Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 4.2

The Shao Yunan, who jumped into the river had actually died. He died before he was rescued, but later came back to life. However, the one to come back to life was the Shao Yunan who lived recklessly and was accidentally killed by a stray bullet. The reason why he was faint at that time was because the original body owner was not feeling well, after all he had really died. Another reason was because Shao Yunan received all the memories of the original body owner. Added to his own memories, it made him confused. In addition, he was also drugged by old lady Shao.

No one knows what Wang Shijing thought of this marriage or Shao Yunan. After Shao Yunan entered the door, Wang Shijing did not touch him, making Shao Yunan lay alone in the bed for two whole days before he recovered. He had just recovered when the Wang family came to his door.

Shao Yunan was annoyed. He never met shrews like old lady Wang or old lady Shao, in his childhood or adult experience His only impression of the countryside was farmhouses, but there were not even decent roads. Let alone cow shit, there was dog shit and human shit everywhere? The gossipy women whispered behind him.

Shao Yunan was very annoyed. He was a gay and a pure zero. Yes, he was not against marriage, but he refused to have children! He also didn’t know if he had eaten that pregnancy fruit. In the original Shao Yunan’s memory, he didn’t, so Shao Yunan could only comfort himself with that. Moreover, even if he was a gay and pure zero, he has never engaged in a one-night stand. He had two boyfriends before, but he quickly split up with them, because they didn’t feel right. He wanted a marriage for love, not for venting physical urges.

He wasn’t dissatisfied with Wang Shijing because he only had one eye or was disfigured, nor because he already had two children. The most irreconcilable conflict between him and Wang Shijing was that there will never be a common language between the two of them! No common language and completely different living environment and upbringing. If it was modern society two such people would even have difficulty getting along together, let alone thousands of years in the past in another dimension.

Shao Yunan was annoyed. This was not a world where you could run around with only your ID card and wallet. Here, the household registration was quite strict and since he was now Wang Shijing’s wife, his household registration fell under Wang Shijing’s name. If Wang Shijing doesn’t release him, he couldn’t just leave. Even if Wang Shijing divorced him, he would have nowhere to go. In addition, this was a feudal society that ate people without spitting out bones and had a very strict hierarchy. He also knew nothing about this place, so there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t lose his life if he went outside and messed with someone he shouldn’t mess with. The safest thing for him was to live with Wang Shijing and think of a way to make money first. Then he could think of a way to change his social status and leave.

At this time, Shao Yunan still didn’t know what had happened to Wang Shijing. But since he made the decision to settle here first, Shao Yunan wouldn’t let himself stay in poverty like this. Scooping up a ladle of hot water and letting it run down his head, he took a deep breath. Let’s make money first.

Taking advantage of the time to take a bath to sort out his thoughts, suppressing his thoughts and guilt for his parents, Shao Yunan wiped his body and put on the clean underwear he pulled out from his dowry. The first thing he will do with the money he earns is to buy a big bathtub! Well, he was afraid that this place didn’t have anything as fancy as a bathtub, but there still must be some type of bathtub.

The house that Zhao Lizheng lent to Wang Shijing was a bit dilapidated, but there were still three rooms, a separate courtyard with walls and gates, and a front and back yard that was not too small. So it could be considered that Zhao Lizheng was helping Wang Shijing. After dressing, Shao Yunan looked out through the doorway, but no one was there. His bathing place was the kitchen, because there was no separate bathroom and there was a stove in the kitchen, so it wouldn’t be too cold. It was September, so after the mid-autumn Festival, the days would become cooler. Morning and evening would also soon become even colder.

After Wang Shijing boiled water for him, he went into the house together with the two children to clean up in another room. Blowing out the oil lamp, Shao Yunan waited for a while longer, but heard only the sound of crickets outside. Everything was quiet. Until the fire in the stove was extinguished, his eyes shone in the darkness of the night, then in a blink of an eye he disappeared from the place he stood.

The night turned into day, with the sun hanging high in the sky. Only farmland could be seen, but the fields were bare without anything planted on them. Shao Yunan, who had suddenly changed location, didn’t panic. He was relaxed and even a bit excited.

“My space is still there!”

Tears flowed from Shao Yunan’s eyes. If he hadn’t just taken a shower, he would definitely have knelt down and kissed the ground beneath his feet.

Shao Yunan had been hiding a secret since he was thirteen. During summer vacation when he was twelve, he and his family went to a famous Buddhist shrine to offer incense. They were actually there for fun, so after they arrived at the destination, he went off to play alone. He didn’t know how he got there, but he walked into a small forest where no one was around. There was a big tree in the woods that was very particular. At that time, Shao Yunan did not know what kind of tree it was, but only knew that the hole in the tree was big enough to sit down alone, because there was an old monk sitting there.

The old monk was kind-eyed and smiled at him when he saw him. He told him that they were destined to meet and then gave Shao Yunan a jade pendant. The jade pendant was not different from and didn’t look much different from the ones offered by the master in the temple. But out of reverence and respect for Buddhism, Shao Yunan sincerely thanked and bowed. Leaving the woods, he found his parents and elder brother and told them about it. He then took out the jade pendant to show his family. His parents immediately said he had met a master and hurriedly took him to find the master, but only found the empty tree hole. Then Shao Yunan learned that the big tree was called Linden.

Since then, Shao Yunan became more respectful of places like temples. He did not believe in Buddhism, but was in awe of such eminent monks. He also wore the jade pendant around his neck all the time. The next year, Shao Yunan went to an amusement park and fell from a high height. The jade pendant shattered, but he was fine. There was also a magical space hidden in his body. Like most space novels, his space has a spiritual spring, a cluster of spiritual stones, and a fertile field, but no house.

Shao Yunan did not dare to let anyone know about this, not even his own parents, brother, or sister. If this accidentally spread, it would absolutely be the end, so Shao Yunan only dared to quietly use the spiritual spring water and spirit essence for his family. Outsiders had no choice but to wonder how the Shao family took care of themselves to look healthier and younger the longer they lived. But no one knew that the Shao family’s physique had been quietly changed by Shao Yunan.

Coming to this primitive foreign world, Shao Yunan did not expect that his space would also follow him. But many of the things in the space that he had stored inside were gone. Once, his space had large vines and large tea plants, but now they were all gone. The size of the spiritual spring was also reduced by half, and was only about 20 square meters in size. The size of the spiritual stones that produced spirit essence had also become smaller. The small wooden hut that he had built with his own hands was also gone, but the things he stored in the space were still there. The land area in the space had also shrunk a bit. From what he could tell, it was at most now 20 mu, from 50. However, if he also covered the other areas of this world, there were nearly 40 mu.

Shao Yunan found a jade bottle from his storage and placed it under the spiritual essence stone, so spiritual essence could drip inside. The spiritual essence dripped very slowly and the number of drops was also very small. Thankfully he didn’t need to be here for it to drop, so he didn’t need to be here all the time. In his current state, drinking a drop of spiritual essence would definitely make an earth-shaking change, so he had to be careful. But he could still use the spiritual spring water. The effect of the spiritual water was not as good as the spiritual essence and could even be considered mild. He then found an instant noodle and wolfed it down, before drinking a glass of spiritual spring water and a bottle of milk, which made his body feel much better.  Hastily leaving the space, Shao Yunan felt much better. As long as the space was still there, he would not die of hunger, so he gained some courage to live here.


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