MAIR – Chapter 69 – Overseas publicity

The next day, all the headlines were about Ye Cang.

As a newcomer, Ye Cang won the Grand Slam of the Golden Melody Awards and once again made history. Not only that, his achievements also had made a strong and powerful impact on today’s struggling Chinese music industry.

Not only the gossip media, but also the mainstream media were commenting on this, praising Ye Cang directly and indirectly. 

It was like Ye Cang had suddenly become a household name overnight.

If it was someone else, they would have been on cloud nine from happiness. Ming Wei was also worried that Ye Cang’s sudden popularity would make him unable to control his emotions. Now that he was in the spotlight, once he said something wrong or did something wrong, it would be immediately magnified hundreds of times, and the rival companies would seize the opportunity.

But Shen Huai was very calm. “Sister Ming, rest assured that Ye Cang is very level-headed.”

Ming Wei looked at Shen Huai with relief. “When you joined the company, I knew that you had a unique vision and would stand out sooner or later. The people in the company who used to spread those rumors, please don’t take them to heart.”

Shen Huai smiled but didn’t speak.

At the beginning, when Xu Anqi and Bai Jiajia left one after another, many people in the company said that he was cursed. As long as his artists became popular, they would immediately leave him. There were even many people who took this opportunity to steal resources from him.

Now that Ye Cang became very popular, the story of Shen Huai’s eye for Ye Cang’s talent was also spread. Many companies want to poach away not only Ye Cang, but also him. 

The senior management of Morning Star was also anxious and in a hurry to find a way to keep them. Fortunately, Ming Wei always acted fairly and had a good relationship with Shen Huai, so she decided to be a lobbyist.

Ming Wei said, “You have performed very well in the company over the past few years, both the senior management and I have seen it. Now the position of deputy director of the artist agent department is still vacant. If you are willing, you can take up your new position tomorrow.”

As she said this she took out the contract and handed it to Shen Huai. 

Before that, Shen Huai was just an ordinary agent. Now, it can be said that he will rise sky high in a single step. The senior management never even thought that he would refuse.

However, Shen Huai didn’t even look at it, he just smiled and said, “Thank you, Sister Ming, but it’s not necessary. With my qualifications I have just the right position at present.”

Ming Wei: “But…”

Shen Huai put forward Ye Cang’s overseas publicity plan. “Sister Ming, that’s why I came here today. We have preliminarily determined on the following countries…”

Ming Wei sighed and stopped persuading him, and focused on discussing the publicity plan with him.

When Shen Huai left, Ming Wei looked at the contract in her hands and pressed her forehead helplessly.

With Shen Huai’s abilities, this is what he should have gotten a long time ago, but he never got it and never got angry because of it. Now, that this contract was presented to him, he wasn’t even surprised.

Unless this person was in a state of humiliation to the point of becoming a Buddha, this meant his identity is not simple, and in his vision is far more than that, the position of deputy director not being in his sight at all.

With Ming Wei’s understanding of Shen Huai and her intuition, it was much more likely because of the latter.

Shen Huai walked out of Ming Wei’s office and headed to the elevator.

He was not worried that his refusal would annoy the senior management. He also knew that Ming Wei was a smart person that was very good at assessing the situation and would be considerate of him.

While Shen Huai was thinking about it, several employees nearby greeted him warmly.

“Hello, Brother Shen!”

“Is Brother Shen going to get on the elevator? Which floor do you want to go to? I will press it for you.”

“Brother Shen, I brought you coffee, here…”

Six months ago, Shen Huai was the most “unlucky” agent in Morning Star Entertainment, known as “the newcomer’s curse”, but in less than half a year, because of Ye Cang’s explosive popularity, the rumor of Shen Huai’s ability of “turning stone into gold” immediately spread within the circle. 

Shen Huai quickly refused and went to the underground garage, but he didn’t expect to meet Bai Jiajia, who he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Cassie and Bai Jiajia were suspected of unfair competition and were directly sued by Shen Huai. Bai Jiajia’s reputation was ruined and he got depressed in the past two months. He also lost his fans. Sometimes when he went out on the street, he would be recognized and scolded. He wouldn’t have come out if he hadn’t received the cancellation statement from the company.

Compared with his high spirited appearance two months ago, Bai Jiajia looked very dispirited at the moment.

He looked at Shen Huai and mumbled, as if he wanted to say something.

