Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 183

Before this, Shao Yunan would never have imagined that he would become a large landowner one day. Land, whether in ancient or modern times, was an absolute solid asset. Emperor Yongming rewarded him with a thousand mu of fertile land, and it was all prime farmland. Moreover, according to the rules, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan didn’t have to pay taxes for this thousand mu of fertile land. The tenant farmers within this land were also theirs, and the only difference from the family slaves granted by the emperor was the absence of a contract of servitude.

After inspecting his family’s thousand mu of fertile land and “meeting” with representatives of four tenant farmers, Shao Yunan felt quite emotional – having too much land also brought worries! He now understood why the aristocratic families married so many wives and had so many children. With so much land and private property, without enough sons to help, it would really be hard to handle.

The emperor’s generous rewards, which Shao Yunan initially thought would increase the family’s size, made him feel even smaller. The repair of the Marquis’s mansion had already been sought from the General’s mansion. They couldn’t involve the General’s mansion in managing this thousand mu of fertile land. It’s not that Shao Yunan was stingy, but he had also observed quite a bit of intrigue in the capital these past few days. He was afraid that someone would accuse the General’s mansion of taking advantage and tarnishing its reputation.

Fortunately, Elder Cen came up with an idea for his two sons. The General’s mansion had always been helping some disabled subordinates who returned from the battlefield, this was not a secret in the capital. Wang Shijing had also served in the military, especially in the Yihu Army. It might be a good idea to hire some disabled but still capable soldiers who have retired from the Yihu Army. Firstly, these people would undoubtedly be grateful. Secondly, the soldiers from the Yihu Army were generally trustworthy. Thirdly, Wang Shijing doing this would also earn him some reputation.

Shao Yunan immediately thought this was a good idea. It was different from supporting retired soldiers; Wang Shijing understood how difficult life could be for those disabled soldiers after leaving the military. This matter would be perfectly handled by the General’s mansion. By hiring some honest, capable individuals to manage the family’s properties, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would find their lives much easier. Soldiers from the Yihu Army would be less likely to be bribed by malicious individuals.

Elder Cen also suggested that families from Village who had a good relationship with Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan could be selected to help manage the household. It was always better to choose people who were familiar with the situation rather than strangers. Typically, when someone rose to prominence, they would choose people from their own clan. Although Wang Shijing had severed ties with the Wang family, the entire Xiushui Village was now under his control. It would be most appropriate for him to select suitable people. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan nodded in agreement with their adoptive father’s suggestions. They did have a few suitable candidates in mind. So, this matter was settled.

The hundred craftsmen that Jiang Moxi wanted and the kiln site were not in the capital. The craftsmen would be delivered to the capital in a few days, and the kiln site was in Tangye Town, within the jurisdiction of the capital but still a day’s journey by carriage. Shao Yunan, the children, and even Guo Zimu had no intention of returning to the capital. After playing in the village where the fertile land was located for a few days, Wang Shijing took everyone straight to Tangye Town.

On one side, the return date of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan was uncertain. On the other side, a storm was brewing in the capital. Meanwhile, in Yongxiu County and Xiushui Village, emotions were boiling like a simmering pot.

Guo Ziyu, who had long abandoned any expectations for a title, never imagined that he would be appointed as the county magistrate of Yongxiu County. Moreover, the King Luo Rong mansion sent someone to discuss the marriage between Guo Zimu and King Luo Rong, King mansion had already announced this engagement, so the next step was to proceed with the wedding. Guo Ziyu stared at the letter specially written for him by Shao Yunan, unable to react for a long time.

Jiang Kangning, who was heading to take office at the Nanshu Mansion, also returned to Yongxiu County. He had to hand over the position of county magistrate to Guo Ziyu. Guo Ziyu felt dizzy and disoriented, roaring in his heart: “What on earth is going on!”

Whether it was the position of the county magistrate of Yongxiu County, the matter of Guo Zimu becoming the legitimate wife of King Luo Rong, or the presentation of the Immortal Fruits by Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, each incident was enough to overwhelm Guo Ziyu.

As Guo Ziyu felt overwhelmed, the villagers of Xiushui Village were also on the verge of collapse. Wang Shijing became the Loyal and Brave Marquis, a nobleman! Xiushui Village was renamed Loyal and Brave Village, and everything, from houses to fields, mountains to water, all belonged to Wang Shijing. When the eunuch bearing the imperial decree left, the village elder, sat on the ground, and Wang Wenhe did the same. Someone burst into tears, and when everyone turned to look, they didn’t know what emotions to express. The one crying was Wang Dali, tears streaming down, heartbroken, regretful… full of remorse.

