My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 59 – Second Shift

Shen Huai had set the audition time with Director Yu, and returned to the “Honey” crew.

After hearing him out, Chu Mei Bo also became interested in this variety show. In fact, after returning to the world of the living, Chu Mei Bo was very interested in all forms of acting.  

Shen Huai told Chu Mei Bo what Zhang Li said.

Unexpectedly, when Chu Mei Bo heard it, her expression revealed a rare expression of… dislike. 

“Yun Chuo Yi?”

Shen Huai also realized that there was something wrong with her expression. “Is everything alright?” 

Chu Mei Bo mumbled a few words, but didn’t say anything.

Shen Huai put this aside for the time being and asked, “I know you have learned singing before, but your current body has not been trained after all, and what you want to play is the famous female student from the past Yun Chuo Yi. How sure are you?”

Chu Mei Bo frowned for a moment, then sang a little bit. Although there were some  limitations in her voice now, it did have a certain flavor, or at least it was enough to fool the layman.  

In addition to Yun Chuo Yi , there was another, more important role, which was a famous beauty in history known for her good dancing skills.

Fortunately, Chu Chu had learned how to dance before, and Chu Mei Bo didn’t slack off after her rebirth. After training for a period of time, whether it was Beijing opera dance, or classical dance, she shouldn’t have any problems. 

Shen Huai who had an idea, already had several names flash through his mind. Before the audition, he would ask someone to tutor Chu Mei Bo, so it could be expected that for this period of time, Chu Mei Bo would have to work even harder.

Chu Mei Bo herself was not afraid of that, as long as it was related to acting, she had never flinched.  

No, she could no longer say that. Recently, when she was acting with Wen Hanyi, she felt quite helpless.  

Wen Hanyi had a very good temper, but was simply not suitable for acting by nature. In today’s words, he had a heavy idol baggage.

However, in acting, everyone had to break oneself up and re-enter a new character. 

In all movie and television colleges, the first lesson of the acting department was to liberate one’s own nature, that is, to hope that actors could accept their imperfect selves and get rid of the “sense of shame”.

However, all the training that Wen Hanyi received had been used to teach him how to show his best side to the fans at any time. He can’t get away from his own image, so naturally there was no need to talk about acting.

The two were fundamentally opposite. 

Not to mention, Wen Hanyi didn’t work hard and forgetting his own lines had already become a common thing.

As a result, acting in a simple campus drama such as “Honey” felt many times more tiring for her than “Tianji”. The only relief was that Tao Xuan Xuan gradually found new interest in acting during the shooting, making her obviously more attentive lately than she used to be.  

Tao Xuan Xuan’s character was arrogant and unpleasant, but maybe it was because she was in too much pain during the acting with Wen Hanyi, that made her miss the pleasure of acting together with Chu Mei Bo, which made her attitude towards Chu Mei Bo much better than before.

Tang Sugar was also on the edge of breaking down daily. The man she created with her own mind became like this. It was heartbreaking. However, although she was now the chief screenwriter, she was still a small transparent nobody that no one cared about, even if she tried to say something, no one paid attention to it.

Tang Sugar had no one to talk to in this drama crew, so she could only take advantage of Chu Mei Bo, wait for the next scene to talk to her, and when they chatted, she also checked Chu Mei Bo’s homework by the way.

Chu Mei Bo learned that Tang Sugar was a university top student before. If it wasn’t for her love for movies and TV dramas, that made her want to become a screenwriter, with her grades, there would have been no problem for her to be admitted to Zhongjing University.

As a result, what was supposed to be a dream come true for Tang Sugar, ended up becoming a cram school.

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

However, Tang Sugar’s lecture was very easy to understand. It was not worse than the tutors invited by Shen Huai for her. So Chu Mei Bo who became speechless for a minute, quickly accepted Tang Sugar’s teaching guidance.  

But Tao Xuan Xuan didn’t like it.

Her eyes were set high and she had pitifully few friends. It wasn’t easy to find Chu Mei Bo who was pleasing to her eyes, and she didn’t expect to be robbed by Tang Sugar every day.

She thought since Tang Sugar could tutor Chu Mei Bo, she could do it too. She was studying abroad in high school, and her English was still very good.

As a result, the crew saw that the female lead and the chief screenwriter revolved around the second female lead, and no one paid any attention to the male lead.

Not only that, one day Le Jiameng especially came to the crew in order to meet Chu Mei Bo. Who would have thought that just after Chu Mei Bo opened the door, her eyes would immediately widen. “Why are you here?”

When Tao Xuan Xuan heard the familiar voice, she immediately stood up and glared back wanting to pick up a fight. “Why can’t I be here?”  

Chu Mei Bo could only let Le Jianmeng in first.

