Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 186

Emperor Yongming and Empress were truly gratified that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were considering them and the country in every aspect. Empress was even more delighted, with a hint of pride, as Shao Yunan represented their family. Even though representatives for Ming Rong and Zhan Xiao didn’t return, the family still had to host a recognition banquet. The Old General wanted it to happen as soon as possible, and Emperor Yongming directly ordered the recognition banquet to be held in the palace as compensation for the absent Dai General.

While it was not entirely appropriate, Emperor Yongming was happy, and Empress did not object, so the matter was settled. If one were to ask who the favored person in Emperor Yongming’s heart was now, it would undoubtedly be Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. Although Wang Shijing had suspicions of benefiting from his wife, his consistent “loyalty and bravery” and dignified demeanor earned the appreciation of Emperor Yongming and Empress—a person who could make money without being greedy, and remain loyal to the sovereign. What ruler wouldn’t appreciate such qualities?

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan rushed back together. The family members of the representatives were still in excitement. After Empress talked to them for a while, she let them go, but Shao Yunan was instructed to visit the palace tomorrow. When the family members returned to the mansion, apart from the younger generation, everyone else was holding and crying with Shao Yunan, making him, who had already calmed down for quite some time, shed tears uncontrollably again. Perhaps it was the lingering emotions of the “Shao Yunan” identity or his guilt towards the representative family, but the representatives cried loudly, and Shao Yunan couldn’t help but shed tears continuously. Wang Shijing comforted him non-stop. Having been with his wife for so long, it was the first time he had seen him cry like this, and he was naturally very distressed.

After the emotional people managed to calm down a bit, Shao Yunan respectfully kowtowed to the elders. The Old Prime Minister and the Old Madam helped him up and sat him next to them, holding his hand tightly. The memories of the “past,” even with the help of the spiritual Milk, couldn’t be retrieved by Shao Yunan. Those were not his memories. However, he could share the same name and appearance with the Shao Yunan here, perhaps indicating some kind of arrangement. Before officially recognizing the family, Shao Yunan had already included the representative family in his close circle. Now that his identity was confirmed as a true member of the representative family, he naturally became even closer to them.

After wiping away tears with several handkerchiefs, Su Chenyi, still with a trembling voice from crying, asked: “An, will you and Shijing go back to brew wine?”

Without changing his name, Shao Yunan, who was called “An” by Su Chenyi, replied truthfully: “In two months, it will be the season for the goat’s milk fruit to ripen, and I have to go back to brew alcohol. But in the future, my focus will be on making grape wine. The Emperor has given us so much good land, and Shijing and I plan to use a part of it to plant grapes and establish a vineyard. I plan to entrust the red sour fruit wine to a trustworthy person, and there are also some matters instructed by His Majesty that I need to handle.”

Su Chenyi didn’t ask what matters were instructed by His Majesty. As long as his son had the ability, he was happier than anyone. He then asked: “After brewing, will you and Shijing come back?”

“Yes. After brewing, we’ll come back, but the read sour fruit milk fruit has a long ripening period, so we might only be able to return at the end of the year.” After a pause, Shao Yunan added: “If Grandfather has nothing urgent, you can come with us.”

Su Chenyi immediately said: “I don’t have anything to worry about. I’ll go with you and see if there’s anything I can help with.”

The Old Prime Minister looked at his sister and said: “The two of us, the old ones in the mansion, don’t have much to do either. How about going with them?”

The Old Madam nodded: “That sounds good. Yunan place is peaceful.”

The Old General, upon hearing this, thought of a reason to avoid the people from the Anguo Duke’s Mansion and said: “I’ll go and see where Shijing and An are staying.” It was a perfect excuse to avoid the people from Anguo Duke’s Mansion.

Shao Yunan smiled: “That would be great. Brother Qing, Nizi, and Moxi want to live in the King Mansion. They’ve been whining about wanting to eat dishes made by little brother Guo. It’s a good opportunity to let them accompany little brother Guo.”

The Old Madam confirmed: “Then it’s settled. Leave the matters of the mansion to the old ones, the third ones, and the families. After the recognition banquet, we’ll leave.”

