Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 192

Before the auction started, Wang Shijing finally “caught” the elusive Jiang Moxi. The two engaged in a conversation between men. Even Shao Yunan had no idea what they talked about. Wang Shijing said it was a secret between him and Jiang Moxi, and he promised Jiang Moxi to keep it confidential. Jiang Moxi assured him that he would not do anything that would harm himself or his family. He wanted to become strong to avenge his father and Little Dad, and beyond that, Wang Shijing did not reveal anything.

All Shao Yunan could do In response was remain silent and unconditionally support Jiang Moxi when he needed money. Jiang Moxi was a prodigy with his own thoughts and he couldn’t be forced using family ties. If the Wu family’s actions against Jiang Kangchen and Jiang Moxi only severed their future relationship with the Wu family, the Wu family’s poisoning of Wu Jian incurred Jiang Moxi’s hatred. Having offended the emperor and Jiang Moxi, Shao Yunan could only hope for the best for the Wu family in his heart.

On the day of the auction, everyone who received invitations dared not neglect them. The night before, King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu slept quietly without engaging in any vigorous activities. The auction was scheduled for the ninth hour, which was 9 o’clock, but people had already started heading there, eager to see what an auction house was like.

Guo Zimu was not in a hurry to go and the reason he got up early was to prepare breakfast. The auction was expected to last a long time and he didn’t want to become hungry halfway through it. Guo Zimu was busy, so King Luo Rong hesitated for a moment before he said, “Zimu, can I ask Muroing Yi and Little Hui to join us for breakfast? After we finish, the four of us can go together.”

Guo Zimu gave King Luo Rong a charming smile and replied, “Sure, I made plenty.” King Luo Rong was delighted and he sent someone to call his sons to join them for breakfast. After greeting their father in the kitchen, both sons went into the house, avoiding any potential awkwardness for Guo Zimu. Guo Zimu didn’t wear a mask In the mansion and many people dared not look at his face, including Murong Yi and Murong Hui. After they arrived, King Luo Rong asked them to sit down. After they greeted their father, Murong Yi and Murong Hui took their seats.

King Luo Rong spoke, “Let’s eat and then we’ll go to the auction house together. Yi, in the future for events like this, you should take Little Hui to see the world. Yi, Hui is your only brother and the affairs of the mansion will require both your cooperation.” 

Murong Hui looked puzzled and turned to their father. Murong Yi asked directly, “Father, aren’t you letting Little Dad have one?” Murong Yi frowned inwardly. King Luo Rong’s eyes showed a mix of happiness and regret as he said, “Your Little Dad doesn’t want to. He’s afraid of pain and worried that having a child will divide his attention. He envies people like Shijing and Yunan, so let him be.”

Murong Yi’s brows furrowed. “Is it because of me?” Murong Hui being an illegitimate son, didn’t have this problem. King Luo Rong shook his head. “No, he’s just afraid of pain.” After a pause, King Luo Rong blushed and said, “Your Little Dad was born to be pampered. He endured so much suffering before and I want to spoil him. Having a child would inevitably distract him, so it’s better not to. If he wants one in the future, I’ll give it to him.”

Murong Yi understood and he patted Murong Hui’s head. Murong Hui lowered his head again without asking anything. Looking at his blushing eldest son, King Luo Rong said, “Yi, you’re already twenty-three this year. Your health was not good before, so I didn’t worry about your marriage. Now that you’re healthy, shouldn’t you start thinking about it? If you have someone in mind, I’ll arrange a marriage proposal for you. If not, I’ll have the Empress choose a suitable one for you.”

Murong Yi’s expression remained indifferent as he asked, “Father, has someone approached you?” King Luo Rong didn’t hide it. “Duke Lu, Marquis Ning, Marquis Zhaoyang, Marquis Zhengyuan, Marquis Pingan, and others. They originally wanted to see your  Little Dad, but since he’s not available, I met them instead. However, it’s up to you. I won’t force you when it comes to your marriage. It’s just time for you to have someone to take care of you.”

