publicity costs, making producers so happy they grinned happily from ear to ear.

This way, Shen Huai solved a potential crisis for Chu Mei Bo, promoted “Honey”, and won the favor of the producers at the same time.

However, Shen Huai had no intention to think about this any longer, because Chu Mei Bo’s art examination had already begun.

Chu Mei Bo passed the joint art examination a long time ago, but colleges and universities like Zhongjing Film Academy also have their own art exams organized separately. Shen Huai worried that Tong Yun wouldn’t do it well, so he simply took charge of the whole process himself. He applied not only to Zhongjing Film Academy, but also to several art colleges and universities in Zhongjing.

This is also what most art examinees would do. After all, no matter how confident they were, there was no guarantee that no accidents would occur.

On the day of the exam, Shen Huai and Ye Cang personally sent Chu Mei Bo to the exam.

After getting out of the car, they weren’t able to enter the examination hall, because the hall was packed with examinees and their parents waiting outside the examination room. Some media reporters were also interviewing candidates everywhere with microphones and cameras.

The tree of them found a quiet corner and Ye Cang handed Chu Mei Bo the exam supplies, while Shen Huai repeatedly told her what to pay attention to.

Chu Mei Bo sighed, “I see.”

She looked at these two people who had completely  covered themselves. She felt moved and a bit amused. Although it would have been the same if Tong Yun sent her over, she still accepted their intention.

The problem is…

Chu Mei Bo: “Come on, you two didn’t need to send me over. Parents are all here to send their children to take the exam. What am I? Later they would think I have two dads.”

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang: “…”

At the same time, the examination room was opened, and Chu Mei Bo waved to them. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to die bravely this time, I’m just going to take an exam. You guys go ahead and get to work. I’ll take a taxi back later.”

What else could Shen Huai say? Chu Mei Bo had already followed the examinee inside the teaching building.

They looked at each other and went back to the car together. After getting in the car Ye Cang took off his hat, scarf and mask, and took a long breath. “I didn’t expect that there would be so much media, so dangerous to not be found out…” 

Shen Huai said helplessly, “I told you to stay in the car. I would have taken her there alone.”

“How could I do that!” Ye Cang said, “After all, this is an important day for Sister Mei. Besides, this is the time we could spend together today…”

Shen Huai: “…”

He knew that the last sentence was the point.

However, he couldn’t blame Ye Cang for behaving like a resentful husband. Although they were both very busy after returning home, Shen Huai was the busier one.

After dealing with the accumulated tasks, he asked the company to open a studio.

When Ye Cang went overseas for publicity, although the whole process went smoothly, there were still many small problems. Companies like Morningstar Entertainment had many departments and lengthy procedures and this situation became even more obvious when they first contacted the overseas agencies.

After the popularity of “Rebirth”, Ye Cang’s workload has increased dramatically. It was hard to rely on Shen Huai and Xue Chengge alone. Many things depended on Shen Huai ‘s own efforts and even if he could still do it, it was somehow very tiring.

It’s not a matter of finding a company to dispatch people, so Shen Huai had the idea of establishing a studio.

With Ye Cang’ s abilities he was bound to develop faster than ordinary singers. The studio would serve him wholeheartedly, which is not only more convenient, but also better for his future development.

Apart from Ye Cang, the same applies for Chu Mei Bo.

The company was originally worried that they would end the contract and leave. But now that Shen Huai put forward this request, they naturally readily agreed, and even took the initiative to turn on the green light for him.

In spite of the full support of the company, there were still many things to be solved. Shen Huai has been busy with these things recently. However, after the establishment of the studio, he could hand over most of his work, and just concentrate on the general direction, which would be a lot easier.

Shen Huai and Chu Mei Bo don’t care about hot searches, but they don’t know that someone secretly hated them till their teeth itched.

