My Artist is Reborn – Chapter 41 – Ye Cang is Really Just!

Shen Huai returned home soon, and the software alarm upstairs was ringing constantly.

Ignoring Chu Mei Bo, he quickly returned to his room. As soon as he sat at his desk, the information intercepted by the alarm jumped out, and the title was extremely sensational. 

—— Ye Cang beat and scolded fans, and becomes arrogant as soon as he’s popular?

The picture inside was a photo of Ye Cang’s dispute with the illegitimate rice from before. It can be seen that it was secretly taken, and the angle is very deceptive. Ye Cang clearly did not hit people, but in the picture, it looked like he did.

There is even a picture of Ye Cang bandaging his wound in the hospital. He wore the same clothes when he was taken to hospital after diving into the water to save Chu Chu.

Such two photos put together will naturally make people misunderstand.

After the illegitimate rice incident, Shen Huai had already posted a Weibo and photo of his car being scratched, fearing that the illegitimate rice would come to turn it upside down and come out and knock down a rake. He also attached a notice to reserve the right to investigate legal liabilities.

But he didn’t expect that he didn’t only need to guard against illegitimate rice, but also against these all-pervasive paparazzi.

Ye Cang is a newcomer who was recently in the limelight, and the news about him had attracted people’s attention, not to mention such a scandal, which was posted at noon and in less than two hours. Ye Cang’s hot search of scolding and beating fans has rushed to first place.

Marketing accounts came like sharks smelling blood, and the water army stirred up commotion from inside, so the comments below were already impressively ugly.

[It’s really unacceptable to hit fans because of newly gained popularity]

[Originally thought it was just an argument that got out of hand, but he ended up swearing and beating people?? Such people are not educated.]

[Stench! 】

[It’s disgusting to hit people, not to mention hitting fans! WTF! ]

[In the competition, didn’t you see his poisonous attitude on the stage? What else did fans say about his true temperament? Face it!]

[Brother, why are you hitting people?]

[I originally liked his songs very much, but I didn’t think his personality was so bad. I feel regretful when I think of the votes I cast for him!]

Although there were still many fans explaining it for him, but they were very powerless in front of the photos, and many people who helped Ye Cang explain are also being chased and scolded by angry netizens.

Shen Huai only saw a few comments, and couldn’t read any more.

Shen Huai was very clear, Ye Cang has just stepped out of the show at this time, his image has not been fixed, the fan loyalty was not high… This kind of thing happening at this time would affect his popularity. If it’s not handled well, even if it is not handled in a timely manner, it will have a great impact on his future image and development. 

Shen Huai calmly dialed the previous policeman’s phone number and got the police records from him. Later, he copied the rescue video from the reporter he meet before. Although they had not agreed to the interview with each other before, the reporter knew that he did not want to affect Chu Chu. He also understood why Shen Huai asked for the video and gave it to him quickly.

These two things were the hard evidence he needed to clarify the truth.

However, Shen Huai did not immediately release these two pieces of evidence, instead he dialed another number: “Qi Lao, I have some legal questions to consult you on…” 

Eight o’clock in the evening was the most active time on the Internet.

# Ye Cang’s hot search of scolding and beating fans # had been hanging on the Internet all day, and the number of Ye Cang’s Weibo fans has dropped from 320T after the finals to less than 300T, evaporating nearly one-tenth of his fans in a day.

At this time, Ye Cang’s account sent a Weibo.

@ Ye Cang V: Response to the post on me beating people: 1. No one was hit. 2. At that time, when my car was bumped by illegitimate rice, I was a little excited and had a bad attitude. I will pay attention to emotional management in the future. 3. I was in the hospital because I saved a drowning person on the way back that night. I had bruised my arm and was bandaged in the hospital. 4. Legal proceedings have been initiated against all slanderers and rumors. See you in court.

Attached was a police record, a rescue video and a letter from a lawyer.

Then Qi Wenyi’s Law Firm in Beijing forwarded this Weibo, expressing its approval.

As soon as this Weibo came out, the Internet exploded. 

[Shit! It’s a real lawsuit! Ye Cang is really just!]

[How many people have been sued? What the f*ck! Have all the people who forwarded it 500 times have been sued? It’s not easy to mess with him!]

[My god beat and scold fans! I really admire their ability to make rumors to create trouble!]

[One last curse, bastard maggot! Marketing dog!]

[These NMSL rumors.]

[Cang Cang, I’m sorry, I almost took off the powder.  I burst into tears when I saw the video. I will look up to you my whole life, and I’ll never take off the powder.]

[I’ve seen this video! A few days ago, Dongjiang local TV station released this news, I thought this man’s figure looked familiar, did not expect it to be my family’s cub!]

[Seeing my brother jump into the water without hesitation to save person, my heart is proud and sad at the same time. My brother is such a good man.]

[I want to say aloud that this is the person I like!!! Ye Cang I will like you all my life!]

[So many things happened today, he saved the person’s life but was cursed by everyone, he must be sad, whine.]

With solid evidence, the situation was reversed in an instant. The people with originally righteous indignation that mocked Ye Cang’s Marketing account one by one become quieted. The netizens who originally scolded Ye Cang also seemed to have been strangled by the neck, and a few were still struggling, saying that Ye Cang was a showoff. But they were scolded to death by netizens, so they dared not to jump out again.

After Ye Cang’s account sent this Weibo, he no longer responded.