Shen Huai just nodded his head lightly, bypassed him and went to his car. 

Bai Jiajia clenched his fists tightly, his eyes full of regret.

At the beginning when he was accused, he still resented Shen Huai, but after helplessly watching Ye Cang in the limelight over the past two months, this resentment gradually turned into jealousy and finally into loss.

When all the glitz faded away, he was finally able to see everything clearly.

It was him who was too eager for quick success and instant benefits that he forgot his original intention. If he had obediently listened to Shen Huai, practiced carefully and treated every stage like Ye Cang, he would have been the one standing on the podium. 

But it was too late to regret it now.

The appearance of Bai Jiajia did not touch Shen Huai’s heartstrings.

When he got in the car his cell phone rang.

He picked it up and Ye Cang’s gloating voice rang out, “Huai, I’m telling you, Fang Ziqing is really going to run naked!”

Shen Huai: “…”

After the Golden Melody Awards, Ye Cang’s popularity remained high, which also led to new popularity of the people related to him. The most pitiful one was Fang Ziqing, because his gambling contract was once again put on the table.

Originally the sales volume of “Rebirth” had started dropping, but the ending of the Golden Melody Awards led to a new sales boost. The distance to the physical copy double platinum became shorter and shorter, and it was only a matter of time before it would finally be reached.

Fang Ziqing probably also knew that the result would not change even if he put it off, so he simply gritted his teeth to fulfill his gambling agreement.

For fear of interfering with the public, Fang Ziqing chose a moonless night and a remote park. Fang Zhiqing ran quickly around in a pair of underwear. 

Then, wrapped in a military coat, he disappeared in the car with a red face. 

Ye Cang watched the video and laughed so much that his whole body fell on the floor. He immediately called Shen Huai to share, “Fang’s figure is not good, this naked run was not interesting at all.” 

Shen Huai: “…”

He felt that if Fang Ziqing knew about it, he would probably want to kill Ye Cang.

Shen Huai: “Don’t gloat there, what if you lose? Are you going to run naked?”

Ye Cang: “I will not lose.”

Shen Huai knew that Ye Cang was always confident, but his cheap mouth really needed to be corrected. 

“Who knows, if you continue to bet casually, you will lose your footing sooner or later.” 

Ye Cang listened and laughed, “Well, I won’t bet with others in the future. Even if I bet, the bet wouldn’t be about running naked. I’ll show my naked body only to you.” 

Shen Huai: “…”

Now, he really wanted to kill Ye Cang.

Because the overseas publicity had gone through a lot of countries, and there were a lot of issues, Shen Huai followed Ye Cang all the way this time, so he let go of Chu Mei Bo for the time being. 

Fortunately, Chu Mei Bo didn’t have any work scheduled recently, just to study hard and let Tong Yun remind her to take the art exam on time.

But even so, Shen Huai still earnestly ordered Chu Mei Bo to communicate with Tong Yun, and by the way urged progress with Mr. Chu. After he sold his company, he decided to go abroad. Most of the formalities have been completed and he was about to leave after New Year. 

Shen Huai was relieved. Chu Mei Bo’s biggest problem was solved and even if he went abroad, he wouldn’t need to worry.

Under the communication between Morningstar Entertainment and several overseas agencies, the overseas promotion itinerary was quickly decided. 

The first stop was the United States.

Previously, thanks to Nick Garcia’s recommendation, “Rebirth” became popular in the United States. After finding this out Shen Huai immediately asked the company’s overseas department to work overtime, and finally caught up with the release.

In fact, Morningstar didn’t hold much hope at the beginning. After all, it was not that there were no domestic singers going abroad to promote their albums but most of the people who would buy it overseas were still Chinese. As for other foreigners, because of the language barrier no matter how popular it was on the domestic market, at most, the results in Asia would become better, while those in Europe and America would be insignificant. 

Yet unexpectedly, Ye Cang’s album sold very well in the United States, and even quickly entered the American music sales chart. He was not just the only chinese singer on it, but also the only Asian singer.

Such an achievement was only accomplished by Lu Yang 30 years ago.

However, Lu Yang was already famous at that time, and his fame at home and abroad was not low. Ye Cang was just a young newcomer and accomplishing such achievements only meant that the quality of his music was extremely high. 

As a result, the agents overseas were also very polite to them. 

The publicity campaign went very well. Many fans came from all over the country. Unexpectedly, there were not only chinese fans, but also many foreigners.

