My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 58 – This is Embarrassing

Because yesterday was too hard, Chu Mei Bo indulged herself for once and got up late.

Shen Huai went back first, leaving only a stack of papers and a note, telling her to complete her study task even if she was filming, and that her tutor would check it after she came back.

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

Tong Yun came in with breakfast. Seeing Chu Mei Bo looking at the homework distressed, she smiled. “Sister Mei, have breakfast first.”

Chu Mei Bo immediately threw the papers aside. It’s not that she didn’t want to write it, but she really felt like vomiting when she wrote too much.

After breakfast she went to the crew for makeup, took a small chair in the corner and wrote the paper while waiting for her turn. After a while, her WeChat rang. Chu Mei Bo opened it and found that it was Le Jiameng.

In the “Tianji” crew, the relationship between these two became very good. Even after Chu Mei Bo’s character was killed, she still kept in contact with Le Jiameng.

Chu Mei Bo simply turned on the voice option, and wore headphones. While chatting with Le Jiameng she still wrote her papers.

Yue Jiameng sounded a little angry, so Chu Mei Bo casually asked, “What’s wrong with you today? You sound angry. “

This sentence immediately turned Le Jiameng into a chatterbox, she spoke very quickly, “I saw a particularly annoying Weibo last night. Sister Mei, do you know how annoying this person is? From childhood to adulthood, she has to compete with me in everything. What I like, she also follows to learn it, most importantly, she still has to show off in front of me… “

Chu Mei Bo suddenly interrupted her, “Then why do you follow her profile and don’t directly delete it?” 

Le Jiameng was stunned. It took her a long time to come back to her senses. “It seems … Oh, it is true.”

“No, it doesn’t matter.” Le Jiameng added, “The important thing is that she also followed me to acting, and last night she posted a Weibo to her circle of friends, saying that acting is not difficult.” 

“If her family didn’t have the money to put her into the cast, how could she win the audition with her hot temper! By the way, what kind of school drama is she playing in, this old-fashioned with a tacky plot… with an arrogant young lady and an iceberg top student, oh, and unexpectedly she has a best friend in this drama?!! I’m telling you, Sister Mei, it’s impossible for someone like her to have a best friend, and this best friend is supposed to be tolerant of her. She is just blind and unlucky… ” 

Finally, Le Jiameng concluded angrily, “Anyway, I won’t watch this drama even if they shoot me!”

Chu Mei Bo has been listening quietly. Le Jiameng has always been a very lovely little girl in her impression. Although she is a bit impatient, she is still very nice. It’s rare to see her talk about others so angrily. It can be seen that she really hates the other side. But more importantly, Chu Mei Bo feels that this drama she talked about is inexplicably a bit like the drama she is filming now. 

Then, after Le Jiameng finished speaking, Chu Mei Bo asked, “Is this drama called ‘Honey’ ?” 

Le Jiameng was shocked. “Sister Mei, how do you know!” 

Chu Mei Bo said faintly, “Is that friend you hate named Tao Xuan Xuan?”

Le Jiameng: “!”

Le Jiameng: “Sister Mei! You practise fortune telling? “

Chu Mei Bo: “No, it’s just that the character in my new drama, the blind and unlucky woman as you called her… ” 

Le Jiameng: ”…”

This is embarrassing. 

Le Jiameng was silent for a long time. When Chu Mei Bo finished the paper in her hand, she whispered, “Sister Mei, I’m not saying that your drama is bad, I’m just…”

The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt that Chu Mei Bo became a poor little girl bullied by Tao Xuan Xuan.

Chu Mei Bo: “I wasn’t bullied.”

Le Jiameng: “She dares!” If she bullies you, I’ll go to the crew and look for her myself!” 

Chu Mei Bo: “…”

When Le Jiameng finished, she thought of this cruel reality and sobbed bitterly, “Why! Why is God so cruel to me… ?”

Chu Mei Bo silently listened to her crying and asked, “You say she started acting because of you?” 

After “weeping”, Le Jiameng seriously answered her question with tears. 

Chu Mei Bo: “Oh, I see.”

Le Jiameng: “Sister Mei, are you angry?”

Before, in the drama group, Le Jiameng found that Chu Mei Bo’s attitude towards acting was very serious. She originally thought she was really in love with acting, but she fell short compared to Chu Mei Bo who was almost pious. 

However, Tao Xuan Xuan was not professional, and her motive for acting was so impure. When Le Jiameng thought about it, she felt very angry.

But Chu Mei Bo asked strangely, “Why should I be angry?” 

“Ah, but…”

Chu Mei Bo knew she was misunderstood. She had a crazy obsession with acting, but she didn’t require everyone in the world to be just like her. Some people didn’t enter this profession because they liked it, but it didn’t prevent them from becoming good actors. 

Although Tao Xuan Xuan’s attitude at the beginning made Chu Mei Bo dislike her a little, she was surprised when she entered the official shooting yesterday. In the afternoon, she finished her scenes seriously and asked Chu Mei Bo some questions about her acting skills arrogantly. 

However,  although Tao Xuan Xuan’s attitude was not good, she has at least fulfilled her duty. She was at least better than her male co star Wen Hanyi.