Since Hua Rong met Chu Mei Bo’s opposition, she became the knot in her heart. Especially after she found out that Chu Mei Bo was hot searched for her role appearance, this feeling of watching helplessly but not getting it, simply kept her awake at night.

Hua Rong was originally narrow-minded, and every time she thought of this, she would lose her temper.

Just as she was sulking, there was a knock on her door.

Hua Rong frowned. “Come in.”

When the door opened, a young man with gentle eyes came in and said, “Sister Hua, what are you looking for me for?”

The other side has a clear and gentle face, fair skin, with a strong bookish atmosphere. Although it was not a stunning appearance, it was still very pleasant to look at.

But when Hua Rong saw him, her face became more and more ugly.

Hua Rong thought she had a good eye, but she had failed twice, which she regarded as her greatest shame.

One of her failures was Chu Mei Bo, and the other one was Song Yimian, the young man in front of her.

Song Yimian was originally an ordinary college student, but because of a photo that was secretly taken, he became popular all over the internet and was called “the male god of the library”.

He was reading a book, the sun coming through the window dyeing his hair linen, his long eyebrows stretched, his mouth gently raised, as he looked at the book attentively.

That look could directly pierce people’s hearts.

As soon as Hua Rong saw this picture, she concluded that this person had star potential, so she went thought a lot of trouble to sign him up, but she soon regretted it.

At the beginning, it was thanks to the photo, which was taken at a really favorable time and place, that he became popular. However, if one should really come in contact with Song Yimian, they would find out that he was really a boring person.

His temperament was gentle and low-key, he didn’t fight or steal. In real life, such a person was very suitable to become friend with. However, in the entertainment circle, his too gentle and dull temperament was unsuitable, making him easily forgotten, which would only turn him into a stepping stone for others.

Hua Rong previously told Chu Mei Bo that no matter how good-looking the wooden beauty was, it would be useless. She was talking about Song Yimian.

Every time she saw Song Yimian, he reminded her of the wrong choice she had made.

Hua Rong was so arrogant that she took all her anger on Song Yimian.

Song Yimian has a good temper and knows that he has not lived up to Hua Rong’s expectations. So no matter how bad her attitude was, he would not get angry.

Now in the office, Hua Rong looked at her Weibo and ignored him. He didn’t say anything, just stood by obediently.

After a while, Hua Rong turned off her computer. “Yimian, you have been in the company for two years, and the contract is about to expire. Do you have any plans?”

Song Yimian hesitated for a moment. “Sister Hua, what do you mean?”

Hua Rong said with a smile, “Yimian, it’s not that I don’t want to sign you, you were discovered by me. However, in the past two years, the company has made great efforts to cultivate you, but it has not been rewarded accordingly. The company resources are limited and it’s impossible to keep investing like this. Don’t you think it is right?”

Song Yimian’s face was a bit bleak.

Hua Rong added, “I won’t hide it from you. Even if we renew your contract, you can only get the lowest level of contract. I don’t want to delay you. You are a college student at a famous university. Going back to work is also a way out.”

Song Yimian tightened his lips.

Just as Hua Rong was about to wave him away to leave, he suddenly said, “Sister Hua, I know what you mean, and I know I’m not good enough, but … Can you give me another chance?”

Hua Rong was stunned for a moment. The Song Yimian in her memory has never been so assertive. He did what she said and never refuted it, let alone take the initiative to fight for anything.

Now that he said this, Hua Rong became a bit interested.

“Oh, why?”

Song Yimian was very nervous, but he said his reason seriously, “I … I want to act.”

Song Yimian has been very obedient since his childhood. He listened to his parents and studied hard for the college entrance examination, but did not expect such a great turning point in life.

After he joined Menghe, he got interested in acting, and even found professional books and film research materials by himself, but his talent was limited, and his progress has been very slow.

But this didn’t affect his love for acting, and it was the first time in his life that he fought for something for himself.

Hua Rong squinted at him for a while, then suddenly smiled. “If you really want to stay, it’s not impossible.”

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