After the end of the publicity event, Ye Cang and the others were invited by Nick to his house for dinner.

Nick had been very curious about Ye Cang since he heard “Rebirth”. He also showed his love for Ye Cang on Twitter and looked forward to meeting him. 

So this time, when Ye Cang came for publicity to the United States, Nick immediately sent him an invitation.

The dinner was not very formal, but Ye Cang and Shen Huai dressed more formally and brought gifts in accordance with the custom here. 

After entering Nick’s house, Nick who was very tall and tattooed all over immediately came up to greet them and hugged them warmly. Ye Cang and Shen Huai also made a face-to-face bow to Nick’s wife.

Ye Cang’s English had almost deteriorated because he had not used it for many years. Fortunately, Shen Huai’s English was good, and he became responsible for translating.

Nick showed them around his house with a smile and showed Ye Cang his collection of records. Then they talked about music.

Soon Nick became excited and took out his guitar. Both of them were outstanding in their own industry and they were on the same level. They communicated directly through music. Even though they didn’t speak each other’s language, they were still talking happily.

There was nothing to do for Shen Huai.

Shen Huai didn’t care and sat on the sofa flipping through magazines. 

Seeing this, Nick’s wife Amanda, who just walked in with some food, felt helpless and shouted, “Nick!” 

However, Nick and Ye Cang were chatting happily and didn’t pay her any attention.

Amanda shrugged and said to Shen Huai, “Sorry, that’s what Nick is like. If he meets a friend who he can talk to, he doesn’t care about others.”

Shen Huai smiled. “It doesn’t matter.”

Amanda: “But he hasn’t been like this for a long time. Apart from his old band mates, he seldom holds such opportunistic conversations with other people, so this boy Ye must have great talent for music. If he was American, he would become an idol for teenagers all over the country.”

Shen Huai looked at Ye Cang, who was focused on fiddling with the strings, his lips smiling unconsciously, “Yes, he is really excellent.”

Amanda looked at him with a mysterious smile. “I know the Chinese are a very reserved race, but honey, this is the United States, you can express your love to your heart’s content, it doesn’t matter.”

Shen Huai was stunned for a moment, and then realized that Amanda seemed to have misunderstood something. He felt distressed. “No, we’re not in that kind of relationship…”

Amanda had an “I get it” look on her face. “I know that Asian countries don’t seem to be very friendly to homosexuals, but you can rest assured, we are friends, I won’t say anything.” 

Shen Huai: “…”

Amanda clapped her hands again to attract Ye Cang’s and Nick’s attention. “OK, honey, we should now invite our guests to dinner.”

Nick: “Hey! Amanda, wait a minute. ——Ye, you are wrong. This is not the way it should be… “

Ye Cang: “NO!

The two didn’t speak the same language, but it didn’t stop them from quarreling. 

Amanda covered her face and said, “Ah! They have such a good relationship, don’t they?”

Shen Huai looked at the two people quarreling who were blushing to their necks, looking like they were going to fight any moment now.

Shen Huai: “…”


Sorry for not updating for the last few days. But I had very crazy week.
In November I decided with my friend we will go abroad for New Year celebration. And we did it…
Did we had fun? Yes
What went wrong? A few things. I decided to write about it as a learning experience for everybody.
We booked tickets and hotel in advance, and everything went great till the new year, when after midnight my phone was knocked out of my hand and landed pretty badly.

Even though my phone was in a protective case, after his landing and being stepped on (Major celebration in capital city – no need to tell you how crowded it is) so he just broke. So my friend and I were in a foreign country with my phone dead and her with 6% battery without idea how to come back to your hotel without GPS. Me learning in the meantime that I don’t remember any phone number expect mine, without even watch to tell the time.

After calling for taxi we learned we have to wait quite some time, our only phone certainly dead till that time. So after a short time of memorizing the map, we started walking to our hotel. The luck was we found a taxi on the way, and after practically begging him (he was after his working hours) he took us to our hotel.

This experience taught me how much important information I have stored on my phone.

  • phone numbers
  • passwords – bank, email, WordPress etc.

My habit of taking photo of important information didn’t help either. The rest of the trip, was better after my friend lent me money to buy me some phone to last me till the end of our trip and i contacted my brother so he can hack my email with my help to send our ticket to my friend email account.

The moral of this story – always make a plan B

Edited by : Taalia

Proofreader: Mochi Rabbit

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