My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 57 – Campus Drama.

When Shen Huai and Ye Cang came back from their work, they unexpectedly met Chu Mei Bo who had just returned home. 

Shen Huai was a little surprised. “Isn’t your first script reading today? It should have been over a long time ago. Why did you come back so late?”

Before Chu Mei Bo could speak, Tong Yun couldn’t help it, “Brother Shen, this crew is really too much…”

She told Shen Huai that the leading actor and actress were late or absent, and the director was lazy and careless.

Shen Huai frowned slightly. The director of this drama was surnamed Li. Although he had no professional background, he still had some skills. In addition, the script was also good. Although he couldn’t say the same for the male and female leads, they were at least better than those of other idol dramas.

But after listening to Tong Yun’s story, Shen Huai became a little uncertain. 

He asked Chu Mei Bo to take this role in order to help Chu Mei Bo adapt to her new body faster, but he didn’t expect that the male and female protagonists would put on so much airs, and the director was unable to control them, so he could predict what would happen to the crew in the future. 

He looked at Chu Mei Bo and asked, “What do you think?” He paused. “If you think this crew is really not good, I can still afford this penalty.”

Chu Mei Bo pressed her temples, her expression was also a little bad.

Her first role after her rebirth was in “Tianji”. Although Gao Di had a good temper, his requirements for acting were still very strict. For example, at the script reading meeting of “Tianji”, everyone was required to be there on time, and under no circumstances were they allowed to ask for a leave. 

At that time, the male lead Chai Junfeng put off all activities one month in advance for the drama and studied the script attentively at home. 

Chu Mei Bo always thought that all crews would be like this until she met “Honey”. 

After thinking about it, Chu Mei Bo said, “No, since I’ve accepted it, I won’t give up halfway, and I chatted with the screenwriter today. Although the plot of this drama is relatively simple, Wen Nan’s character is very interesting. This is a character I haven’t played before, so I also want to try it.”

Since Chu Mei Bo said this, Shen Huai didn’t talk about it anymore, but made a decision in his heart.

Ye Cang’s side now had no major events and the Golden Melody Award was stable. The only thing left was to see how many more albums could be sold. Chu Mei Bo, on the other hand, although he believed in the abilities of the legendary movie queen, there are still many twists and turns in the crew she may not be able to take care of for now.

The next day, Shen Huai handed over Ye Cang’s matters to Xue Chengge. Pretending not to see his sad eyes, he followed Chu Mei Bo to the crew meeting.

However, the script reading meeting on the next day was postponed once again. Wen Hanyi didn’t show up, his assistant repeatedly apologized, saying that he was caught up in a temporary accident and would certainly come when the shooting started.

Even if Director Li had a smooth temper, he was also a little unhappy at this time. 

Fortunately, during the start of the official shooting, Wen Hanyi came and apologized to the crew. He also asked his assistant to buy drinks and snacks to make amends to the people.

Wen Hanyi’s appearance was handsome, fresh and sunny, just like soda in the summer. He became very popular just after his debut. Two years ago, he took part in a reality show. He could sing and dance, he could be funny too. He completely became the hit of the moment, but he didn’t have the baggage of idols. When he spoke, he was quite grounded and down to earth. That variety show was popular at that time, and as one of the most outstanding guests, he gained a lot of popularity. Two years later, he still enjoyed popularity.

With such top-level popularity and such a good attitude, director Li couldn’t hold a grudge any longer.

But he didn’t expect that when the real shooting began it would turn into a real disaster.

“Honey” was a sweet school drama.

Tao Xuan Xuan played the female lead named Meng Shishi, a wilful and kind-hearted rich lady. Although Tao Xuan Xuan had a bad temper, the role was written entirely according to her, so naturally her performance was not too bad.

The male lead played by Wen Hanyi was Qin Shu, a poor and cold top student. The coldness shown by Wen Hanyi was facial paralysis, this kind of facial paralysis that even kept his eyes motionless, not to mention that he couldn’t even memorize his lines. Even when his assistant took the inscription version and put it on the opposite side, he was stumbling while reading it.