Shen Bing couldn’t help but feel helpless. She also wanted to go. But unfortunately, as the eldest daughter-in-law and the mistress of the house, she really couldn’t leave. Dai Sima also wanted to go, but with a husband and children to “drag along,” she could only sigh and lament. Dai Yingxiang also had to take care of a pair of children, so she couldn’t leave for such a long time.

Everyone hadn’t eaten yet, so Shao Yunan personally cooked mixed sauce noodles. Although it was just a bowl of noodles, everyone was amazed. Su Chenyi cried several times while eating, filled with joy and concern.

After everyone had eaten their fill, the Old General asked Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan to stay. The Old General’s mood had not completely settled, but his face was completely calm. He asked directly: “Shijing, An, do you really plan to go to the border?”

Both nodded, and Shao Yunan asked: “Grandfather, is there anything inappropriate about it?”

The Old General frowned and said: “The journey is long. Grandfather is afraid that someone may take advantage of it to harm you two. You are now thorns in the eyes and meat in the mouths of many people.”

Wang Shijing spoke up: “Grandfather, rest assured. Shao Yunan and I have taken every precaution before deciding to leave.”

Shao Yunan lowered his voice: “Grandfather, going to the border is not just about seeing my father and brother. I’ve only heard descriptions from Shijing, and I feel that the soldiers at the border are suffering too much. The actual situation must be even worse. Shijing and I, no matter how wealthy we are, cannot support an entire army. Even if we could, we shouldn’t do that. But we have to find a way to improve the situation a bit. I can’t let my own father, uncle, and brother fight and sacrifice their lives for the Great State of Yan, yet they can’t eat well or dress warmly.”

The Old General’s gaze flickered, and his grandson was his pride! Suppressing the surging emotions in his heart, the Old General also lowered his voice: “What are you going to do?”

“Look for someone skilled in materials, and for other matters, we’ll see how it goes. I plan to take the three children to the border, to broaden their horizons.”

The Old General remained silent for a moment, not opposing it, only saying: “Since you’ve made up your minds, then go ahead. Sometimes, don’t always consider everything for the Emperor.”

The Old General’s subtle implication was, if you need people, ask the Emperor; if you need money, don’t be stingy. Shao Yunan smiled, understanding. After that, the Old General’s expression turned stern, and he asked: “As for the Shao family, I won’t be lenient, An don’t plead for them.”

Shao Yunan said expressionlessly: “Deal with them as Grandfather sees fit. However, the people from Shao Village genuinely didn’t know, and even when they find out later, it will be when Shijing and I get married.”

“Grandfather won’t involve others, but they still need a lesson.”

Shao Yunan nodded.

When the two returned to their room, Shao Yunan leaned against Wang Shijing’s chest, and Wang Shijing hugged him, stroking his back: “You’ve cried a lot today.”

“Couldn’t control it.”

Holding onto Wang Shijing’s waist, Shao Yunan’s heart was still not calm. All of this was caused by the greed of the Shao family. What Shao Yunan couldn’t let go of the most was Su Chenyi’s tears and pain.

“They are my family now, and I must treat them well, especially Su Chenyi.”

“Whatever you do, I support it. They are your real family. Perhaps, that Shao Yunan also went to your world.” Wang Shijing could only comfort him like this. Ignoring the identity of the representative family, he was actually quite happy that Shao Yunan and the representative family recognized each other. With Shao Yunan having real relatives, he had an extra concern in this world. Wang Shijing was always worried that Shao Yunan might suddenly “disappear” one day.

“Brother, I want you.”


Casually picking up Shao Yunan, Wang Shijing walked into the inner room with large strides, placing him on the bed and pulling down the bed curtains before pressing down. Between the two, there was the passion of lovers and the understanding of an old married couple.

Wang Shijing was somewhat losing control, and Shao Yunan allowed his loss of control. Two bodies, two souls that had crossed a thousand years, comforted each other in this most primitive act. Walking to this point today was something no one had expected. Each step seemed smooth, but what kind of situation awaited them in the future, Wang Shijing didn’t know, and Shao Yunan didn’t know either. But neither of them could retreat now, they had to stand tall and continue forward, regardless of whether what awaited them ahead was a broad road or a trap.

