MAIR – Chapter 74 – Happy birthday!

Although Shen Huai was abroad, he hadn’t abandoned his duties as an agent completely. It was just that Chu Mei Bo hasn’t had any shootings scheduled recently, and “Tianji” and “Honey” were both in the later stages of editing and haven’t entered the publicity stage yet.

Therefore, when he learned that Director Xie intended to let Chu Mei Bo audition, Shen Huai was stunned.

The movie “Red Actor” had a great reputation. The original work from Xu Hanzhang, a literary master from the time of the Republic of China, was directed by Director Xie, the leading movie director in China, and the several investors behind it were all industry giants. The preparations began three years ago, and the script itself was polished over the past two years.

Although it hasn’t been filmed yet, it has been the most anticipated chinese film for several years in a row.

The heroine Cheng Yanxin was a role coveted by all domestic actresses, and the competition was very fierce.

Shen Huai also wanted to fight for this role for Chu Mei Bo. After all, in his opinion, no one in the world was more suitable for the role of Cheng Yanxin than Chu Mei Bo.

However, at present Chu Mei Bo is only a young newcomer who has only starred in two tv shows as a second and third female lead. These two shows haven’t even been broadcast yet, so it was impossible for them to compete for this role with the movie queens.

Shen Huai has also found contacts, and wants to give Chu Mei Bo at least an audition. The other side has a good relationship with him and has not concealed matters from him. The whole team was lead by Director Xie… Director Xie was famous for his dedication, which cannot be moved by any amount of money at all. If he got upset, Chu Mei Bo would have a hard time mixing in the movie circle in the future.

Shen Huai weighed again the pros and cons, and had no choice but to give up helplessly for now.

But he didn’t expect that “over numerous mountains and streams, I had my doubts that I could find the road.” (chinese saying that means something like having a glimmer of hope). This time it was Director Xie who took the initiative to invite Chu Mei Bo to an audition.

No matter what Shen Huai thought, they all felt that Chu Mei Bo had done something.

However, when they talked on the phone:

Chu Mei Bo: “No, I didn’t do anything. I was busy writing test papers every day.”

Shen Huai: “…”

When Chu Mei Bo said so, it was difficult for Shen Huai to ask again. Instead, he said, “I asked Tong Yun to buy you a book called ‘Red Actor’. Read it first…” After a pause, he suddenly thought of something, “Did you know Xu Hanzhang?”

Chu Mei Bo: “Yes, a young man who blushes as soon as he speaks, quite lovely.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He thought of the picture of the gentle literary master in the textbook, whose eyes were full of concern for his country and people. He couldn’t match him to the blushing young master Chu Mei Bo spoke of.

According to the unofficial history, Xu Hanzhang loved Gu Mei deeply, so after Gu Mei’s death, he remained unmarried all his life and devoted almost all of his energy to his career.

Now that Chu Mei Bo said this, Shen Huai almost wanted to ask about the ending, which took place back then.

He remembered that “Red Actor” was written after Gu Mei’s death, so he explained it in a few more words, “It is said that Cheng Yanxin, the heroine of ‘Red Actor’ was written based on you, and you knew Xu Hanzhang. Maybe you will have a deeper understanding of the story, which will be your advantage during the audition.”

“Oh?” Chu Mei Bo seemed to become interested. “He did say to me before that he wanted to write a story based on me, but I never saw it. I thought…”

The rest of the words remained unspoken but Chu Mei Bo revealed a bit of determination. “You can rest assured, I will win this role.”

With Sister Mei’s words, Shen Huai felt like he took a reassuring pill.

“I will finish in about a week. I told Tong Yun not to talk about this. We’ll talk about other things when I come back.”

Chu Mei Bo agreed.

However, Shen Huai was still a bit uneasy. After all, Sister Mei gave him such a big surprise so quietly. He didn’t know what could happen next week.

So, Shen Huai could only take the trouble to speak to Chu Mei Bo again.

Chu Mei Bo was full of impatience and asked directly, “Don’t just talk about me. How are things progressing with you and Junior Ye?”

Shen Huai’s words were stuck in his throat. “…”

Chu Mei Bo said with disdain, “You are not together yet?! ——Whether Junior Ye is a man or not, he really disappoints me this time.”

Ye Cang, who had just changed his clothes, suddenly sneezed and looked up at Shen Huai blankly.

Shen Huai coughed softly, turned his back and went to the balcony. “Sister Mei, let’s talk about business first,” he said helplessly.

Chu Mei Bo laughed, “The business has been finished, now we can talk about private affairs.”

Shen Huai: “…”

In the end, Shen Huai was overwhelmed and had to find an excuse to hang up the phone.

He took a deep breath before returning to the room.

Ye Cang leaned on the chair and rotated a pen flexibly between his fingers. “Was that Sister Mei?”

Shen Huai nodded.

“Have you finished everything?” When Ye Cang saw Shen Huai nod in affirmation, he stood up and said, “Then let’s go out!”

Shen Huai walked in the elevator with him and looked at him apologetically. “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect it to get so late.”

Ye Cang waved his hand and said, “It’s alright, but I’m curious. Why did you suddenly want to invite me to dinner?”

