MAIR – Chapter 75 – It’s a great acting skill

Shen Huai suddenly felt heat on his lips, and his whole body froze. He reflexively raised his hand to push Ye Cang away, but was grasped by Ye Cang.

Their breaths entangled, and Ye Cang was reluctant to leave for a long time.

Shen Huai pushed him away. “Blow the candle first…”

When Ye Cang looked back, the candle had burned to the end, and then went out.

Shen Huai: “…”

Ye Cang held back his laughter, then leaned over and pecked at his lips. “Let’s eat cake.”

Shen Huai pushed up his glasses with some annoyance.

Ye Cang happily cut the cake and handed a piece to Shen Huai. Shen Huai didn’t like sweets, but he didn’t refuse and ate the cake silently.

Ye Cang pursed his lips and recalled how he felt just now and felt that even cream was not as sweet as Shen Huai’s lips.

Shen Huai felt the fiery gaze of the other side, and his heart which was beating calmly a moment ago was now racing. He originally thought he hated physical contact, but he had just kissed Ye Cang and unexpectedly he didn’t feel disgusted.

After dinner, the two of them went back to the hotel.

Shen Huai was about to talk to Ye Cang, but when he turned around, he was pressed against the door, and lips covered his own. Shen Huai’s waist buckled. He wasn’t used to this, and he let out a low gasp.

Ye Cang’s lips kissed the corners of his lips, gently rubbing, and whispered, “Huai, I love you.”

Shen Huai opened his eyes and the two of them looked at each other. He could see the deep emotions in Ye Cang’s eyes. His stiff body softened slowly as he put his hands around Ye Cang’s neck. “I love you too…”

Ye Cang didn’t expect to hear his frank answer and a violent surprised could be seen in his eyes.

Even though he has recently realized that Shen Huai’s attitude has been gradually softening, his avoidance of the matter has always left him with a lingering fear. When they left the restaurant, he felt like he was dreaming and couldn’t believe it.

Now, Shen Huai’s words finally calmed his mind.

Shen Huai wanted to add something, but his mouth was blocked by Ye Cang’s lips.

His words were like encouragement to Ye Cang, and Shen Huai’s response made him kiss deeper and deeper.

However, when Shen Hua felt Ye Cang’s hand reach into his clothes, his brain suddenly woke up and he pushed him away. “No… We have a flight tomorrow.”

Ye Cang: “…”

Ye Cang looked at Shen Huai sadly, but he was mercilessly driven out of the room.

When the door was closed, Shen Huai took off his glasses and pressed his forehead with an expression of helplessness. Although he had thought about it, ans decided to be with Ye Cang, he never thought that their relationship would progress so fast.

But when his eyes fell on Ye Cang’s album on the table, the smile on his face faded.

Today Ye Cang was no longer the newcomer who had just started his career. The album “Rebirth” has made him instantly popular. Shen Huai can even predict that after returning home, Ye Cang’s every move will be observed. If them being together was discovered, he didn’t know how hard it would affect Ye Cang’s career.

Shen Huai decided to have a good talk with Ye Cang tomorrow to not act too close when outside, especially after returning home.

Ye Cang was not the kind of person who didn’t listen to advice. After Shen Huai said it, he would act more restrained when outside, but when they returned to his room, he seemed to be a different person.

The two of them had just started to be together, Ye Cang wanted to stick to Shen Huai. If it wasn’t for fear that Shen Huai would get angry, he wouldn’t even want to do the publicity activities.

It was rare of Shen Huai to be so worried, but fortunately the overseas publicity campaign was coming to an end and they were about to return to China, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

Ye Cang was still reluctant to part with him. After all, after they returned to the country, he would need to pay attention to many people and he was afraid it would be hard for them to be so close.

The two of them boarded the plane back home in completely different moods.

After coming back, Shen Huai immediately fell into a busy schedule.

Although Ye Cang’s overseas publicity activities have ended, there are still many things to do for the follow-ups, and besides him, there is also Chu Mei Bo.

Shen Huai contacted the production team of “Red Actor”. The one who was in charge of communicating with him was Director Xie’s assistant, who told him that the audition time should be after New Year. When the time was set, they would be notified, so that they could get ready. Shen Huai wanted to ask more about who else was involved in the audition, but the other side was tight lipped and hang up the phone as soon as the notice was given.

Director Xie’s s demands on the actors are very strict and he would never allow even excellent actors to act if they are not met.

Shen Huai went through Chu Mei Bo’s upcoming schedule in his mind.

Because the audition time of “Red Actor” was uncertain, it means that for the time being Shen Huai can’t pick up another role for Chu Mei Bo to play, in order to avoid schedule conflicts in advance.

Fortunately, both of Chu Mei Bo’s dramas have been completed, and the recording time of the variety show “Travel with History” has been determined. Two episodes will be recorded before New Year, and they will be broadcast on Zhongjing Television after New Year, with a total of 10 episodes, all of which recorded by the end of April.

If during this period “Tianji” and “Honey” could be released smoothly, Chu Mei Bo would have these two works to show off, which would be good for later publicity.