In the original plot, he and Meng Shishi got to know each other due to a misunderstanding. At first, he was disgusted with the young lady who was acting recklessly and depended on her family’s money. But later, after they got to know each other through various events, they gradually became affectionate towards each other. 

Director Li was well aware of the acting skills of these two leads, and did not dare to go to the high difficulty scenes in the beginning.

But who would have known that with such a simple scene, and no more than five lines, Wen Hanyi would NG more than a dozen times. 

At last, seeing that Tao Xuan Xuan could not help getting angry and losing her temper, Director Li could only reluctantly let the scene pass. But he still did not dare to let them play together in another scene. So he told Wen Hanyi, “Wen Hanyi, go and have some rest first. Today, I will shoot Meng Shishi’s and Wen Nan’s scenes.”

He said to a crew member, “Go and get Wen Nan! We will shoot the two of them first.” 

After receiving the notice, Chu Mei Bo stopped writing on the papers in her hands and the makeup artist finished her make-up, then she rushed to the shooting location.

Director Li managed to appease Tao Xuan Xuan, who had lost her temper, and began shooting the next scene. 

This was the scene where Meng Shishi and Wen Nan first appear. They were good friends and Wen Nan took care of Meng Shishi as her sister.

When the scene started recording, Wen Nan appeared in the camera holding Meng Shishi’s arm.

Meng Shishi murmured with displeasure, “What kind of broke school is this? There is not even a tennis court, and the school uniform is so shabby!”

Then she looked at Wen Nan bossily. “If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have come to this stupid school. …”

Director Li: “Cut! Xuan Xuan, you are not in the right mood. Wen Nan is your best friend. You should use a coquettish tone.”

Tao Xuan Xuan threw Chu Mei Bo’s hand away and said impatiently, “It’s not right. Just let the screenwriter change the lines!”

Director Li: “This…”

He could see that Tao Xuan Xuan had no best friend at all. Even if she was this kind of superficial sister, she didn’t have any acting skills, so why not directly reveal her true feelings?

Director Li had a headache, while Tang Sugar who sat next to him, bit her lower lip.

Chu Mei Bo’s eyes swept over them, but she just smiled faintly and said, “Don’t change it, let’s do it again, and you will just repeat what you just did.”

Tao Xuan Xuan thought acting was very simple, but she was in NG all morning. She was full of resentment and wanted to quit. However, hearing Chu Mei Bo say this, she looked at her suspiciously. “Really?”

Chu Mei Bo nodded and looked at Director Li. “Director, let’s try again!”

Director Li looked at the two of them with embarrassment, but there was really no better way now, so he could only nod his head. 

Therefore, the clapperboard clapped again. 

The two of them re-entered the camera.

Tao Xuan Xuan was already a little tired so she spoke weakly, “What kind of broke school is this? There is not even a tennis court, and the school uniform is so shabby!”

She stared at Chu Mei Bo beside her. “If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have come to this stupid school. …”

Then, she saw the girl in front suddenly give her a warm and soft smile, eyes full of doting for her, and she immediately froze.

Chu Mei Bo took away a flower petal from her head and said softly, “Well, it’s all my fault, young lady. Shall I invite you to eat pudding later?” 

Tao Xuan Xuan was stunned.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t seem to hear her answer, so she turned her head and asked in a low voice, “Hmm?”

This gentle voice went directly into Tao Xuan Xuan’s heart. Her face turned red involuntarily and she looked away in panic. “This, this is almost…”

Chu Mei Bo smiled and took her directly out of the camera view.

Director Li looked at the monitor and froze. 

“Cut! Cut!”

With the sound of “cut”, Chu Mei Bo quickly stopped acting, pulled out her hand from Tao Xuan Xuan’s side and walked over to the monitor.

After a while, Tao Xuan Xuan realized that she was blushing for a woman, and became ashamed and embarrassed. She went straight over to her and said, “Hello!”