The Old General didn’t go to rest; he sat alone in his study, contemplating. If Shao Yunan’s identity as the loyal and brave Marquis Zhenghong main wife would make many people actively try to curry favor with him and get to know him, then when he became the grandson of the Dai family and Wang Shijing had the additional identity of being a “son-in-law” of the Dai family, what they attracted would be fear. Fear from the aristocratic families, and perhaps even fear from the wealthy.

The representative family now had a queen, two generals with real power, a marquis, and an auspicious star of the emperor. Behind the apparent glory lay absolute turmoil. Once the queen had a child, once the emperor had a crown prince, the representative family would be standing on the edge of a knife. No emperor could tolerate the rise of an external family. The representative family had never harbored ambitions of superiority over others, even though Representative Qiyu was honored as the Marquis, he had never harbored thoughts of seizing power. He believed in the Emperor’s feelings for the queen, but he couldn’t guarantee the pureness of this feeling lasting forever. Human hearts were the most difficult to ensure. To preserve the representative family and the loyal and brave Marquis who had no power yet, the trust of Emperor Yongming had to be ensured.

After thinking for a while, the Old General stood up.

“Summon someone.”

“Yes, Lord.”

The Old General’s personal old servant immediately came in.

“Prepare a carriage, I want to go to the palace.”

Emperor Yongming didn’t linger with the Empress, when they returned to their bedchamber, they naturally discussed Shao Yunan’s background. Emperor Yongming was very satisfied with Shao Yunan becoming a member of the representative family, this way, the Loyal and Brave Marquis would be tied together with the representative family. At least for now, Emperor Yongming still had great trust in the representative family.

The Old General unexpectedly went to the palace again, surprising Emperor Yongming. The Old General mentioned having important matters to discuss, and Emperor Yongming asked the Old General to go to the East Hall. Indeed, when Emperor Yongming appeared, the Empress did not accompany him. Emperor Yongming, in a good mood, granted a seat, but the Old General, after saluting, said: “Your Majesty, the merchants from the Big Mountain Tribe saved Yunan, and the representative family owes a huge favor to the Big Mountain Tribe. As Yunan’s background is about to be made public, after careful consideration, I thought that if someone from the Mountain Tribe recognizes Yunan in the future…”

The joy on Emperor Yongming’s face disappeared. Owing a favor to the representative family… Emperor Yongming spoke: “Do you have a solution, Old General?”

“The Old Minister dares to ask Your Majesty for a reward. The one who saved Yunan was a ‘merchant’ from the Big Mountain Tribe. Today, we don’t even know which merchant from the Big Mountain Tribe saved Yunan in the first place. Now, there are many merchants from the Big Mountain Tribe waiting to do business with our Great State of Yan. The Old Minister is not familiar with the ways of trade, I only wish for Your Majesty to speak to the Marquis on my behalf, to repay this favor for me.”

Emperor Yongming smiled again; there was a reason for his great trust in the Dai family and the Empress. The Dai family’s favors were not easily obtained, once someone had a favor to ask, especially favors from another country, it was definitely not something Emperor Yongming wanted to see.

The Old General asked Emperor Yongming to repay the favor for the representative family, treating himself as if he were Emperor Yongming’s subject. If the sovereign of a country repaid a favor for his subject, who would dare to come and ask the representative family for favors? Emperor Yongming nodded: “What the Old General said makes sense; I’ll talk to the Empress. He will surely be willing to repay this favor for the Old General.”

The Old General dared to ask Your Majesty to send someone to protect the Loyal and Brave Marquis and his husband comprehensively. The Loyal and Brave Marquis and his husband are the pillars of our country. Whether they are making wine locally or going to the border, the Old General feared that their journey would not be peaceful.

Emperor Yongming squinted: “The Old General is right, it might not be peaceful. I will send trusted guards to protect them comprehensively.”

“I thank Your Majesty for the favor.”

Next, the Old General mentioned his plan to accompany the Loyal and Brave Marquis and his husband to the Loyal and Brave Village, and Emperor Yongming approved. Emperor Yongming also gave his approval for the punishment of the Shao family by the representative family, without going through the official channels. The Old General kowtowed in gratitude.


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