Just as Shen Huai was thinking about it, he suddenly received a call from the promotion team of “Honey”, telling him that “Honey” has been scheduled for Valentine’s Day next year, hoping that Chu Mei Bo could cooperate with the drama’s side to promote it.

“Honey” was filmed later than “Tianji”, but “Honey” was a relaxed online campus drama, with a much more flexible broadcast. In addition, there were no special effects and the number of episodes was also not large. Later the editing speed was very fast, and the show was about to come out.

Shen Huai agreed to come over, and opened his Weibo, just to see that “Honey” ‘s official account had just posted the first trailer.

The trailer was beautifully cut, the male lead was handsome and cold, the female lead pretty and sweet, and the number of supporting actors was also very outstanding. Coupled with the word-of-mouth of the previous work, the trailer that had just been released had already many comments and forwardings.

[ouch, ouch, finally out! ]

[looking forward to it! I hope the re-watch volume will increase and get as good a result as “Sweet”]

[after looking at the trailer, I think it is very good. I can watch it]

[Must watch it, I’m ready to pay for a membership]

[Hanyi is so handsome, and looks so good in a school uniform! ]

[Xuan Xuan is the most beautiful! Xuan Xuan is the best! ]

[Although the male lead and the heroine are so good looking, why do I feel there is no spark between them?]

[Wait!! Who is the girl who appeared in seconds 53! How beautiful and gentle! ]

[Wen Nan’s eyes are tender when she looks at Meng Shishi. Mother, my heart is going to melt]

[What kind of fairy best friend is this!! The screenwriter must not abuse them.]

Wen Hanyi, the actor who played the male lead, knew how to go with the flow. Even before the show was broadcasted, many of his fans were already looking forward to it. Now, Wen Hanyi forwarded this Weibo, and it was immediately swarmed by his fans, blowing rainbow farts under the trailer.

Since the clip of Kwai Ji had become popular online, Chu Mei Bo has attracted the attention of a lot of fans. However, she seldom used her Weibo, that is to say, after downloading it she only sent out one, and she no longer cared about it anymore.

After Shen Huai told her about the crew’s request, she also opened her Weibo and followed the official Weibo account of “Honey” and its actors before forwarding the trailer.

Yu Qianqian has been infatuated with Chu Mei Bo since the video of Kwai Ji. But Chu Mei Bo is a newcomer, and doesn’t interact with fans on Weibo on weekdays, so after that wave of hot searches, many people lost interest in her and forgot about her.

But Yu Qianqian did not, she was full of expectation for the launch of “Tianji”. She also payed Chu Mei Bo’s and “Tianji” ‘s official Weibo special attention. She would open Weibo every now and then, but except for the smiling face, Chu Mei Bo never sent another Weibo again.

On this day, Yu Qianqian returned home from work. She was going to browse her Weibo for a moment while cooking. However, as soon as she turned on her mobile phone, she received a notification.

[the user you pay special attention to, Chu Mei Bo, just posted a Weibo]

Yu Qianqian did not think much about it, and hurriedly opened Weibo to see Chu Mei Bo’s Weibo had forwarded the trailer from the official account of “Honey”.

For a moment, Yu Qianqian was stunned. She knew “Honey”, she liked to watch “Sweet” before. This kind of sweet and warm plot was especially suitable for this semi tired social animal to relax.

But “Honey” and Chu Mei Bo???

These two words are not related to each other, are they?

In Yu Qianqian’s memory, the image of Chu Mei Bo was still the beautiful and powerful Kwai Ji from “Tianji” which was too far from the style of the campus drama.

However, the official WeChat promotion had indeed mentioned Chu Mei Bo’s name.

Yu Qianqian was a bit confused, but she quickly made up her mind and played the trailer. No matter what it was, as long as it was Sister Mei, she should support it.

So after she finished watching the four minute trailer, she was even more confused.

Because she couldn’t find Chu Mei Bo at all!!

Yu Qianqian, angry and confused, commented directly under the Weibo.

[This show is too much! Since you mentioned our Sister Mei, why did the trailer cut her part out? ]

Her angry Weibo was soon overwhelmed by all kinds of rainbow farts from Hanyi’s fans.

Yu Qianqian was so depressed that she was ready to send a private message to the official Weibo to ask for justice. However, when she refreshed, she saw a new comment.

[Shit!! Wen Nan and Kwai Ji are actually played by the same person!!! 】[action picture of Kwai Ji]

Yu Qianqian froze.

Her first reaction was not to believe it, so she opened the trailer and watched it again. She had to admit that these two roles with totally opposite temperaments were both played by Chu Mei Bo, but she herself, a die-hard fan, had not recognized her.

Not only Yu Qianqian, many people watched the action picture of Kwai Ji, and then turned to watch the trailer and were shocked to find out it was the same person.

[this acting skill is so awesome]

[I fancied Kwai Ji before, and just now Wen Nan but I didn’t think that the person who captured me was the same person @ Chu Mei Bo]

[it’s over, my husband can’t hide it]

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