Chu Mei Bo, who had just finished looking at the take, raised her eyes looking up coldly. “First, don’t call “Hello” to me, second, I hope you can memorize your lines, this paragraph…”

Before she finished speaking, Director Li clapped his hands and said, “OK. This one’s over!”

Tao Xuan Xuan who was originally taught by Chu Mei Bo just now, was about to become angry. But unexpectedly, when she heard the director say it, she was stunned.

“What? It passed?”

Director Li nodded and played the take again. “Now this scene is even better than I expected. The character of Meng Shishi is arrogant and willful, and Wen Nan is even more tolerant of her, and this scene is a very good reflection of their characters and friendship.” 

“Especially in your last line, when Meng Shishi lost her temper at Wen Nan, but was still accepted by Wen Nan, she felt embarrassed about her own willfulness, but insisted on not showing it. This stubborn and unacknowledged character was perfectly shown by you Xuan Xuan.”

Tao Xuan Xuan looked at the take on the monitor with an ignorant look, as if she didn’t think so? But… the director seemed to make a lot of sense when he said it. 

On the other side, Tang Sugar looked at Chu Mei Bo with stars filled eyes. “Sister Mei, you are so good!! Your acting skills are better than I thought.”

Chu Mei Bo was somewhat helpless. In her opinion, this scene still needed a lot of improvement. She didn’t know whether she was demanding too much, or Director Li’s and Tang Sugar’s requirements were too low. 

She didn’t know that Director Li had been tortured half crazy by Tao Xuan Xuan and Wen Hanyi all day. Finally, he had such a wonderful performance, so he was simply moved enough to cry.

Taking advantage of this momentum, he decided to shoot Meng Shishi’s and Wen Nan’s scenes first.

Tao Xuan Xuan, who was still immersed in her own excitement and satisfaction, did not refuse.

After that, the shooting went much more smoothly. Although Tao Xuan Xuan’s performance was not good or bad, Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills were very stable. With her, the amount of times Tao Xuan Xuan had a NG were considerably less.

Director Li forgot the time, and he didn’t stop filming until the drama crew reminded him it was almost time for the arrival of the lunch box.

At this time, the deputy director hurriedly came over and said in his ear, “Director Li, I heard Wen Hanyi just returned to his hotel, saying he would wait there for the start of his part of the shooting.”

Director Li couldn’t help getting angry. “He has scenes in the afternoon! Waiting for his turn to shoot is what every actor should do. Even the movie queens I have seen do not act as crazy as him… “

The deputy director hurriedly said, “After all, we have to rely on him to attract fans…”

Director Li got angry in his heart. He thought that even with investors’ money, he was still seriously shooting here. He ruthlessly ignored Wen Hanyi, and simply continued to shoot with Tao Xuan Xuan and Chu Mei Bo.

Probably because Tao Xuan Xuan had a smooth shooting this morning, she had no problem with it. 

The shooting in the afternoon went smoothly. Director Li looked thought the camera lens at Chu Mei Bo and couldn’t help feeling shocked. Chu Mei Bo’s acting skills were good, but such talented actors were not rare. At the end of the day she still could maintain this state all the time. It’s no longer just talent. It’s a professional attitude he was used to seeing only in veteran actors.

In such a moment, Tao Xuan Xuan had a NG again. Director Li looked at Chu Mei Bo, even if he was such a greasy old man, he still cherished talent. 

At the end of the day, Tao Xuan Xuan posted a message on her Weibo to her circle of friends.

[Acting is not very difficult!]

On the other hand, Chu Mei Bo who just returned to the hotel, collapsed and complained to Shen Huai, “For the first time, I really feel that acting is very tiring.” 

After watching today’s scene, Shen Huai also sympathized with her and comforted her by saying, “Have a good rest and let Tong Yun massage you later.”

“Good.” Chu Mei Bo agreed with one mouthful, and then pushed her luck. “Then, I won’t do tonight’s homework either.”

Shen Huai: “…”

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