Wang Dali cried, and Wang Wenhe also burst into tears. Wang Wenhe regretted it deeply. He had placed the hopes of the clan on Wang Zhisong, but it was Wang Shijing who brought unparalleled glory to the Wang family, which Wang Wenhe felt was the most undeserving. Marquis, what a concept! It was a noble status that no one in Xiushui Village dared to even dream about in their lifetime. It was a prestigious status they didn’t dare to think about, let alone conceive. However, this noble and prestigious status now had nothing to do with their clan. From now on, the honor belonged only to the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s clan. It was him who pushed this nobility away!

Wang Wenhe was heartbroken, and the Wang family members were uneasy. Even fourth aunt Wang, who had a good relationship with Wang Shijing’s family, felt uneasy. In contrast, families with a bad relationship with Wang Shijing’s family were even more uneasy. However, there was no remedy for regrets, and there was no such thing as a regret medicine. The imperial decree had been issued, and Wang Shijing would be the founding lord of the Loyal and Brave Marquisate. He no longer had any connection with the Wang family of Xiushui Village. From now on, the honor and prestige were only related to the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s clan. Seeing him off, but it was already worlds apart.

The villagers of Xiushui Village, now renamed Loyal and Brave Village, were in a state of unease, with no interest in making money. Meanwhile, in another village, a family was taken away by soldiers in their sleep, and their fate was unknown.


“Make way, make way, clear the way!”

On the streets of the capital, a black horse galloped swiftly, and pedestrians cleared the path upon hearing the urgent calls of the rider. The horse, without slowing down, headed straight for the mansion of the Grand General.

Using the excuse of physical discomfort to avoid receiving guests, the elderly General played with chess pieces out of boredom. He regretted not following Shao Yunan and the others to go on the adventure. Even though Cen Yuebai, the “adoptive” father, went with them, he, as a legitimate grandfather, was stuck in the mansion, General felt increasingly uneasy. The main reason for his unease was that, no matter how “righteous” Cen Yuebai was, he was still Shao Yunan’s “father.” Although the Old General was certain that Shao Yunan belonged to the Dai family, he couldn’t reveal this without concrete evidence. Even if he wanted to go with them, it would be pointless without a valid reason.

As people age, they hope for grandchildren to carry on the family’s legacy. Now that he was older, the Deputy General hoped to recognize his grandson sooner rather than later.

At this moment, the old housekeeper hurriedly ran in, wearing an anxious expression. As soon as he entered, he shouted: “Master, Jiang is back!”

The Old General looked up suddenly. Due to the abrupt movement, the go pieces on the chessboard scattered all over the floor. The Old General opened his mouth and exclaimed: “Quick, have him come to see me!”


The old housekeeper turned to run, but the General stopped him, saying: “Go and see him, go to the side hall! Hurry and tell the Marquis and Madam!”

“I’ve already sent someone!”

The old housekeeper instinctively supported the Old General. Although the Old General had become younger, others still subconsciously thought of him as the old master who had difficulty walking.

At this moment, the General’s son and Madam arrived hastily at the side hall. Shortly after the Deputy General reached the side hall, the Marquis and Madam arrived. Shen Bing and Su Chenyi were also present. Su Chenyi had been waiting for news from Deputy Jiang’s side every day, so when Deputy Jiang entered the mansion, he already knew. A few people hadn’t even settled down when they heard hurried footsteps outside. Following that, Deputy Jiang appeared.

“Old General! Madam! Marquis!”

Deputy Jiang knelt down and paid his respects. The Deputy General hastily said: “Get up quickly, get up quickly.”

Deputy Jiang didn’t waste words, stood up, and took out something wrapped in a blue silk handkerchief from his pocket. With both hands, he handed it over, saying excitedly: “Old General, this servant did not disappoint!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Old General’s hands trembled, and Su Chenyi took a quick step forward, holding the object. When he uncovered the silk handkerchief and saw what was inside, his body swayed, and Deputy Jiang promptly supported him. Su Chenyi turned around, knelt down with a thud, and exclaimed: “Father! This belongs to Zhan An, this belongs to Zhan An!”

After saying this, Su Chenyi pressed the object against his chest and burst into tears. The Old Marquis went over to help Su Chenyi stand up, and assisted him to a seat. Su Chenyi couldn’t restrain his tears, and his sobbing brought tears to those who heard it. Old Marquis took the item from Su Chenyi’s hands, and with just one glance, tears welled up in his eyes, choking back his words: “It’s Zhan An, the one Ming Rong gave him.”

