Three days ago, Gin and the Red Team entered the final round of their showdown. Gín held three pairs of kings and a bomb, while the Red Team made an amazing comeback with flying dragons and attacking the opponent’s face.

A certain driver surnamed Fu was in handcuffs, and said seriously to the person who arrested him: “The boss was a decent person in his lifetime, let me send him a bouquet of flowers before I go.”

For water plants, the world filled with spies, traitors, and lackeys is not as beautiful as it seems. They tried to blend in, but chose the wrong direction and ran all the way to the enemy’s road, ultimately leading to their collective madness and self-destruction. They thought this was the final outcome until Gín was dragged back from the brink of death and bound to a dimensional travel system.

System: Galaxy Technology, a miracle of the universe! Welcome to use…zzz…No. 25…zzz…f**k! This damn pager! What kind of crappy network is this?

Gin: ????

In the first world, he arrived at the Chaos Amusement Park.

System: The people here are super friendly and nice to speak to, you’ll love it here!

He rode on the Single Horse of the Rotating Hell, the Fate of the Skyscraper Booze Ghost, the Mahjong Three Missing One Haunted House, and the Hi-DJ Bumper Cars.

System: Watch me give you a good time!

The host Gín, who was pushed to his limits: … I think you have some serious brain damage.

Chapter 1 – Star River Technology

Chapter 2 – The World Begins