Many fans left messages under his Weibo, supporting, encouraging, admiring and repentant, and the number of fans who had fallen below 300T began to grow, rising to more than a million in one night. 

Shen Huai took off his glasses and pressed the bridge of his nose. He did not sleep that night. He had been following the comments on the Internet and reading private letters from many Marketing accounts that hoped he could withdraw the lawsuit. He ignored them.

Now that he had decided to resort to law, he will not make big commotion to only quietly windraw. 

Ye Cang spoke by strength. He didn’t need to pretend to be a gentle and amiable person. In this case, it’s better to make people feel that he is not easy to provoke from the beginning.

Before consulting Old Qi, the other side told him that such a lawsuit is mainly time-consuming, and at the same time to sue so many defendants, with pre-evidence and other things, the investment was very huge. 

Shen Huai did not care. After all, he had nothing else but plenty of money.

The prosecution list, which was several pages long, was enough to make many people who were lucky enough to eat steamed bread made of human misery somewhat restrained.

Now, the invisible war was over. Shen Huai stands up, ready to make a cup of coffee to refresh himself.

As soon as he came out from his room, he saw that Ye Cang’s door was not closed. Ye Cang fell asleep on the table again. The table and the ground were in a messy pile of papers, all of which were music scores he had written.

Shen Huai sighed helplessly, but his lips involuntarily raised in a smile, as if the hard work of the night had value.

He did not disturb Ye Cang, ready to go downstairs to make breakfast. But as soon as he got downstairs, the doorbell rang.

He opened the door, and standing outside in a sweatshirt, carrying vegetables, was Chu Mei Bo. 

Shen Huai couldn’t help feeling a little dazed, but Chu Mei Bo had passed him, coming into the house, changing her shoes and asking, “Where is Ye Cang? Still sleeping?”

Shen Huai answered, and then asked hesitantly, “Sister Mei, what are…”

Chu Mei Bo raised her eyebrows and said, “I was free after exercise. I came to make you soup.”

Shen Huai: “…”

He watched Chu Mei Bo handle the ingredients neatly and putting them in the casserole, immediately feeling pressured. They actually let the legendary movie queen make soup for them, this treatment …

Shen Huai felt that the burden on his shoulders was a little heavy. 

He didn’t dare to rest after drinking coffee, and began contacting people in the company’s film and Television Departments for the audition schedule.

Gao Di’s immortal swordsman drama is an IP adapted play. It was  a “the hero had grown from a low-gifted mountain boy to an immortal swordsman step by step” sort of story. Chu Mei Bo was going to audition for the third female lead, who is the male lead’s junior sister that wasn’t familiar with the world, was naive and lively, but later in order to save her sect she sacrificed her life, she was a very fan generating role that many people wanted to play.

However, after reading the outline of the script, Chu Mei Bo said, “I want to try playing this character.”

Shen Huai looked at the name she pointed to, and suddenly become speechless.

Kwai Ji, the most hated villain in the show. 

She was a demon girl, beautiful as a flower, but cruel in nature. She has been plotting behind the scenes against the male lead, and also killed the male lead’s master, then finally, she was hacked to death by the male lead.

By contrast, this role had more tension than the junior sister, but after all, Chu Mei Bo was a newcomer who would make her debut in her first drama. Once she played this vicious role, it will not only affect her future popularity but also, she will be stereotyped and it would be difficult for her to take another type of role in the future.

Chu Mei Bo didn’t take it seriously: “If I become stereotyped, I just need to break it and show it to them.”

Shen Huai: “…”

If it was someone else, Shen Huai might try to persuade more, but before Chu Mei Bo he still did not dare to play tricks, and he believed that with Chu Mei Bo’s professional level, she must be very clear about her future plans.

So Shen Huai stopped tangling with his thoughts and immediately sent a message to the crew to confirm the audition date.

When Chu Mei Bo saw that things were settled, she could not help smiling: “I always wanted to play villain role, but the studio always disagreed. Now I finally have this opportunity…”

Shen Huai: “…”

Shen Huai felt that he had been severely stabbed in his heart. He really thought too much. Where is Big Sister planning? Big Sister is just willful.

Chu Mei Bo did not realize how much harm her words caused her agent. She took the script calmly and studied it. 

After noon, Ye Cang finally woke up. He rubbed his numb arm and walked downstairs slowly. Then he was startled by the people in the living room.

Chu Mei Bo saw him and greeted him freely, “Come and have some soup.”

Ye Cang returned to his room with a muddled face. took a closer look, made sure it was his own room, and came out again: “I didn’t go to the wrong house?”

Shen Huai just came out of the kitchen with dishes, and set them silently, “Haven’t you woke up yet?” 

Ye Cang felt dizzy when he went downstairs. Chu Mei Bo gave him a bowl of soup, and said courteously, “Try it. How does it taste?”

Ye Cang was somewhat flattered and took a sip under their watchful eyes. Then he frowned: “A little … salty?”

Chu Mei Bo: “Just a little salty?”

Ye Cang looked at them uncertainty. “This soup… Didn’t aunt make it?”

“No.” Chu Mei Bo smiled. “I did it.”

Ye Cang’s choked on the soup in his throat.

Chu Mei Bo said, “Well, it’s just a little salty and there is no other problems with it. We can now eat it, too.”

The two of them acted in unison and served themselves a bowl of soup.

Ye Cang: “…”

“What do you mean?! I was your poison tester?!”

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