Shen Huai pursed his lips and said, “The schedule has been very tight recently, and you have worked hard. Today’s meal is for you to relax.”

“That’s alright!” 

Ye Cang was lost in thought, and didn’t speak again. When the elevator arrived, the two of them hurriedly walked out and headed for the restaurant.

It was about the time when the sun set. The orange light caged the whole city with warm colors, and on the square, many tourists were leisurely feeding the pigeons.

Couples walked past each other, including not only heterosexual couples, but also same-sex couples. But no one was surprised about it, and no one gave them strange looks.

Ye Cang suddenly said, “I heard that in this country, same-sex couples can get married?”

Shen Huai was stupefied, and his fingers moved somewhat unnaturally, but his face was very calm, “Yes.”

In the past, Ye Cang would have been fooled and frustrated by Shen Huai’s reaction. However now his eyes slipped over Shen Huai’s fingers as he smiled. “Huai, after dinner, I want to talk to you.”

Shen Huai pursed his lips and said, “It just so happens that I have something to say to you too.”

The two of them looked at each other, and then both of them looked away.

Since that time in the United States, when Shen Huai told Ye Cang about his past, the relationship between the two of them seemed to have changed, as if they had become much closer to each other.

It seemed that both of them were more honest during this trip than when they were at home.

Shen Huai was no longer shy about talking about his past, and he and Ye Cang talked a lot more than before.

Shen Huai was surprised to find out that Ye Cang was not only accomplished in music, but also dabbled in a lot of things, and the two of them could chat happily about some unpopular topics.

Ye Cang didn’t expect either that Shen Huai, who looked like the model cold student, had no less black history than him.

However, for Ye Cang, the more he sees Shen Huai’s real side, the more he likes him.

They say that the attraction between two people originally comes instinctively, and the combination of their hearts makes it impossible for them to ignore their relationship.

When they entered the restaurant, Shen Huai had already booked a spot earlier. It was on the terrace, surrounded by green plants, directly overlooking the sea under the sunset, which was very romantic.

It is also a main feature of this restaurant, but it is difficult to book because of its popularity.

When they arrived, the setting sun happened to sink into the sea, the seagulls swept across the orange sea, and the salty sea wind blew over, as if the heartbeat slowed down.

Neither of them spoke, while they quietly enjoyed the beautiful scenery before them.

Ye Cang sighed softly, “I once thought that after the age of 40, I would terminate my contract with the company and no longer go on stage. Just find a small seaside town to live alone, feed pigeons during the day and go to the bar at night for a drink, and if I want to sing, I would just go to the beach and shout.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t live until 40. Now that I have a new life, I don’t even dream of retiring. I think I have a lot of songs to write too, and I dream of falling in love.”

Shen Huai’s hand was clenched in a fist in a place where Ye Cang could not see it.

Ye Cang turned around and looked at Shen Huai’s profile. The orange light was also falling on Shen Huai’s figure, as if melting the coldness of his body and revealing the warm color beneath it.

Ye Cang’s heart was moved slightly as he whispered, “Huai…”

Shen Huai didn’t run away anymore, but turned around and said, “I…”

However, before the two of them could finish, a waiter came over with a dining car and interrupted them.

They had to separate, return to their seats and listen to the waiter introduce the dishes in English with a strong accent.

When the waiter finally left, the atmosphere was gone.

Ye Cang said angrily, “When I go back, I’m going to give a piece of advice to this restaurant. This kind of blind waiter really affects the dining experience of the guests too much.”

Shen Huai couldn’t help but smile and before Ye Cang’s surprised eyes, he nodded, “I agree.”

Ye Cang suddenly realized something. “Huai……”

However, Shen Huai interrupted him ruthlessly the next second, “Eat first.”

Ye Cang: “…”

His mind was all focused on Shen Huai’s behaviour just now, and he didn’t taste the dishes at all.

Seeing this, Shen Huai felt helpless, it was really a waste of his efforts.

He gestured to the waiter when Ye Cang wasn’t paying attention.

Ye Cang was still thinking about how to continue the previous topic later on, when he suddenly heard a happy birthday song played on a violin.

He was stunned. Turning around, he saw the waiter pushing a cake over.

It was still in English with a strong accent.

“Happy birthday!

Ye Cang was stunned and looked at Shen Huai with his tongue tied. “This… This is… “

Shen Huai had already stood up and asked the waiter to step back before he said, “Have you forgotten? Today is your birthday.”

Ye Cang sat on his chair and wanted to say that Ye Cang’s birthday was in March, and it was December now. But he knew that Shen Huai was not celebrating Ye Cang’s birthday, but Lu Yang’s birthday.

Shen Huai lit a candle and put it on the cake. In a soft voice, he said, “Take it as a celebration of your new life.”

Ye Cang stared at the cake blankly. In the 30 years after his death, fans would come to his former house to celebrate his birthday every year, but he has never been so moved.

Ye Cang raised his head.

By this time the sun had completely set, the smile on Shen Huai’s face became warmer than the setting sun.

“But I’m afraid I’m the only one who can accompany you on your birthday in the future.”

Ye Cang stood up, leaned straight over the cake, directly held Shen Huai’s face and kissed him deeply.

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