This morning was the scene of Tao Xuan Xuan and Wen Hanyi. Compared with his first day, Wen Hanyi’s performance had not improved much. His lines were still stumbling, which shows that he has not memorized them at all.

Director Li had no choice but to find a voice actor to save this scene, but even if there was a dubbing, it could not compensate for Wen Hanyi’s paralyzed face or awkward acting skills.

Chu Mei Bo watched it for a while, then she couldn’t stand watching it any longer. 

She felt that Wen Hanyi, as the male lead, and Tao Xuan Xuan are no CP material like their best friends.

Shen Huai was sitting in the café outside Beijing TV station, talking about Chu Mei Bo’s next job.

It’s a variety show called “Travel with History”, jointly produced by Beijing TV, the National Museum and the History Department at Beijing University. Each scene is based on the historical events of a certain dynasty. As a clue, the guests were “crossing” back to that era to participate as witnesses in those special moments. The purpose was to use the relaxed form of a variety show as well as the popularity of the guest stars to attract more young people to learn and perceive history.

It was precisely because they wanted to recreate the events as close as possible, that every scene could be said to be a complete theatrical performance, which required not only a large number of group performances, but also many superb actors.

Beijing TV station with a great deal of effort managed to hire the famous director Yu Chen. No one knew how many people wanted to get this chance, but Yu Chen was notoriously strict, so even now, there were still two people missing from the cast list. 

Zhang Li took a sip of coffee before saying to Shen Huai, “Director Yu is also looking for a young girl with good acting skills, but hasn’t been able to find  anyone for a long time. I recommended your Chu Mei Bo to Director Yu. Director Yu was satisfied with Kwai Ji’s performance he saw on the internet, so I want you to find the time and take her over for an audition.” 

Shen Huai didn’t speak for a while, this opportunity was simply beyond his expectation. 

The entertainment industry was a place where there was no shortage of talented actors, but good scripts were as precious as diamonds. Even for a supporting role, there was fierce competition.

This was not something he could put people in even if he had money.

But there were also those good scripts that have not been discovered for the time being, like the one Xu Anqi used to gain popularity. With Shen Huai’s keen eyes and fluency in English it was easy to find out which one should be picked up.

However, although this was only a variety show, it had a good director, so there was no need to worry about show quality, and the characters were changeable, which was most suitable to show off Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that Ye Cang had done Zhang Li a favor when she was dealing with the “Star of Tomorrow”, she would not have spoken of Chu Mei Bo in front of the director.

Zhang Li misunderstood that he was worried about Chu Mei Bo’s academic problems. After all, she also heard that the little girl was still in the third year of high school. Chu Mei Bo has been doing homework in the set photos previously released by the “Tianji” crew.

She couldn’t help saying, “You don’t have to worry, this show is still in the preliminary preparation, and there are still many things to do. I guess I will only start airing after the end of this year, so I won’t delay her exam. ——Don’t let her miss such a good opportunity.” 

“No, you misunderstood, ” Shen Huai said. “For Chu Mei Bo, this opportunity is probably more important than her exam. I can tell the difference. Thank you for introducing Chu Mei Bo.”

Zhang Li said with a smile, “You’re welcome, but it was not all for the sake of returning the favor. Your little girl’s acting skills are really good. If she can be selected by the director, it would be thanks to her own ability.”

Shen Huai kept thinking, but his face remained calm. “Zhang Li, is there anyone else who will compete with Mei Bo, this time?”

“You’re asking the right person.” Zhang Li leaned forward slightly, and her voice lowered a little. “I heard that there will be two other girls who will take part in the audition this time, one of them is from the theatre troupe,  and the other is Mr. Xue’s little daughter, who has been singing opera since primary school and started performing on stage from the age of 14, and has been called ‘Little Yun Chuo Yi’ for the last six years.” 

Shen Huai frowned slightly. “Singing opera?” 

Zhang Li: “They say that she will be a character who will tell the story of Yun Chuo Yi’s life. Naturally, she has to sing a few words, besides, she also needs to be able to dance. This ‘Little Yun Chuo Yi’ is a graceful dancer so she is probably your strongest opponent this time.”

If Zhang Li was still returning the favor before, now with saying this, it could be counted as showing kindness to Shen Huai.

Shen Huai understood. “I will remember Zhang’s kindness in my heart.”

“It so easy to talk to smart people, ” Zhang Li said with a smile. “I really want to make friends with Mr. Shen. I have been in this circle for many years but it is the first time I’ve seen someone with such a good eye as Mr. Shen.”

“No matter if it is Ye Cang or Chu Mei Bo, although they are still newcomers, they are skilled enough to be called the best in this circle. Apart from calling them geniuses, I can’t think of any other adjectives. But to be able to sign all these geniuses under your wings Mr. Shen, no matter if it is your vision or courage, it is already at the top of the industry. Maybe in a few years, this circle will be like a new world because of you and your artists.” 

Shen Huai didn’t expect Zhang Li to say these things, so he was a little embarrassed.

It may look like this in the eyes of outsiders, but he knows exactly what’s going on.

Facing Zhang Li inquiring eyes, Shen Huai could only sigh before saying, “Damn it, maybe I’m lucky.”

Zhang Li: ”? ? ?”

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