Murong Yi said coldly, “When I was seriously ill and not expected to live long, no one came to propose. Now, they’re all eager.” King Luo Rong sighed deeply, not saying anything. “How many people were waiting to see our King mansion’s joke in the past? A princess who only cares about Buddhism, and a crown prince with a short lifespan.”

“Big Brother!” Murong Yi’s jaw tightened. “There’s also a prince with an empty title.” King Luo Rong did not get angry; he just felt sorry and guilty. Murong Yi continued, “There were hardly any visitors in front of the Grand King’s mansion. Now, they’re rushing to propose. It’s disgusting!” King Luo Rong took a deep breath. “If you don’t like it, I’ll reject them all.”

Guo Zimu stood outside the door with a plate of buns in his hands, neither entering nor leaving. The three people in the hall had already seen him and King Luo Rong and Murong Yi stood up at the same time. Murong Yi’s steps stopped abruptly and King Luo Rong went to take the plate from Guo Zimu’s hand. Murong Hui also stood up.


“There’s more in the kitchen.” Saying that, Guo Zimu turned to go back to the kitchen. Murong Yi stepped forward, “Little Hui, come and serve the food.” Murong Yi quickly followed. Guo Zimu made steamed soup dumplings and egg-filled pancakes, brewed colorful pearl soup, and prepared a few dishes himself. Each person had half a steamed corn on the cob and there was also a plate of sliced post-meal pears. Murong Yi, who sat down again, had a mild expression, fitting for someone who enjoyed food. He complained, “Little Dad, I just lost some weight and now I’ll gain it back.” King Luo Rong was taken aback. “Why lose weight? Being healthy is the most important.” 

“No, no, I’m so fat that I can hardly walk. I must lose weight.” Thinking about the words he heard outside just now, Guo Zimu spoke to Murong Yi for the first time. “Starving won’t help you lose weight, you need to exercise. Ask Yunan if he has any good methods. I heard him mention something about it before. I just can’t remember, but it definitely doesn’t involve starving.”

Guo Zimu served King Luo Rong a soup-filled bun and reminded him, “There’s soup in this bun, it’s hot. Take a small bite to let the soup flow out.” On the other hand, King Luo Rong had already demonstrated it himself. Murong Yi hesitated with his chopsticks over the soup dumpling, while Murong Hui ignored his older brother’s struggle, picked up a soup dumpling, and imitated their father by taking a bite.

“Hiss…” Guo Zimu warned, “Be careful.” King Luo Rong, with a disdainful look, watched as his eldest son struggled. He said, “If you don’t want to eat, forget it. I’ll eat with Little Hui.”

“That won’t do.” Murong Yi put down his chopsticks after biting into a soup dumpling. He could always walk more in the fields if he gained weight. Satisfied, he continued to enjoy the delicious food, not bothered anymore. It would be a shame not to eat such tasty dishes.

King Luo Rong didn’t bring up the matter of the eldest son’s marriage. Murong Yi ate five soup dumplings before putting down his chopsticks, wiping his hands, and picking up an egg-filled pancake. After taking a satisfying bite, he said, “Father, please give Little Hui and I a little brother. You and Dad don’t need to worry about him, I’ll take care of him. When he grows up, he’ll be the heir.”

King Luo Rong put down his chopsticks and Guo Zimu suppressed a smile. Murong Hui glanced at his older brother, silently sipping his soup. Murong Yi continued eating and when he finished, he wiped his hands, looked up, and said to the serious faces across from him, “Father, a maid or a servant from the courtyard is enough for me. I don’t want someone coming in with impure intentions, causing trouble in our mansion. If I marry one, there will be a second one lining up. Let’s not talk about it, if the person who comes in has impure intentions, what will Little Dad do?”

Guo Zimu lowered his gaze and King Luo Rong looked solemn. “If you and Little Dad have a child, firstly, the King Luo Rong mansion won’t be cut off from my side. Secondly, since you and Little Dad are so affectionate, it would be regrettable not to have a child. Don’t you agree?”

King Luo Rong looked at Guo Zimu, holding his hand, and Guo Zimu didn’t resist. “Thirdly, if you and Little Dad have a child, from an external perspective, my position as the heir becomes risky. Regardless of whether it’s for me or for you and Little Dad, there won’t be any disadvantages. It’s better for our mansion to have fewer idle people; what do you think?”