Le Jiameng crossed her arms and said fiercely, “I will tell you just one thing! If I hear that you dare to bully my Sister Mei, I will tell your brother!”

Tao Xuan Xuan snorted coldly. “You still use the same old move,  can’t you learn new tricks? What am I going to do with you? Do you really think my brother can control me?”

Yue Jiameng: “Tao Xuan Xuan!!!”

Tao Xuan Xuan: “Le Jiameng!!!”

Chu Mei Bo pressed the bulging vein on her forehead, and said in a cold voice, “If any of you two starts a quarrel again, I will kick you out!”

Le Jiameng: “…”

Tao Xuan Xuan: “…”

Neither of them dared to speak any more. Tao Xuan Xuan took the opportunity to squeeze Le Jiameng away. “Who bullied her? I am tutoring her!”  

Le Jiameng who just saw the textbook on the table “……” 

Seeing that they are really going to study, Le Jiameng hurriedly said, “Sister Mei, I can also help you with studying!”

Tao Xuan Xuan sneered, “With what? Tutor her in the math you just passed?”  

Yue Jiameng: “Tao Xuan Xuan!!!”

Tao Xuan Xuan: “Le Jiameng!!!”

Chu Mei Bo was no longer patient, she was just about to open her mouth and drive both of them out, when she heard a knocking on the door. The three of them looked at Shen Huai standing outside.

Shen Huai chuckled, “Isn’t it quite lively?” 

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

Shen Huai came over to take Chu Mei Bo to an audition.

Because time was tight, they let Tong Yun pack things while he and Chu Mei Bo went first. “I’ve asked the director for a leave. We’ll fly to Mujiang city this evening, the audition will be held the day after tomorrow.”

Chu Mei Bo was surprised. “So soon?”

Shen Huai nodded. “Director Yu is very strict. Even If you are selected, you will still have to attend classes. However, I heard that many of the show’s actors are veteran actors of the National Theater. You and they should have a lot in common.”

Chu Mei Bo became thoughtful.

The plane soon arrived in Mujiang city. Because it was too late, they would have a rest first. 

The next morning, they went out for breakfast together.

Chu Mei Bo seeing that Shen Huai was still not saying anything, lost her patience. She put down her chopsticks. “Agent Shen, you have to give me an explanation.”

Shen Huai always had a reasonable plan. Even for this audition, it would have been OK to arrive here today. Why rush to come here last night?

Shen Huai also knew that he could not hide it from her. After breakfast, he took her to their destination.

It looked like someone’s courtyard, antique, but there was no plaque. When they walked in, they found that it was like another world. Inside was a small two-story building in a zigzag shape, with a tall antique stage in the middle. Under the stage there were many tables and benches with many people drinking tea and chatting.  

Shen Huai sat down with Chu Mei Bo, ordered tea and asked, “Do you know where we are?”

Chu Mei Bo looked around. In fact, as soon as she came in, she felt a little familiar. This was how a stage looked like during the Republic of China. She just thought it was a teahouse with a gimmick, but when she looked at the stage carefully she found out that everything was exquisite. It was a real stage.

Chu Mei Bo thought for a moment before saying, “This stage has something to do with my audition?” She paused. “The owner of this place is surnamed Xue?”  

Shen Huai laughed. “Yes, this is Mr. Xue’s family property. Today, Xue Ling, that ‘Little Yun Chuo Yi’ , will come to perform on this stage.”

Chu Mei Bo: “Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated?” 

“Exactly, ” Shen Huai affirmed her, and then said, “However, the Xue family is a family of opera, and Mr. Xue and Director Yu are good friends. If you can’t obviously outperform the other party, I’m afraid you may not be able to get this role.”  

His words made Chu Mei Bo’s expression finally become dignified. 

Shen Huai then said, “Among these characters, Yun Chuo Yi is the most important one. Xue Ling is called ‘Little Yun Chuo Yi’ . She will certainly have some abilities. If she can act Yun Chuo Yi perfectly, I’m afraid she will be the only one for this role.”

However, when Shen Huai said that Chu Mei Bo’s expression gradually relaxed.

“You brought me all the way here. It’s impossible for you to just show me how strong my opponent is, in order to take a blow on my confidence.” 

Shen Huai smiled and shook his head. “Of course not.”

He looked at Chu Mei Bo. “I checked the information. You studied opera in Liyuan before. At that time, Yun Chuo Yi was not famous. You had a lot of dealings with her, right?” 

Chu Mei Bo frowned, as if remembering something unpleasant. “That’s right.”

Shen Huai laughed. “No matter what you used to have in the past, it’s over now. In order to get this role, you must learn from her.”

He paused. “I got the news, Director Yu will come here to listen to today’s performance. If he is satisfied with Xue Ling, maybe tomorrow he will just go through the motions, so this is the only chance for you to get this role.”

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