Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 62.1

After sending Jiang Kangning to the guest room and making sure that he would rest, Wang Shijing returned to the main courtyard. Pushing open the bedroom door and walking through the screen, he looked at his wife sitting on the bed in his pajamas and reading a book. Wang Shijing walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, leaned over and gave his wife a kiss on his lips. “Has Big Brother fallen asleep?” Shao Yunan put down the book and kissed Wang Shijing on the lips as well.




“Do you want to take a bath?”


“I will just wipe myself.” Shao Yunan blew out the oil lamp and carried Wang Shijing into the space. When they entered the space, Wang Shijing hugged Shao Yunan and began to kiss him. Shao Yunan also did not refuse his advances. Wang Shijing was always eager in bed, as if he hadn’t eaten meat in a hundred years. The day Wang Qing drowned, Wang Shijing wanted to eat Shao Yunan fully. So this night, Wang Shijing was not as  fierce as the night Wang Qing drowned, but he was still a little more out of control than usual. It was because of the secret in Shao Yunan’s body and the spiritual spring water that Wang Shijing dared to get so out of control.


Being entered hard, without waiting for him to adapt to the vigorous thrusting, Shao Yunan clung to Wang Shijing’s sweaty back and let him plow into his body. With his lips nibbled senselessly, Shao Yunan indulged Wang Shijing with his moans. It was more than half an hour before Wang Shijing stopped moving with a muffled grunt. The inside of his body was still burning hot with liquid, as Shao Yunan kept panting exhaustedly, his arms and leg having no strength left. 


Wang Shijing lowered his head, this time, he tenderly and meticulously kissed his wife’s red and swollen lips. Due to the constant use of the spiritual spring water, some of the calluses on Shao Yunan’s body were eliminated. 





“Wife, you are mine.”




Leaving a deep mark on his wife’s neck again, Wang Shijing pulled himself out, picked up his limp wife and went into the spiritual spring water pool. Sitting on Wang Shijing’s waist, Shao Yunan woke up a little and asked in a hoarse voice, “What’s the matter?” Wang Shijing stroked his wife’s back for a long time before saying, “I’m very incompetent.” Stunned, Shao Yunan raised his head. “Why did you suddenly say that? What’s incompetent about you?”

Wang Shijing pursed his lips. “If it weren’t for you being so good, I don’t know how many grievances you would have suffered by marrying me.” If Jiang Kangning sympathizes with what happened to them, Wang Shijing could say the same about Jiang Kangchen’s experience. 


Shao Yunan blinked and abruptly smiled, touching Wang Shijing’s pecs as he said, “I don’t blame you for this. You’ve done a good job. At least you were by my side when I dealt with them. If you were a foolish one, I would be very unlucky. But if you were a fool, I would have divorced you a long time ago. Even in my original timeline, there are some things you can do nothing about after having such family members. Sometimes the most you can do is run and find some place to hide. So I can only say that you were unlucky to have such a family. 


Wang Shijing kissed his wife’s still red and swollen mouth and asked, “Is there such a thing in your era too?”


“Yes and not a few. There are mothers-in-law who are forcing their sons and daughters-in-law to divorce, and mothers who break up their children’s marriages. Patriarchy has been passed down since ancient times. It’s just that our transportation is convenient, so we can run all over the world with just an ID card.  You can hide from it, but not everyone can hide from it. This kind of family ethics also caused quite a few tragedies. But you are doing well. We can’t kill people with filial piety there, but sometimes there are worse things than outright murder, and every class wherever its poor or rich can produce such people. On the contrary. There are also people who are particularly unfilial to their parents and abuse them.” 


Shao Yunan comforted Wang Shijing with the facts, making Wang Shijing feel much better. Wiping Shao Yunan’s red and swollen lips with the spiritual spring water, Wang Shijing said in a dull voice, “I don’t look like my parents and when I was born, my mother had a difficult birth. There was also a rumor in the village that I might not be my father’s son and that is why my parents didn’t like me.”


Ah, he knew about this? Shaa Yunan immediately asked, “But I heard that you look just like your grand uncle?” Wang Shijing was not surprised and did not ask his wife who he heard it from, as he just answered calmly. “The village elders say so, but my father does not even remember that uncle. Even if I did, I’m afraid there is still resentment in my father’s heart. I also know that my mother didn’t marry my father due to matchmaking. I don’t know why, but I am sure it’s nothing good. Neither of my uncles liked me and my mother never took me back to my grandparents’ house. If I hadn’t been born to my mother, I would even wonder if they really picked me up.”


Shao Yunan took Wang Shijing’s lips and then rubbed them tenderly a few times. Then he spoke between kisses. “Never mind that. Even if you are not your father’s son, that is still their grudge from the last generation. You have already returned what you owe them. Now you have nothing to do with them. As long as I am in charge of this family, they can’t do anything to you.  Let’s live our own lives and raise Qing and Nizi to adulthood. They can just go to hell.”


“Wife…” Wang Shijing deepened the kiss. Wang Shijing was not resentful about the mystery of his birth, but he knew that unless his parents told him personally, he cannot ask about it. The more he was with his wife, the more he was not worthy of him. But after his wife told him about the existence of the space it undoubtedly gave him peace of mind.


“Well… Stop it, Big Brother is here. I have to get up early tomorrow.” 


“I’ll get up early tomorrow and my wife can sleep a little longer.”


“Um…hush! Take it easy!… Don’t, don’t suck… no milk, ah…”




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