In the hands of the Old Marquis was a white jade pendant. The front of the jade pendant depicted floating clouds, while the back was engraved with the characters “安泰呈祥” (peaceful and auspicious). The Old Marquis was familiar with this jade pendant. Seeing this piece of jade that had disappeared with Dai Zhan An for over a decade was enough to confirm everything.

Without waiting for inquiries, Deputy Jiang immediately explained: “This jade pendant was found during a search at the Shao family’s residence. I interrogated the Shao couple overnight, and they admitted that this jade pendant belonged to Shao Yunan.”

After receiving a personal letter from the Deputy General, Deputy Jiang was shocked. He immediately put aside his current tasks, gathered a group of people, and rushed to the Shao family’s village. When he arrived, it was already evening. Deputy Jiang directly entered the Shao family’s house, took the Shao family members back to Yongxiu County, and interrogated them overnight. The Shao couple, already feeling guilty about Shao Yunan’s identity, confessed as soon as Deputy Jiang brought out a knife.

After Shao Yunan was kidnapped by the barbarians, he encountered a group of merchants from a large mountain tribe on the way. The people of the mountain tribe were born warriors, all robust and sturdy. The mountain tribe and the barbarians were mortal enemies. When they met, there was naturally no room for negotiation. The merchants from the mountain tribe were indeed formidable; they injured several barbarians on their side but ended up killing all the barbarians. Inadvertently, they saved Shao Yunan.

At that time, Shao Yunan’s head was injured during the abduction, and he had a persistent high fever. The leader of the mountain tribe happened to pick him up near Black Cloud Mountain. They gave him the name Yunan. If that was the case, the Dai family would definitely be able to find Shao Yunan. However, not long afterward, the main wife of the family that sheltered Shao Yunan unexpectedly became pregnant. Shao Yunan’s identity, with an unknown origin, became awkward. After much consideration, the family decided to send Shao Yunan to the local government office to check his identity. If there were still family members, he would be sent back, if not, the government would choose a family to adopt him.

The family had some properties, and they were worried that having an adopted son might cause trouble in the future. Therefore, they decided to send Shao Yunan away.

The main wife instructed the steward to send Shao Yunan away. The steward, in turn, handed Shao Yunan over to the housewife responsible for domestic chores, who happened to be the future Old Madam Shao. The Shao couple was preparing to return to their hometown at that time. The steward’s wife thought they were about to leave, so she decided to send Shao Yunan to the county office on the way, saving her from making an extra trip. However, the Shao couple had their own plans.

Shao Yunan had not suffered much in this household; he ate and dressed according to the young master’s rules. Shao Yunan wore a jade pendant around his neck, not to mention a pair of silver bracelets, which were bought by the main wife. Feeling guilty, the head of the household also bought a gold lock for Shao Yunan as compensation.

Looking at these things on Shao Yunan, the Shao couple developed wicked thoughts. After working as laborers for many years, the couple, who only had Shao Dahuo as their son, pampered him dearly. While they had saved some silver, it was certainly not as valuable as what Shao Yunan had on him. At that time, the Shao couple only had one son, and they were fond of him. They believed that taking Shao Yunan away would not be noticed by anyone, and according to the main wife’s intentions, they would not go to the county office to investigate in the future. The more they discussed, the more feasible it seemed, so they took Shao Yunan away like that.

At that time, Shao Yunan was already sensible. Instead of reaching the county office, he walked farther and farther away. The Shao couple took away his silver bracelets, gold lock, and jade pendant, which made him cry and fuss. The Shao couple physically abused and scared him. A five-year-old child couldn’t resist. Having suffered a head injury and experienced hardship, coupled with the mistreatment by the Shao couple, he fell ill and had a continuous high fever. After several episodes, Shao Yunan became confused, forgetting everything. In this state, the Shao couple brought Shao Yunan back to the Shao family village, claiming he was their biological child. They didn’t bother changing Shao Yunan’s name, just reveling in the unexpected windfall from selling Shao Yunan’s silver bracelets and gold lock. They kept the jade pendant because they were afraid that if Shao Yunan still had living relatives, they might find him through the jade pendant. Therefore, they didn’t dare to pawn or sell it. Since it was a valuable jade, they couldn’t bear to part with it and chose to hide it, thinking they would leave it for their grandson. It’s fortunate that they didn’t pawn or sell it, this jade pendant was the only evidence left by the Dai family on Shao Yunan.



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