King Luo Rong said, “But won’t you feel wronged?” Murong Yi picked up the last dumpling, seemingly indifferent. “If I encounter someone I truly like, I will naturally marry her, but those with ulterior motives can forget about it. With so many matters in the mansion and Little Dad, I don’t have the energy to deal with the scheming of someone by my side. Loyal and Brave Marquis may only be a few years older than me, both are first-rate marquises, I shouldn’t be inferior to him.”

King Luo Rong couldn’t underestimate his son’s abilities. He was unable to manage these matters properly while still recovering from the previous illnesses. But now it was time for his son to show the abilities he should have and he couldn’t restrict him any longer. “If you’ve thought it through, then it’s up to you.”

“Thank you, Father. If you and Little Dad… Don’t worry; if you and Little Dad can’t decide who will take care of the child, I will. I don’t mind the trouble.” King Luo Rong went to look at Guo Zimu, whether to have a child also depended on Guo Zimu’s opinion. Guo Zimu lowered his head, his face turning red… even his ears reddened. Murong Hui stared in astonishment and as Murong Yi kicked him under the table. Murong Hui quickly lowered his head, afraid to look up again. After a while, Guo Zimu bit his lip, blushing, and said shyly, “Well, that’s… next year, maybe.” Murong Yi smiled and King Luo Rong smiled too. As they picked up their chopsticks again, King Luo Rong called out, “Hurry up and eat.”

While alone on the way to the auction, King Luo Rong said, “Little Zimu, I will not force the matter of having a child. In a year or two, Yi might find someone he likes.” Guo Zimu’s face turned even redder, but he said, “If Yi is willing, then… let’s have a child. If we have a son in the first birth, then, we will have only one. What do you think?”

“Good, good, anything you say is good!” To be honest, King Luo Rong really wished to have a child with Guo Zimu. Now that Guo Zimu had agreed, how could he not be happy?

In the other carriage, Murong Hui kept staring at his older brother. When Murong Yi’s gaze met his, Murong Hui quickly lowered his head. Murong Yi knocked on his head. “If you have something to say, why hide it?” Murong Hui touched his head, lowered his head, and asked, “Brother, do you really not plan to get married?”

“Why? Do you want a sister-in-law to boss you around?”

“No.” Murong Hui vigorously shook his head. “I’m just afraid that if you find a formidable sister-in-law, she will bully me.” Still, he gathered the courage to say, “Brother, do you really want to… have a brother?” Murong Yi questioned back, “Don’t you want one?” Murong Hui continued shaking his head. “No.” After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Brother, you never raised a child. How can you suddenly want to have a brother?”

Murong Yi raised his hand to hit him and Murong Hui hurriedly hugged his head and shouted, “Brother, if you want to, I will help you raise the brother!” Snap! Murong Hui still received a slap on the head. Murong Hui shivered and nodded quickly. “Brother, I won’t dare.” Murong Yi touched Murong Hui’s head and softened his tone. “Little Dad is good. He genuinely likes Dad. You don’t have to be close to him and Dad probably won’t like us being too close to him, but you must respect and protect him, understand?” Murong Hui nodded repeatedly.

Satisfied, Murong Yi continued to pat his brother’s head and closed his eyes. In his mind, scenes of Guo Zimu feeding the immortal water to his father and Guo Zimu’s box of private money flashed again. The gaze Guo Zimu cast at his father was genuine love and dependence, which he might never obtain. When he opened his eyes, they gleamed with intensity, but soon that intensity was hidden behind his usual amiable demeanor. 

Those who mocked him as a chubby pig were now eagerly offering themselves to him, serving him like grass. They weren’t disgusted, but he was. Squinting, Murong Yi thought that when he met Shao Yunan later, he would ask if he had any good ways to shed off his excess fat. Glancing at the skinny Xiao Hui, Murong Yi wondered if he could transfer his fat onto Xiao Hui’s body. Murong Hui dared not lift his head, feeling the impending malice from his older brother. Who would be in trouble now? It couldn’t be him, could it?



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